New paralegal family law licence aims to help Ontarians who can’t afford a lawyer

December 1, 2022

Majority of people going through family court in Canada are self-represented”

With the proposal green-lit, qualified paralegals will eventually be permitted to help clients navigate family court by walking them through procedures like filing deadlines. It can also help them in preparing and completing applications for simple joint and uncontested divorces, domestic contracts and name changes.

I was wrong, the Board of the LAW SOCIETY voted to allow limited Family Law.

Now, “name changes” is an odd new capability for paralegals, since according to one woman who testified at my trial that she went on her own, in one day, and had her name changed when her husband’s divorce lawyer simply called and asked her to stop using her current legal name. This woman’s contingency lawyer has on multiple occasions told various judges in Toronto courts that her client’s name is the one she got changed to in one day. I have the transcript of her testimony explaining how she changed it in one day offered in my Affidavit of Documents.

Changing a legal name in one day is impossible. But that is what the Affidavit of Documents and Disclosure are for, to get to the truth. And the truth is she has misrepresented her current legal name since June 2017. On June 3, 2017 she went by her legal, married name. She signed my $300 ticket with that.

When I went to pay the ticket days later, I saw that on she now went by her maiden name. So, I… tasting defeat of the ticket by forgetting she had already changed her name, I asked her on what date she had legally changed it. And THAT is when ALL this started. She did not want to tell me because it was personal information and she played the “personal info” card when I asked her. That raised an obvious red flag to me. After all, she is managing Bylaws officers and she appears in court on behalf of my town and so why would she resist telling us on went day her name changed.

So I Googled her legal name on my ticket and after many hours of reading and saving her own company’s (Roaring Women of Canada) web site and her own personal blog on I had the history I needed.

Name changes take months and maybe a lawyer for now, a paralegal in future. How did she manage to get it legally changed in one day as she swore in court… WITHOUT that change resulting in a Certificate of Name Change and a listing in the Ontario Gazette, where Ontario publishes EVERY name change since the province does not want people simply chasing their name and disappearing from creditors and police. The Ontario Gazette lets you find out her new name. When she gets one.

SO, when the Affidavit of Documents (AOD) she provided did not include any evidence of a legal name change, I knew her time before the trial was about to get a bit more complex. Each time she went to police to have me arrested, she declared her legal name to be the one she changed to in one day. She misled police. And her lawyer. And the court where she filed a $1 million suit against me.

The Canadian legal system allows pseudonyms, nicknames, stage names or any other name you want to ALSO be known by, but your legal name has to be on the papers with “also known as (AKA)” names following.

Her lawyers, a personal contingency lawyer to sue and a second free Aurora lawyer to defend is required to ask her to prove her identity as part of the “retaining” process, usually by providing a copy of her driver’s licence. If that was done, where is the licence and the Ontario Certificate of Name Change? Why did her free lawyer not include ANY defence of her claim she changed her name and started this whole thing.

BTW, there is powerful case law around a Plaintiff filing with the wrong name. In Dealer’s Choice Preferred Collision Centre Inc. v. Kircher, the Plaintiff filed under a wrong name and then tried to correct it in a motion before Master Graham. They failed. Master Graham determined the Plaintiff himself was the cause of the error, that the Defendant had written a letter to him about the error, and so he refused the change. This became the end of the suit, just like a default judgement, and the Plaintiff was ordered to pay $39,000. He appealed, let again and paid another $5,000.

The Law Society of Ontario Bylaw 7.1 at sets out what her lawyer was required to do to identify her. A current, unexpired photo ID must be presented, copied and filed until 6 years after the matter is settled.

So, BOTH of her lawyers will be required to present what ID they saw when the client retained the lawyer. And Aurora’s lawyer was REQUIRED to verify her ID when he agreed to defend her under Aurora’s liability insurance, even though she had been terminated 10 MONTHS earlier. So, I will ask for a copy of this client verification document he saw when he signed her up. If it is indeed a valid, unexpired photo id showing her maiden name as current name then we can proceed. If instead he failed to verify her ID using a current photo ID then he is in violation of Law Society rules.

So, coming next are challenges to the completeness of her AOD. Then “Discovery” happens, a day long interview by the other parties. 7 hours of sworn questioning on the record. In that 7 hours I can ask an unlimited number of questions and she must tell the truth.

High Cost of Ontario Court System Forces Law Society to Consider Allowing Paralegals Do SOME Divorces

The extremely high cost of lawyers own Ontario forces too many of us to be self represented, or “SRL”s Self Represented Litigants, and there is now even a national association of people trying to fix a broken system. Many of us are not poor yet we cannot afford to hire a lawyer as it will wipe out our savings. We earn too little to pay $200 to $500 or more per hour to a lawyer, yet we earn too much for legal aid lawyer assistance. We have no option except to self represent, OR, search out a “contingency” lawyer who will do the work for a split, 33% or more, of the winnings.

“The NSRLP works to promote dialogue and collaboration among all those affected by the self-represented litigant phenomenon, both justice system professionals and litigants themselves. We regularly publish resources designed specifically for SRLs, as well as research reports that examine the implications for the justice system.

Today, the Law Society, a huge all inclusive mandatory union with EVERY lawyer in Ontario in it, will vote whether to give away their inflated incomes from people AGREEING to divorce to paralegals who are not fully trained in the law. This same Society increases rates EVERY YEAR for EVERY lawyer based on how long they have been practicing. No need for any improvement in services, just raise the rates every year arbitrarily with no consultation required because lawyers have no employers who sign the contract. Just the Society signs and hands out increases. So why the Society would EVER vote to give away their money to paralegals is simple unknown, so they will not.

In their most recent “offer”, the Law Society suggested paralegals would need more formal education to handle more family law matters, but when they suggested…

an additional 6-8 months of specialised training (a college program) before applying for a licence, including a mandatory component on family violence. This is arguably (we will know more when the courses are developed) more family law training than family lawyers are required to complete at present.

I agreed to a divorce and it cost over $30,000. All because lawyers make money ONLY when they convince one of you to “fight” for something. Possessions, money, houses, kids, pets… anything they can get you to fight over. So they tell you to not accept the offers from your spouse under all circumstances. They only make the BIG money when the trial starts. They don’t make much if the couple agrees to split and just wants the list of distribution of assets to be documented.

So, as a guess, lawyers today will vote to NOT let paralegals handle ANY aspect of family law.

Not everyone in Ontario will be filing a law suit but 42% of them will need a divorce lawyer and $30,000 is the median cost. As I know it.

Ontario Police Admonished in 2017 Just 2 Weeks Before My First Arrest… Admonished for NOT Screening Charges

Read this June 28, 2017 CBC article:

Using data from Statistics Canada, the study finds significantly heavier caseloads in the court systems of provinces such as Ontario — where police lay charges — versus British Columbia, Quebec and New Brunswick, where Crown attorneys screen charges before they are laid to decide whether there’s a reasonable chance of conviction. 
Large numbers of gratuitous charges waste massive amounts of money and time,” writes criminologist Christopher Williams in the report

Canadian court systems already know Ontario uses a flawed methodology, they let cops gratuitously arrest anyone with or without evidence and not one other person “screens” or vets the decision. Sure, they will tell you the Crown agreed to charges… because agreement is NOT required.

In my suit, I state exactly that fact as the plan Aurora had was to use York Regional Police to arrest me using various proxies, starting with their Bylaws Manager. When you get arrested, you do NOT get copies of any evidence they claim to have used to make the arrest decision. Because police have YET to put it together for the courts and the accused. So they parade you before a justice weeks later and hand over a DVD, soft copy of “disclosure”… their evidence against you.

For my disclosure of my first arrest July 14, 2017 the police had not one piece of one document they alleged I wrote to my town of Aurora. They said I sent harassing emails for months and yet they had yet to collect even one for the trial. Access to evidence does not improve after an arrest. Pre-arrest interviews are the last chance police have to get the accused’s story. Perps tend to clam right up after being arrested.

So, in my November 2023 trial of my lawsuit, I can readily show the pattern York Regional Police followed. It was the same every time. I was never interviewed before any arrest. So, they got nothing from me except my questions. And from their answers I can prove misfeasance, that they DID have a legal right to arrest me for ANYTHING they chose, and yet they chose wrong. In 5 of 7 arrests, NOT ONE charge got even a mandatory pre-trial. All 22 charges simply evaporated in a massive waste of money and time. And the guilty finding was for emailing my Councillors that a child was bit the previous day by a dog in the Town’s only off leash dog park. And it was NOT the councillors who complained about that email. It was the lady who managed the park in the second of two contracts with Aurora to deal with all dog and people issues in the park. I CC’D her on the email to Council because I mentioned dog walkers, and she took offence and had me arrested. Then the Crown took over and ignored TWO Superior Court justices’ orders to STOP naming the Bylaws Manager in recognizances of bail. TWICE, Crown Greg Elder had a SCJ order him to stop naming her and he continued anyway.

So, it will be difficult for York’s lawyer to argue that my 7 arrests and 24 charges were just “normal”. Yes, oil that date, the charges had barely better than a 50:50 chance of seeing a court room. The jury will get to consider whether that rate of failure was a bit excessive in my case.

The statistics suggest pre-screening of charges by the Crown could reduce some of the burden on the court system in provinces such as Ontario, says John Sewell, co-ordinator of the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition, which commissioned the research

Do The Complainants Recall The Penalty for Lying to Police for an Arrest or even just for an Investigation?

Each criminal charge started with a “complainant”, the person who asked police to intervene. Do you recall that the very FIRST person who complained to police about me was the most senior Human Resources Manager for Aurora at the time? It was not any of the 3 women. Instead, the Town of Aurora took the abrupt step to have police silence me in emailing a town Bylaws Manager.

Police then began to phone me and they appeared to my wife in my home and they expressed a sincere suggestion that I stop emailing her. They figured I would tremble in fear of them and stop. But after I politely explained I paid taxes to do just that, they escalated to arrests.

It was Aurora who called for my arrest and any attempt by them to dispute that has to explain why the HR Manager made the call to police. I am sure this was planned to avoid the uncomfortable truth that the Bylaw Manager was a cop for many years, as was her husband. It would look better in the paperwork if Aurora made the call to “protect” Aurora staff.

And so it was that my first recognizance of bail forbade me from communicating in ANY way with ANY staff of Aurora. Police told me I would be arrested if I mailed in my tax cheque. That threat is in my interview in disclosure.

Today, Aurora would have the court believe that a “private citizen” was the complainant. She was not, she is in the General Occurrence report as the “victim” and the HR Manager is “complainant”. Now this document would presumably be very important to the jury. It establishes clearly that in order to silence me to all staff when I uncovered the missing money and the illegal business tax elimination, Aurora took the extreme step of initiating criminal charges. My first arrest July 14, 2017 lists the HR Manager as the person swearing out the complaint that started it all. Those charges were dropped without seeing a court room. There was no evidence provided by the HR Manager. None. Not one email made it into disclosure.

And this pattern of arrest… charge… disclose no evidence of any charge… would continue to the end. It is a simple, common procedural step to put together all the police evidence and “disclose” it to the alleged criminal. Police in Ontario get a verbal “OK to arrest” on the phone from the Crown after merely describing a crime. Then, after the arrest and on or AFTER the first appearance, the accused is given a DVD containing everything police collected. So, what they do is “forget” to include my emails in that mandatory disclosure. Then, as a trial nears, the Crown “magically” discovers they have no case and they drop the charges.

Meanwhile, the accused’s life is in the early throes of destruction. Criminal charges, legal fees, embarrassment, … it all begins to rip the life of the accused apart.

That is what this suit is about. How a taxpayer can have his own money used to incarcerate him based on whatever lies they wish to have recorded.

The Newmarket Crown is well known for this approach. They accept any charge from any cop with no requirement for hard copy of any proof. The Crown only wants a charge or two laid. Two at a time seems to be the pattern. So, say 2 charges are laid, yet neither is backed by any evidence… the Crown does not care because they know that the bogus charge is no less of a criminal act than a “failure to comply with a recognizance”. They devise a recognizance no one can comply with. So, the Crowns simply flip the accused from a crime to some contempt of the court and the scoreboard shows a win. They look successful even though the arrest was spurious and no evidence of a crime ever existed.

It was all well and good and fun, I imagine, for the many (5) women complainants in my criminal charges who went to police and were sworn in and were recorded on video making statements about me. What they were thinking at the time was “We have the Crowns and police arresting him every time we come in so we may as well embellish things a bit.” They knew that police would NEVER investigate their FALSE claims, nor would the Crown ever agree to my pre enquete charges against them. Obviously, since police also helped them choose their words, and actually changed one witness’ mind on what the legal definition of a “contract” is, police would never arrest their own “witnesses” for public mischief.

So, when I sued the women, I knew the evidence would clearly show the untruths they had told to police and the court. How do I NOW prove that?

Easy. I compare what they swore to police to the true facts recorded elsewhere. Example: in one video, I was accused of helping make a telephone gun threat call to Aurora Bylaws person Azilda Robinson. To make me sound like a bad person, one woman swore that I stood beside a man making a live gun threat call to Azilda. How do I now prove there was no such call?

  1. FOI Requests revealed that Aurora has never logged a gun threat call nor have they ever alerted police to such a call. That’s the easiest way and cost only $5 each to Aurora and police.
  2. Witnesses and Examination for Discovery. Azilda will be on the witness list and she can tell the jury what she recalls and what she logged and she can bring the logs as well.

So, where does that leave the complainants, so WHAT that I can prove they mislead police to arrest me?

Well, I cannot do more than the pre enquete (citizen’s complaint to the court to arrest a person) process and the Crown simply refuses any evidence I present. So any legal action against the three women would have to come from a lawsuit specifically aimed at “public mischief”. I think THIS suit is doing that, but, that is for the justice to tell me.

A paralegal was on her way to Florida when her dog died of old age in the hands of the dog sitter’s daughter. So, from the road, she had police go to her home and over the phone she claimed I broke into her house and killed her dog. That is simply untrue. It’s not even plausible that I could quietly break in, kill the dog (one of a trio) and repair the damage getting in and avoid the neighbours…. and avoid the security cameras she testified she bought JUST for me. The vets at 404 Emergency Hospital will be witnesses to the real cause of death.

And TWO of the three women were noted by Det. James Ward on his testimony on the record to have been “Daria Morgendorffer” and he said each woman had given him my Google Maps review reply when it was really the third woman. Even on the stand, one took credit for it and then as she ended her testimony, she doubted she had ever seen it. Because she had not. Only Daria would have seen it.

All of this will be covered. As will the sworn words in their Victim Impact Statements. J. Rose let them read them into the record so you all can read them too. But, J. Rose made many errors in his hearing of the charges and his decision was reversed on appeal. He did not even ask the Crown to prove my “mens rea”, my guilty mind. So finding me guilty was simply impossible, but he did it anyway.

Whether any or all 3 will be eventually one prosecuted for public mischief is not important. The fact they will be easily proven to be liars is what is important. And the decision in my suit will be published in perpetuity on CANLII. Because, once one lie is proven, then EVERYTHING that person says must be treated as a lie by the court. So catching them in one lie each should do it. But I will have several proofs for each woman. If the court does not care they lied to have me arrested, the jury will care. And so will history. When their grandchildren Google their names, there will be the finding of this trial.

Stand by.

Reminder: November 15 is the target date for submission of our Affidavits of Documents and then the rubber hits the road. Until then, counsel can ignore anything I said or did as not being “evidence”. Once the documents I will use in my suit have been announced, they have to take my allegations a bit more seriously. And they have to have THEIR documents declared to me.

Refreshing Old Memories Is Pleasant

For November 15, the defendants and I shall exchange lists of documents we possess which concern the suit in some way. So, it’s my evidence of their mistakes and their evidence of why I am misleading the court. And I have to review each piece when I assemble my lists. And often, a gem comes back to me which I had forgotten.

I wrote an email to the Mayor of Erin after a concerned teacher told me about a visit from the entire Erin Bylaws department. Detective James Ward then called my witness to see if what I told him about her evidence was true… had she really been offered what I claimed?

I then spoke to the witness, and I asked her to testify in my trial. She demurred, saying Det. James Ward had told her to “not get involved in any way” with me.

This is a gem I had forgotten about.

That sure sounds like witness tampering. She will be a witness for me in my suit to show that police helped an ex cop by convincing a witness to not testify she breached the public trust suggesting a solution for her lacking a pool fence. They all worked together to arrest and charge and prosecute.

November 24… I am being tried for contempt again

The free lawyer for the dog park lady has sworn to SRJ Edwards that I have a DOCUMENTED history of abusing her from 2016 onwards. HE cannot provide that documentation, just one judge’s opinion of 32 thankful emails to and from her. And now he says that just by being in the dog park when she arrived, that I have CONTACTED her when he swears there is a judge’s order out there forbidding me to “contact” her.

That I harassed her in those 32 emails is a joke.

#18 of 32
#4-6 of 32

He was put up to this by Aurora of course, who made up a story that either my probation or some order from some judge says I cannot discuss sports in person with the dog park lady. There is no such order.

Yes! It is odd that there is NO ORDER from any justice to not contact her. Her name is not even mentioned in any order.

I can “contact” anyone I want, …anyone, and I can talk sports or religion with them. That is what any existing orders state clearly.

What I cannot do is “communicate”… as in “speak, email or text with” any of the defendants ABOUT MY SUIT UNLESS that is done through their counsel.

I won’t bore you with the actual orders, you have seen them before.

What happened is… Aurora called dog park lady’s free lawyer and blew him up some smoke and convinced him I am under some type of “no contact” order with his client. I am not.

So, for my visit October 14, unless dog park lady’s video shows me talking about how her witness stand testimony was tampered with by Det. Ward, well I am safe on November 14.

And since I can, and I have proven every allegation he made is baseless, I will get costs… lots of them if the court feels I am being abused.

After all, their claims of contempt have put me in jail several times. And when caught with an obvious attempt to bluff the court and by misleading the court, maybe they need to receive a signal.

Or I will have to pay them money for being wrong again.

Could go either way.

So, stand by, but don’t stand back… this will be good!

Aurora Provides Lawyer to Commercial Business In Dog Park Daily

One staff woman was let go TEN MONTHS BEFORE I sued.

The other is a volunteer who signed an agreement that liability insurance was her responsibility.

I sued Aurora and York for “Misfeasance in public office”.

and must not abuse their powers to the detriment of ordinary citizens.

Again today, dog park lady’s free lawyer asked if I would drop suit against her paying me just $1 to admit her sins.

Nope, because by November 15 Aurora has to list all documents proving the Parks Bylaw did not apply to the dog park lady even AFTER she signed to NOT do business there. Her lawyer has to find something to counter my $1,000,000 suit against her personally that she had me arrested to STAY in the park with her business.

The Parks Bylaw in effect when sued said:

Tough one.

As Expected… She visits my blog 3 times day and saw my post about the dog park…

So, I get an email from the dog walker’s lawyer citing me for contempt for visiting the dog park for my suit. He emails the justice, something I got convicted of contempt for.

Aurora has delayed my suit since December 2018 with endless motions. 4 years of trying to avoid a trial.

Well, NOW a trial date has been set so all the other lawyers including Aurora’s has to submit to me a list of documents which will defend their actions.

So, dog park lady did not have commercial liability insurance, and homeowner policies do not pay for lawyers if they get sued.

So, she complains about being sued to Aurora who put her up to arrest me so she could run her business in the park. Aurora says “No Problem… Desjardins has deep pockets, we’ll ask them to defend you pro bono.”

And they did, but so far that lawyer has not done anything except file a boiler plate defence like all the others.. I’m vexatious, annoying, worthy of bering jailed 7 times.

But, now we have November 15 looming and the lawyer has to do some very important work. He knows a trial is November 2023, and he now has to think quick and get together documents which prove I am wrong in my Amended Claim.

Well, he cites me for contempt for just being in the park when the dog walking business began the day’s profit making. He has a video of me in the park. He says I am in contempt for being in the park.

He gets given a date of November 24 to move for imprisoning me. So he still is required to serve me a list of every document proving dog park lady is legally operating her commercial, for profit business in the Town park against the rules.

On November 24, of course, he will play his video showing me speaking to the two owners who had dogs without tags. Also, she will be telling the court that she broke her promise to Det. James Ward that she would enforce the tag rules with her clients AND everyone using the park. And not bring more than 3 dogs.

The huge sign at the gate says current year tags are mandatory, as are rabies vaccinations, but she has not been insisting on either. Because there is no easy way to tell.

If a dog HAS a tag, she can read it, but that does not tell her if the current year has been paid. The tag has a random code only a computer can describe.

Here is one I found in the park that day. It was buried under stuff in the bulletin board cabinet. No one has bothered to phone the number to report the lost tag as found. I will do that now.

Docupet tag – lost and found

OK, I also did the Docupet thing for finding a dog, they do not support just “I found a tag”.

What are the odds it ends in B0B? Not Bob, but B0B.

Like no experienced programmer would so, they generate zero and oh’s and q’s, I’s and 1’s and when you enter a lost tag with a round character, it may or may not match a real tag. Absurd. Then the Dcouept app locked up.

I had a nice log chat with Docupet asking for a callback from an owner or developer. I suggested a few improvements. I doubt I will get it, but, I have the conversation to blog when they do not.

Visiting Canine Commons

I thought I better get the current status for the trial.

As was usual, there is dumped trash now that taxpayers pay again to put out garbage.

There are 2 in ground feces collectors, as I had suggested that copy Richmond Hill. I guess a unisex collector was too au Courant.

The blue boxes contain people trash so it still blows around in the wind as you can see.

There were three owners chatting. One had a tag for her dog, the other two did not. None of them were asked for proof of rabies on Docupet of course.

Two huge solar panel lights. Why they did not tap off the street lights is a mystery, the line is flat rated and would be free.

Same single bench, rotted, growing moss. Safety?

The same old rotted out picnic tables… galvanized at least.

The gate has already rotted out because Mr. Downey used a light gauge painted, NOT galvanized as he uses in people parks, residential gate. Not repairable. Lasted 4 years. Ready to force a tetanus shot for s sniffing dog

The Misfeasance in Public office I sued for is of course that they have a legal choice of how to collect and spend the $350,000 in pet tag sales for 14,000+ dogs and cats, but they fail to choose the proper actions. instead, the only off leash dog park is ignored and given used equipment at best,

The parking lot must have bolsters to contain vehicles in a flood, these won’t, they are on two sides out ion 4 and they were not pressure treated or finished in any way.

The usual mud puddles

So the lone commercial walker still PARKS in the yellow no parking zone to unload and load to keep the mud off her car and the many dogs she brings..

The sign and rules are unchanged…

As is the use by commercial walkers, now in a van without markings and without any dog containment inside in case of accident.

No Advertising Still OIN Dog Park from the MANY pet stores who would LOVE to do so,,,, BUT, Desjardins gets advertising rights…

Discovery – Affidavit of Documents Is The Next Task

The Senior Regional Justice is very (hankfully) case managing my $7 million suit. The next milestone, published in the record, is “Affidavits of Documents”, set for November 15, 2022.

This requires that each party to the action complete several lists of documents, or names of documents in their possession, past or present. The lists must hold names and descriptions of all documents related to the suit. There is a process to challenge the completeness of the lists provided.

This is where the interesting stuff will happen.

Example: Aurora will have to list every email to and from me on any issues, videos, recordings, FOI forms, FOI responses, contracts with the Canine Commons Committee, the new dog park builders and fence post installers, spite fence inspection results, wood chip suppliers, paving companies, Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation authority permits for use of lands on the floor plan for the dog park and the Joint Operations Centre, including for planting trees, etc., to mediate erosion for all the landfill, Bylaws’ inbound telephone log showing the gun threat call they allege I assisted in, police reports and requests for police help to block Denis Van Decker from speaking about Bylaws abuses at council, lists of legal surnames for each Bylaws officer to renew their POA licences, their liability insurance policies, my tax statements and payments, from 2012 all the communications about One Mendy’s Forest, Lawyer Charles Painter’s multiple documents to police calling for my arrest for breaches of recognizance for Mandie and Jaclyn. Dog walkers’ income and tax filings for 2007 to 2018, website offerings for location of dog walks, and boarding. And a whole lot more.

For paralegal(s) claiming witness tampering… all emails and Tweets to and from police Detective James Ward under all pseudonyms.

For Aurora employees who sued and/or had me arrested, all emails back and forth, logs of meetings between HR Manager Sandras McKenzie and police. How Mandie was terminated without cause ,given $70,000 after just a couple of years after an admitted affair with a director… and then they hired her back to do a website about July 1, Canada Day.

The Sports Dome tax evasion letter to the Ontario Finance Minister, the purchase of the same business buy Aurora, the original sports dome contract wherein Aurora bought Redvers air conditioning, paid his taxes and summer utilities… the same for the tennis dome. Council minutes where Mr. Downey asked council to waive Redvers’ taxes.

Pet tag rewfenues for 2016 to date as compared to the old manual method.

Acquisition of Docupet and the contract for share of revenues.

For police, just a huge pile of GO *General Occurence” reports and disclosure for all 7 arrests and 26 charges. For the YRP Board of Directors, every document wherein they monitored for abuse by the entire force and what actions they took. i.e. how they would discover 7 arrests and 26 charges were laid despite failures if 24 of them, any Det. Sgt. other than Ms Bentham who supervised the 36 officers whose names appear on the GO’s I received by FOI. Logs of gun threat calls to Aurora Bylaws, the notebooks of the officers who barred Denis and Anne-Marie Van Decker from entering town hall after Mandie claimed they had made trouble before.

Aurora will of course supply a minimal list and will “forget” the many I just mentioned, but then I get to motion for the rest.

This will take a while.

Meanwhile, I am off to do an FOI to Ontario for the complete lists of legal names submitted to then for POA licence renewals from 2016 onwards.

I will add more documents later.

Press Release Is Ready

The great thing for bloggers in the Libel and Slander Act is that I am free to fairly report anything, quoting Court documents which are in the public domain. Lawsuits, trials, transcriptions of testimony and witnesses, police disclosure…. all the thousands of documents which I have saved since 2016.

As an example, the Spite Fence Lady testified when sued by Marnee Buckles and everything in her transcript is now public domain. So when she admitted she knew her fence trespassed underground, she committed a lie when compared to her suit of me for simply saying that same thing here in my blog.

Her lawyer is then guilty of a breach of trust for knowingly suing me based on a lie by her client.

The same woman also called police to arrest me, citing “trespass” because I blogged photos of her fence and proving it trespassed on purpose when she place the outer surface of the fence just one inch from her property line.

My probation has been completed and I am free to use Canine Commons any time of day. And I am free to blog all the court documents from when she had me arrested and convicted of sending her an email to advise of a child bitten by a dog and about commercial dog walkers using the park to make money. Herself included.

So, I wrapped a lot of that in a Press Release by a professional company.

Stand by for the reaction from the recipients.


This Is Very Interesting.

As is this one…..

Do you notice the striped obstacles which force you OUT of your lane, and then away from the curbs on BOTH curbs? Hmmmmmmm…

The Realities of My Lawsuit

I have 7 defendants, trial is November next year.

Every day, multiple times per day, one defendant uses VPN to mask her IP address and copies this page to take to the cops to arrest me again.

Discovery is the next step and I get 7 hours to question her. Sworn, on the record. As I do for the police, mayor, CAO and York Region execs. This was a team action. If I catch her in a lie, that’s public mischief for arresting me twice SOLELY on her words. Criminal offence.

Meantime, I can email the candidates for Council so they are aware of what they are getting into. This will make Phyllis Morris’ SLAPP suit against Bill Hogg and Dick Johnson look like a traffic ticket.

All of Aurora will get a daily report of the court sessions. I will hire a reporter.

It’s odd that one defendant once issued contracts to clients and was some upset when a lady chose not to comply with the signed contract. That’s what the dog park volunteers did, signed a contract then ignored it and actually let police convince one that she never signed a real contract, just a “memo of understanding”. He witness tampered.

All of this will be documented at Discovery.

Aurora’s lawyer quit his firm and now it is open as to who will get hired.

I can’t wait. Hope you can.

Well ladies – after you sign a contract – changing your mind is not an option. 

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Why Aurora taxpayers rarely learn of abuse by the Town

I once wondered why The Banner *and* The Auroran never had any interest in publishing anything about being arrested 7 times by Town Hall using an ex-employee as a proxy… just as Mayor Morris was used as a proxy to sue Dick Johnson and Bill Hogg in 2012.

Today, a Tweet by Geoff Dawe, who in 2017 convened a strategy session with police at Town Hall to start the arrests, stated the problem loud and clear…. partnerships with the papers. Aurora buys a lot of ad space and must be the top client for both, so it is obvious why no negative articles exist.

tap HERE FOR Geoff Dawes Tweet

What editor would risk losing a ”partnership” which pays them a lot of money annually?

But they will publish negative articles about me…

Silly Cop Tricks

This kind of cleverness… making up a charge… is seen frequently in my case.

A pastor in the USA was arrested for watering his neighbour’s flowers. He identified himself immediately as a pastor.

If anyone refuses their many demands, cops generally fight back with false charges to assert domination.

I refused to stop asking questions by email of my town officials and so they fabricated arrest charges, claiming that Aurora had nothing at all to do with the charges. In fact, officer Jeff Brown lied to me on camera that it was a personal arrest, not an arrest requested by Aurora…saying “The Town is not saying this is what they want done.”

Disclosure contains the facts. Aurora was consulted, briefed and at no time did it express any desire for a “personal arrest” by an employee. This is what Mayor Dawe wanted.

Officer Jeff Brown notes that my “harassing emails to EMPLOYEES of the Town of Aurora” were discussed with the Crown and he did “consult with Mayor Dawe”. At 11:20 they all met at Town Hall. First, by 11:39 am, Mayor Dawe and CAO Nadorozny had agreed, and he met “briefly” with the Bylaws Manager. 28 minutes later at 12:07 pm, he was at my house to arrest me with no investigation having been completed. The employee was THEN interviewed from 12:40 to 13:20 and I was immediately called to come in. I went in at 3:14 pm.

They did not have evidence from the Town in any organized fashion, they went purely on verbal allegations not supported by any evidence in their hands. As they did all this on July 14 2017 in the morning, I was in Superior Court where the Van Deckers were asking the justice to stop the Tannery POA (Bylaws) court from re-litigating the exact Aurora Bylaws case the POA court had just thrown out. Bylaws vexatiously refiled the same evidence and charges they had just lost, hoping for a different decision.

At election time in 2018, Mayor Geoffrey Dawe came to my house and I confronted him…

I said “You had me arrested.” and he replied “Yes I did.”

The Long Path To The Trial in November 2023

Each defendant must now choose whether to file a “Fresh as Amended Defence” to my Fresh As Amended Plaintiff’s Claim. Since I was ordered to REMOVE a lot of stuff, I did not anticipate that defence arguments would change things much. But least one has changed.

The good news for me is that nothing amended will stand at trial.

I was fortunate to be thinking ahead after being assaulted June 3, 2017. Next day, I charged assault in a written and personally delivered document and interview. It is very clear and detailed. YRP declined to take up those charges even though the perp testified to police on video that she’d indeed inserted her hand and ticket into my armpit. I have not changed my claim that I was assaulted and filed a charge of assault since the POA justice said to me: “You were assaulted!”….

So, the lawyer cannot now say the assault has somehow changed in my claim.

Aurora’s liability insurance through Lloyd’s of London pays for their lawyer. That same lawyer then was also asked to defend an ex-employee because their defense is that the person was simply doing their job when she assaulted me. And yet, Aurora seems to now claim the ex-employee made the multiple false arrests as a private citizen. Those two facts conflict. If I was arrested by a private citizen multiple times, and I sued that person, then Aurora would NOT be paying for the ex-employee’s lawyer. The ex-emp would be hiring a private citizen lawyer. Instead, today, the ex-emp gets a free lawyer because Aurora is accepting all responsibility for all of the actions.

If I worked for Ford Oakville, and I wanted a person arrested for personal harassment by email, I would go straight to police, I would not go to Ford Human Resources and get the manager to call in police to Head Office. But Aurora HR DID call police to come to head office… twice.. And then the police would develop a plan to arrest me and just do it.

BUT… Aurora’s mayor Geoffrey Dawe chose to have police meet him, the accuser, Director Techa Van Leeuwen and CAO Nadorozny in Town Hall to brief them on the plans. Officers’ notebooks record that they did just that and drove directly to my house to arrest me.

In her interview, the accuser did mislead police that I placed a gun threat call to Azilda Robinson in Bylaws, one which Aurora forgot to report to police, or even to log it in a book.

The arresting officer, Jeff Brown, then misled me in my interview by saying Aurora, the mayor and CAO were NOT involved and that they did NOT want me arrested. “This is not what the town wants me to do.” he declared when asked. he said. He had briefed Mayor Dawe and Nadorozny and Techa Van Leeuwen at Town Hall minutes earlier.

Did Anyone Notice The Word I Changed Yesterday?

As loyal reader ”alawstudent” recently commented, I have been changing one word a day in my post so that after a while, the entire post changed.

Did anyone else catch on? Right! I didn’t think so….

Aurora Election 2022

The announced candidates who are NOT currently in office are:



July 28, 2022 – Good News! 2022 is an Election Year!

Today, a fixed timetable was cast to bring my lawsuit of Aurora and York, etc., to trial in November 2023.

There have been over 3.5 years of delay caused in the main by Aurora’s multiple (4) motions to dismiss. They all failed as did their appeal trying to get me dismissed as “vexatious” when I had never been in a trial of any kind.

Today, also, I was sentenced to 3 months in jail for contempt of a court order to not communicate in any way with anyone at the town of Aurora where I lived until last month. Many Canadians may not know the any justice can write an order and forbid them from speaking to their elected representatives. I could not figure out how to deal with my town when I was forbidden from even sending in a tax cheque.

After my first arrest July 13, 2017 police told me they would arrest me if I sent in my taxes. And they never rescinded that. My wife tried to get a concession from CAO Doug Nadorozny to let me pay my taxes but he would not agree to NOT arrest me on receipt of a latter from me. So I quit paying.

So, today, thanks only to J. Edwards, I am on the way to being able to argue the merits of my case in detail. And court proceedings can be reported “fairly” in my blog.

Also, this is an election year. So, I will follow who is running against the current councillors. They may want to know what to expect from the Aurora Legal Department when they get elected.

For some candidates, a plank which should resonate with voters is how Aurora has gone at least 7 full years now refusing to sell pet tags to 14,000 (minimum) pets.

As well, the annual “lost” revenue would have reduced taxes by $14 per household, or $98 since a new manager was hired in 2015.

Add to that the fact Ren’s Pets has been paying every tag buyer $25 to buy a $10 or $15 tag.

If there is an all candidates meeting, a great question for incumbents is “Why does Council refuse to direct staff to enforce the fund raising pet tags bylaw. The money for tags offsets the very high costs of animal control.”

Aurora has one dog park for 7,000 dogs and it is in the most remote place for dog owners. There should be one in every area of town so owners can walk to it.

Stand by, candidates, more to follow.

I will be watching this page a lot… List of Candidates & Third Party Advertisers

5 Years In Review

It is time for my regular recap of how Aurora arrested me 7 times using an employee and others as proxies to police.

June 3, 2017 – I was assaulted the justice told me.

June 4, 2017 – I reported the assault to PC Gaudet at Newmarket York Regional Police

July 14, 2017 – Aurora Mayor Geoff Dawe calls in police, approves my arrest (#1) by PC Jeff Brown and partner, complainant is staff person who identified herself to police as a private citizen

November 2017- Deputy Crown David Moull stays charges

May 30, 2018 -Arrest #2 dog bite letter to volunteers at dog park, on complaint of dog walker doing business in a town park

August 23, 2018 – Arrest #3 on complaint of Aurora staffer charging libel. Withdrawn by Crown.

August 31, 2018 – Breach arrest #4, evidence from Aurora staffer

April 2, 2019 – Breach arrest #5, evidence from Aurora staffer

December 6, 2019 – Breach arrest #6, evidence from Aurora staffer. Pled guilty

March 4, 2020 – Breach arrest #7, evidence from 3 lawyers. All charges withdrawn

Update On Aurora’s Million Dollar Suit Against Me

Some may say “Aurora did not sue you!!”, but a person who Aurora claims is a freely-defended staffer and was at all times simply acting as an employee did just that. So it is really Aurora suing me and I sued them back for $1 million along with York Region, YRP, the YRP Board, and the 3 ladies. Soon to be 5.

July 12 and 13, 2022 were our motions in Toronto Court, I moved for dismissal for delay and Aurora moved that the justice should simply hold the entire 7 week trial in one day. A brilliant move for efficiency that was not lost on the justice. She exclaimed about that in fact and wondered out loud why more lawyers don’t bring 5,769 pages of “evidence” to court and ask an overworked justice to read it for a one day motion. It just tossed the dice and asked for an order to pay it up to $950,000 and costs and I am to be enjoined to NOT blog certain specific phrases… an unusual request in an order.

The order must have been very special in a legal sense that went right over my head, because the justice took an awful lot of time making sure Aurora understood what it was asking for. And here is what gets me… the lawyer got a lot of attention to her writings but I got hardly any interest in mine. Why do lawyers get preferential treatment and guidance?

I mean Aurora even got told what the outcome of asking for that particular order would be… BEFORE I get my decision. I have to wait weeks while the Aurora lawyer was told yesterday the exact end results of its requested order.

But, even though it KNEW what the decision would be, it FORGED on with the exact same order as it came in with, turning lemons into.. well… lemonade!

Let’s just say it did not go as well for Aurora as it hoped.

It will be a LONG time to get me a decision as the courts are backlogged. But, any of you with my number can call me for an update. Aurora was already told their decision and so yo should contact air councillors to find out what that result means for the townspeople.

Back when former Mayor Phyllis Morris sued Johnson, Hogg and Bishenden for $6,000,000 and got caught as a SLAPPer, taxpayers did not get a blow by blow of the court proceedings as I am providing. And soon, former Mayor Dawe can see how well he kept up his promise to never let that happen again.

Mayor Dawe is on record in every newspaper apologizing for giving Phyllis money under the table for her lawyers. If she won money, she would keep it and Aurora taxpayers paid the lawyer bills.

Towns should NOT be allowed to buy legal liability insurance because they see it as a catchall fix for any larcenous acts they choose. Yes, a ton should have to pay off offended parties with CASH from the bank and then they should be forced to reveal what happened on their web site.

Today, Aurora’s legal acts are hidden away… IIL… “It’s In Legal”… never to see the light of day.

That simple change to the laws would stop the abuse I am undergoing. If more Aurorans knew that Aurora CONCURRENTLY arrested me 7 times AND sued me for $950,000 plus damages plus costs.

If you could get your neighbours to make this posy go viral I would appreciate it.

For the last two days it has been made clear to me that Aurora WANTS everyone to know what I have been up to. And so you can help by sending your friends an email.

Click here=>>: INVITATION and you will get an email prompt, just change the To address, Councillors will be cc:d along with the general mailbox

Have you al lnpoticed Aurora no longer publishes email addresses on its web site. I did that. To preserve the “privacy” of its employees, they hide their email addresses. But all you do is use their first initial plus their last name and tack on and they will get it. John Smith would be

They also no LONGER provide the Business Directory with email addresses. They just have a web site name and they suggest to get email address yo click the web link and search around for one. Nice eh?

Back to former Mayor Dawe… We shall see if his efforts to NOT let the town get vindictive or litigious against taxpayers using their own money worked. Was he able to concentrate on improving Aurora?

Or, did he use YOUR tax money to attack his own constituent?

Did you know that if you sent an email to a buddy that said “John Brown is a pedophile.” and John Brown gets a copy… that he can sue you for defamation? Yes. One email, a private email, to a third party about anyone can be evidence of defamation if the 2nd party gets given a copy. Beware!

So, be careful who you bitch about to your buddies. Even about a baseball player…

In my case, Aurora stole a couple of emails that I had sent Mayor Alls of Erin. It then took those to court and said “Here, he defamed us to the Mayor of Erin.

So, keep your bon mots about the ex to yourself, and only speak in person about her to highly trusted friends, never text or email. Big brother is watching.

Stay tuned. More waiting.

July 12 2022 – Remember the promise of newly elected Mayor Dawe in 2013

Here is an article in the Auroran where Mayor Dawe is quoted as saying about the failed Mayor Morris SLAPP suit of 3 bloggers just to shut them up criticizing her…

“There are a number of people who have been impacted by these things, and a few families in Aurora that have been affected by this,” he said. “I think it is incumbent on Council to ensure that we do whatever we can do to keep this from happening again.”

do whatever we can do to keep this from happening again.”

Despite that thought back in 2013, Mayor Dawe on July 14, 2017 called in Det. Jeff Brown to meet him and CAO Nadorozny, Legal Director Techa Van Leeuwen and others at Town Hall, and at 11:39 am they were briefed on how the arrest would happen. Det Brown left town hall and drove to my house to arrest me.

Aurora, using my taxes, had me arrested so I could NOT communicate to them how they lost $350,000 per year NOT selling pet tags.

July 12-13… Toronto Court… Aurora Staffer calls for judge to declare me guilty

When I sued a former employee on December 2018, she had been terminated by Aurora for about 10 months from February 2018. But, that did not stop Geoffrey Dawe, Tom Mrakas and Tech Van Leeuwen making time go backwards and they defended her role as an employee at all times.

I cited actions by this ex-employee up to December 4, 2018 and Aurora still wrote in her defence that at all times she was acting as an employee.

So, on July 14, 2017 when she interviewed with Det, Jeff Brown, she was acting as an employee. Brown told me she was complaining as an ordinary, plain citizen and not as an employee. I have him recorded on a video saying “This is not what the town wants us to do. He did it anyway. BUT, her boss, Techa Van Leeuwen, decided to save her some legal fees and is paying for her acts even AFTER she was terminated by Techa herself.

How can Aurora justify paying to defend her from TWO FALSE, PERSONAL ARRESTS July 14, 2017 and August 23, 2018?

How can Aurora “cover her” for acts up to March 4, 2021? She was terminated three YEARS prior.

Pathological Liars

Click HERE for articles defining this character aberration...



From high-profile court cases to recent political scandals, lying is all over the news. A psychologist explains how to spot and deal with a habitual liar

The label ‘pathological liar’ gets thrown around a lot, especially in the direction of politicians or celebrities. Although it isn’t a formal psychiatric diagnosis, it is a recognised concept that psychologists and psychiatrists have been interested in for a long time, at least since 1891 when the German psychiatrist Anton Delbrueck coined the label Pseudologia fantastica to describe several of his patients who told an astonishing amount of fantastical lies (other similar psychological terms include ‘deception syndrome’ and ‘mythomania’). So why do people do it? 


While psychopaths and people with antisocial personality disorder can be inclined to excessive lying, most pathological liars are not psychopaths, nor do they necessarily have a personality disorder. Indeed, while psychopaths and people with an antisocial personality are typically manipulative and self-serving, pathological liars often lie for no apparent purpose. Another key feature of pathological lying, as opposed to being a common-or-garden compulsive liar, is that the lies are often particularly bizarre or far-fetched. 

Consider the results of a recent survey carried out by two US psychologists – Dr Drew Curtis and Dr Christian Hart – who believe pathological lying should become a discrete psychiatric diagnosis. 

The pair asked hundreds of volunteers to complete several measures of lying behaviour and found that between 8 per cent and 13 per cent of them met the criteria for being a pathological liar. 


The details from the surveys fit in with some theories in scientific literature suggesting that pathological liars tell tall tales – especially of far-fetched past achievements or suffering, or grandiose social connections – as a kind of unconscious strategy to boost their fragile sense of self or low self-esteem. 

For instance, in 2007 a team of Canadian psychologists reported the case of ‘Lorraine,’ whose dramatic lies included a colleague sending her death threats, a friend developing a lesbian infatuation, a supposed death threat from a fiancé’s ex-wife, and her fiancé’s three-year-old setting fires in relatives’ homes. The team, led by Dr Cheryl Birch, said that the pattern was characteristic of pathological lying because the lies were harmful to Lorraine (she actually ended up in a secure forensic unit) and they weren’t inspired by any apparent clear motive – they seemed to be driven by a deeper psychological need to present herself as a hero or victim. 

In a case reported by a team of New York psychologists in 2015, a woman told her therapists she had made several suicide attempts. She also claimed her mother had been executed in California for killing her father and stepfather, that her brother and sister had been killed and buried in the backyard by her mother, and that she had two children, including one who was the product of a rape by one of her siblings. Subsequent investigations suggested none of this was true, except that she did have one son. This team, led by Dr Panagiota Korenis at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center, agreed with the other experts that habitual or compulsive lying of this kind usually emerges as a “means to assert autonomy in the face of lack of self-esteem”.


When it comes to coping with a pathological liar, it’s perhaps worth remembering the likely cause of the person’s tendency to tell so many far-fetched stories. While their behaviour might be irritating and even cause serious harm (especially when it comes to false allegations), if it’s driven by a deep-seated insecurity, then you might be wise to see it as a call for help, and to resist the urge to confront the person too forcefully or without sympathy. 

If the pathological liar in your life is someone you care about, perhaps you could help them find more productive ways to address their low self-esteem and anxiety, or even to come to terms with a difficult past, if that’s relevant. Although research into effective treatments is largely lacking (partly because ‘pathological liar’ has yet to be recognised as a formal diagnosis), a sensible step could be to gently encourage the pathological liar you know to seek professional mental health support. 


Were people lying about me?

Yes. They claim I helped a man make a gun threat call to Azelda Robinson, Bylaws’ admin person. No such call was logged by Aurora’s Bylaws said my FOI reply.. No gun calls EVER were reported to York Regional Police. It was a total fabrication in which she used one of her own officers as overhearing me bragging about something which did not happen. How bad is it that you drag an employee into the lie? I have the video tape of this lie.

I also have an audio recording of Heather Bentham stating that no employee of YRP ever knew that the Bylaws Manager had been a Halton Region cop. The force dealt with this woman on a daily basis for Bylaw issues and they claim that a past career in policing was never revealed.

Strangely, both Det. Jeff Brown and Sr. Det James Ward recorded for me video interviews in which she bragged about her police baklcground within the first few minutes of her sworn testimony.

Someone is lying. Who?

On July 12 and 13, lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian will do exactly what she did in the Duncan v. Buckles suit.

She sued Marnee, but did NOT take actions to get the suit onto the trial schedule and in February 2021 she was ordered to pay Marnee $31,812.50 for that failure.

What Gwendolyn did was to try to deflect the costs award by counter claiming that Marnee owed her $1400. J. Papageorgiou, click HERE to see the entire order, saw through the attempt to avoid paying costs and nailed her big time.

In my suit of November 2018, again, no attempt has been made to get the suit on the trial schedule and I have been refused Examination for Discovery twice now.

So, On July 12 I will ask the court to dismiss the old suit with costs to me.

What Gwendolyn did was suddenly discover over 5,000 pages of materials for the suit she did not pursue. She served me and the court 5,534 pages she expected the justice to read.

Stay tuned.

Det Sgt Heather Bentham awarded between Arrest #3 and 4

On February 28, 2021 I recorded an hour of DS Bentham claiming she did not know the Bylaws Manager had once been a cop. Nor had ANY OTHER Yorkies. Odd.. because in both her interviews in my arrests she bragged to the officer asking questions that she had been a cop. And yesterday she claimed she has NEVER told a lie to police. So was retirement the only way to avoid being a witness in my suit?

Have You Heard?

Have you Depp?

“Heard” is now the hot new meme meaning “she got hers”.

That her surname is a homonym for the herd mentality that people sometimes exhibit is just a bonus. It is just Canadian dialect for “herd”… just remove the “a”, eh?

Yes, Amber Heard must pay Johnny many millions for defamation.

Her wild claims were just not believed, her manner was over the top vaudeville style acting, she made me cringe that she could lie so easily. Yet, I have experienced so many others with the same ability to lie without any remorse.

Her sister still supports her blindly. And that, too, is quite common. Many people simply cannot detect lies from others, and blindly believe wholeheartedly in the righteousness of their sister or friend.

But, what do you do when you are a lawyer representing a person like Ms. Heard?

You have to understand that even her lawyer was likely lied to. They did their best, but Ms Heard was perhaps just a little bit less than candid when briefing her lawyers on the “facts”.

So, lawyers, the lesson? Get your clients to provide hard evidence in support of everything they want in their Plaintiff’s Claim. Otherwise, you will find yourself in court trying to avoid showing the justice the actual Plaintiff’s Claim.

Can you imagine a lawyer refusing to let her client even touch a copy of her own Plaintiff’s Claim in a court environment? That’s grounds for claiming inept lawyering to the LSO.

How To Stall And Fake A Defence

The Slander and Libel Act is an important one for everyone to read, else how will you know if you have been defamed?

Report of proceedings in court

(1) A fair and accurate report without comment in a newspaper or in a broadcast of proceedings publicly heard before a court of justice, if published in the newspaper or broadcast contemporaneously with such proceedings, is absolutely privileged unless the defendant has refused or neglected to insert in the newspaper in which the report complained of appeared or to broadcast, as the case may be, a reasonable statement of explanation or contradiction by or on behalf of the plaintiff.  R.S.O. 1990, c. L.12, s. 4 (1).

Lawyers are clever. They can argue FOR -or- AGAINST any issue presented to them. So today, the lawyer will argue she has a perfectly good argument that, despite rejection by the criminal court of the same idea (that 2 emails were libellous)… that her civil suit is absolutely winnable if a trial were to be held.

The only problem is she forgot to serve PERSONALLY the notice of defamation, the warning and the chance to apologize and retract.

And of course she left it too late to sue, way longer than the 90 days maximum permitted. To prove that, all I need do is point out she thinks documents from 2017 matter. Nothing older than 90 days from November 9, 2018 makes any difference. That’s August 11 or so. Nothing I said or wrote prior to August 11, 2018 matters to the court.

So why did she bundle up 698 pages dated PRIOR to the 90 days?

And why did she bundle up 1,925 pages which happened AFTER November 9, 2018? She can only sue for things which had ALREADY occurred BEFORE November 9, 2018. And if anything WERE to have been defamatory, she would have had to sue with in 90 days of THAT.

But her big hurdle is the collateral; attack itself. The mere fact a lawyer used BOTH the criminal court AND a civil court AT THE SAME TIME for the same exact claims about the same exact evidence is really upsetting to the judiciary. Abuse of process is serious. Or should be. For a lawyer, especially, since they swear to NOT abuse the courts.

The Pendulum Swings July 12-13

When court documents show BOTH my criminal arrest on August 23, 2018 AND a $950,000 suit on November 9, 2018 claiming EXACTLY the same thing… this is called a “collateral attack” or an “abuse of (courts’) process”. You do not EVER try to get a legal decision on the SAME issue in two different courts. There is a bunch of Latin stuff too… res adjudicata (already decided) , etc.

Once a claim is decided in one court, one CANNOT get the same matter tried in another court. So, November 16, 2019 when Regional Senior Justice Fuerst asked Crown Greg Elder to come explain the charges of “CC s.301 {Publish Defamatory Libel” and the charges were found to be unworthy of iitigatiing, that should have ALSO ended the suit in Civil court. Criminal court decided there was no libel and Civil court now cannot rule on the same claims.

Why did Gwendolyn Adrian not simply move to dismiss her own suit?

Because as a contingency lawyer, she is frantically trying to make some money.

On July 12-13, 2022 a justice will hear BOTH my motion to dismiss and Ms Adrian’s cross motion to just doing a speedy full trial and find me guilty. To do that she put together 3,721 pages in 15 volumes.

From not litigating her suit at all to producing 3,721 pages for a summary judgment is a stretch. Basically she has to convince the justice the suit has great merits but she just had no time to litigate it.

Whereas all I have to prove is that the suit is/was one (1) of:

  • Filed wrong in Toronto (all litigants lived in Aurora/King) to be hidden from criminal actions she took in Newmarket court using the same alleged evidence.
  • Filed without ANY advanced notice of defamation as required by the Libel and Slander Act
  • Does not contain any quoted allegations of defamation which occurred in the maximum of 90 days prior to filing
  • Explicitly says there are many more defamatory statements to be revealed ONLY at trial… like, if this was legal, every law suit would just say “I claim for defamation. I will tell you what lies you told at trial.” NO, EVERY SINGLE alleged statement MUST be contained in the Plaintiff’s Claim… not just a cherry picked sample or two. Every last one has to be in the claim. Otherwise, how would ANY defendant know what to plead and how to defend?
  • Filed as a collateral attack to the identical failed charges made to a criminal court just 3 months earlier.
  • Made moot by the criminal charges being found to be improper.
  • The collateral attack cost me over $120,000 since it was used as “proof” that I needed to be attacked in civil courts as well.

So, on July 12, try to attend court to see how it ends up.

Will Ms Adrian pull the wool over another justice’s eyeballs with her 2,721 pages?


Will I be able to convince the justice that there are several fatal flaws to choose from to be used to dismiss the suit in my favour with full indemnity costs for being a lawyer who abused the court by bringing BOTH a suit and an arrest using the same stolen emails from Aurora and Erin.

Last update: 2:00 PM May 23, 2022

How Courts Make Mistakes, How They Fix Them

Back in December of 2018, 2 of the 26 criminal charges the gang of 5 brought against me were decided in a trial before Justice Rose. He found me guilty 50% of the time. He gave quite a detailed decision which provides an insight into the legal minds in Ontario courts.

By law, one can report fairly on a criminal trial with no fear of libel or slander. Professor Emma Carver of the prestigious U. of Toronto Law School proved this in my suit of Bob Aaron who unfairly reported on PART of a case.

So, the alleged crimes were “breaches of recognizance”… i.e. allegedly doing what I had promised not to do. In my case of course, as all the charges were, they claimed in my blog I could not blog a picture of my lawsuit against the part of the gang of 5 I could identify at the time. I made up a blog post to demonstrate that I took the correct legal action against the crime of perjury, i.e. lying to a police officer to effect an investigation, or lying to effect an arrest. One cannot simply make up stories to get another person arrested. But the gang had done that on several occasions. One involved the construction of a spite fence in trespass on the neighbour’s land. The builder claimed in her suit and in her calls for arrest of yours truly that she had done nothing wrong building her fence. She swore and her lawyer AGREED that she made no errors at all building the spite fence.

Then, of course, she was given a chance to show off in court. She was asked by her own lawyer questions which clarified her knowledge at the time of drilling the fence holes. To that question she replied she KNEW the holes were not on her land because she described digging out the neighbour’s foundation rocks as a souvenir.

So, that is perjury, saying one thing sworn in one legal document and saying the exact opposite in a court room after being sworn in to tell the truth.

Now, police should arrest people for perjury, it’s an offence in the Criminal Code:

Criminal Code – R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46 (Section 131)


131 (1) Subject to subsection (3), every one commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes before a person who is authorized by law to permit it to be made before him a false statement under oath or solemn affirmation, by affidavit, solemn declaration or deposition or orally, knowing that the statement is false.

(1.1) Subject to subsection (3), every person who gives evidence under subsection 46(2) of the Canada Evidence Act, or gives evidence or a statement pursuant to an order made under section 22.2 of the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes a false statement knowing that it is false, whether or not the false statement was made under oath or solemn affirmation in accordance with subsection (1), so long as the false statement was made in accordance with any formalities required by the law of the place outside Canada in which the person is virtually present or heard.

So, the builder had her lawyer write out and swear to a lawsuit claiming she built on her own land and then later she testified she KNEW she had not built on her own land.

My lawsuit claims the gang of 3, soon to be the gang of five, committed perjury and should have been arrested but were not. Instead of criminal charges, I can get them to pay me money for breaking the law criminally.

But how do courts get it wrong? How do the make mistakes? How do they correct their mistakes?

Welcome to Appeals Court of Ontario where the real smart justices work. They take a second look at other justices’ work and they decide if that justice got it wrong. This all takes time, but in the end they tend to get it right.

So, December 4, 2018 Justice Raise in Newmarket heard the evidence of the Crown, police and me. He make a decision and write it out for all to read and it is in the public domain. He found me guilty of one breach and innocent of another.. but it was close on the second one as well.

As a public service aid, I have turned his decision into a pair of tables to demonstrate how one justice can mess up and another 3 can fix it.

Again, the charges were blogging photos of names of people I was not supposed to name in any “online media”. Now, some of those names were not even supposed to be in my recognizance since they had no outstanding complaints about me. Senior Regional Justice Fuerst told Crown Elder on November 16, 2018 that he must stop naming them. But he continued and in fact he made up a 72 word term he repeated Rome and tinge again even though ordered not to do so by two Superior Court Justices… Fuerst and Dawe.

Here is the first table which pulls out the criteria J. Rose applied.

J. Rose was tempted to decide GUILTY to the unseen post as well.

The next table looks at the decision form a different angle:

So, I appealed the decision of J. Rose and sure enough, he was wrong. Every guilty filing MUST prove “mens rea”, the guilty mind. J. Rose did not hear ANY evidence of my “mens read” backup no cop asked name a single question before my arrest. Therefore, no cop asked me “So why did you do this?”. And so, they had no proof that I knew what I did would break a law. They MUST prove I KNEW my actions were reassign a law and I did it anyway.

Here is the fun part of the trial. As if by magic, the gang had written up “Victim Impact Statements” to be read into the record. They had them ready just in case I was found guilty. So, they were asked to read them and they did. I was told NOT too look at them as they read them. So much for the right too face your accusers in court. NO, you cannot.

Recall the crime… blogging and showing a photo from 3 feet away of the first page of a legal document in the public domain… and imagine the “impact” of that on these women. THEIR names, on a lawsuit, being shown to Aurorans. Oh, the horror!

But they took the time to look inwards and to carefully describe how it felt to see their names in my blog.

Keep in mind that J. Rose had it wrong. They could read the effects of the “impact” my blog had on them. But they would never be asked to take it all back because no crime had been committed against them.

So, here they are… Impacts which were imagined by people who had no right to refer to them as “impacts”. Not one of the three apologized after the court corrected its error. Not one of them wrote or spoke to me to say they overreacted to seeing their names on a lawsuit served to their lawyers.

No lawyer of theirs apologized on their behalf.

Let me paraphrase instead. The exact text is in the transcript of the decision being read.

One said she was victim of non-stop bullying. And her name was soiled by being displayed on a lawsuit. That I had unsubstantiated disillusions. The process exhausted her. She lost time. She suffered financially, emotionally, psychologically by the online display of her name on my lawsuit. She had been attacked and harassed. She installed a full camera security system in her HOME and in her office (she left out that they are one and the same.) … recall that my alleged crime was blogging page one of my lawsuit. What her security cameras did for her is unknown because when she later called police to come to her home and claimed I killed her dog inside her home, they did not capture my image breaking into her home. Odd. She lost sleep. Had headaches. Muscle pain. AND major SURGERY! because she saw her name “intentionally displayed” on my lawsuit. She perceived a “power imbalance” when she saw her name. I gave her mother “vicarious trauma” and she died. The photo made her feel sad and scared. Unsafe. She wants “remedial programs” for people like her who had to read her name in a photo of a lawsuit. She wants “professional development programs” to assist how negatively such bullying affects….”. She was humiliated. She hurt professionally and personally.

By reading her name in a tiny photo in my blog.

Gang member two had a similar theme.

She cited being a long time volunteer for Aurora. She cited me for helping her when she got sick. But then she claimed I used her illness to gain support for an improved dog park. She used it for sympathy in court, but since I used it to get her a new dog park, I am an evil person. I sued her illness as a “weapon”, her quote. Now, realize the crime I was convicted off at that moment was blogging a photo of page one of my lawsuit. And that became a “weapon” against her. Even when she found it hard to focus, she met with Allan Downey as she had since 2007 with nothing to show of it until 2016 when I helped her. She goes on… she found comfort from her illness at the dog park. The same one I got replaced. It comforted her when it was a muddy dump though. “other members off the voluntary committee” asked her that I stop working for a new dog park. She said I went to the park just to bother her. I guess she failed to see my two 70 pound dogs. She installed a security system as well in her home. Again, how that would stop seeing her name on my lawsuit I cannot imagine. She said I should be punished accordingly.

Number 3 was the most descriptive. Of herself. It began with her resume of various jobs. She described various awards she had won. In “public service” as Bylaws manager she protected the health and safety of townspeople. She cited me for quoting her own blog posts. She tells about how she got the cops to call me and warn me not to email her about dogs and parks. She did not like that I blogged how she lost $350,000 every year by bit selling pet tags like the Bylaw required her to do. (Interesting side not: Techa Van Leeuwen rewrote the bylaw so that that the Director must sell the pet tags, not the manager.) She claimed my emails affected her “employment”. (Note: Her boss testified for me under oath that the town could not afford a full time person, then paid out her contract so she could go home. Her draft then show her listing her “awards” from a consumer magazine, a service club, the “Southern Alberta Flood Medal”… (Note: “Fire chiefs from the Foothills region of Alberta created a medal for those who went “above and beyond” during the floods.” see: it was NOT a provincial medal. It was from fire chiefs thanking fire fighters. She claims I said she did not receive these awards… I said the awards are not worded by her to accurately reflect what they are. She went on to call on Justice Rose to “BEGIN the process of “righting the wrongs that have continued to date”…. recall that the charge was blogging a photo of my lawsuit page one. She said I made her unemployable. Admittedly she did not know that Aurora ITSELF would hire her back to design a very prestigious web site when she testified to that fact. And she signed off by asking the COURT to “find a way to stop the bully”. As if courts are not busy enough.

So then, Justice Rose was told by the 3 justices of the Court of Appeal of Ontario he had gotten it all wrong and his decision had many flaws.

So, there was NO impact on any of them.

Did I get to read my victim impact for being falsely arrested, confined and sentenced?

No, I only get to sue them for money. Which is ok by me. But they committed the crime of perjury.

Emma Carver, U.of T. Law Professor, convinces court that no research is required in writing an article for the Star.

Yes, I lost again. J. Jose filed an astonishingly harsh rebuke of my claim that Torstar had 5 writers trash me in multiple publications. Even when I asked only for a telephone interview, with or without publication, Emma Carver, Torstar’s lawyer, who teaches law around Investigative Journalism, told the court that Bob Aaron did not need to double check even one word of the documents he claims to have read in Newmarket court.

Mr. Aaron, for his part, let Ms Carver speak for him and not once did he file any materials on his own. Such is the fellowship of the Law Society of Ontario, that Ms Carver did all his work and then he gets costs from me. J. Jose ignored the fact Ms Carver did all the work and Mr. Aaron makes money on his article.

I had cited the J Papagergiou decision in Duncan V. Buckles. He was the only justice to read every document in the case file. He came to the conclusion you can read online at, see: Tina Jayne Duncan v. Marnee Buckles, 2021 ONSC 291 (CanLII), <>, $31,812.50 awarded after a detailed accounting of the legal mistakes made by Ms Adrian, counsel for Ms Duncan.

Now, you have to know that since the matter has ended, I can now file a complaint that Mr. Aaron uses cover of being a journalist for all these years to enhance the size of his practice. In turn, the LSO will state that they do not control how lawyers spend their free time. And his sole practitioner business is referred to as “WE” in his web site. The LSO publishes “rules” for licensees, aka those who pay the membership fee, and one of them is that the size of the firm cannot be exaggerated in print.

When two lawyers took my retainers and ran, the Law Society responded officially to my official complaint by stating the Society does not control the rates lawyers charge. And so my $2,000 retainers were retained…. I should have guessed that from the name of the mandatory payment. The LSO would say that the lawyers simply charged $2,000 to retain the $2,000 retainer.

I got one $2,000 retainer back ONLY by embarrassing her to her new bosses, the partners in the firm that hired her. At no time had she responded to the multiple texts, emails and voicemails I left. Then, she needed money, I suppose, so she went back to work at a new firm and finally returned the cash… without interest of course. By then, her partners got an understanding of what she had done. Does that worry a lawyer? Of course not. Maximizing revenues and maximizing the trust funds makes one money. So that is what they do.

So, onwards.

Take It From A Loser… How Not To Sue For Defamation

The Libel and Slander Act sets out the legal requirements for suing a person for what he wrote in a blog or email, i.e. any “broadcast” using wire or optical fibres. Posting to a blog requires a lot of broadcasting. An email uses lots of different wires and fibre links.

The law requires that anyone slighted in print, whether on paper or glass, must first “personally” (just like an actual lawsuit) serve the writer a notice of defamation. And they must do it quickly, within 6 weeks of the alleged defamation coming to the attention of the complainant. That notice is to set out exactly what words were published that is defamatory. The purpose of the notice is to permit the alleged bad actor to correct his words, apologize for the confusion and move on. Legal solutions are avoided.

If the problem is not resolved, the offended party must then sue within “3 months” of the publication coming into the person’s view. 3 31 day months or 3 28 day months are not specified

In the $millon suit against me, there was a bypass of the rules, and so, instead of a “Notice”, I was instead served only a Plaintiff’s Claim. So eager was the lawyer that she failed to follow the law. As many others have tried, the creation of a law suit without the advance notice is a non-starter.

The trouble for her is that she knew that rule when filing suit for Ms Duncan. I got the Notice alleging lies and I made sure I only published the truth from court documents so I was “saved” from the laws.

The only “advance” notice I got was 3 months earlier in the form of an arrest by Det. James Ward on August 23, 2018 under section 301 of the criminal code. FYI, s. 301 was ruled unconstitutional in 1995 in Ontario. He had failed to charge me with something the Crown could win, BUT the Crown accepted the charges for prosecution ANYWAY. So the charge was simply “amended” to s. 302 and THEN SRJ Fuerst suggested in her way that the Crown was out of line, and so, on November 16, 2019 Crown Elder had the charges withdrawn. The same stolen emails were given to police as “evidence”. It is rare that a person complains to police and proves it by stealing emails from the mayors of BOTH Aurora and Erin.

Read the law==> An allegation of defamation must follow the format prescribed for Notices of Action in r. 14.03(2) Form 14C of the Rules of Civil Procedure. …

How was it that I was arrested by a person on stolen emails, and then the same person sued me for $1,000,000 before the charges were even shown a court room?

Long ago, 1980 is the one I chose to cite, the courts ruled clearly that a defamation suit without giving the perp an advanced chance to make amends for free is simply NOT a viable suit and it is dismissed upon request. With costs. The moral? People can make mistakes. Say “oops!” and move on.

Punch Line: “In short, unless notice is given in accordance with s. 5(1), no claim is subsequently maintainable.”

Frisina v. Southam Press Ltd. et al., 1980 CanLII 1749 (ON SC), <>

In his decision, Robins J., wrote at Para 4:

Start quote:

The first question to be answered is whether the plaintiff is entitled to amend his statement of claim to include a claim for alleged libels in respect of which he did not give the notice provided for in s. 5(1) of the Libel and Slander Act. The next question, assuming s. 5(1) is not a bar, is whether the claim is barred in any event at this stage by the limitation period of s. 6 of the Libel and Slander Act or whether special circumstances exist to permit the amendment.

Sections 5(1) and 6 of the Libel and Slander Act read:

5(1) No action for libel in a newspaper or in a broadcast lies unless the plaintiff has, within six weeks after the alleged libel has come to his knowledge, given to the defendant notice in writing, specifying the matter complained of, which shall be served in the same manner as a statement of claim or by delivering it to a grown-up person at the chief office of the defendant.

6. An action for a libel in a newspaper or in a broadcast shall be commenced within three months after the libel has come to the knowledge of the person defamed, but, where such an action is brought within that period, the action may include a claim for any other libel against the plaintiff by the defendant in the same newspaper or the same broadcasting station within a period of one year before the commencement of the action.

In my view the plaintiff’s failure to comply with s. 5(1) is fatal to his application to amend. The section is clearly mandatory — written notice must be given within six weeks of the alleged libel coming to the plaintiff’s knowledge or no action lies. The Court is nowhere empowered, on my reading of the Libel and Slander Act, to relieve against or excuse non- compliance with the notice requirements. Notice is a condition precedent to the bringing of the action and want of notice constitutes a bar to the action:

(Citations then included to…)

a) Pohlman v. Herald Printing Co. of Hamilton, Ltd. (1919), 1919 CanLII 460 (ON CA), 45 O.L.R. 291, 48 D.L.R. 361 (Ont. C.A.); 

b) Leslie v. Telegram Publishing Co. Ltd., 1954 CanLII 350 (ON SC), [1955] O.W.N. 122, [1955] 3 D.L.R. 317 (Ont. H.C.) [affirmed ibid., p. 300 O.W.N., p. 320 D.L.R.; affirmed 1956 CanLII 23 (SCC), [1956] S.C.R. 871, 5 D.L.R. (2d) 384], and 

c) Trottier v. John Blunt Publications, Ltd. et al., [1950] O.W.N. 678 (Ont. H.C.). (no citation link found)

The fact that the plaintiff seeks to add a claim for earlier related alleged libels to an existing properly-constituted libel action cannot cure the failure to provide the required statutory notice. The amendment sets up additional causes of action based on the alleged defamatory material in the earlier publications and, just as lack of notice would preclude the assertion of such claims by way of separate writ of summons, so also it precludes their assertion by way of amendment to an existing action.”

End quote

In short, unless notice is given in accordance with s. 5(1), no claim is subsequently maintainable.

So, standby! See how I lose this one and get hit with a boomerang summary judgement and an order to pay the $1,000,000!

May 25, 2022 – Deadline to submit Arguments To Add Tina Duncan and Ines Donato to Suit

Today I must serve a 15 page Factum outlining the facts for J. Edwards. Then, on May 12 I will argue based on those facts.

When I sued December 2018, it was not obvious how people were involved and why they got involved.

A few facts are very unusual.

Only women accused me of anything prior to accusations from Aurora counsel Charles Painter and York’s counsel Barry Stork. But they accused me of procedural issues, generally, except for March 4, 2021 when then they joined Jaclyn SOLOMON to have me arrested for allegedly speaking to Jaclyn inside an active court room.

My bail terms stated I could only speak to her inside a court room or through a Law Society licensee. So, I spoke to Barry Stork inside a court room and Jaclyn accused me of speaking to her. She told two stories. In each, the justice had just closed my session and I had walked out. In both versions, I walked PAST her and then turned to speak to Barry Stork. Barry heard no words. Charles Painter was facing forward still, organizing documents, and he swears he saw me look over my shoulder and speak to Jaclyn. This is an absurd testimony. I am supposedly BESIDE HIM, yet Jaclyn said I had passed BY her. I cannot be in both places so one of them lied.

Crown Greg Elder dropped the case 2 weeks before trial. I had paid my defence counsel for a trial plan.

So, today they get all the reasons Tina and Ines helped out Mayor Dawe to keep me silenced with improper recognizances of bail.

Ant May 12 you can come to 50 Eagle to watch.

York Regional Police Fabricated Evidence

“York police officer charged for allegedly fabricating evidence, internal investigation finds”

Do ya think? 7 times they arrested me with fabricated evidence.

Det. James Ward, the most senior, took great care to counsel Helen Clarke to disavow her signed contract, telling her: ”If you received no cash, then you did NOT sign a legal contract. It was just ”a memo of understanding”.

Not once did any of 38 different detectives ask me a single question. there was ZERO investigation to every one of 7 arrests, 26 charges…. 23 were declared false by the court system and were dropped. the last 3 are in the Court of Appeals awaiting a hearing.

Det. Ward told her what to say in court, how to deflect any questions that she signed a contract agreeing to not operate her lucrative dog walking business in any town park…. while all along she ran her business there.

Parks Director Downey told council that the dog park was ”fixed”. Today, he may tell us that Canine Commons is still owned by the Committee and not by Aurora.

The thing is… he had lawyers write up the contract so that the “volunteer”s agreed to manage all aspects, including responding to my email advising them of a child bit by a dog. Helen had me arrested for emailing her that story.

So, cops create false evidence every day since only 25% of all arrests result in a conviction. The rest of the “criminals” have their charges dropped before any trial, or, the trial resulted in an innocent finding.

How can the chief of YRP keep a straight face when he tells reporters he takes such things as fabricated evidence seriously?

I reported my 7 arrests to internal affairs…. they found that all 7 arrests were righteous. Yhey said that they were all legitimate.

38 detectives wasted a lot of time on ”legitimate” arrests when not one minute of investigation was undertaken.

A Reminder Why Mandie Started All This

In 2016, Allan Downey refused multiple polite requests to correct deficiencies at the dog park Aurora claimed was its own. While he was the ONLY person who remembered that the dog park was BUILT by volunteers with just $10,000 donated by Aurora Animal Clinic, the dog catcher at the time.

Mr. Downey had conned the volunteers into getting the money with promises of a sign thanking the Clinic and a ribbon cutting ceremony…. and then HE built the fence backwards on swamp land stolen from the Conservation Authority.

Then, he dumped hundreds of tons of scrap wood from an ice storm on it….

THAT was Allan Downey’s idea of a safe park for 7,000 dogs paying at least $150,000 a year for dog tags. He took the money and did nothing for the taxpayers in return.

That changed ONLY when I advocated for a new park and got $72,000 ordered from his budget to replace them park. It was gutted, levelled, and a new backwards fence was built by Parks employees. A fence post installer did the posts, NOT set in concrete as the bylaws require.

It did not even have a SIGN when I began, and then I embarrassed Mr. Downey into building this one…

What then happened was Mandie helped her new best pal Allan by getting me arrested using Helen Clarke, the SOLE volunteer, who was then permitted to operate her dog walking business unfettered in the park.

I sued Mandie, I sued Helen. I used the court in a legal fashion.

They had police and Crown Prosecutor Greg Elder tale “care” of me. 7 arrests, 26 charges… 23 of them false.

Mandie sued me for $950,000 claiming I lost her two jobs for her when she testified at MY trial that she accepted cash to leave BOTH Aurora and Erin agreeably just months apart in 2018. Now, she sews quilts. Her lawyer, Gwendolyn Adrian of Kramer, Simaan, Dhillon refused service of my counter claim, saying “my client did not approve accepting your suit.” That is NOT how it works. Lawyers are SUPPOSED to act in her best interest and were required to accept, but I had to have Justice Archibald in Toronto court admonish her on the record… only THEN she accepted it.

I sued Aurora, YORK REGION, police, their Board, Mandie Helen and Jaclyn Solomon. Now I am adding Principal Ines Donato and Tina Duncan. $1,000,000 each.

I have lost cash, my wife, my house, my dog. All due to Mandie.

This week, Mandie had her lawyer Charles Painter claim moving trucks removed all my goods. Then she had him lie…

I represent a creditor with a Writ of Seizure and Sale, and my understanding is that there are several others with Writs in place.

Charles Painter to Real Estate Agent

Nothing Much Has Changed At Town Hall

Toronto Star Lawyer Emma Carver Defends Defamation Suit in failed Tina Duncan suit article by Lawyer Bob Aaron

On April 5, 2022, lawyer Bob Aaron and the Toronto Star are in Newmarket Small Claims court “charged” with defamation in Mr. Aaron’s article about Tina Duncan.

The Star pleads that Mr. Aaron, who they assure me is just a “freelance writer”, in his very regular bi-weekly column chose to open his story with 2 defamatory words and the WRONG COURT in just ONE sentence.

“A recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket provides a compelling lesson about why disputing neighbours should keep their differences off the internet. The case ended with a $70,000 judgment against an online activist who interfered in the dispute.” Toronto Star October 14, 2020

The law requires “fair and accurate” comments about court cases

The case had not ENDED at all until Tina Duncan was found to have attempted to fool the court by counterclaiming a few dollars for fence remove/replace when Marnee Buckles moved for dismissal of the suit for a complete failure to litigate the suit.

Tina Jayne Duncan was then ordered to pay Marnee Buckles the sum of $31,812.50.

In his order, J. Papageorgiou characterized ME as…

[4] Buckles obtained some assistance from an advocate, the defendant Robert Lepp (“Lepp”). Duncan alleged that Buckles and Lepp began an online campaign against her related to this property dispute. On February 9, 2018, Duncan issued a Notice under the Libel and Slander Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. L.12 in response. 

SCJ Papageorgiou – January 14, 2021

Here is where it gets interesting from my perspective. Bob Aaron has been practicing law since 1972. He wrote an article based on Newmarket courts documents…”A recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket provides a compelling lesson…”

J. Papagergiou looked instead at TORONTO documents because that is where Tina filed suit. Yes, she was required to file in Newmarket, but she did not.

That justice had access to more documents than Mr Aaron so he got me figured out correctly.

I was HIRED by Marnee Buckles and his honour saw that in the documents so he knew I had been offered money to advocate, a word similar to what lawyers do every day.

Mr Aaron chose to ignore that fact and he said I “interfered”, meaning, I was NOT ASKED TO HELP MARNEE. So, it appears Mr Aaron wanted people to think I was NOT ASKED TO HELP so that he could blame me for helping Marnee.

Then, he published that the case had ENDED. It most certainly had not.

Tina Jayne Duncan paid Marnee Buckles $31,812 because his honour determined she had sued Marnee and had NEVER litigated it. She never took it to trial.

Here we come to another interesting point.

Tina Jayne Duncan’s lawyer, Gwendolyn Adrian, wanted ONLY to sue me, to appease Aurora perhaps, and so she decided all she need do is finish me off and walk away without a trial for Marnee because she is female. A lawyer cannot file suit and then do nothing to get it tried.

Ms Adrian knew she would be hit with the huge costs Marnee had incurred. So, she filed a counter claim that Marnee had not paid Tina $1,412 to remove the fence so her gas line could be inspected. (She had )

J. Papageprgiou wrote:

e. Duncan escalated costs and duration of the proceeding through several steps. Duncan brought the motion in February 2019 and then after it was fully briefed, she did not pursue it for over a year until Buckles threatened to bring a motion for a declaration that it had been abandoned. Thereafter Duncan chose to only proceed with the claim for $1,412.50. In my view, it is a reasonable inference that Duncan realized her claim had no merit after she received Buckles’ response to the summary judgment motion. In my view, continuing with the claim for $1,412.50, which was so unimportant it had never even been specifically pleaded, was a strategic step taken to try to achieve some success to avoid paying the costs of the summary judgment motion. Buckles proposed that it be heard in writing, but Duncan again drove up costs by insisting on an oral hearing. 

J. PSCJ Papageorgiou – January 14, 2021

a strategic step taken to try to achieve some success to avoid paying the costs of the summary judgment motion. “… means she faked a move to try to look like she was pursuing the suit when she was not.

Back to Mr. Aaron… he read the wrong court, did not fact check, did not properly analyze what he read and he defamed me.

As did the other 4 Star reporters. They published only what they were given and ALSO did not fact check.

So, April 5, IN PERSON IN NEWMARKET COURT, J. Jose will decide whether to dismiss my suit for lack of any case.

Bob Aaron is letting Star’s counsel, Ms. Emma Carver, Law Professor at U of T law, represent him in this matter. He has not filed anything himself except a defense. Ms. Carver teaches a course in law for this kind of matter.

Clinical Legal Education: Externship – Media Law – Investigative Journalism Bureau/Toronto Star

This part-time, full year media law externship gives students the opportunity to explore legal and policy issues facing journalists in a real-world, public interest environment. Students will be immersed in the day-to-day work of investigative reporters as they uncover and report on ground-breaking public interest stories.
The program challenges students to work in dynamic, multi-disciplinary environment and examine issues facing journalists in a critical way, while honing their judgment, critical thinking and writing skills.

Mr Aaron wrote another article about a trespassing fence, again by about 3-5 inches…

Tina also built a fence in trespass as she stated in Small Claims Court.


The court can of course dismiss it, for any resason it wishes. But it won’t pass the Appeals Court.

To: My Frequent Viewer (MFV), 8 times yesterday alone…

She likes to stay current with my opinions in case she disagrees with one. So she stops by daily and more depending on how much the last post impressed her.

So, beginning today, I will ONLY post ten minutes AFTER she stops in. She will be forced to be a full day behind all the news.

So, now I wait for her, her last look was 9 minutes ago at 9:55 am.

Yesterday morning, she looked every hour, so I expect her to warm up her VPN out of Kansas and stop by again. THEN, I will post… but not BEFORE she visits.

Torstar Libel Suit – No Other Newspaper Covered Tina Duncan’s suit

Gwendolyn Adrian, Tina’s and Mandies’ shared contingency lawyer, took time to update the press. Or her clients did it on their own. Either way. Torstar and its newspapers decided to publish every article they were given. Amanda Persico, Teresa Latchford, Lisa Queen, Alexandra Heck, Lawyer Bob Aaron…. they all published articles on which they did absolutely NO investigation. Without even trying to phone me or email me, they published what they were given verbatim.

The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Toronto Sun, London Free Press, Orangeville Banner, Newmarket Today…. not even ONE of them contributed an article. Not even the Hamilton Spectator, where Mandie published hundreds of advertorials, carried articles about me. Only the Aurora Banner and the Erin Advocate picked up this “breaking news” from Toronto Civil Court.

There is no doubt why…. Gwendolyn wanted only to embarrass and harass me and my family with the local community where Aurora’s purchase of large volumes of ad space gave it the clout to get the stories published.

I know the rest had no interest because I have sent dozens of “leads” to all the major news outlets, print and TV. Not one has ever replied.

I have always thought an article on a 72 year old arrested 7 times by 5 women all connected by Mandie would be very popular. After all, how many police forces permit one person to come back over and over with more false arrest claims? York Regional Police, and Det. Sgt. Heather Bentham in particular, never once refused a new “complaint” from those who had lied to her before. And in the Newmarket courts, Greg Elder never once refused to prosecute and name Mandie in bail terms even though 21 charges failed and SRJ Fuerst and Justice Dawe ordered him NOT to name Mandie at all in my bail. How much “pull” does one need to have to get numerous unfounded lies turned into 7 arrests with the same Detective Sargeant and the same Crown Prosecutor?

OTOH how LITTLE management is there of Ms. Bentham and Mr. Elder? Surely their managers must have caught on to multiple failures in my arrests and prosecutions? Apparently not, because 21 charges were found to be falsely laid. 5 arrests never resulted in ANYTHING in court. They just cost me huge amounts of time, money, and a wife and a house.

And at the provincial level, no agency or MPP cared to hear about the obvious abuses. The Judicial Commission whitewashed all complaints about specific abuses by J. Harpur and J. Kenkel.

Newmarket’s justices refused to even HEAR my private prosecution motions for bringing the 4 ladies into court to address their false police report and video recorded testimony. Toronto police refused to investigate Ms. Adrian for obtaining my private banking information through an informer at CIBC.

So, my offer of a story of corruption at all levels of police, courts and the Law Society get no bidders, but Mandie is able to get “coverage” of her collateral attack lawsuit even AFTER my arrest using the identical evidence was tossed out by the Senior Regional Justice.

Was or IS she connected? Or did all these others just take an immediate dislike to me and they cooperated with her to extend my pain.

We will find out soon in Superior Court. Is Mandie’s “pull” strong enough to stop me from adding Tina and Principal Donato to my lawsuit? WIll Senior Regional Justice Edwards even permit me to move for amending my claim to add them?

Does the Catholic church have the ability to quash the call by Ines Donato for my arrest for living in my own house within her self-proclaimed 500-meter radius exclusion zone? If they can quash institutional deaths of hundreds of indigenous school children and the diddling of thousands of altar boys, they can certainly spring Ines loose. The USA had 4,000 priests charged alone in 50 years. French clergy sexually abused ‘over 200,000 children’ since 1950.

So much abuse and so little help. Story of our lives.

How Worried is the Ex-Mayor That It is Documented in Police Notebooks That He Called For My Arrest July 14, 2017?

Ex-Mayor Geoffrey Dawe did not like my blog. Not at all. He did not like me speaking at Council. He had me ejected for a slide that began “Mandies’ trials…” of open parking at the curb in front of all schools in Aurora. He jumped to the conclusion I was referencing the CRIMINAL TRIALS Mandie had put me through.

Councillor Thompson piped up with “These charges (of Bob Lepp by Mandie Crawford) were NOT an issue for the Town… (Youtube: )

Thompson: “These charges are NOT a Town issue….” according to “our solicitor”.

Spoken BEFORE I sued Mandie and Aurora and York for my arrest and then Aurora’s crack legal team headed by Charles Painter declared “at all material times, Mandie was just acting in her role as Aurora Bylaws Manager”… and he defends her to this day in my countersuit against her personal $950K suit of me… just like Mayor Morris got HER lawyers free from taxpayers, Mandie had been terminated for 10 months when I sued her as a private citizen who had sued ME personally 2 months earlier. She had one lawyer free, on contingency, to sue me and one free defense lawyer from Aurora taxpayers… she has not laid out one penny. To repeat, Aurora pays for a lawyer to defend Mandie for arresting me falsely July 14, 2017 and August 23, 2018 TEN MONTHS AFTER she was terminated. The police notebooks of July 14, 2017 document Dawe, Nadorozny, Van Leeuwen and Crawford meeting and agreeing with the two cops who arrested me two hours later.
Officer Jeff Brown was called in by the HR Manager to meet with Mayor Dawe and CAO Nadorozny. I was arrested 2 hours later after ZERO investigation.

It struck me as I read Twitter updates from Mr. Dawe that he rarely mentions me anymore. He has an opinion or two DAILY, today it was the “Poo Tin” which amused him) which I assume he feels the world needs to hear, and yet not ONCE has he lamented it may have been a mistake for him to have voted YES to my arrest that day.

When he was first elected, he had to apologize for Mayor Morris who got caught getting rid of HER blogging critics the old-fashioned way with an illicit “private” lawsuit funded by taxpayers (but one wherein SHE would exclusively enjoy ALL of the costs awards.)

Ex-Mayor (beaten by Mrakas to boot) Dawe did not Tweet his apologies then as he would today. Twitter had been around for 5 years at least and he knew NOT to carve his apologies into the rock of time. Twitter never forgets, especially when third parties save EVERY tweet every day for posterity, and for resale.

Instead, he was ordered to write and speak apologies as described herein:

Following his motion to bring that to the fore, Councillor Michael Thompson said it is Council’s role to “represent the public, to maintain the integrity and ensure the accountability of operations of the municipality.” This accountability, he said, extends to standing up to the consequences of decisions made by the municipality, whether or not they were made during their term of office.

Michael Thompson eventually saw HIS mistake to vote to pay Morris’ lawyers. Then, he got all moral on us and demanded that incoming Mayor Dawe must apologize for a soundly defeated Mayor Morris.

Today, would he demand that Mayor Mrakas apologize for Dawe’s decision to trust Mandie’s claim that she could keep me silenced forever in 7 criminal arrests by conning her police friends and abusing the courts?

I hope so, now that Principal Ines Donato and Tina Duncan are up for inclusion in my suit. When Michael Thompson finally opens his eyes and figures out that all of these 4 women were conscripted to be a part of the plan to keep me silenced.


Conning Torstar Media Group – using the press to embarrass your enemies

6 Star reporters in 3 markets wrote 7 articles alleging illegal acts by me, and not once did they interview me or even ask a single question of me. The articles were in Erin, Aurora and Toronto. They remain online today. And there is no explanation forthcoming how 6 reporters ALL got told about me and the fence.

A former bylaw officer for the Town of Erin has filed a defamation suit against an Aurora man after he made alleged personal attacks on her character while she was working there. 
Mandie Eddie, who worked as an Erin bylaw enforcement officer in 2018, held a similar role at the Town of Aurora from 2015 to 2018.

Alexandar Heck was fooled into believing that a 6 month contract as a “Parking Ticket Officer” with no direct OR indirect reports, is the same as “Bylaws Manager” of 18 people, NOR did she get told that the 6 month contract was cut short by two months due to taxpayer uprisings led in small part by Erin teacher Leah-Anne Goyeau.

But of most interest to me, and possibly to Torstar’s lawyers is this…. how and why did Alexandra Heck suddenly become aware of Mandie’s $950K suit 17 months AFTER she stopped working there? She wrote:

And WHO would tell Ms. Heck how it was that the $108,000 Bylaws Manager job in Aurora, managing 18 people, was SIMILAR to her contracted role in Erin?…. “Mandie Eddie, who worked as an Erin bylaw enforcement officer in 2018, held a similar role at the Town of Aurora from 2015 to 2018.

What kind of “investigation” was undertaken by the reporter? Or, did she just write what Ms. Adrian told her without confirming any facts at all? A 6 months contract writing parking tickets in tiny Erin is NOT anything similar AT ALL to managing 18 people daily in a town of 55,000 people.

It is just not possible that Ms. Heck investigated. She just published the words of others who called or wrote to her to get some free newspaper coverage to embarrass me.

Toronto Star and Torstar Media Group Will Argue Their Reporters Need Not Investigate Before They Publish

I know the articles were written by others and simply published as if written by a reporter. So I sued. And now Torstar’s lawyer will come to Small Claims Court and argue that her reporters must be allowed to publish ANYTHING they want without investigation of even one claimed act.

The trouble Torstar has is that they FINANCIALLY supported “Investigative Journalism” education with a $100,000 donation to the U of T Law School to train people how to properly investigate any allegations.

So, when Torstar’s lawyer argues in my suit that no investigation is required… they have a conflict between what they say and what they do.

Stand by for more fun in this regard.

Mandie Continues on July 12-13 her $950,000 suit Filed as a Collateral Attack to her TWO CRIMINAL CHARGES against me from August 23, 2018

…Using, as her ENTIRE evidence, the same two stolen email copies from Allan Downey and Mayor Allan Alls of Erin. Police asked her to go away and to bring back legally obtained copies, i.e. permission to have possession of them… but she never did. Regional Senior Justice Fuerst took one look at the bogus charges and they were withdrawn in 30 seconds.

Why would J. Vella not now dismiss the suit July 12-13 for the same reason?

  • The libel and slander suit was NOT preceded by the MANDATORY warning letter to me to apologize and retract. Strike 1.
  • There was over 90 days between the date of ALL the alleged comments and the suit being filed. It must have been done within those 90 days. Strike 2.
  • The Plaintiff, Mandie Eddie, admitted in criminal court on the stand that she accepted a “Termination without cause” from Aurora, aka “a firing”… and she accepted two months’ pay for months 5 and 6 of her 6 months contract. Strike 3.

Her suit claimed both towns fired her ONLY because I emailed Mayor Alls.

Aurora then HIRED BACK Mandie to create a new town website. “Canada’s Birthday Town” . NOT on the Town’s servers but on a third party commercial site, WEEBLY, which now is outside of the maintenance of town staff.

Mandie To Argue Against Dismissing Her Suit for delay and for lack of merits and for filing a fictitious claim that she did NOT get terminated at Aurora and Erin BOTH after accepting CA$H to do so… as she testified in my trial while sworn in on the stand. Apart from the Est. $80,000 cash and paid time (2 months at Erin) …

All You Need To Know About LAWYERS – in ONE ARTICLE!

All You Need To Know About Cops – in ONE ARTICLE!

They WILL eat their own!

Mandie To Argue Against Dismissal Of Her Suit Copy February 16, 2022 7:40 am before court on Eddie v Lepp

Today, she has me in court again.

When she had me arrested August 23, 2018 using just 2 emails provided by self-confessed boyfriend Allan Downey, she was asked by police to get approval from Mayor Alls and Mayor Dawe to have those same copies of my personal emails in her hand and come back with them. She could not get those legal copies. When SRJ Fuerst got Crown Elder’s false charges in her hands, she had Crown Elder withdrawing charges instantly and removing Mandie from my recognizance terms. But, Elder defied Her Honour and KEPT her name alive. So then December 11, 2018 I had Justice Dawe order Elder to remove Mandie’s name AGAIN, and AGAIN Elder committed a breach of trust and decided to DEFY J. Dawe as well.

It took Crown Greg Elder just TWO defiant acts to get me convicted of a breach by blogging the letter Mandie had sent to my wife which caused her to divorce me.

So, Mandie is responsible for my divorce and loss of my home as well.

Despite police telling her she had illicit copies of the two emails, she talked Gwendolyn Adrian, Tina Duncan’s crack counsel, into suing me without paying her ANY onerous fees except on contingency if she won.

Well, Tina Duncan had Ms Adrian ALSO suing Marnee Buckles, her neighbour. Mandie had approved Tina’s some fence and so to repay her, Tina agreed to sue me, mainly, and to appear to sue Marnee, her neighbour. On contingency as well.

Well! Marnee got even and moved for dismissal for delay. Ms Adrian got so focused on my fat ass that she forgot to get Marnee to a trial. Just plain FORGOT!

By the time she noticed, Marnee was awarded OVER $30,000 from Ms Adrian. NOT from Tina of course because Ms Adrian was on contingency, positive or negative.

So, today, an angry, poor Ms Adrian will have me before another justice where I will show that Mandie’s suit of me is all based on lies and her lawyer knows it.

Mandie quit voluntarily at Aurora and took $80,000 in property taxes home for agreeing.

Now, why are those two acts important?

Ms Adrian believed Mandie when she claimed she had evidence of libel against me. She got so excited to come after me again that Ms Adrian forgot to get the evidence IN HAND BEFORE she filed suit.

Since she filed suit with NO EVIDENCE Mandie ever lost a job because of me, Ms Adrian will be cited for breach of trust. Lawyers are trusted to only do legal acts, its kind of like a a mandatory job skill that she only file suit when she has the evidence IN HER HANDS and not just on her lips.

So excited was Ms Adrian that she plum forgot to serve the mandatory “Notice of Libel” allowing me to apologize for any lies I made. Just FORGOT! This is NOT acting in the best interests of her client.

This is a problem… doing EXACTLY what Mandie asked instead of what was legal at the time. Lawyers are NOT supposed to just file suit with whatever a client brings them.

THEN, because she never served me that… the suit is dead on arrival.

But let’s say Ms Adrian gets the same justice as for the Duncan matter… like the one who sent me to prison for 3 weeks for saying EXACTLY what Tina said about her fake lawsuit… THAT justice might not accept just ONE fatal flaw and would proceed.

THEN, I tell him that Ms Adrian forgot to sue me before 90 days elapsed from my alleged emails. Well, that date came and went. So the suit fails due to the requirement of the law that I be sued within 90 days of the alleged act.

OK, say so the biased justice ignores that as well.

THEN, we have all the 7 arrests caused by Mandie and her girlfriends. IN DETAIL, with the video interviews annotated for every lie. DOZENS of discs FULL of lies recorded dutifully by DS Bentham’s 38 officers

YES, 38 different cops participated in my 7 arrests and not ONE of them even looked at Mandie’s web sites, never called Halton police, never even CHECKED for her legal name.

YES, Mandie convinced everybody that her new legal name is Eddie. BUT, the Ontario Gazette today says her name is still Crawford. At my trial, Mandie lied that she got her name changed on her licence in just one day when Strath’s lawyer said Strath was embarrassed for to call herself a Crawford when she cuckolded him with Mr Downey.

If she is Catholic, Rome will like to hear of her shenanigans.

THEN, we have her mental health history she described “curled up in the fetal position” IN DETAIL at

However the stress of the internal politics depressed me and stressed me out to the point I took stress leave and eventually quit. I left feeling like a failure – unable to take the pressure. Unable to harden myself to the politics of the workplace. I left broken.

THEN, consider her words…

 I have spent many years in relationships peppered with abuse of all kinds.  Outwardly fighting for the rights and safety of other – inwardly – denying my own situations and needs.

How very sad.  The woman who needed to be loved and protected the most – curled up in a fetal and protective position – praying for a hero.  So yesterday – on behalf of that woman – the kinder gentler way got tossed out the window.   The time has come to speak up on behalf of women all over the world – who fight for others and neglect their own needs.

THEN, consider all the statements of defiance and anger at men in the rest of her blog and on her old Roaring Women of Canada site. Here she declares she can no longer continue…

THEN we have evidence the head of the Aurora Library was fired because she gave Mandie a job AFTER SHE QUIT and took $80,000 of taxpayers’ hard earned cash.

THEN, despite all of these illegalities, Aurora takes MORE of my taxes and they DEFEND Mandie against my PERSONAL law suit of her and her girl friends. If Mandoie were to join money from me she would keep it even though Aurora defends her at its expense. Sweet deal eh?

Mandie assaulted me June 4, 2017 says the Tannery courts’ justice who heard my story of being snuck up on and a ticket being fisted into my armpit by Mandie. The only people who did NOT think she assaulted me were her Police buddies in Newmarket when I filed for her arrest.

THEN, February 27, 2020 Det. Sergeant Heather Bentham declared in a recording that no YRP cop EVER even knew Mandie was a Halton Region cop with still-husband Strath Crawford, a security guard at the posh private boys’ school at St Andrews College.

NOTE: How nice is it to be connected to modern day Prince Andrew?

Yes, even though Mandie IN BOTH OF HER COP INTERVIEWS clearly explained her 10 year Halton police career to BOTH Jeff Brown and YRP’s most senior detective James Ward. IN PERSON both men heard of her career. So Jeff and James work for Heather and so she fibbed a bit and declared in my audio that “NONE of the YRP knew Mandie had been a cop”.

Can you say “Thin Blue Line”??

THEN… well, tune in tomorrow to see if I needed any more proof.

TODAY, I offered to let her out of her suit so Ms Adrian will not be cited by the Law Society for mounting an illicit law suit for her firm Kramer, Simaan, Dhillon. I am not hopeful at all she will accept to drop the suit.

Mr. Kramer (L, Partner, retired) approves of Ms Adrian’s abuse of his name

Thanks to Rome!

Sunday morning about 8:30 am, the Catholic School Board’s lawyer emailed me asking if I had more evidence to file in my arguments to add Principal Ines Donato to my suit.

This seemed odd, that a Catholic lawyer defending a Catholic principal on behalf of a Catholic School Board should work on the Sabbath instead of attending church. Maybe he did both.

Anyway, since this came AFTER Tina Duncan’s defense counsel asked the SAME question… “Got anything more to serve us?”… I paid more attention.

Now, what lawyers SAY and what lawyers DO are three different things. Both lawyers will eventually file a defence denying each and every claim I make about their clients. ABSOLUTELY nothing to see here, folks! Move along!

BUT, then those SAME lawyers have done NOTHING but delay getting my case in front of a justice. Because they hope I will die first. Their defences are so weak their only chance of success is that I stop breathing.

So, they file delay after delay to extend the time. JUST to extend the time…..

So, when TWO of them check me that I am finished filing… that got me thinking, and sure enough, there have emerged many more facts about the two ladies calling for my arrest… to my PROBATION OFFICER….. all at the same time on the same day claiming the same “police want to arrest you” as Marie put it.

The most recent delay was again by Aurora which claimed that the Senior Regional Justice (SRJ) case managing my suit is 100% incompetent. This comes AFTER the same Aurora claimed I was a vexatious litigant. My same SRJ found I was NOT such a person. So, Aurora appealed and I won in the Court of Appeals self represented.

One would think two such defeats were enough and we should get to trial.

But now, BOTH of them want me to say I have finished serving materials so when I try later to file something they will claim I already said I was done. So, of course, I told them both that I am not done.

After a day of thought, Detective Sergeant Heather Bentham presented to me the best evidence for my case… she spit out that:

“No one in the YRP even KNEW Mandie was once a cop!”.

DS Bentham, audio recording February 27, 2020, in her office

Mandie let EVERYONE know she had been a Halton Regional cop alongside her husband. IN her blog, in her business “Roaring Women of Canada”, in her podcasts, in her newspaper articles.

But, the best was of course in her interviews with Det. Brown and Senior Detective James Ward. She was barely warned up making her accusations for my arrest when she tosses in that she was a cop. And of course, why would she NOT? She wanted me arrested again and again, 7 times. and anything she can do to convince the detectives was fair game for her.

So, did DS Bentham not even READ the evidence against me?

Or, did she not order a background check when I charged Mandie with assault June 4, 2017?

Likely both… so she would have plausible deniability.

But, failing to even check the simplest of searches when I accused her is misfeasance and breach of trust. After all, I accused her in writing and swore to it. Surely police would at least make sure she was not a mass murderer… or did they?

No, because Mandie KNEW all the cops in her role as Bylaws Manager. She called them in to block Denis Van Decker and Anne Marie Finn from coming to speak about her to council on open mic night. DS Bentham and her cronies sent two uniforms to block them, denied them their rights, based ONLY on a verbal assurance by Mandie…. this is an unusual power to have over police.

Without a single minute of research, police believed Mandie when she told them Denis and his wife were troublemakers. Police did not do background checks on Denis, Anne-Marie OR Mandie Crawford.

So, today’s job is to expand on my filings about Ines Donato and Tina Duncan.

Speaking of Ms Duncan… another justice awarded her money from ME if you can believe it. One justice just found Tina owed Marnee over $30,000 for filing a suit without merits and yet this second justice ruled exactly the OPPOSITE.

Tina wants her money of course and as soon as the law permits me a second consumer Proposal to pay her… well I will take it under advisement. Tina’s refusal to accept the money I owed her already means she does not really want the cash, she wants the INDEBTEDNESS so she can tell every justice I refuse to pay her.

Telling these facts to the next justice is so critical. Why would Tina refuse to be paid? Except that she WANTS me to be in arrears so she can tie me up somehow in our faulty legal system over a p received failure to pay.

Luckily, the Licences Insolvency Trustee A Farber is an officer of the court and so their refusals are documented in court documents already.

Stand By!

Aurora refuses to accept Consumer Proposal March 2021 so that it can “swear” in future court documents such as these that I did not pay.

That May Be Legally Correct, It Is Just Not MORALLY correct

Tell Truckers: “There are more of us than there are of you!” Donate one loonie, $1.00 to UHN for Toronto’s health care workers

Spend a loonie to tell the truckers where YOU stand…

“Guilty” does not always mean guilt was proven

It only means one judge or 12 jury members found you guilty. Often, it means a judge made mistakes… LOTS Of mistakes as in my trial. But, here is an interesting example of what happens when judges err or are biased…

It’s difficult to imagine a more heinous act, sexual assault on your daughter…. but what is more disturbing is the finding of guilt after so many indications of bias were found.

Keep that in mind. “Guilty” can often mean innocent. Until the appeal is over.)

Alienation of Affection?

For those few of you who have yet to be divorced, know that your spouse will tell you in great detail WHY he/she is quitting you. In my case , my soon-to-be-ex wife cited the acts of Tina Duncan and Mandie Crawford as being the initiation to the idea of divorce. Each woman had their lawyer, the SAME lawyer just by chance, Gwendolyn Adrian, send my wife letters designed to scare her by demanding that she must pay off my debts to her. My wife read them, then had to hire a lawyer for a full day to attend court, only to be told the law does NOT allow Ms Adrian to attack my wife for money she claims I owe her.

So, my wife cites to HER lawyer that the 2 letters are why she asked for a divorce. And why she demands my house be sold immediately. And that is why the letters were sent. The 3 women I sued and the 2 extras I will add soon to my suit wanted me punished. They filed 26 charges with police for the same reason, 21 were false. I have their lies to police on video from their interviews.

This was two acts by a lawyer who claimed the law was on her side, and it was not.

She will pay at some point for her mistakes.

January 31, 2022 – Lepp 2, Aurora 0

Today the interlocutory appeal mounted by Aurora and Lloyd’s of London’s best crack attorneys at PMLaw were again beaten by me, high school educated self rep. They wanted some other judges somewhere to tell Senior Regional Justice Edwards, number one justice in Ontario East that he was wrong in granting me a case conference to address my amended claim as he ordered some time ago and to consider the merits of adding Tina Duncan and Ines Donato as Defendants in my $7,000,000 suit. Both ladies had occasion to go to police to request that they arrest me for trespass. Once on Tina’s driveway and once in the bus stop boulevard on town land not even owned by the Pope. Ines Donato trespassed me for 500 meters from HER school. Trespassed in my own home just 380 meters away because Mandie forgot to tell her the law only permits issuing trespass on private lands.

The really great thing about the women going to my Probation Officer and police en masse in February 2020 is that my P.O. ORDERED me to go turn myself in to police because all these women were calling her in succession to whine that police were about to arrest me. So, when I was ORDERED to go chat with Det Sgt. Bentham, I went immediately and I recorded her admissions on my phone for over an hour. She claimed she told my P.O. that I was NOT under suspicion at all. Yet, she had not yet called me to go surrender so there had to be some truth to that. Then, DS Bentham made a wide range of admissions on how and why I was investigated. And finally, she claimed, (and I shiver as I type this again) she claimed clearly that NO COP knew Mandie Crawford had been a Halton Region cop alongside her husband, Strath. She added that ONLY when I stated this factin court at my trial did ANY of her 38 cops assign to my 7 arrests even KNOW she was once a cop…. now, can you imagine Mandie not telling a cop she had been a cop? No, you cannot , and sure enough on BOTH interview videos Mandie tells the arresting officer that she was a cop too. And people like Mandie, who claim MULTIPLE times falsely that I was a bad boy, get interviewed to assess their motivations. Is YORK REGIONAL POLICE really going to tell a judge they did NOT interview Mandie at least twice. July 14, 2017 and August 23, 2018 found Mandie being recorded. 3 charges were made on HER evidence only, and all 3 never saw a court room. That is how good the cops interviewed her for assessment of her motive.

That “chat” with DS Bentham was February 27 2020, 10:06 am.

and within 2 business days I WAS arrested despite her recorded protests to the contrary. When she heard I had surreptitiously recorded her, something she is REQUIRED to be aware of, she all of a sudden came up with several NEW verbal suggestions from Mandie et al for my arrest. The 4 women got 3 charges made. 3 lawyers testified to my crimes. 4 different stories of ONE 5 second event in a court room. I spent 3 days in jail in Lindsay during COVID with no mask and no hand soap. The charges were dropped weeks before trial for lack of evidence. It was a “roust”. Where cops just cause you to bleed time and money and maybe die of COVID-19.1

January 25, 2022 – Thanks To My Site Members!

As I announced here on this page back on November 11, 2021, I changed this site to be for registered users only. I want to thank all 79 off you who signed up with pseudonyms. You have been able to read my most personal thoughts. I thank you for having an interest.

February 23 – Case Conference with Lawyer Bob Aaron and Torstar

What both defendants are ignoring is Mr. Aaron’s article about Tina Duncan’s spite fence in which he stated he researched everything in Newmarket court files. This is/was a Toronto Court case.

He claims he just saw some unspecified materials on the case in some unnamed legal journal and he found it interesting. He went on to disparage me for stepping in to help single female Marnee, who is now seen as the victor in the FAILED law suit.

To recap J. Papageorgiou –

[4]               Buckles obtained some assistance from an advocate, the defendant Robert Lepp (“Lepp”).

d.      The proceeding was not as complex as commercial litigation but had many different claims and components, as well as a messy procedural history and evidentiary record. Duncan’s affidavit had 104 exhibits and spanned 3 volumes totaling nearly 1,300 pages.

[29]           However, this claim cannot succeed for the following reasons.

[39]           In my view, Buckles is the successful party in this litigation and presumptively entitled to her costs.

[36]           The main issue in this litigation was with respect to the defamation claim. The majority of the Statement of Claim and efforts in respect of the summary judgment motion were in respect of this issue, although there were also claims of nuisance, trespass, invasion of privacy and the claim for a declaration of property interests. I do not view Duncan’s claim for a declaration over her property rights a significant a part of the claim, and the fact that it has been rendered moot both parties moving does not mean that she was successful in that claim in any event.

[42]           Given all of the circumstances, I view Buckles’ claim for partial indemnity costs of the motion in the amount of $20,532.40 and her partial indemnity costs of the action in the amount of $11,280.12 fair and reasonable.

c.      Duncan claimed $81,412.50 as well as various declarations and has recovered nothing.

e.      Duncan escalated costs and duration of the proceeding through several step

Next, he also completely ignored Tina’s confessions in Small Claims and my email stating that Justice PAPAGEORGIOU ordered Tina to pay Marnee Buckles $31,000+ for building the spite fence and then suing Marnee and me for calling it what it was. Why would he not at least publish an update to show his initial article was based on the assumptions he found in Newmarket case files.

Knowing he was sued for miss-stating that the Plaintiff was correct and I was wrong should have encouraged him to find the truth. He did not.


So, on February 23, 2022, Torstar will move for dismissal of my suit as having no basis in fact. The simple fact that Ms. Duncan lost $31,000 and has collected zero indicates the Newmarket case Mr. Aaron reported is NOT the case litigated in TORONTO COURT.

Law Society of Ontario Employees 646 people

Conservatively, assuming just $50,000 per year, or $25 per hour, per person…. over $32,000,000 is required from YOUR legal expenses JUST to support all the people who license lawyers. At a more realistic $100,000 per year that is $64,000,000 in sunk costs.

Need you ask why you pay a lawyer $200-500 per hour to litigate for you?

Narcissism – Trumpism exists in Aurora as well

To be Trump is to be a pathological narcissist with all of its weaknesses and flaws. It is a valid mental illness.

The interesting trait is the desire for revenge when the narcissist feels wronged… they strike out.

So, when an ex-cop who has spent years masquerading as an internet “Business Expert” to vulnerable woman looking to run a business is finally caught out assaulting me, she went on the attack to prove she is simply the best person in the world.

Lots of interesting articles gives in depth information on the disease:

The common message is that narcissists go to extreme lengths when “challenged” or accused of something negative. They go for the jugular out of revenge, and to prove they are superior to their accusers. They do not care about anyone else’s feelings while doing it.

Such a narcissist had me arrested, using her police connections, 7 times on her own and using others as proxies. She did not care about the feelings and legal liabilities of the people she used against me. Ines Donato feels that today, she did not think what would happen when given the idea she could get me arrested for being within 500 meters of her school. On her own, she trespassed me from my own house. When challenged, she claims the Separate School Board trespassed me.

Tina Duncan in her Small Claims defense of Marnee Buckles’ suit did not consider her problems in advance when given the idea she could sue for libel. A judge awarded Marnee $31,000 which Tina must eventually pay.

Both women believed the boasts that I could be sued, arrested, fined, even jailed successfully without repercussions.

Aurora has put its lawyers behind her for free even Aurora had terminated her 8 months earlier. They must feel tremendous guilt and so they made sure Lloyd’s of London was doing its best to defend the actions taken on their behalf. Aurora claims everything was done “in the line of duty”, so they are picking up the tab for a lawyer even when my suit came almost a year after her termination “without cause” and does not claim anything about a Bylaws infraction.

Only a narcissist would believe that “terminated without cause” means literally that when EVERYONE knows it means “fired, but paid off in cash not to sue”.

Later this month the courts will decide whether I can add Ines and Tina to my suit. What interests me is this… why would Aurora OPPOSE adding ANYONE? Would it not dilute the blame on them?

Would it not mean two more lawyers to help out?

Why would Aurora oppose adding defendants to my suit? If they did nothing wrong, why are they spending a fortune on lawyers to keep me from a trial?

Aurora/Crawford Claim “Too much evidence” from Lepp

Regional Senior Justice Edwards made a ruling to hear my motion to add Tina and Ines as defendants in my suit. Aurora/Crawford filed an appeal of that decision, which was “in the middle of litigation” and so it is an “interlocutory appeal”… “of an order in the middle of a case not yet decided”. Aurora wants an appeals court to reverse RSJ Edwards and NOT permit me to do ANYTHING with my suit because they refused to accept costs from me.

Aurora and Crawford and Duncan ALL refused to accept payment of $125,000 in costs awarded to them. SOOOOOOOO! they refused my payments plan, and THEN lied to the court that I had not even TRIED to pay them. That is lying to the court.

As licensees of the Law Society of Ontario, they are writing to and swearing to lies to an appeals court that I did NOT TWICE make formal written offers to pay them all back.

Aurora THEN claimed that the most senior justice in Ontario’s largest sector is incompetent and ignorant of the law… AND… that he is biased towards getting me a successful decision. And on top, a lot of other very specific failings in character, knowledge and understanding. I don’t think Aurora liked the way RSJ Edwards parks his car. Or his haircut.

I jumped to support the courts. I filed a very detailed response to the appeal, saying there is no way it should succeed since RSJ Edwards is simply the best. And I provided documentary proof that Aurora’s mayor Geoffrey Dawe arrested me.

Well. Aurora now says I submitted TOO MUCH PROOF and they want ALL my evidence excluded IN ITS ENTIRETY…. all of it, they say, should be held back from the appeals court.

They do not ask for my submissions to be pared back to 30 pages. NO! They want the first, the middle and last 30 pages DELETED.

From the outset “LEPP! SHUT THE EFF UP!” about everything. Even about the proof Aurora/Crawford arrested me 7 times.

Just like Mayor Phyllis Morris… shut Lepp up using the courts and THEN lie to get the taxpayers to pay for the lawyers.

What goes around… comes back around… when you are running in circles. And thou shall be called big wheels.

Small Claims Bails On Pension Seizure

In a long-awaited decision J. Pikkov ruled Tina could legally garnish my pension and freeze my bank account totally. He referred to my suit to get our CPP and OAS returned was a collateral attack on the underlying J. Schabas order awarding $16,000 after refusing to hear S. 137.1 SLAPP. I cannot agree it is a collateral attack, I just asked for my pension funds back since they were illegally seized. J. Pikkov also suggests TD did not have to determine the courses of funds in my bank when seized. This is a major error in the law.

He stated only a “Garmishment Hearing” can deal with garnishment errors.

This was to be expected… Newmarket court is particularly biased against self-represented persons. J. Pikkov chose to site the volume of my materials as a negative to my claim. This is odd because both Ms Adrian and Mr Painter specialize in voluminous filings.

Most troubling is his order that Small Claims has no jurisdiction over theft of our pensions. The bank account garnishment law is clear… no social benefits may be seized.

Ontario clearly states how Small Claims works…..


If believe you are owed money for the return of personal property, you can sue that person or business in Small Claims Court for $35,000 or less. For anything over $35,000, you need to go to the Superior Court of Justice.

Costs for the TD motion to dismiss my claim are to be settled between the parties, but the parties have consistently refused to accept payment terms. So the quantum of costs is relatively unimportant.

More for Mandie and Allan

Upcoming is my motion to dismiss Mandie’s $950,000 suit for lack of any valid claim NOT admitted as a lie already by Mandie in my trial and hearings.

Once issued, the order will name every AURORA participant in the justice’s summary of the issues in my motion.

Geoffrey, Mandie, Allan, Doug, Sandra… all will be immortalized, just as was Tina Duncan on February 2, 2020. Following.

I have made a formal offer to settle with Mandie but I know I will not even get a reply.

So, if you or a loved one is named in the motion, CANLII will record the resultant orders forever in perpetuity for use by other lawyers in other matters. Now is your time to advise Ms Adrian of your feelings towards that fact.

More for Bob Aaron

If it was not clear enough, if a seasoned lawyer had actually researched “Duncan v. Buckles and Lepp”, THEN published it, THEN been challenged as to its authenticity…. he would have searched again by now to make sure he found every case law entry in CANLII.

He should have found Tina’s $31,000 costs award to Ms. Buckles on February 2, 2021 by now.

And since that loss was huge in that the justice declared she had no chance of success and there were no merits to the suit… he should have considered a follow-up article.

Such an article is all I asked for… interview me… then write whatever you want.

The Star has refused a follow-up article. It would not be sued if it did a follow-up. I do not want to limit the press, I just want fairness.

But, on February 2021 Tina lost big time in a “default judgment” she herself asked for.

Now, that February 2, 2021 admonishment is case law for me to refer to in Crawford/Eddie v. Lepp.

Me: “Your honour, just as it was ruled that there was no basis in fact for Tina Duncan’s suit against me, there are also no merits to her friend Mandie’s $950,000 suit either.”

And so her suit will end in the same fashion with a justice reading J. Papageorgiou.


Open Letter To Bob Aaron, Toronto Star Columnist

Dear Mr. Aaron,

Your paper has published a number of articles about me:–it-was-a-fence-it-was-not-a-minefield-man-jailed-following-lengthy-aurora-fence-dispute/

This Next One Was Written By You – you swear, on October 20, 2020

And I asked the Star to interview me, and then to publish whatever they wanted about me, and they refused, so I sued you both in Small Claims. The article stated that you researched it ALL in Newmarket Court. Which is impossible of course because Ms Duncan sued me in Toronto court.

But you know all that. What you MAYBE do not know is that NINE months EARLIER… January 2020, Tina Duncan had to pay her neighbour $31,000 for suing her and then abandoning the suit.


YES! Tina Duncan Was Ordered by J. Papageorgiou To Pay her Neighbour, Marnee Buckles, $31,000 For Building a Spite Fence, Suing Her When Called Out, Then Abandoning The Suit

So, I was thinking, maybe you could NOW interview me and report whatever you want about me.

It’s all up to you to make this right.

And keep an eye on the space. Mandie sued me for $950,000 and abandoned it too. Let’s see what happens when I move for dismissal.

Toronto Public Health recommends a Catholic school in Etobicoke dismiss in-person learning as it reports eight new COVID-19 cases on Friday evening.

Can God and the Pope and all those priests not strike some fear into their followers at all?

Need a bag? Leave a bag!… Use B.O.B… Bob Offers Bags…aka “Trash Averaging” and “Bags On Bags” January 1, 2022

Coming soon! Three bags a pickup are free, $5 each after 3… so, a new web page lets you report you are putting out 1 or 2, so that a neighbour needing a tag can simply use your boulevard instead. Then, you have a right to leave a bag at his house when you have been real trashy. Everyone saves because we pay enough taxes already and a bag tax is absurd. Supported by voluntary donations.

Put Out 3 Bags This January!

On your first trash pickup of 2022, put out the maximum 3 bags with 50 pounds in each for the maximum 150 pounds. Each 2 weeks, we Aurorans pay for about 65,000 50 pound bags at about 22,000 homes at 3 bags each. That ‘s 3.25 million pounds of trash. Aurora says the average cost is $5 each, or about $325,000 every two weeks which we know without checking is an absurd amount. SO… Aurora is trying to make a PROFIT on trash day.

If all 22,000 homes are ALLOWED 3 bags EVERY SECOND week, that means the budget is 26 x 65,000 x $5 = $8,450,000/year. For trash.

So, we put out the 65,000 50 pound bags, and then we see how Aurora responds. It’s like chess.

Either, they are FINE… and they budgeted enough for 65,000 50 pound bags 26 times per year… OR, they are NOT fine and have to pay a lot EXTRA to pay for 3 bags each.

So, if the new rule is “3 bags full sir”, and yet they did NOT budget for 3 bags full from every home then they lied to us. If they DID budget for 3 bags full, then they OVER budgeted by a LOT… either way, they are screwed as far as honesty goes.

Think how unfair this is. I am single and struggle to fill a bag every second pickup. A family of 4 with a basement apartment with 3 more means 7 people are limited to the same 3 bags as me. I can fill up all of the 35 gallons of trash for one person, the 7 people in the rental home each can fill up one jerry can of trash every two weeks.

Catholic School Full Of Priests In Training

Next: Timeline for Our Lady of Grace Principal Ines Donato to call for my arrest along with the others.

Aurora claims I am “associated” with evil “bloggers” who criticize Aurora Councillors. This is so much better than being “associated” with the Catholic church.

If you flunk out as a priest, you can always sweep the floors, but one should not be “sweeping”
9 year old girls off their feet.

November 11, 2021 – Site is now :”Membership Only” for my real thoughts and feelings….

After today, you will read only the very safest materials here if you did not register. I keep the good stuff for registered users.

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Analysis: Number of police reports made by or referenced by for each person

FEBRUARY 2017 – Mandie Executes a Trial of Removing ALL “No Parking Signs” in front of Our Lady of Grace School and in YRT Bus Stop #1208

Later she will write out and swear to police that she NEVER met principal Ines Donato. Meanwhile, my Probation Officer calls me and tells me Ines and the “other women” have all gone to police to have me arretsed for trespass in the bus stop #1208 off scholl property.


MARCH 2020 – Mandie admits false arrests, then writes, swears and signs that she does NOT KNOW Principal Ines Donato. Claims my probation order includes orders to not “mention” her name… which was DELETED by Justice Fuerst November 16, 2019 and by Justice Dawe December 11, 2019, and Justice Dawe cited Crown Elder for contempt of both judges in his bail review May 22 2020.

Note that she seems quite proud that her false charges were “stayed”. As if that meant they had some validity. She knows from her police career that a “stay” happens when the Crown cannot make its case. It then REQUIRES the Crown to to reactivate charges within ONE YEAR. There was no evidence.


How could Ms. Crawford plan and execute covering over every No Parking sign without consulting on SAFETY with the principal? Think about that. Mandie just covers over all the signs and sits back and watches what happened, and we are supposed to believe she never spoke to the principal?

Mandie’s name had been removed from Recognizances and bail terms since November 16, 2019. A second order from J. Dawe came December 11, 2019. And yet, 3 MONTHS later, Mandie is going to police to arrest me for blogging her name.

Google Maps Offers Best Advertising Bang For The Buck


July 14, 2017 he is arrested. As the report details, police THEN asked him his side of the story. He has never been questioned BEFORE an arrest

Sandra McKenzie, Pat De Sario complain about Bob Lepp July 13, 2017

Mandie Crawford, defended today by PMLaw’s Charles Painter paid by town’s liability insurance reported for assault on Bob Lepp June 3, 2017


Mandie inspected/approved Tina Duncan’s fence – Fall 2017, BOTH woman used Kramer Simaan Dhillon lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian to sue Bob for $1,100,000 combined

Tina Duncan ordered to pay Marnee Buckles over $31,000


Imagine, a person with a CV as strong as this claiming losing a job because she was caught not selling pet tags for $350,000 annually. Certainly, the best businesswoman in Calgary could easily have known to read her job description and the Pets Bylaw where it names the QUOTE “Bylaws Manager” as the one responsible for the entire pet tag program. Surely a comment by me could not dislodge a person with such skills.

1st Mandie Crawford Peace Bond Motion Dismissed out of hand, 2nd rejected, cited lack of PHYSICAL injury… mental stress/harassment rejected as POSSIBLE causes for a Peace Bond … MUST BE A PHYSICAL HARM THREAT. So forget a PB for say, publishing nude photos of an old girlfriend. Or constant phone calls or uninvited visits. Or written threats to my family. Or Daria’s taunting emails to my wife. Or sending couriers to my son’s house with voluminous court documents.

Bylaws Manager is explicitly named as responsible for ALL tag sales
The Actual Bylaw follows for you to browse.

Crown Giordano, who has been “behind” several false arrests, today came out of the chute dressed for bear, he immediately said the 6 months limitation in criminal charges applies to my peace bond application. He fell right into the trap. Now the Crown cannot claim my May 30, 3018 arrest and J Harpur’s trial could NOT have legally tried me for alleged acts BEYOND 6 months. Police and the Crown did not have any alleged acts in the 6 months prior on May 30, 2018. SO the entire trial was based on an illegal charge now CONFIRMED by Crown Giordano himself.

If Newmarket insists on running a court in this manner, it has to be consistent. I hope.

To make matters worse for Crown Giordano, he misled the JP. He told the JP that the “six months” back on a summary charge applied to a peace bond. It does not.

What is a Peace Bond?From

A peace bond is a court order that requires another person to “keep the peace and be of good behaviour” and obey conditions such as not to contact you or your children or to come near your property. The peace bond can be in place for up to one year. The person who enters into a peace bond does not receive a criminal record. However, if one of the conditions imposed is breached, the person may be charged with a criminal offence.

A peace bond is NOT a restraining order. Restraining Orders are obtained through the Family Court for married, separated, divorced or common-law couples. A peace bond Information is NOT an Information alleging that another person has committed a criminal act. That is a different process.

So, lets see where r=that takes us!

Thanks to all who played along this time.


Here is all you need to read about prisons in Ontario and their use of Solitary Confinement…


Here is What We Know:


J. Goldstein knew that and STILL sent me inside. And, I spent 16 of 21 days in “Administrative Segregation” for which Ontario JUST spent $30,000,000 through Koskie Minsky LLP.

The Court reluctantly sentenced me to 21 days for contempt of J. Favreau, who ordered… “No more lies, no more defamation, just cut it right out NOW!”

In recognition that my new criminal law firm needs to recover from the murder in their offices last week, I have not yet sued or filed an appeal. I have waited several days, 5, so that my anger would not be so readily apparent

The Most Liberating Experience Of My Life

I took over 200 pages of handwritten notes using stubby pencils. Dated. Timed. Detailed.

You can tell the MTEDC is out of control BEFORE you enter. They point to the bottle of hand sanitizer bolted to the wall and say “Clean your hands!”. You follow their order precisely, BUT it is empty. The hand sanitizer is gone. Then, inside, they gang up 8 or 9 guards and talk you out of reporting symptoms. They quarantined me for 14 days, and when I did not die, they moved me to the open population.

They posted the current COVID guidelines from the Solicitor General… dated June 2020. Last year. Nothing more recent… it tells inmates: “There is no vaccine.” I get a copy for myself.

Then another court was petitioned by Tina Duncan claiming that what I blogged AFTER the order of J. Favreau were lies. That SECOND court, despite being shown NOT even a single quoted lie and the truth behind it… a SECOND COURT found me guilty. Then that second court recused itself saying it “saw something it should not have seen.”

So, a THIRD COURT then read out its sentencing order. But, it had chosen the draft of an order dreamed up by Tina Duncan and Mandie Crawford, instead.

There are many “tells” as I recall, several places where he seemed unfamiliar with his own next sentence. He would then stop, frown, stutter, ignore footnotes… and ultimately, he would unbelievably…

EXTEND his sentence a full 50% in the last minute of the appearance.

To analogize, a brain surgeon says to the Inquiry: “I had 12 leads attached to his cortex, fully 11 were giving a red warning on the display panel, but that 12th one was just bright green. So, I may not know what caused the 11 bad signals, but I KNOW I am sure as heck that I am going to cut at the green lead.

Or, the Westjet pilot: “Welcome to direct flight 911, Vancouver to Honolulu. We are just finishing up the pre-takeoff checklist. The left engine is all in the green. We have 11 red lights on the right engine, but there is a bright green light says “Engine Started” so get ready to get lei’d! We’re pushing on!

The Court who sentenced me had been told I was 72, obese, had hypertension, gout and the other usual senior’s ailments requiring 11 pills a day. He had considered that statement for many weeks as he formulated his sentence. Balancing punishment with basic consideration for life.

He was kind enough to voice his concerns: “I would have liked to see you agreeably provide exact details for the reason for taking each of the 11 pills…. you know?… to make sure you’re not likely to die in 21 days of prison. I would listen to the name of each disease, the dosage, your physical state, then I would apply my expert knowledge of geriatric medicine for old people like you, and then I would have all the data I need to sentence you.”

“But you declined to provide the PRECISE and extensive details of your medical ailments. So, I tried, I really tried, and I tried to impress on you how important personal medical details are to a court like mine and to the other client Ms. Adrian represents. You did not sign an affidavit. So, I shall presume you have made up the whole story about the 11 pills and 11 illnesses and I am putting you in a building full of young anti-vaxxers, people who are not EVEN PERMITTED to wear masks.

Yes, the court wavered, it admitted it did not have adequate knowledge of my health, it preferred more, and it sent me to Metro East anyway.

Justices talk to people every day who have been inside MTEDC. The prisons are controlled by the Solicitor General. Powerful people. And so, justices KNOW… THIS COURT KNEW FULL WELL THAT…..

No one in the open population of Metro Toronto East Detention Centre wears a mask

And if you snuck one in like I did, you get it taken away from you. Ask a nurse for more?: EWe do npot supply masks to inmates.

So, on balance, the court did right putting me there since it wants me dead anyway.

The Court added 50% MORE sentence AFTER he read the sentence he had written.

Ms Adrian, in her draft sentencing order, called for “21 days” in prison. Everyone gets a 1/3 reduction, 7 days, for good behaviour. So you serve 14 of a 21 day sentence.

Unless you are 72, take 11 pills or more, of unclear medical history, obese… 2 stents, THEN YOU GET TO SERVE ALL 21 and it does not matter one iota that you may have been unruly for all 21 days. NOTHING keeps you past 21 though.

The Prison Doctor, Dr. Kerr, overrides my medication details

The highlight of this prison is its single septgenarian doctor. He has my detailed list of all 11 bottles I brought in. He tells me I cannot have them. He says “I will decide what medications you get in here.”

So, he ordered up 11 pills that HE liked for me, had a nurse bring them each morning and say: “Dr. Kerr says you are to either take all 11 in front of me now, or I will return the pills to Dr. Kerr.”

I had been forced each day to make a decision, “Take them all and live, or take none and die.” So I took 11 pills, 4 of which are for blood pressure. I knew my heart would be overcome by their combined effects and I would suffer. But, I would live.

Then, my Doctor prescribed daily blood pressure monitoring, take it 3 times 5 minutes apart and select the lowest to report to him. I asked for daily assessment of my pressure, even if just once per day. The prison has a BP moinitor with a Label saying “DAILY ASSESSMENT” on it. I saw it only once.

Of 21 days where they were asked by me each day for a BP, I got the following:

DateOut of Cell 2.0 Hrs?Shower?
Clean Clothes?
Blood Pressure
August 17Solitary ConfinementNo
18Solitary ConfinementNo
19Solitary ConfinementNo
20Solitary ConfinementNo
23Solitary ConfinementNo
24Solitary ConfinementNo187/107
25Solitary ConfinementNo
26 Solitary ConfinementNoalleged faked “suicide, still did not get a doctor
27YesNoLawyer sends letter of medical concern
28Solitary ConfinementNo97/71
29Solitary ConfinementNo186/93
30YesNoDr. Kerr asks me to refute my lawyer’s complaints in detail.
I refuse, he gets revenge…
heforges a Sergeant’s signature claiming
puts me in the Psych Range
31Solitary ConfinementNoPsych range 175/94
Sept. 1Solitary ConfinementNoOpen Population, no masks permitted
2YesNoOpen Population, no masks permitted
3Solitary ConfinementNo170/98 (cuff backwards)
Open Population, no masks permitted
4Solitary ConfinementNo189/101 (cuff backwards)
Open Population, no masks permitted
5Solitary ConfinementNoOpen Population, no masks permitted
6Solitary ConfinementNoOpen Population, no masks permitted
Totals5 times (20%) YES, 21 times NO (80%)None7 BP in 21 days, 33%, 6 days NO MASK PERMITTED