3/29 Proof That Det. James Ward’s Investigation Was Negligent

Helen Clarke slandered me May 10, 2018 in an email she broadcast to Council and Aurora staff.

I sued her next day, May 11, 2018.

I served her May 25 after 3 attempts. On video, she yelled: “I’m gonna sue you for a whole LOT more!” BEFORE she even opened my suit. She had the contents from my blog, she wanted revenge, so she threatened to sue me for MORE than $5,000.

Helen: “You put me in the court, now? I’m gonna sue you for a whole lot more!”

Helen then started going to police a lot more. She hired Jaclyn Solomon.

Det. James Ward was assigned. He spent weeks using Helen and Jaclyn undercover to entrap me for extortion.

He attended my Small Claims suit of Helen and brought a uniformed officer to intimidate the justice.

He listened to the entire session. Jaclyn had my suit in her hands.

Det. James Ward then ignored the reason I sued ENTIRELY. He claimed to not KNOW why I sued.

Which means… Det James Ward lied. My blog covered the suit. His complainant had my suit. Her paralegal had my suit.

He listened as the justice made this decisions, but he claimed to have no idea why I sued.

In court he testified: “I always do background checks (on perps and witnesses).”

But, from May 11, 2018 to today, Det. James Ward claims he had no idea I sued her for slander and out of revenge she lied to him to get me arrested.

That is the precise definition of Public Mischief.