3/29 Helen’s Counsel Keeps Her Sued

Since May of 2018, Helen has hired 2 counsel to defend her in my Small Claims suit and now the Superior Court $7 million suit. I sued her first for libelling me in an email she broadcast May 10, 2018 throughout Aurora staff and Council. Her counsel was and is Jaclyn Solomon in that.

In my June 2019 trial, Jaclyn testified about her time working undercover for Det. James Ward. She testified that my first offer to her June 24, 2018 was to drop my suit if Helen would simply agree in writing to 13 facts or points. And if Helen signed, and paid me $95 for my direct filling costs, he legal battles would have ended. Allan Downey could STILL let her run her business in his park. She wanted to stick to it, and to see me defeated once and for all.

13 Facts To Remove Helen From Trial

1) Bob Lepp helped me get the dog park rebuilt in December 2016, and again in November 2017.

2) I did not want to pursue making the park accessible and I asked Bob to stop bothering me about any more improvements, Bob stopped emailing me November 29, 2017.

3) Bob has not changed his email address from boblepp@gmail.com, he has always been boblepp@gmail.com

4) Bob Lepp has no outstanding criminal charges xxxxxxxxxxxxx, they were all dropped by the crown November 3, 2017. Police had no evidence of any wrongdoing, legally obtained or illegally obtained.

5) Bob Lepp has never “cyber bullied” her, whatever that means.

6) Bob Lepp has never followed her place to place. She has no evidence of such following.

7) Bob Lepp has never photographed anything but her truck parked in the no parking zone. 

8) Bob Lepp has never slandered or defamed her, he has only reported factually her 11 years of  illegal use of the dog park in violation of contract PKS-011-15, a contract she signed many years ago. She may have quit now, but she has signed it multiple times prior. And she has used the park every day. She advertises on her business web site that the ONLY place she walks is Canine Commons. She agrees she has violated that contract.

9) She has not cancelled her contract with the Town. There is no new lead volunteer on record (I paid for an FOI on this very topic.)

10) Bob contacted ONLY my business email address displayed for the public to use on my business web site only. He did not contact me personally, he only copied the business on his complaint.

11) I apologize for exaggerating what I said Bob did in my response of May 10, 2018 at 9:43 pm..

12) I apologize for calling police for no reason twice at least, May 10 and May 25.

13) I will not testify against Bob in Criminal Court because that would constitute public mischief.

You get that letter by noon tomorrow and a cheque from her business  for $95 for my sunk costs and I will withdraw the suit.

Offer To Settle To Solomon – June 24, 2018

Solomon refused to settle for $95…..

Then, December 18, 2018 in response to being sued by Aurora for $950,000 November 18, 2018, I sued Helen for $1,000,000 on average. For Public Mischief and Perjury in colluding with Aurora, police and the courts.

Rather Than Settle, She Soldiers Onward

She is still in the suit February of 2023 because, again, her second counsel is keeping her there. It is her choice to stay in the suit for trial in November.

But, afterwards, she can sue both counsel for failure to act in her best interests. Helen is a mere pawn being used by Allan Downey and Aurora to destroy my life. She chose to help Allan, and she is choosing to keep helping today. She can get out at any time just be telling the truth in court. In 2018 she refused to agree to these 13 facts and pay just $95.

Would it not make sense she can still tell the truth today in this suit?

Even Jaclyn chooses to stay in this suit. She wants to go to trial, otherwise she would tell her lawyers what to do to get her dismissed form the suit.

There is nothing I can do when both women have such a strong desire to appear at the trial in November.