Everyone’s Liability Insurance Invalidated by CRIMINAL ACT

Most liability coverages are cancelled due ot dishonesty, fraud, malicious acts or crimes… they say something like…..


This insurance does not apply to:

a. Asbestos….

h. Criminal, Dishonest, Fraudulent Or Malicious Wrongful Acts Or Knowing Violations Of Rights Or Laws
Loss arising out of any criminal, dishonest, fraudulent or malicious “wrongful act”, or any knowing violation of rights or laws, committed:
(1) By the insured; or
(2) With the consent or knowledge of the insured.
This exclusion does not apply to our duty to defend that insured until it has been determined or admittedi n a legal proceeding that such “wrongful act” or knowing violation was committed:
(1) By that insured; or
(2) With the consent or knowledge of that insured