3/29 Lloyd’s of London – The REAL Problem

Punchline: Lloyd’s WANTS me to prove just one tiny criminal act among the 7 defendants.

Aurora bought Liability Insurance from or through adjuster BFL Canada, and they placed it with Lloyd’s as underwriter. and Lloyd’s attended my first Small Claims court matters. They sent a man from Lloyd’s to listen to my story, one they hear EVERY day… taxpayers suing their local government for abusing them.

Lloyd’s is EXPERT at defending local governments. They know EVERYTHING.

If we assign my $7 million claim equally, that is a $2,000,000 liability for Aurora alone.

What we do not know is how much Lloyd’s underwrote for York Region, if any at all, they will not produce their insurance policy as required by law. I would imagine Aurora tagged along with York on buying insurance, and so Lloyd’s is likely on the hook for $3,000,000 for York as well. That is $5 million of $7 million. So, the big loser here could ONLY be Lloyd’s, we all know that.

Neither York nor Aurora cares at all what I win because Lloyd’s pays for it.

But, Lloyd’s cares an AWFUL lot, so they hired Charles Painter to defend Lloyd’s interests. He does NOT defend Aurora, he works for Lloyd’s and does what they say.

How can I prove that?

Easy. When I first went at Aurora in Small Claims Court, they called BFL and Lloyd’s hired Painter who delegated to Lucas Kittmer, a new lawyer. Lucas came to Small Claims and was an immense help to me. I was focused on the $25,000 maximum win in Small Claims. I did NOT see the BIG PICTURE.

Lucas Kittmer came to me in the hall. he said “You are in the wrong court. You need to escalate your suit to Superior Court, because Aurora has big pockets and you should not limit yourself to $25,000. Think big!”

OK, so I paraphrased his advice, it was spoken much more eloquently in front of my friend, Jock. and I.

At first I remember being quite upset, and so I asked him WHY? Why is Aurora’s defence lawyer telling me I should go for more money? So, I just asked him.

Lucas said “Because that is the way Lloyd’s told me to handle this.” I took that for the truth and became MORE upset that the insurance company was calling the shots with the lawyers. Because, the Law Society forbids a lawyer from just doing what their client demands be done. A lawyer is required to act in the BEST INTERESTS of their clients, and opening the door from $25K to $7 million for me as a first time litigant was the kindest act in retrospect.

Did they then relax? Knowing I was now in the HIGH STAKES world of Superior Court? Sure, of course.

Lloyd’s knew the high cost of litigation in Superior Court compared to Small Claims. Instead of $80/hour for a paralegal, I would be forced to be putting out $300-400 an HOUR in Superior Court and they knew my savings would quickly disappear.

Why? How could they be so sure I would fail? Because they are masters of delay. Time is money. The more time they can delay my trial, the more likely they are to not have to pay out anything. I could die, get hit by a truck, heart attack, whatever. But more likely my life would be ruined by spending our marital savings on this boondoggle.

Lloyd’s does this 24/7/365. They are front and center watching as towns like Aurora wash away criticism by making the taxpayer bleed cash. For them, it is a waiting game. Waiting for me to run out of money. But I surprised them and did NOT hire a lawyer because I knew where that would end.

It has been 5 ½ years now. 7 arrests. Divorce, losing my house and family. But I have a very FIRM trial date of November 2023.

The people who should be worried are those NOT insured by Lloyd’s. Helen and Jaclyn.

Jaclyn and Helen are going to lose big time.

Lloyd’s is telling Charles Painter exactly what to do. Charles then tells Barry Stork what to do, because Lloyd’s is likely on the hook for York. Barry then tells Jaclyn and Helen what to do. All the time telling them they have to stick together to defeat me.

I sued for collusion, complicity, Misfeasance.. and Lloyd’s best idea is to collude with all counsel and let Charles lead the way.

Charles then lets his real clients, Lloyd’s, call the shots because he has run out of ideas.

The court on February 8 ordered me to immediately pay 4 lawyers off for costs they won against me when I tried to add 2 more lady friends to my suit, ladies who had on multiple occasions gone to police with lies to arrest me. I sent bank drafts,. one to each lawyer in Theo names. To delay, they claim their bank does not not know how to cash them. So, today, they all claim to NOT BE PAID… to stall my suit until March 26, 2023, the next court date.

Trespass was a favourite complaint of the girl friends. Ines Donato, principal of Our Lady of Grace elementary school, was convinced to lie to police that I was on school property taking pictures of kids. She tried that a couple of times, claiming parents had come to her with “proof”.

Then, Aurora convinced her to write her own Trespass Notice to me without benefit of the Pope’s legal department. Cue Pretty Woman reference…”Big Mistake!” “HUGE!”

She sent me a notice saying that if I stepped foot or turned a wheel within 500 meters of her school, she would call police to arrest me. Which she then did. I have the police notebooks.

Trouble is, I lived 480 meters from her school. And a school cannot trespass people OFF of public roads and out of private homes. So why did Ines pick the distance of 500 meters? Surely she has some common sense that would tell her that is impossible. Surely she understood a 500 meter radius is ONE KILOMETER CIRCLE, and that is a very big area.

Ines Donato was TOLD 500 METRES was valid for TRESPASS and to just for “stay the star way from Helen and Jaclyn”. She was suckered by her friends, because one was paralegal Jaclyn and of course, she was TRAINED in the law.

So, one day, Ines called up her various girls friends and she suggested they ALL called my Probation Officer at once, the one Helen got me placed under by lying about me in a video interview with Det. James Ward who was giving her Contract Law lessons in the video room. (I know, there is a lot to absorb here.)

My Probation Officer, Maria Bedford, then spoke to Det. Sgt. Heather Bentham. And then Maria called ME at Costco to “go see DS Bentham right away because you are under investigation… Ines just called me.”.

At the time I did not KNOW I would be thanking Ines so warmly. If Ines had NOT committed Public Mischief for lying about a trespass, I would NEVER have been able to record DS Bentham admitting so many things about my arrests since 2017.

February 27, 2020 was a BIG day. But, February 28, 2020 was a BLOG day. I told the world about the recording.

DS Bentham took early retirement. That is how GOOD the recording is. Just as good as my 2012 recording of Mayor Dawe admonishing me for asking that my neighbour not be allowed to store 6 large blue garbage cans in his driveway. He came across the table at me when I referred to my neighbour as living like “trailer trash”. On that day, Mayor Dawe began his revenge on me. He ordered Techa to NEVER take any Bylaws actions for me. NEVER! And she has done a perfect job for various mayors.

Not once has ANY of my requests been handled by Bylaws. To every request, she said “We do not have a bylaw for that.”

The town is built around hills, varying ground levels house to house and retaining walls abound. My neighbour’s wall after 35 years was pushed up and out of the ground, and it fell over onto my land. Bylaws? “We don’t have a retaining wall bylaw.” said Brad Dewar, just like a trooper for Mayors Dawe and Mrakas.

Brad has Building Standards though. And they cover structures in disrepair. All he had to do was issue a repair order, and yet instead, he took it on to try to convince me that all over Aurora, retaining walls were falling and no one ever thought to write a new bylaw. Or, that I was the very FIRST to see a collapsed wall.

When I asked for help at the dog park to repair dangerous fencing, I got the same reply.” We do not have a bylaw requiring us to maintain the dog park.” I was intrigued. I knew that 2 of every 3 homes in Aurora owned a pet or two. 7,000 dogs and 7,000 cats would need to buy annual tags for $10-$30 and so there were hundreds of thousands of dollars in the budget to support pets in Aurora with a SINGLE off leash park. $350,000 ANNUALLY.

Bylaws then said there was no obligation for them to sell 14,000 pet tags and that by selling just 1,400 or so, they had done the very best job they could. And of course, they all claimed they had the right of “discretion” when they found an untagged pet. They claimed it was their right to decide WHETHER to ticket an owner for no tags.

And it WAS their right, and it IS their right today, to make a choice between requiring 14,000 pets to be tagged or NOT being tagged.

Except, none of them knew the laws around running a “public office”. Since 1600, the law has required public offices to NEVER HARM the hands that feed them, the taxpayers. Aurora can refuse to sell even just a single tag, and Bylaws officers all have that as a legal choice to make. BUT, in choosing, they HARMED every taxpayer in Aurora and every dog in Aurora. Taxpayers had to pony up $300,000 more in property taxes instead of just pet owners paying.

Aurora from 2004 to 2016 did not spend one PENNY of pet tag revenues to repair dangerous and illegal fencing, hundreds of tons of scrap tree branches, floods, mud, darkness… Allan Downey refused to spend even a penny from HIS parks budget for 12 years.

Then I came along and I asked why? And Allan Downey told me why. Because.

He was in charge and he did not like dogs and he did not think his staff should clean up dog shit.

So, he cut a deal with Helen Clarke to let her run her dog walking business in Canine Commons for as long as she wanted as long as SHE picked up all the dog shit every day for everyone. And Helen must pay for all repairs her dog walking business caused to the park. For 12 years. But of course Helen did NOT spend her money, she gave no part of the estimated $80,000 CASH business she ran to fix up the park.

I ended that charade. I simply told Council. Council then ordered Downey to spend $80,000 in two phases. An estimate of $8,000 as a quick fix for gates and a SMALL patch of mud. Then, he spent another $72,000 gutting the land of all tree scraps, or at least flattening them down, and a new cattle fence and a small dog area, and new gates, and some paving and a curb and a no parking zone.

I got that done, not Helen who begged Downey annually for 12 years and got zilch.

Then, Allan upped the ante. He required that Helen dissociate herself from my large mouth. He threatened to toss her dog walking company from the park if she did not help him get me ARRESTED on MAY 30, 2018.

So she did. She made up a story helped by “jail cell lawyer” Det. James Ward, and she called for my arrest.

The story she made up was that she was under no contractual obligation to put up with my emails getting her $80,000. She lied to police she had NEVER signed a contract to manage the dog park. EVER.

Not the one in 2013, not the one in 2015 and NOT the one in 2020. She denied signing every contract. She said they were only “memoranda of understanding”. Because that was the limit of Det. James Ward’s Law School experience. He only caught the class that discussed the mandatory elements of a contract. He nodded off perhaps, but for some reason, he told Helen that no contract ANYWHERE was valid if cash did not change hands. He told her on video that the Canine Commons Committee Agreements were not contracts requiring her to do ANYTHING. They were just a list of dreams. They were just a suggestion, a hope, a dream.

That is why today Lloyd’s will screw Helen and Jaclyn into the ground to reduce their costs of my suit. They will toss them under the bus, because Helen and Jaclyn are NOT covered by Lloyd’s.

Why would Helen and Jaclyn let Lloyd’s ignore their plight? They have no choice. On their own, my suit will remove their life savings. If they stick together, they have a tiny hope.

I like the result.

When I prove even one small crime among the 7 defendants, ALL of their liability insurance becomes void.

So, tell me, is it not to Lloyd’s advantage to let this go to trial and let me prove one tiny crime so they can bail out on the insurance?