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July 14, 2017 he is arrested. As the report details, police THEN asked him his side of the story. He has never been questioned BEFORE an arrest

Sandra McKenzie, Pat De Sario complain about Bob Lepp July 13, 2017


Mandie Crawford, defended today by PMLaw’s Charles Painter paid by town’s liability insurance reported for assault on Bob Lepp June 3, 2017


Mandie inspected/approved Tina Duncan’s fence – Fall 2017, BOTH woman used Kramer Simaan Dhillon lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian to sue Bob for $1,100,000 combined

Tina Duncan ordered to pay Marnee Buckles over $31,000


Imagine, a person with a CV as strong as this claiming losing a job because she was caught not selling pet tags for $350,000 annually. Certainly, the best businesswoman in Calgary could easily have known to read her job description and the Pets Bylaw where it names the QUOTE “Bylaws Manager” as the one responsible for the entire pet tag program. Surely a comment by me could not dislodge a person with such skills.

1st Mandie Crawford Peace Bond Motion Dismissed out of hand, 2nd rejected, cited lack of PHYSICAL injury… mental stress/harassment rejected as POSSIBLE causes for a Peace Bond … MUST BE A PHYSICAL HARM THREAT. So forget a PB for say, publishing nude photos of an old girlfriend. Or constant phone calls or uninvited visits. Or written threats to my family. Or Daria’s taunting emails to my wife. Or sending couriers to my son’s house with voluminous court documents.

Bylaws Manager is explicitly named as responsible for ALL tag sales
The Actual Bylaw follows for you to browse.

Crown Giordano, who has been “behind” several false arrests, today came out of the chute dressed for bear, he immediately said the 6 months limitation in criminal charges applies to my peace bond application. He fell right into the trap. Now the Crown cannot claim my May 30, 3018 arrest and J Harpur’s trial could NOT have legally tried me for alleged acts BEYOND 6 months. Police and the Crown did not have any alleged acts in the 6 months prior on May 30, 2018. SO the entire trial was based on an illegal charge now CONFIRMED by Crown Giordano himself.

If Newmarket insists on running a court in this manner, it has to be consistent. I hope.

To make matters worse for Crown Giordano, he misled the JP. He told the JP that the “six months” back on a summary charge applied to a peace bond. It does not.

What is a Peace Bond?From

A peace bond is a court order that requires another person to “keep the peace and be of good behaviour” and obey conditions such as not to contact you or your children or to come near your property. The peace bond can be in place for up to one year. The person who enters into a peace bond does not receive a criminal record. However, if one of the conditions imposed is breached, the person may be charged with a criminal offence.

A peace bond is NOT a restraining order. Restraining Orders are obtained through the Family Court for married, separated, divorced or common-law couples. A peace bond Information is NOT an Information alleging that another person has committed a criminal act. That is a different process.

So, lets see where r=that takes us!

Thanks to all who played along this time.


Here is all you need to read about prisons in Ontario and their use of Solitary Confinement…


Here is What We Know:


J. Goldstein knew that and STILL sent me inside. And, I spent 16 of 21 days in “Administrative Segregation” for which Ontario JUST spent $30,000,000 through Koskie Minsky LLP.

The Court reluctantly sentenced me to 21 days for contempt of J. Favreau, who ordered… “No more lies, no more defamation, just cut it right out NOW!”

In recognition that my new criminal law firm needs to recover from the murder in their offices last week, I have not yet sued or filed an appeal. I have waited several days, 5, so that my anger would not be so readily apparent

The Most Liberating Experience Of My Life

I took over 200 pages of handwritten notes using stubby pencils. Dated. Timed. Detailed.

You can tell the MTEDC is out of control BEFORE you enter. They point to the bottle of hand sanitizer bolted to the wall and say “Clean your hands!”. You follow their order precisely, BUT it is empty. The hand sanitizer is gone. Then, inside, they gang up 8 or 9 guards and talk you out of reporting symptoms. They quarantined me for 14 days, and when I did not die, they moved me to the open population.

They posted the current COVID guidelines from the Solicitor General… dated June 2020. Last year. Nothing more recent… it tells inmates: “There is no vaccine.” I get a copy for myself.

Then another court was petitioned by Tina Duncan claiming that what I blogged AFTER the order of J. Favreau were lies. That SECOND court, despite being shown NOT even a single quoted lie and the truth behind it… a SECOND COURT found me guilty. Then that second court recused itself saying it “saw something it should not have seen.”

So, a THIRD COURT then read out its sentencing order. But, it had chosen the draft of an order dreamed up by Tina Duncan and Mandie Crawford, instead.

There are many “tells” as I recall, several places where he seemed unfamiliar with his own next sentence. He would then stop, frown, stutter, ignore footnotes… and ultimately, he would unbelievably…

EXTEND his sentence a full 50% in the last minute of the appearance.

To analogize, a brain surgeon says to the Inquiry: “I had 12 leads attached to his cortex, fully 11 were giving a red warning on the display panel, but that 12th one was just bright green. So, I may not know what caused the 11 bad signals, but I KNOW I am sure as heck that I am going to cut at the green lead.

Or, the Westjet pilot: “Welcome to direct flight 911, Vancouver to Honolulu. We are just finishing up the pre-takeoff checklist. The left engine is all in the green. We have 11 red lights on the right engine, but there is a bright green light says “Engine Started” so get ready to get lei’d! We’re pushing on!

The Court who sentenced me had been told I was 72, obese, had hypertension, gout and the other usual senior’s ailments requiring 11 pills a day. He had considered that statement for many weeks as he formulated his sentence. Balancing punishment with basic consideration for life.

He was kind enough to voice his concerns: “I would have liked to see you agreeably provide exact details for the reason for taking each of the 11 pills…. you know?… to make sure you’re not likely to die in 21 days of prison. I would listen to the name of each disease, the dosage, your physical state, then I would apply my expert knowledge of geriatric medicine for old people like you, and then I would have all the data I need to sentence you.”

“But you declined to provide the PRECISE and extensive details of your medical ailments. So, I tried, I really tried, and I tried to impress on you how important personal medical details are to a court like mine and to the other client Ms. Adrian represents. You did not sign an affidavit. So, I shall presume you have made up the whole story about the 11 pills and 11 illnesses and I am putting you in a building full of young anti-vaxxers, people who are not EVEN PERMITTED to wear masks.

Yes, the court wavered, it admitted it did not have adequate knowledge of my health, it preferred more, and it sent me to Metro East anyway.

Justices talk to people every day who have been inside MTEDC. The prisons are controlled by the Solicitor General. Powerful people. And so, justices KNOW… THIS COURT KNEW FULL WELL THAT…..

No one in the open population of Metro Toronto East Detention Centre wears a mask

And if you snuck one in like I did, you get it taken away from you. Ask a nurse for more?: EWe do npot supply masks to inmates.

So, on balance, the court did right putting me there since it wants me dead anyway.

The Court added 50% MORE sentence AFTER he read the sentence he had written.

Ms Adrian, in her draft sentencing order, called for “21 days” in prison. Everyone gets a 1/3 reduction, 7 days, for good behaviour. So you serve 14 of a 21 day sentence.

Unless you are 72, take 11 pills or more, of unclear medical history, obese… 2 stents, THEN YOU GET TO SERVE ALL 21 and it does not matter one iota that you may have been unruly for all 21 days. NOTHING keeps you past 21 though.

The Prison Doctor, Dr. Kerr, overrides my medication details

The highlight of this prison is its single septgenarian doctor. He has my detailed list of all 11 bottles I brought in. He tells me I cannot have them. He says “I will decide what medications you get in here.”

So, he ordered up 11 pills that HE liked for me, had a nurse bring them each morning and say: “Dr. Kerr says you are to either take all 11 in front of me now, or I will return the pills to Dr. Kerr.”

I had been forced each day to make a decision, “Take them all and live, or take none and die.” So I took 11 pills, 4 of which are for blood pressure. I knew my heart would be overcome by their combined effects and I would suffer. But, I would live.

Then, my Doctor prescribed daily blood pressure monitoring, take it 3 times 5 minutes apart and select the lowest to report to him. I asked for daily assessment of my pressure, even if just once per day. The prison has a BP moinitor with a Label saying “DAILY ASSESSMENT” on it. I saw it only once.

Of 21 days where they were asked by me each day for a BP, I got the following:

DateOut of Cell 2.0 Hrs?Shower?
Clean Clothes?
Blood Pressure
August 17Solitary ConfinementNo
18Solitary ConfinementNo
19Solitary ConfinementNo
20Solitary ConfinementNo
23Solitary ConfinementNo
24Solitary ConfinementNo187/107
25Solitary ConfinementNo
26 Solitary ConfinementNoalleged faked “suicide, still did not get a doctor
27YesNoLawyer sends letter of medical concern
28Solitary ConfinementNo97/71
29Solitary ConfinementNo186/93
30YesNoDr. Kerr asks me to refute my lawyer’s complaints in detail.
I refuse, he gets revenge…
heforges a Sergeant’s signature claiming
puts me in the Psych Range
31Solitary ConfinementNoPsych range 175/94
Sept. 1Solitary ConfinementNoOpen Population, no masks permitted
2YesNoOpen Population, no masks permitted
3Solitary ConfinementNo170/98 (cuff backwards)
Open Population, no masks permitted
4Solitary ConfinementNo189/101 (cuff backwards)
Open Population, no masks permitted
5Solitary ConfinementNoOpen Population, no masks permitted
6Solitary ConfinementNoOpen Population, no masks permitted
Totals5 times (20%) YES, 21 times NO (80%)None7 BP in 21 days, 33%, 6 days NO MASK PERMITTED