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BL20-🎄CLX – Finally …the Press is on my story!

Not in a good way… but they are on it and they must now tell the truth.

Dispute over a property line fence stirs up a costly battle at the Superior Court of Justice

Bob Aaron

By Bob AaronContributing Columnist

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Now, before Ms Adrian accuses me of publishing more slander of her client… that link is the Toronto Star and they never lie.

the first sentence is a lie: it was Toronto court, NOT Newmarket. How could a lawyer make that “mistake”… by simply taking the email sent to him and publish it as his own work.
No, someone in Aurora wrote that for him. Someone with so little respect for the law she did not even know what court the matter was in.

certainly Mr. Aaoron did not research it, the location of the court is on every piece of paper in the file. One might ASSUME an Aurora battle between two or three people in Aurora would be heard in Newmarket. But if you’re rich and easily embarrassed then you go far from home to litigate your lies.

One of the four women wrote this story and Bob Aaron copy pasted it into an email to his editors and they published it verbatim. So, if you don’t like what it says, go contact the Editor like I did.

“judgment against an online activist who interfered in the dispute.”

bob Aaron

How is blogging considered to be “interfering”?

how is my exercise of my Charter right to my opinions suddenly viewed as interfering by a lawyer like Aaron? Is it proper for a lawyer to dissuade people from expressing their opinions?

Are lawyers not to be “models” for the peasants to emulate? Is suppressing public opinion something a lawyer should be doing as a reporter?

Could anyone read that article and come away educated on how to be a good Canadian? Is this attitude prevalent in the Law Society? Do they want us to stop standing up for ourselves and hire lawyers instead.

is this lawyer really suggesting no one be their own person? Does he really want to jam up the courts with FENCES?

does the Superior Court have to intervene when a landowner disrespects her neighbour’s? Can we mere mortals not pay Bylaws Officers to enforce fence bylaws?

After xxx purchased her house in 2017, she constructed a wooden fence on the property line.

Bob Aaron

NO. She FIRST constructed a pair of huge black steel gates hung on a wooden gate post 100% on Buckles’ land and she was embarrassed to be told to remove it. THEN, she constructed a spite fence.

“Xxx reduced the height of the fence.”

Bob Aaoron

NO! When I was hired January the fence had been too high for five months. Only when I blogged and emailed and photographed the height beside a two meter long stick and threatened to buy a chainsaw did Aurora order it shortened.

“Buckles then went public with her complaints to the local media,”

Bob Aaron

NO! She went to The Star, and a reporter called the neighbour to fact check. The reporter was threatened with defamation if she published so she dropped the story. Now, The Star FAILS to fact check so Aaron could defame me. Irony.

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 4:46 PM,  <> wrote:

“He was able to get a measurement. The top rail of the fence is in compliance a few inches under the maximum height, the top of the posts are 2 to 3 inches over maximum. If they cut the posts it will not change the outcome for you. Your view from your windows will be the same unfortunately.”

Director of Legal Aurora Techa van Leeuwenhoek to Buckles

that was months BEFORE I got the posts shortened. I had to get “interfering” and Techa had to order AGAIN.

“He (Lepp) also launched an online petition signed by at least 300 people.”

Bob Aaron

NO! We got over 1,200:signatures.

”Lepp did not defend the action,”

Bob Aaron

NO! I filed my defense in 21 days because I had a vacation in Mexico. I beat Buckles filing by a week. Hers was accepted. Mine was rejected for being one day late and she put me in default and let Buckles defend.

”After a delay, Lepp applied to Superior Court to allow him to file a defence to the lawsuit, but he was turned down and ordered to pay $18,000 in costs.”

Bob Aaron

NO! I filed one day late due to vacation. The Judge, J. Schabas erred and awarded $18,000 for a SLAPP 137.1 challenge which was required to be heard August 26, 2019:but he refused to hear it, he forgot, and then awarded costs for it illegally.

“She found that Lepp accused xxx of deliberately acting illegally, that his statements suggested she received preferential treatment from the town because of political connections, and that she was a liar”

Bob Aaron

NO! Not “accused”. He meant “documented with her own sworn testimony before a judge”. I merely pointed out to the judge she had admitted knowing she drilled into Buckles foundation stones, removed them with the dirt and replace that with a post an concrete. Twice she admitted she built out of spite for having her gates rejected from being bolted to a post on Buckles’ land.

“Lepp has appealed the decision.”

Bob Aaron

NO! I TRIED to appeal. Instead of waiting for me to do that, she garnished our pensions illegally. I then spent a lot of time trying to reverse the illegal garnishment but the court told me I had to sue her. So I sued her boss Michael Simaan for failing to teach her the law. Then she did it again to my brand new CIBC account in less than 24 hours of opening it. So I sued her boss again. Now she refuses to garnish RBC Aurora branch YONGE and Aurora Heights.

today, it is over 7 weeks from telling her I am now at RBC Aurora branch, but she refuses to garnish it.

strange, she illegally garnished two banks but faced with a legal garnishment target she declines. Almost as if she thinks she would be embarrassed to have RBC learn what she has been doing all this time with banks.

Toronto police are investigating Adrian for theft of my CIBC data when no one knew I opened that account.

The timing is interesting. Did Ms Adrian plan it for the SAME day she planned my double contempt motion? Was it her plan next day to offer up I was now even deeper in?

Or, was it some other legal officer of the court? Someone on the periphery who had failed at every other attack on me?

Maybe… it is such a collection of lies that no reporter could have come up them with alone… just statistically, a reporter would have at least come up with ONE truthful sentence. But this time, nothing written is true.

The photo is the funniest part. A guy building a fence. Narrow boards, gaps, low height.

No one who investigated the fence would have chosen that photo. No one who has seen the fence would have chosen that stock photo.

here is Bob Aaron’s Law website tightly integrated with the Star.

So, Mr Aaron uses “articles” he “authors”, presumably for money, which he then uses to promote his law firm.

That’s not typically viewed as proper by the Law Society. Their rules are that any other profession practiced by a lawyer must …


2.1-1 A lawyer has a duty to carry on the practice of law and discharge all responsibilities to clients, tribunals, the public and other members of the profession honourably and with integrity.


[1] Integrity is the fundamental quality of any person who seeks to practise as a member of the legal profession. If a client has any doubt about their lawyer’s trustworthiness, the essential element in the true lawyer-client relationship will be missing. If integrity i s lacking, the lawyer’s usefulness to the client and reputation within the profession will be destroyed, regardless of how competent the lawyer may be.

[2] Public confidence in the administration of justice and in the legal profession may be eroded by a lawyer’s irresponsible conduct. Accordingly, a lawyer’s conduct should reflect favourably on the legal profession, inspire the confidence, respect and trust of clients and of the community, and avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

[3] Dishonourable or questionable conduct on the part of a lawyer in either private life or professional practice will reflect adversely upon the integrity of the profession and the administration of justice. Whether within or outside the professional sphere, if the conduct is such that knowledge of it would be likely to impair a client’s trust in the lawyer, the Law Society may be justified in taking disciplinary action.

[4] Generally, however, the Law Society will not be concerned with the purely private or extra-professional activities of a lawyer that do not bring into question the lawyer’s professional integrity.

[4.1] A lawyer has special responsibilities by virtue of the privileges afforded the legal profession and the important role it plays in a free and democratic society and in the administration of justice, including a special responsibility to recognize the diversity of the Ontario community, to protect the dignity of individuals, and to respect human rights laws in force in Ontario.

Well, by publishing this drivel without one single question to me to verify his claims is a sure sign of dishonorable conduct.

Real reporters MUST fact check.
Lawyers who are also reporters should be very accurate in their claims because they cannot argue they lack the mens rea to defame. He is a professional at knowing the law and whether his actions would break the law.

So he cannot defend his actions by claiming he made a minor mistake.

isn’t it ironic though his title suggests people just shut up about being wronged. That they should hire lawyers instead. He seems to misunderstand the charter and our rights to our opinions.

I’ll let you know what the law society says. This is blatant advertising.

And it is NOT “REPORTING” as the Toronto Star defines it.

I bet Aaoron pays The Star to publish his “contributions“. That would make more sense.

What are the bets The Star calls Bob Aron’s “articles” Infomercials, or “Advertorials”… anything other than reporting.

Stand down and stand back…. it could get noisy!

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BL20-🎄CLnein – The Ultimate Solution

This post exists solely to display Snoopy’s ultimate decision.

Words to live by! Here they are… write them down!

My wife’s dog does this to me all the time.

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BL20-🎄CL8 – Gwendolyn Adrian (Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLP) Forgot To Wear The Flameproof Pantsuit.

Instead of getting scheduling approval for dates for two contempt motions for her two clients, she got handed a new one.

Adrian moves on me for CONTEMPT X 2 for each of her clients.

Her argument to Justice Myers for WHY she wanted a pair of contempt hearings is… wait for it!… “Lepp refused to provide an affidavit of documents... twice!”

The justice reacted “You want TWO contempt hearings for (a failure to provide ) an affidavit of documents?”

“That is the worst (“thing you can move for”) of the worst! CONTEMPT? For (refusing) an affidavit of documents?”

Paraphrasing J. Myers now….”I am ordering a case conference. It is obvious there is a lot more going on here.”

“Mr. Lepp, are you planning or offering to provide evidence? You know you can provide, in addition, oral evidence and you can examine the plaintiff and ask her questions, did you know that?”

Justice Myers paraphrased

I do NOW, I said quietly to myself.

“Yes, your honour I sent you 70 pages for today and I have bails more!”

So…Stand back! and stand by! for his order. He may add in something about how much time and how much exchange of evidence there will be.

Or maybe that is TO MUCH to ask for.

Lastly, he ended with…

“It does not make sense to waste a lot of time on SOMETHING WHICH IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!”

J. Myers paraphrased from memory

In the end, judges “get it”… been there, done that!

They see through the bullshit and act.

Thanks to the Toronto Superior Court!

Until now the Newmarket crowd has not been so helpful. Maybe I should be GLAD she filed in the wrong court!

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BL20-🎄CLViaye- Steganographically speaking…

That is an oxymoron. Steganography is the act of hiding things in plain sight and speaking about it, by definition, is improper and unnecessary because it’s all there in plain sight for everyone to see.

Here is a person who uses Steganography to hide another COMPLETE person…

He was there all the time right in front of you. Did you not see him?

So, do not tell people “Open your eyes!”… say “Look around you!”

Plane’s sight

Plains sight

Play in sight

Playin’ site

Play’n inside

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BL20-🎄CLVaye- New Movie: Contemptible Me™©️ aka “Lying To Make Money”

Today, as always, a lawyer for an Aurora employee has me up before a judge to be given 30 days in prison and pay a $10,000 fine.

Lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian, (Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLP) claims my 600 answers to her questions about my financial history were inadequate. She says she MUST know the serial number of my lawn mower.

Subliminal Suggestion – Can you find it?

And of course, it is once again the Bible’s fault. I swore at it and look what happened? I mean…. I swore ON it and look…..

Lawyers do not ever swear on the Bible. But we peasants MUST swear on something. And that day, I was asked to swear on a “religious document”. But. it was on Zoom. So I grabbed the closest Torah to me and swore to tell the truth.

From that moment. Ms Adrian did not believe a word I said, and so, she set out to trick me into lying. Cuz that’s what the really good lawyers do. The good lawyers do not need bank account numbers to garnish , they need LIES to make REAL money, because “big money” is made in the game they call “COST-a-Rama”.

At the end of every case each lawyer gets a spin on the giant COSTS-WHEEL. Wherever it stops, that lawyer gets that much from that accused.

It all adds up.

If instead I had NOT sworn on a religious document, no one would trust me of course.

So, a suggestion when asked…. just “attest” to anything you like… they ain’t gonna believe you anyway. And it saves time.

And time is money to any lawyer. It is in their blood. A soaring “Lies per minute” is what they live for. Unless they come from their clients.

In which case, lies ARE money!

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BL20-🎄CLV- Herd Immunity “Trump-Style”

The NY Times is reporting the best news ever!

unnamed White House staffers who say that the new “line” to be spun is that the USA should develop herd immunity…. let millions get COVID-19 and then everyone will be safe from it.

Close your eyes, relax, think about that for 30 seconds….

So, Democrats called for the herd of people who work in the White House to bring every living relative to work on Friday to be injected with the “finest, purest, best ever” strain and get the herd started.

Being Republicans with average IQ’s, White House staffers then resigned and went home to hunker down.

Donald and his entire bloodline came to work Friday and they were injected with DOUBLE doses distilled from pedigreed Wuhan bats in a room filled with actual Wuhan bats, and told to go far and wide and hold indoor rallies. Donald Junior shot a bat to mount on his wall.

…we interrupt this dream

It is good to dream, because only then will we learn what we are capable of.

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BL20-🎄CL 👁V- Thanks J. Dow for the inspiration!

Today, Superior Court J. Dow in Toronto cleared it all up for me SLAPP-wise.

Spite fence lawsuits can be APPEALED and he says mine sounds like a SLAM DUNK to him if I told the truth. Of course, Ms Adrian THEN closed off and told him I lied to him so there’s that.

Selfreps are NEVER believed. Lawyers are ALWAYS believed. It’s a neat gig. Keep paying dues and the Law Society of Ontario sells you a franchise worth millions.

He also pointed out the public can get all the dirt on The full details of this SLAPP suit are there. You can get all the dirt legally.

So is where you go.

Here is me beating Charles Painter and Lloyd’s of London.

Here is my winning appeal over Charles Painter and Lloyd’s of London, I beat him before J. Edwards, Painter appealed J. Edwards fine decision and lost again.

Here is J. Kenkel telling you how good a job he did in case management. He only ignored my warning May 2, 2019 and set up an indictable charge meant for a jury in a “judge only” Summary charge trial and the charge was dismissed as wrongfully heard. He did not supply the 486 counsel as he ordered and promised. But he did a great job he says. Trump-like in its greatness.

Then you can look up Lepp 2019 ONSC 6946, or Lepp 2020 ONSC 5430.

OR, get them all in one list if you filter correctly.

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BL20-🎄CL 👁-👁-👁- Now THIS is a dog park.. artificial turf!

Det/Sgt. Heather Bentham Public Service Announcement Uncategorized

BL20-🎄CL 👁-👁- Canadian Record Flight – 2 seat glider to 31,700 feet

It is my opinion no one will believe this. So few people understand clouds at all. They really don’t know clouds at all.

Rows and floes of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I’ve looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

I’ve looked at life from both sides now 
From up and down and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all

Tuesday Oct. 6, 2020 2 Canadians flew a motorless 2 seat glider to an altitude of 31,700 feet over the Rockies south of Calgary.

This is a new record for height gain and absolute altitude for multi-seat gliders in Canada/

The ex-RCAF pilot then realized he was hypoxic ands started down… QUICKLY to 25,000 feet where his brain regained enough oxygen to feel normal.

read about it here:

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BL20-🎄CL 👁- Welcome back for the names…. finally

Well, as the masks go ON every day.some are REMOVED forever.

Justice Dawe has called for a retrial of J. Rose’s decision and probation order of December 4, 2019,

Since the “not to mention: clause is also GONE from my Release Order in March, I can mention anyone I want here again. Just like 2017, up until July 14 anyway.

I tend to state facts and not get caught up in emotions. And now there are so many court transcripts to paraphrase so everyone can see the evidence and testimony themselves.

Publication bans have ended. They never did get a ban on the victim impact statements. That would have been too funny. Your honour, our next victim really wants to pass along how she feels about Mr. Lepp. But she asks that no one outside this room listen in.

All 3 women were permitted to trash me December 4, 2019 and now that conviction has been quashed. And the Crown must now, with everyone watching, decide to re-try it. But they have a problem, J Dawe was quite clear the Crown NEVERE EVEN TRIED to prove the mens rea, my state of mind, and THEN the Crown argued they did not have to do that at all. J, Dawe has now written out what they have to do to convict. And THEN he told why no one could prove my mens rea was reckless.

That charge, one of two… the other was “not guilty”… was for an iPhone post of a photo of two stacks of paper from a distance. Get out a huge TV set and a microscope and you may see some words. But no one saw them before posting it.

So, look for there victim impacts… one blames me for her mother dying confused about my motivations.

One says she barfed every time I emailed her about how much more money I got her at Council.

One is an ex-cop telling the court how she feared my name on an email asking for help. A big, bad cop is afraid of the written word.

I had to get ALL my transcripts, so I only need to publish facts with no spin at all to get my point across. All these people made up alternate facts for everything they told police. Now I just get to post them here.

Stand back and stand by.

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BL20-🎄CL – Opinions… All together again

It will be gone in court for the Crown to argue “Your honour, he posted in Bob Lepp’s Opinions again!”