Helen Clarke – testifies in court June 12, 2019

Helen Clarke “walks” dogs. She does this commercially inside Canine Commons off leash dog park exclusively. She brings a group of dogs, anywhere from 2 to 12 or more (her web site once said he could handle up to 50), and let them loose inside. The dogs had been cooped up by owners for this daily ritual, so they all excitedly run around without supervision. They bother other dogs, They bite people on occasion.

Helen signed a contract to handle all user complaints. She was required to crate and publish rules and make sure everyone had a copy. she did not do that.

On May 10, 2018 I emailed Aurora about this situation… Pet and Parks bylaws being broken, Commercial activity, too many dogs for one person, no tags, etc. I cc:d the email address for Time 4 Paws, a company.

Helen called police to arrest me admitted Det, James Ward did just that, He then read the rules and the bylaws and he agreed with mu assessments. Then he arrested me for cc:ing Helen.

But here I see a very interesting thing. Det, James Ward claims that Helen each day picks up a dog, puts it in her van and takes off its pet tag and/or collars and puts them into a Ziploc baggie and leave them in her van. The most basic bylaw is the requirement for a valid annual tag on a collar affixed to the dog. That is what Det, James Ward testified to.

So, Helen drives, picks up a dog, takes OFF its pet tag from its collar into a bag or puts the collar in a bag, then she RELEASES them into the park with no identification.

How does that make sense? Take extra TIME and risk loss of the tags? Who would do that?


Helen evaded and obfuscated every time she was asked for a date. She had been coached for her testimony and told not to remember any dates so the judge would be confused.

After all, 13 times she or her paralegal called police to have ME arrested.

Paralegal Solomon did not know what recognizance of bail I was under. Crown Greg Elder was caught in 2018 by TWO Superior Court Justices, SRJ Fuerst and J. Dawe. for including the ladies’ names on recognizances when they were not eligible to be named. He was ordered to STOP but continued, even on March 4, 2020, my last arrest.

A Crown Prosecutor does NOT refuse an order from a Superior Court Justice, especially the Regional SENIOR Justice Fuerst. As I watched, her honour told the Crown to STOP naming the women whose charges she had JUST HAD THROWN OUT.

Then, December 11, 2018 Justice Dawe told Crown Greg Elder in my presence to stop it AGAIN. And AGAIN, Crown Greg Elder refused to stop and he named women whose charges were proven to be false.

That is why Helen and Jaclyn called police 13 times to arrest me. Jaclyn, a paralegal, was NOT aware that I had long ago had my bail terms modified by Justice Dawe. So Jaclyn kept calling police to arrest me, even when I emailed her name to a lawyer. Jaclyn did not understand what “DO NOT publish in any online media” MEANT. She thought “email” was an “online medium”.

So, every time I complained to the Law Society about her claims I am a TIME TRAVELLER, she would call police and tell them I breached my recognizance. She could not keep straight what charges she laid which were dropped. So she thought she would ALWAYS have her online name protected by Crown Greg Elder.

Crown Greg Elder decided WHICH alleged charges he accepted from Det. Sgt. Heather Bentham’s squad. He ALWAYS accepted whatever Heather came up with, even on March 4, 2020 when he ACCEPTED Heather’s story I had spoken to Jaclyn in an active court room.

How “collusive” is THAT? He’s a lawyer, all 3 complainants are lawyers and he had FOUR stories from just the THREE of them and he still wasted the Court’s time? He kept up the PRETENSE of a trial until 2 weeks before? Then he quietly WITHDREW the bogus claims?

What further proof will the Supreme Court of Canada need? I have 2 SCJ’s whose orders Elder breached. I have ALL 22 false charges. I have him in transcripts refusing Ms Rivet to DEFEND me at trial. He claimed she had a CONFLICT OF INTEREST defending me. I have his questions at trial. I have perjured his witnesses on every lie they told on the stand.

Helen complained 13 times to police:

When she came to my trial to testify, she brought NOTHING to prove her claims. No dates. No photos, NO evidence of “following her”. She was taught “I don’t recall.” “That’s not relevant” “I would have to have my computer here to answer that,”

So, she told a lot of lies. And she thought that, as Det, James Ward informed her at her interview… “I don’t think you could EVER lie to me.”

When it comes to proving conspiracy, remember this… what SENIOR Detective would EVER say ‘You can’t possibly tell me a lie, in my opinion.” unless he was inviting her to lie? What other explanation is there for a cop to express outright BIAS against me than to tel a witness she can say whatever she wants and he will believe her?

So, judge yourself. Here is June 12, 2019 at my trial. I will add June 13 later.