Court Conned: Crown Greg Elder

Elder knew that the August 23, 2018 charge that I tried to “dissuade” witness Helen Clarke from testifying was bullshit. He KNEW it was me just trying to settle MY SMALL CLAIM SUIT for free when Jaclyn just wanted to keep helping Det, James Ward to entrap me.

So, he came up with a plan to USE the INDICTABLE charge to WIN A SUMMARY CHARGES TRIAL.

He manipulated the INFORMATION numbers so that for trial he could choose BOTH SUMMARY AND INDICTABLE CHARGES TOGETHER,

That way, he could talk about NASTY stuff like tampering and dissuading a witness when trying simple charges about allegedly harassing emails.

So, before J, Kenkel, he mixed up my paper file so BADLY that J. Kenkel could not understand it. That is in the transcripts. Elder was ordered to arrange all Paterson the file properly, but he NEVER DID.

In my last appearance before J. Kenkel I told him the charges were mixed, SUMMARY with INDICTABLE… I made up a ONE PAGER to demonstrate that.

J. Kenkel AND DEPUTY CROWN DAVID MOULL both refused to even look at the page, both said the mixed charges were fine.

Then, J, Harpur read out mixed charges from TWO informations, BUTm the information numbers were NOT read into the record.

s. 139 2) TODAY os a HYBROD charge. TODAY, Elder COULD chose to try it as INDICTABLE or SUMMARY..

BUT, on June 11, 2019 S. 139 2) was INDICTABLE ONLY. Elder knew he could fool J. Harpur who was about to retire and just wanted my trial to finish as quickly as possible.

When the trial was OVER, magically J. Harpur… near retirement and working as an hourly paid justice, he suddenly discovered s. 139 2) was INDICTABLE ONLY so he had tried me in a biased manner.

When evidenced was introduced by Elder, he did NOT state what charge he was proving. He just presented evidence and let the justice figure out what charge he is arguing. This abuse meant I was tried SUMMARILY for an INDICTABLE charge. And the Court of Appeal still refused to hear me. So I will go to the Supreme Court with the entire 7 arrests and 26 charges problem and let them sort it all out.