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Alert within an alert! Black man murdered by NC police, no charges will be laid

North Carolina Prosecutor Womble announced he will not charge any of 7 officers who murdered Andrew Brown and stated: “An officer can tell you to shutoff the engine. If you start it up again, police are authorized under law to murder you.”

That should trouble any human being. But many will applaud another clever police force. Instead of a trial to decide death, one prosecutor’s opinion will do for a black man.

Womble based his opinion on Supreme Court “case law” in other decisions. He found one where a man was shot in a moving vehicle. So same for Mr. Brown. He found others where a moving car was used as a weapon. He put the two together. Brown was in a moving car so cops shot him.


This was a swat team type of failed arrest. A truck full of officers raced to Browns home on a warrant to arrest him on unrelated charges. Rifles drawn and aimed. In ten seconds TOTAL from touching pavement, police murdered Brown.
Brown was already in his car as the cops and raised rifles came at him. He turned slightly left and tried to leave. He was shot in the back of the neck. No tires were injured. There were several bullet holes in Brown’s car.

Womble said “once it is perceived the vehicle could be a weapon, they can murder the driver. The vehicle could be going forward, backward or stationary.

They had descended en mass to scare him into arrest. Instead he tried to leave when he was murdered.

Womble asserted that once they had a warrant, they were legally required to shoot him to keep him under arrest. He claims the law DEMANDS he not let that person run away to be caught another day. And in his twisted logic, the cops were simply following the law.

We now return to the Alert you were reading when this Alert came along.

I am writing my appeal of J. Harpur’s sentence for the Ontario Court of appeal.

I found the perfect case law I HOPE will happen to me: (Para [87] is the punchline!)


Anyway, a review of my evidence forces me to focus on precise details of the trial. Like, who is Daria Morgendorffer?

She seemed to know everything about me.

What I could not have guessed at trial is how Mandie seemed to know everything I was doing. She had not revealed herself as Daria Morgendorffer yet so it did not dawn on me it was her all along. At trial, I assumed either Helen or Mandie was behind Daria’s Google Review, I became focused on that.

Mandie Used Allan Downey and DS Heather Bentham As Her Pipeline to My Activities!

Meanwhile, Mandie knew everything from emails I sent Allan Downey or DS Bentham. So, on March 23, 2018 I said to Allan Downey….

Allan of course took it home for Mandie, or emailed it straight to her. We know this because Mandie sued me based on an email I sent to Allan telling him what Mandie was doing in Erin. Mandie printed out Allan’s personal email FROM me and gave it to Mandie to sue me. AFTER she arrested me on it August 23, 2018.

Which makes sense really. When on July 14, 2017 Mayor Dawe approved that Mandie should go interview with DC Jeff Brown get me arrested at that Town Hall meeting July 14, 2017 at 11:39 am (per DC Brown’s own notebook) it was because Mandie had planned revenge for my assault charge on her June 4, 2017. She and Allan began flouting Aurora ethics principles that April, canoodling… ca-flouting the rules even…perhaps binding over a common dislike of me.

When she was “transitioned to a non-employed status” in Aurora, while pre-“running out of work” in Erin, she STILL had access to all my emails since Allan had always been a common recipient for my emails.

That arrest, under CC s.301 Publish Defamatory Libel… was detected at Pre-trial by Senior Regional Justice Fuerst as being worthy of a second look by her friend Crown Peter Westgate. her honour had him brought before her and suggested he do some looking at the ridiculous charges….

  • August 23, 2018 5 Counts:
  • (5) The unconstitutional cc s.301 Defaming Mandie to the Erin Mayor, my friend Allan ALLS, and FOUR more charges that by emailing Jaclyn Solomon offering to settle for a simple apology for slander by Helen… Mandie had pointed out to Det. Ward that I was trying to settle my Small Claim for slander against Helen. So, she says, he should take those emails and arrest me for attempting to dissuade a witness by settling with Jaclyn.
  • (1) “Extortion, cc. 346(1.1)b” said Mandie… trying to force Jaclyn to pay me money to settle my suit.
  • (3) Attempt to dissuade a witness (Helen) cc. s139.2 (the one indictable charge MIXED IN with a Summary Charges trial.
  • (2) “Extortion, cc. 346(1)1b” AGAIN! of Helen this time, said Mandie. “with intent to obtain money, induce Helen Clarke to pay money”
  • (4) Harassing cc. 372(4) Jaclyn by emailing her to settle my claim against her client, Helen

Mr Westgate communicated all that to Crown Elder and the charges were withdrawn. No evidence of any crimes.

Mandie took that same stolen email from Mayor Alls and she sued me November 9, 2018 for $1,000,000.

Despite there being absolutely no evidence to support the Criminal charge, she made the SAME accusation in a Civil suit COLLATERALLY with her arrests. She double dipped, I guess all civil servants do that.

It remains:

Mandie would have been ineffective arresting me WITHOUT ALLAN DOWNEY feeding her my emails.

If Allan had honoured the Ethics Guidelines.… well even if he HAD NOT… no ethics violations were “FOUNDED”.

Aurora Paid $20,000 to “investigate” just 5 complaints.. ALL were closed as UNFOUNDED

York Regional Police and Aurora enjoy perfect records when it comes to complaints.

“Principles Integrity” makes a fortune CLOSING complaints. $4,000 per closing of the $20,000 2021 budget pans out.



Here is one that sounds suspiciously like mine:

Punchline?: “Unfounded”, or, “before an Ethics Commisioner existed” – Fuhgedaboudit!

Complaint #3
In November 2019 a complaint was filed alleging that all of Council, and individual members in particular, had

improperly interfered in operational matters including by-law enforcement and licensing; (Mayor Tom told Mandie to approve Tina’s fence)

had failed to encourage respect for Town by-laws; (Council refuses to order a door to door canvas to sell 14,000+ pet tags for $350,000 ANNUALLY)

had improperly invoked police intervention; (July 14, 2017 11:39 am Town Hall Board Room, Mayor Geoffrey Dawe and CAO Doung Nadorozny and Legal Director Van Leeweun green light officer Jeff Brown to arrest me in 2 hours.)

bribed an individual; (Mayor Tom and Parks Manager Jim Tree offer bribes to Helen Clarke)

directed by-law enforcement activities for improper purposes, in order to benefit friends; (Mayor Tom orders Tina’s fence approved)

and alleging incomplete election campaign financial filings. (Mayor Geoff Dawe failed to preoperly complete Ontario Government Election Fraud forms to identify company names and addresses and names of directors who PAID him election money)

In thoroughly reviewing each allegation, we determined that most matters related specifically to operational decisions which had been appropriately taken, and that the remainder were beyond our jurisdiction or significantly out of time, arising from facts occurring well-before our appointment as Integrity Commissioner.

Why can a professional ETHICSITITIAN NOT retroactively rule on BRIBERY? He was paid $20,000 and he had time… why not toss out an opinion of Jim Tree and Mayor Mrakas BOTH offering Helen Clarke a bribe of “wood chips tomorrow” if she agreed to write a letter to COUncil disparaging me?

Ethics Complaint: Mayor Tom Mrakas


Ethics Complaint: Parks Manager Jim Tree


Why not go out on a limb and say “This looked fishy, a senior staff AND A CURRENT MAYOR called up Helen and said they could get her free wood chips THE NEXT DAY in exchange for disparaging me and everything I did to get $80,000 for a new dog park.

How did they BOTH know they could deliver chips NEXT DAY?

Simple: They had insider knowledge of Allan Downey’s plan to patch up the gates and mud on December

So, there you have it. My taxes PAID these people to PAY a commissioner who DID NOTHING when I gave them MULTIPLE SERIOUS ethics violations. Then, my taxes PAID them all to have police arrest me and I PAID THOSE POLICE too from my taxes.

Between Marnee as a Behaviour Specialist and a $20,000 Ethics Commissioner, Aurora still felt I was to be punished.

I PAID for myself to be arrested.