LeppLaw™©️- Case Law By Bob Lepp

When the court makes a decision in your “matter”, that decision becomes law for every one who follows, whether in Criminal Court or Civil Court.

That should scare the hell out of you if you have been following my “matters”. Because that means the very creative women who have falsely arrested me and sued me are creating the same potential charges for all other men in Canada.

Example: Justice Kenkel ruled that your arresting officer, the lead cop on YOUR ass, can now stay in the court room when you are granted a Judicial Pre-Trial, a JPT. Not to be confused with a CPT, or a Crown pre-Trial.

Newmarket Courts break the law for every self-represented person such as I am. David Moull has prohibited ALL Crowns from meeting PRIVATELY perps in an office to hand over evidence and to plead their innocence. Privately, not recorded. Never published.

BUT, you have to BUY that right, even though Parliament intends YOU to have a CPT and a JPT IN PRIVATE, you only get that if you pay a criminal lawyer a $15,000 flat rate.

So, the price of privacy is $15,000. Who has that in retirement? Not me. $1100 in CPP and OAS per month. RRIF’s to last me 25 are years. That is it.

So, following is all the Case Law my 7 arrests and 3 lawsuits have generated for ALL of you out there, Don’t blame me, blame the French for losing on the Plains of Abraham. Had they won, case law would NOT exist AT ALL since the French prosecute EVERY case on its own, FRESH every time. The law is the law. Law does NOT GET CREATED when a French judge screws up.

When a Canadian justice makes a mistake, that becomes LAW in Canada fron then on. Absurd.

And Justice Kenkel DID screw up when he let Detective Ward assist Crown Pasquino at my Judicial Pre-Trial November of 2018.


1) Charles Painter loses, he tried to convince J. Edwards that even without EVER being in a trial, I was a vexatious litigant.

The Corporation of the Town of Aurora v. Lepp, 2019 ONSC 6041 (CanLII)


LeppLaw™©️created a precedent that not only was I NOT VEXATIOUS, no one like me will be convicted of it in future.

2) Charles Painter loses AGAIN, in the Court of Appeal for Ontario )CAO)

Date: 2020-08-25 File number: C67682 Citation:Aurora (Town) v. Lepp, 2020 ONCA 528 (CanLII),



(1)         Aurora’s Submissions 

[6]         On appeal, Aurora argues that the application judge erred by:

(1)    failing to declare Mr. Lepp a vexatious litigant pursuant s. 140(1) of the CJA

(2)    failing to dismiss Mr. Lepp’s claim under r. 2.1.01 of the Rules;

(3)    displaying a reasonable apprehension of bias during the hearing; and

(4)     failing to order that Aurora should receive full indemnity costs in the amount of $30,668.07. 

[7]         Aurora also brings a motion to adduce fresh evidence. The fresh evidence consists of an affidavit that summarizes several events that occurred AFTER the application was heard. These events include negative findings against Mr. Lepp made by several judges in unrelated proceedings

…and a finding of contempt made by the application judge.

Yes, Painter wanted the THREE (3) Appeals Justices to BIAS THEIR DECISION BECAUSE I STOOD UP FOR MY RIGHTS

3) Charles Painter lied to a judge to convict me of contempt.


He took 4 emails I write and showed them to a justice too busy to read then and he lied that each one was in contempt of an order that I not communicate to my councillors and Mayor about my “matters in my lawsuit”.. So, I emailed the Mayor and Bylaws about OTHER stuff that just sounded like “the matters” but were not.

Justice Di Luca had no time to read thousands of pages printed by Painter and instead he just listened to his friend as he described how contemptuous I was. He did not require a simple chart showing which email violated which MATTER in his order.

So, now ANYONE in Canada can be convicted of Contempt in this same way. He set a precedent

In Fact, the 4 “communicatiions”, i.e. “emails”, were as follows. The 5 matters are matched to the people involved, then the TOPICS 4 emails are described. The issues I spoke about were kinda like the “matters” but 2 were actually NEW problems I had encountered and I asked for help. The 4th was to give to Aurora a history of the dog park for their arvhoves which contain NOTHING about how the first volunteers put up ALL the money for the ENTIRE park.

4) Eddie v. Lepp, 2019 ONSC 6946 


Mandie Eddie sued me for what I said about her role as Bylaws Manager for the Town of Aurora and as Parking Officer in the Town of Erin. She was AGREEABLY terminated by both towns and BOTH PAID HER TO GO AWAY. Erin paid her 2 FULL MONTHS salary to leave when they ran out of work after just 4 months.

Aurora paid Mandie an estimated $80,000 to go away. Aurora refuse to supply ANY facts about her resignation, BUT, after she was let go, Mandie bragged in Linkedin that she save. $80,000 working there. I think she was referring to her cash buyout to not sue Aurora.

Check out the justice’s rulings at [35]          ” I add, to the extent it is relevant, that this litigation does not have the hallmarks of SLAPP litigation. The parties are not in significant different positions financially or with respect to their vulnerability. Each pleads that they have been targeted by the other in legal actions. This litigation has all the hallmarks of a private dispute about alleged, private wrongs.

Exactly what is “PRIVATE” about her arresting me 7 times 2017-2020? 16 charges are never “PRIVATE”.

What is PRIVATE about Erin residents up in arms about her hiring, so livid that they threatened Mayor Allan Alls with losing the election?

IN 2015 she did not work a full year, But, there were 71 OTHER Crawfords paid over $100,000 in Ontario. 21 of those 71 were cops and firefighters.


5) Appeal OVERTURNS J. Rose December 4, 2019 COnviction and Probation


6) Appeal FAILS to overturn J. Harpur trial, now filed downtown COA


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