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Why I Blog

I believe that if the police, the Crown and the courts ALL permitted Mandie to arrest me 7 times in Newmarket at the SAME time she collaterally sued me in Toronto for $1,000,000… then I can blog about her actions as perceived from my side. She chose two courts to keep each from learning of her vexatious actions in the other court.

Mini Box Score

Down $50,000+ even as self represented.

Arrest # 1 – 2 charges withdrawn.

Arrest # 2 – 2 charges, one withdrawn, one under appeal

Arrest #3 – 5 charges, 2 with LIFE sentences, Mandie’s vexatious, collateral attack…”publish defamatory libel” charge – all withdrawn

Arrest #4 – 5 breaches, 3 dropped, 2 in Appeal Court

Arrest #5 – 2 charges withdrawn

Arrest #6 – 1 breach, appeal being written

Arrest #7 – 3 charges, ALL withdrawn

Total: 21 charges laid, +5 written up December 2018 then dropped, 17 withdrawn, won or reversed, 4 appealed

Bottom line – NO FALSE CHARGE by MANDIE or JACLYN saw the inside of a court room, all were withdrawn. 1 “Helen” charge, + 2 breaches by J. Harpur, all in appeal, one “pled guilty” to false and illegal recognizance to not name Eddie when Crown Greg Elder refused BOTH orders of J. Fuerst and J. Dawe who ORDERED him to drop her name and that of Jaclyn Solomon. He refused. Then he arrested me for blogging a photo of HER lawyers letter to threaten my wife. Then, he used the Eddie and Solomon names AGAIN March 9, 2020. Justice Dawe admonished him for BOTH contempts. Of course he is NOT charged for contempt.

Thursday June 17, 2021

How Aurora Projects a Squeaky Clean Image

Our elected Town of Aurora officials do NOT work for taxpayers, they work at the pleasure of CAO Nadorozny, recently fired from Sudbury.

If a taxpayer such as I is abused by a Manager such as Mandie and sues Aurora, Councillors are told “It’s In Legal!” and are FORBIDDEN to discuss it at Council and are forbidden to communicate with the Plaintiff.

So, just as with failed ex-mayor Phyllis Morris, Councillors were kept in the dark as to what town lawyers are doing. In my case, Councillors do not KNOW that their lawyer, Charles Painter, called TWICE for my arrest. They may NOT even know today that Mandie’s lawyer, again Mr. Painter, is being PAID by my taxes DESPITE my suit having nothing to do with her employer or employment. What she did to me was all AFTER she was terminated February 27, 2018. I did not sue her personally until TEN MONTHS AFTER her termination.

Why Should Aurora Taxpayers Pay to defend an EX EMPLOYEE’s revenge on me? My suit had nothing to do with her employment.

I just noticed that Justice Edwards had been promoted to Senior Regional Justice for the Central East region some time ago. Did I get J. Fuerst demoted? I checked, she still sits in my region, so that’s good.

Dominant among the many reasons what is happening to me is unfair is the reverse gender bias. If I, as a man, had arrested any woman falsely SEVEN times, I would not have any free arrests remaining, 7 would be my limit….while a woman gets an unlimited number of shots at me. That should please the “feminists”… is that still a thing?

Do other women get chills reading what Mandie was able to do to me with no retribution whatsoever? Are women in general PROUD of her for destroying my life for her personal pleasure? Maybe.

Anyway, you women should be happy you hold such sway with the legal system. Everyone has your back. Add onto that the obvious bias for being an ex-cop, a Catholic, connected by marriage…. you name it and I have the short end of the stick. An end so small I can barely see it. Pun intended.

My end is huge now from inactivity and the overeating to compensate.

Wednesday June 16, 2021

Civic Employees Retain the Right to be Anonymous to the public

Try it yourself, phone anyone at any government office and open with “What is your name please?”.

Today was my monthly probation officer meeting. Well, yesterday it was, to be exact,and I got focused on the canceled 4:00 civil court appearance and forgot all about it. He kindly re-scheduled me for today.

I arrived early, it’s an extremely small, 5 chair waiting area. The receptionist came to the window and I said “I’m early for an 11:00 with Chris.” and I sat down.

About 11:00. Chris waved me into a small interview room right beside the receptionist.

Immediately I was admonished for not telling the receptionist my name. She had not asked for one. I figured only ONE perp had an 11:00 with Chris.

There is not anything I do with Law Enforcement or “Corrections/Probation” that makes them happy. Nothing. They find fault in everything I do for some strange reason. I think it’s because they hang with Mandie on occasion. She has everyone convinced I am pond scum so that may be the reason.

But, later I reflected, this entire mess started with HER REFUSAL as a civic employee to tell me about anything about her alleged name change. Mandie held two email names on June 27, 2017 when I last emailed her. She had refused to tell me the date she claimed to change her name. I was pretty sure she was trying to cover up putting the wrong name on my $300 ticket. As in… MAYBE…she signed Crawford June 3, but she had actually changed it MUCH EARLIER. And if I could prove THAT, I may avoid the ticket.

As it was, I paid $1 to settle the ticket after the justice “got mad at her” for assaulting me. I believe justices prefer to deal with officers who do NOT assault alleged perps. If I had know a buck would settle it, I would NOT have wasted emailing her about her alleged name change.

I cannot wait for Discovery of her for 7 hours as Master Sugunasiri set me up for. The first 20 questions will attempt to elicit her real legal name. I know her lawyer will not supply proof, I have asked a LOT and and never even get a “NO”, I just get nothing in reply.

So, man, was I wrong?

She has never changed it legally, or at least, not in any normal fashion.

Now, at my trial, she swore that June 6, 2017 was the date her hubby’s lawyer called her and suggested that she change it. She went that day to get her “licence” changed. A name change takes months and an official Ontario certificate.

Here it was June 27, 20917 and she did not want to tell me the June 6 date for some unknown reason. I sensed another fib coming, so I asked for the exact date so I could check the Ontario Gazette where all changes are announced to the public. There has never been a record of any Crawford changing to Eddie.

Here, try looking for any “Crawford” named Mandie yourself: 39 of them,

Now try for any “Mandie”… NONE!

How about “Amanda” nope

Miranda? uh-uh


Now, in that thread, you see me refer to a photo that SHE posted titled “chopper mama”… she had taken a helicopter ride. She told Det. Ward thatI had called her “motorcycle mama”. No, she Called HERSELF “chopper mama”.

Then, she claimed in the same interview that I was going to bars and telling people she had undergone a sex change operation. She quoted “a bar on Wellington” when there are none on Wellington.

I would be glad to bring the interviews to court June 23, 8:30 am, the NEW appearance before the Case Manager in my suit.

Now, you all KNOW civic staff will refuse to tell you their name, claiming “privacy”. But, YOU! is a different kettle of fish. YOU must give up everything.

Cancelled… AGAIN!

I am part of the “Cancel Culture” I guess. Everything I have scheduled to do with the courts gets cancelled or delayed.

Yesterday, at the last minute, my case conference in MY suit was cancelled. Minutes before the scheduled time. Now set for June 23, 8:30 am PRIVATE, NO PUBLIC.

My sentencing for contempt in Duncan v. Lepp was cancelled and delayed by months.

My motion to dismiss Mandie’s suit, was set for May 19 and now is August 11, 3 months delayed.

My orders to now perform what I was ordered March 2020 BEFORE I was jailed and lost my computers… the order was to be provided “in a short time”… THREE weeks ago.

My appeal of J. Harpur awaits acceptance, I first submitted it a month ago.

So, I am stalled, and so now I have started the appeal of the only OTHER conviction, the one of December 9, 2019 wherein I had to plead guilty to stay out of prison for blogging lawyer Adrian’s threatening letter to my estranged wife. The story of December 5-9, 2019 bears repeating. It will stand as the “most creative” arrest by Mandie.

She figured out that I have a certain limit of abuse beyond which I go ONLY with a strong sense of objection. Yes, I can be a complainer… I know it does not show normally.

Anyway, Mandie knew if she attacked my family again I would push back. So, she had Ms Adrian mail a letter to my then-wife, referencing “Duncan suit” and threatening her with financial retributions when my bank was emptied. The brilliance that is Mandie suggested burying HER OWN name somewhere in the letter, knowing I would NOT see it through the red I’d be experiencing. She knew her name was no longer legal as ordered by J. Fuerst, but she also knew Crown Elder would impose it in my recognizance anyway. He was desperate, and so he cheated,

Therefore, at 5:45 pm, Thursday December 5, 2018 I blogged the facts, I blogged a photo of a legal letter. Less than 90 minutes later….By 7:12 pm, Mandie had begun her arrest #6. She could not keep it to herself, and so she taunted me with “anonymous” emails. I combined them into one PDF…


Mandie just have called police directly, reported a breach, then taunted me that she knew something I did not. She thought my arrest would be that evening. When that did not happen, she suggested to police that I was in court next day anyway and she had me arrested there.

I turned to leave the court room after J. Harpur read his decision. Before I could touch the second door, several hands were on me and I was told I was being arrested. They dragged me past Mandie and Tina Duncan sitting like Cheshire cats on the bench directly outside the court room door. Mandie had brought a “guest” to see her working on me.

The rest you know… heart “attack” in the cells, 9-1-1, Southlake Emergency, to Cardio Ward for Saturday-Monday. Greg Elder put me in the computer as residing in Lindsay prison. Back to court Monday to face the 2 charges. Told to shut up and say yes when asked by my “new” lawyer, Mr. Brody of Mass Tsang. He and Greg Elder had struck a deal of sorts. I’d plead guilty, be imprisoned for 6 days as time served at 1.5 times actual. $1,000 fine. Imposition of the illegal bail recognizances naming Mandie and Jaclyn when TWO Superior court justices ordered them removed.

Elder could not resist taking shots at my ex-wife as well. he had “agreed” to a plea deal, then at the last minute he declared everything was Peggy’s fault for not watching me… THE ADRIAN THREATS WERE BROUGHT TO ME BY MY SURETY WHO WATCHED ME BLOG IT.

So, he embarrasses her by asking ugly questions. She fought back.

So, December 9, 2019 I pled guilty without even being arraigned yet, and told the details of the allegations. Yes, the justice had me plead BEFORE explaining the charges. Check the transcript.


Without KNOWING the allegations, I was asked to plead guilty so I did. That is not legal. Even to ADMIT guilt, I had to have a mens rea… a “guilty mind”. Without a “mens rea”, I cannot legally plead guilty. And how could I even KNOW if I had a mens rea when I had not yet been told the allegations?

And the “standard Lepp” 80 word, rubber-stamped recognizance every justice had copied verbatim from Crown Elder’s supplied text was assigned to me once again. J. Dawe would later note the IDENTICAL 80 words were PLAGIARIZED by multiple justices who broke the law copying them.

My guilty sentencing was done ONLY after multiple deceptions of the court played by Greg Elder. He was ordered November 13, 2019 to NOT name anyone except Helen Clarke in recognizances by Justice Fuerst, our region’s senior justice and later December 11, 2-10 by J. Dawe. Mr Elder had ignored BOTH the SUPERIOR COCURT JUSTICES’ orders. He is in breach of the public trust. He is in Twin Contempt.’

This is grounds for a special form of appeal. A last ditch attempt by someone wronged by the courts. One last chance to prove that while the “confession” seemed real on the surface, it was not properly executed by Crown Elder. He let the justice accept my plea BEFORE he laid out the allegations.

And the courts were left with an “issue of overarching importance to the administration of justice”... that the entire arrest and sentencing was based on a Crown Prosecutor being in CONTEMPT OF TWO JUSTICES.

It is important that NO administration of justice be improperly executed, yet here was a real procedural mess. One Crown decided to go to the wall to get me convicted again after J. Rose’s conviction, my first ever, just 1 day earlier.

I can get that “issue of overaching importance” reversed. I have the motion 90% complete and it will be filed today.

Tuesday June 15, 2021

Today, it may be decided if I am permitted to sue Aurora for arresting me seven times on 26 charges. At 4:00 pm we have the first appearance since February 2020 before case manager Justice Edwards. I look forward to revealing to him the news since February when Daria Morgendorffer showed herself to be Mandie Crawford.

In fact, if I am permitted, I will add Michael Simaan and partners, Tina Duncan, TD Bank, CIBC bank and The Catholic School Board to the suit since they simply were used by Mandie to cause my arrests. Each and every entity simply performed whatever Aurora’s Bylaws Manager Mandie Crawford asked of them.

That is at 4:00 pm and the Zoom link was displayed yesterday as:

It will help a lot to put together the separate suits into one to reduce court time.

A Behavioral Addiction Model of Revenge, Violence, and Gun Abuse

James Kimmel, Jr.Michael Rowe First Published January 6, 2021 Research Article 

Dr. Kimmel was mentioned last night on Trevor Noah’s show. He has described how a person who desires revenge can develop an “addiction” to taking actions which to them are their very “deserved” revenge.

Neuroscience and behavioral studies are beginning to reveal that the desire for revenge in response to grievances activates the same neural reward-processing circuitry as that of substance addiction, suggesting that grievances trigger powerful cravings for revenge in anticipation of experiencing pleasure. Based on this evidence, the authors argue that a behavioral addiction framework may be appropriate for understanding and addressing violent behavior. 

Dr. Kimmel

I do not want to get too excited that this explains the 7 arrests. But, if it does, its a game changer. Aurora hired Mandie with no background checks of any kind. No assessments. No matching the needs of Aurora to her capabilities. She seems to have just been given the job to do with as she pleased.

So, who gave her the job? Sandra MacKenzie, the HR Manager at the time? Mayor Dawe? Doug Nadorozny? Or did Allan Downey somehow know of her before she was hired? No one at Aurora will tell me, or CAN tell me. My FOI asking for all the details of the job being offered to the public came back empty. No ads, no placement agencies, no applications, NOTHING.

If it can be proven that Dr. Kimmel’s theory may have been in action, well, that helps me a lot. I sued for “misfeasance in public office”. That’s where Doug Nadorozny as CAO had the legal right to make choices to run Aurora, BUT, he chose the wrong one when he hired Mandie. And Mayor Dawe made the wrong legal choice, he had at least two choices legally open to him… to have me arrested July 14, 2017.

Then, in 2018 when Mayor Mrakas came in, he also had several legal choices open to him. He CHOSE to have Aurora pay to defend Mandie who had been terminated 8 months earlier. He could have chosen to let her defend herself since what she did to me was as “citizen Mandie” as confirmed by DC Jeff Brown and Det. Sgt Heather Bentham. I was arrested 6 more times by Mandie’s efforts AS “CITIZEN MANDIE” AFTER she was fired February 27, 2018.

Why would Aurora pay to defend someone who had such a grievance against a taxpayer? Why would they take MY TAXES and give them to Charles Painter to sue me for being a “vexatious litigant” in my VERY FIRST suit in Superior court which I filed ONLY because HIS ASSISTANT, Lucas Kittmer recommended it? Was that “free legal advice” given ONLY to get me into the VERY EXPENSIVE Superior Court as compared to Small Claims where I was quite happy to be?

Then, there is the arrest March 4, 2020 by Charles, Barry and Jaclyn who all testified that I breached my recognizance… 3 more charges by Aurora’s LAWYERS! What chance did I have being attacked criminally by Mandie on behalf of Aurora and CONCURRENTLY, COLLATERALLY…..civilly by Charles Painter…. and my TAXES paid for it all!

I think that is a strong reason for a lawsuit.

Spatial Audio and why you will become an Apple fanboy to hear it.

Apple and Dolby Atmos have been combined in tenor new music streaming service. If you liked rock and roll at all, imagine all the old standards in full surround stereo. The Beatles were fabulous in stereo, but wait until you hear them in Dolby Atmos through a pair of headphones. Go hear Apple Music on headphones. Buddy Holly. Elvis. All that sound was hidden in mono and now explodes. Awesome. I think even Neil Young will be happy.

Monday June 14, 2021

The Week Ahead:

  • Friday June 18, 8:30 am, Duncan V. Lepp, case management
  • Appeal perfected of Justice Harpur’s trial. When successful, leaves just one December 9, 2019 breach conviction falsely based on 2 words “Mandie Eddie” hidden in a letter from contingency lawyer, Gwendolyn Adrian, about her OTHER client, Tina Duncan, threatening to take my wife’s assets after depleting mine. The recognizance citing “Mandie Eddie” as “not to mention” was created by Crown Greg Elder who defied J. Fuerst’s and J. Dawe’s orders to DROP Mandie’s name on November 13, 2019. He had JUST withdrawn Madie’s last charge, so he could NOT claim he THOUGHT she had one more charge filed.


Do you ever coin a new word? I hit the jackpot when I coined a new word with the word “coin” in it:

Summary June 3, 2017 to today

Aurora has never funded even a single dog park for 7,000+ taxpayers with dogs.

Starting in the Fall of 2016, Bob Lepp advocates by emails to Parks Director Allan Downey for a new dog park to replace the 13 year old volunteer-owned and managed “Canine Commons”, and gets $72,000 committed in spring 2017. He suggested Bylaws Manager, Mandie, could just order a 100% door to door canvas in the Pets Bylaw to raise $350,000 annually. This may have embarrassed her.

He is assaulted June 3, 2017 by Aurora Bylaws Manager, ex-cop Mandie Crawford, serving a $300 ticket into his armpit from behind at her “Dog Owner Appreciation Day” event in a town park as revenge, because she thought she was tripped by his dogs. Bob filed an assault complaint the next day with PC Gaudet, June 4. Mandie begins an apparent attempt at what can only be construed as revenge for that complaint. She has him arrested. 7 times.

In sworn trial testimony, she claimed to legally change her name on June 6, 2017, when asked that day to do so by her husband’s lawyer, but refuses to let BOTH her lawyers provide any hard copy proof. Ontario neither registered nor reported such a name change in its Gazette. Legal Ontario Name changes take months, not minutes.

Allan Downey and Mandie Crawford began an affair spring 2017, and they may have helped convince Mayor Geoff Dawe and CAO Nadorozny to approve my initial criminal arrest on 2 charges of harassment by emails, at a Town Hall meeting called 11:39 am on July 14, 2017 for sending “harassing” emails asking Mandie exactly when she had her surname legally changed. She refused to answer, presumably based on “privacy” laws protecting civil servants.

Next, Bob simply Googled her name and discovered Mandie had for years blogged and published much of her private challenges and business life online. In Alberta, she created “Roaring Women” of Canada, selling business advice in a “Multi Level (MLM) Style” Marketing “membership” plan granting resale rights to others. She and her estranged husband, Strath Crawford, eventually returned to Ontario.

In 2015, she got given a job for $109,000 as Aurora’s Bylaws Manager, no one else applied, indicating someone in Aurora “sponsored” her hiring. 

Mandie Blogged Her Common Mental illness – Lifelong Depression

Blogging by Mandie herself in Blogspot “Hear Me Roar” for Roaring Women has explained her challenging youth, her lifetime mental health background and her reasons for quitting policing. She detailed how she came to stand up for herself and all women when challenged by any man. Seemingly overnight she closed Roaring Women down, managed a trailer park, wrote parking tickets in Canmore, and eventually became a volunteer fireman. Along with others, she was treated for PTSD acting as Communications Director (press and written releases) in Exshaw, AB.

After being terminated without cause by Aurora and for lack of work in Erin, Mandie opened “Jane Street Quilts”.
Read more posts about Mandie and her lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian in the menu above.

Sunday June 13, 2021

Fantastic weather, what are you doing reading this?

A slow “news” day…so, do you know which pair of underwear you wore on December 6 through 9th, 2019?

I do. When you get to the Cardio ward, they have some very aggressive adhesive on the chest probe stickers. One sticker came adrift and ended up on the band of a pair of Stanley’s finest black jockey shorts. The circular sticky stuff will not release despite being washed repeatedly. I recall my heart attack every time I pull them out of the drawer.

…just throw them out, you say? Never, they have a good decade left on them yet.

What’s even more interesting is that on the same days I wore them in Southlake hospital, I ALSO wore them in Lindsay prison, says their records. Not virtually, or “logically in Lindsay under double guard in hospital”… Lindsay prison records in my possession say I was THERE 3 days, December 6-9, 2019.

And I was refused, AGAIN, access to my counsel who was not permitted to visit me within 24 hours. She will swear to that. My family will swear that the YRP guards being paid $50 each per hour ejected them under threat off arrest.

At every turn, Ms Bentham ordered officers to find or create any excuse to arrest me.

  1. SEVEN (7) Arrests July 14, 2017 through March 4, 2020,

2. She had one follow me to ticket me for not having a current plate sticker on 2020 when NO ONE had one due to the Service Ontario offices neon closed. They still are “closed”. and say to NOT come there to renew your DL or your OHIP card.

3. She sent two officers on a “wellness check” after my dog suicide cartoon post. So they ARE looking at my blog.

4. She sent two more to investigate me on a breach and to enter my home without a warrant November 2020,

Despite repeated failures of her allegations, Mandie was believed EVERY time she came in. At no point did ANYONE say… “Hey! This same person misled us LAST time.”

“Service changes due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)”

Saturday June 12, 2021

Today, I put back into my bank account at RBC, Aurora Heights Drive at Yonge Street in Aurora, the initial payment I made to my insolvency folks at A. Farber. When I made my Consumer Proposal to pay Tina and Aurora every penny I owed, I was required to start the monthly payments. When BOTH Tina and Aurora declined my offer to pay them, Farber sent me the finds back as a paper cheque.

How quaint to get a piece of paper representing other pieces of papers which in turn represent wealth.

And how great it is I can deposit it without having to even touch it. I used the RBC app to create selfies of the front and back. Poof, the paper became my CPP and OAS once again.

Eating Out is BACK! FRONT! and CENTER!

I wish I had the money to eat on a restaurant patio every day. But, that will have to wait.

For now, YOU can go eat restaurant food AT an actual restaurant. You’ll be outside at a picnic table, but the food is hot for a change.

The Women in my life come out of the woodwork!

I have had two dates already. Same woman, but still!….

For those who wonder… yes fat, old farts can still enjoy the company of women.

It was great reminiscing about the “good ol’ days” when we spent a LOT of time together. At one time, we were “joined at the hip” and went everywhere together. There were long months at a time when she felt I was as “one” with her. She could not just ignore me, and I had to admit I agreed, but, I pointed out that it was also a great day when we parted. Some had celebrations, but I was too young and naive to understand why. Now I get it. Moving along on one’s own is just a necessary part of life.

So many years have quickly passed, and we wondered out loud why it went the way it did. If anything develops, you will be the first!

I doubt I’ll need “Lots More Fish” for a while!

Honoring my Wardead

No, that is not a typo. It is one word and not two. A noun and a verb, all in one.

Docupet will let you buy pet tags as “in memoriam” of a past pet, and Scheibe is as passed as she can get.

I bought WarDead on a forest graphic as a daily reminder my dog Scheibe is DEAD due to WARD.

When Det. James Ward trespassed all 3 of us from the only dog park in Aurora, he signed Scheibe’s death sentence. I had to take our dogs to a local wild forest, as there is no legal Aurora place to let sporting dogs run EXCEPT in Canine Commons, which I managed to get replaced with $80,000 squeezed out of the reluctant hands of Allan Downey, Director of Parks and Works.

Scheibe chased a squirrel right onto and up the entire sharp branch. The branch entered her chest, went inside her rib cage and exited at her left hip bone. She walked out on he own to find me, and stood sheepishly (not a GOOD look on a dog) showing me all I needed to see of her imminent death. I had her at two vet shops within half an hour and no one could help her in the slightest. Imagine a three foot long arrow about 3 inches in diameter.

So, my keychain is rocking a new tribute to “Death by Ward”.

For the War Amps people…. I am NOT suggesting people stop buying their tags.

Docupet was bought during the times of Mandie

I have tried to find out the purchasing process used to acquire the Docupet “service”. I could not find any council meeting which discussed a tool which should bring in $350,000 a year with no effort at all by staff. Even BEFORE all council minutes were DELETED from to cover up their mistakes.,

Because the decision to “buy” Docupet never came before Council, Mandie had found a loophole… no “payment” was required. Docupet takes a slice of the tags sold. So, Mandie and Allan figured out she could get rid of 100% of the job of selling pet tags as the Bylaws required her to do… and yet NEVER have to get APPROVAL for the replacement service.

No payment to Docupet at all meant ANYONE could commit Aurora to a long term contract with NO OVERSIGHT AT ALL. Not one single person was needed to approve her move.

This loophole has cost Aurora taxpayers over $1.95 MILLION. By NOT selling tags, Mandie lost that in revenue since 2015 when Docupet was adopted. No staff should be able to commit Auroran’s to a long term “contract” without oversight by Council.

Mandie should have been required to cost justify GIVING AWAY 40% of pet tag revenue to Docupet. Until an audit is completed, we will not know the full extent of this fiscal abuse. Such a high value “cash” deal could involve kickbacks, payments, concessions to individuals. We will never know, until Aurora is forced to reveal sales statistics. The number of tags which Docupet has sold for cats and dogs is SECRET, never revealed. Sure, I can BUY the FOI report but I am now broke.

The fact no one in Bylaws even mentions tag revenues anymore is PROOF of abuse. If it was being used properly, Bylaws would be bragging how easy it is to bag $350,000 in annual renewals with ZERO staff effort. Instead, about $35,000 dribbles in from 10-15% of owners.

To top it off, Bylaws KNOWS exactly how many tags are sold, and it knows that the average Canadian dog population is measured as ⅓ of the number of homes in Aurora. Sp Bylaws KNOWS 85% of 7,000 dogs and 100% if 7,000 cats go untagged. THAT then leads US to the mathematics.

Math tells US that if they stop 10 dogs at random, 8 will NOT have a tag and can be issued a $300 ticket. One officer in one day can stop at least 50 dogs and issue 40 tickets for $12,000 of revenue. But, they are lazy. They do not.

If for even one day, Bylaws stopped random dogs, Aurora would have to admit I am correct suing them for misfeasance in public office. SO, they do NOT, lest I use that fact at trial to my benefit. As it is now, I will just get the numbers at Discovery…. up to seven hours if questions.

“Misfeasance” in this context means they had a legal choice to make, they could go either way, it has always been Aurora’s right to EITHER collect or NOT collect tag fees and issue tickets. So, they made their legal choice to NOT enforce fees and tagging. They are misfeasant. They chose WRONG.

That is just one aspect of my suit. All of it potentially caused by Mandie acting as Bylaws Manager of Aurora. The suit for lost tag sales is due to her. The suit for 7 false arrests is due to her. Without her, I would have died without seeing a SINGLE Superior Court Justice.

As it is, SEVERAL judges hate me. Crown Greg Elder argued them that I was a scumbag. SEVEN TIMES.

Today, I have sued Mandie for $1,000,000, and Aurora pays to defend her. I did not sue her for being an employee. I sued her for arresting me AFTER she was terminated February 27, 2018. I sued in her in December of 2018, even AFTER she had been terminated by Erin.

But, Allan Downey or someone decided to pay for her defence even though I sued “Citizen Mandie” AFTER she was let go, and NOT as the employee she was BEFORE termination.

Aurora is an “Anti-Vaxxer”, it NEITHER encourages NOR discourages vaccination of pets.

Aurora, after I sued, changed the Pets Bylaw to accommodate Docupet’s limited abilities.

Limited? The major pet tag seller’s product is limited?

Yes! And because of that, Aurora was REQUIRED to alter its bylaw requirements to MATCH what little Docupet does to meet the old bylaw when it was acquired.

Docupet STILL does not:

  1. Check for and limit 3 dogs and 3 cats in one household.
  2. Require proof of current rabies vaccinations.
  3. Issue tag numbers SEQUENTIALLY as required to HIDE the ultimate number sold for the year. If instead they were numbered, 2021-00001 through 2021-999999 then we would KNOW the number sold eag year by simply asking the LAST number issued. The last one issued the day I bought was C06UC5UK.. how many is THAT?
  4. Require you to even OWN a pet to buy tags, and MAKE MONEY on getting $25 CASH from Ren’s Pet’s on every $10.40 Seniors’ cat. YOU can make $14.60 EVERY TIME you buy a senior-owned cat tag. Do that just THREE times a day and you make MORE THAN my CPP and OAS which pays me $40 a day.

People are being trained that:

  1. You can own as many pets as you wish to own.
  2. You no longer need an expensive bi-annual rabies vaccine.
  3. You do not need to even buy a tag when no officers ever check them, EVEN at Canine Commons which REQUIRES each dog be tagged.
  4. You can legally bring a rabies infected dog or cat to Canine Commons to play with others.

Aurora no longer cares about RABIES

Aurora changed the wording of its pets bylaw to DROP the requirement of decades past to prove you dog has a CURRENTLY EFFECTIVE rabies shot.

At the SAME time that raccoons, coyotes, beaver and even a BEAR descended on Aurora, Aurora DROPPED requiring a rabies shot to get a new pet tag.

It retained as a requirement that tags be issued “sequentially” and Docupet does decidedly NOT do that. They are random alphanumerical values looking like a postal code.

Bylaws SHOULD base “animal control officer’ staffing levels and the number of specialty pickup vehicles on ACTUAL SALES numbers for pet tags. But, they do not, and so they hired SIX more officers to control animals when there is no hard evidence of more than 700 pets in total.

This is the perfect civil service home run. Without oversight, they “BUY” one service which BOTH eliminates labour to sell tags and ADDS more staff….. “Reduced Labour = MORE STAFF” is the Gold Standard among civil servants.

Aurora has “Gold Standard Bylaws Management”.