3/29 Det. James Ward Fails To Do His Normal Background Checks In A New Investigation

Loyal readers will recall that my first two arrests were in retribution for fully legal actions I took when:

  1. I was physically assaulted, and
  2. When I was slandered to all of Aurora by an email from Helen Clarke

I never took action FIRST against anyone. I always took whatever they were dishing out FIRST, and only then I took my legal course of action to resolve the dispute. I was never a vigilante or a bully. I never INITIATED anything, I was always reacting to whatever people did to me.

In each of my first two arrests of 7 in 2017 and 2018, police detectives FAILED to figure out that the person who just came to them with a new complaint about me was doing that as revenge for my response to their initiating physical attacks.

I simply reacted. I did NOT take any initial actions against anyone.

So, it was with delight that at my trial, Det. James Ward, the most senior detective in York Regional Police, placed in the record that as a matter of professional dedication he always did background checks on accusers and accused persons.

Why did he FAIL to do that in my case?

Because….. he wanted to avoid finding out that both women were at the police station and were out for revenge. He wanted to paint a picture for Crown Greg Elder that, out of the blue, I had attacked these people with harassing emails. Elder had told him to make sure he did NOT do a background check that could be tracked in police computer systems. If Ward used his office computer to do my background check, that would have been logged. And when he ARRETSED me, I would find out from FOI requests if he searched Newmarket Court records for any actions by me or by Helen Clarke.

Ward used the same technique for communicating with paralegal Jaclyn Solomon who he conscripted to work under cover for him. He used his personal Twitter account to receive data about me from Jaclyn. In telling her to entrap me into extortion nor witness tampering, he himself tampered with justice. He caused a simple slander suit which I offered to settle for $0.00 and no apology, and he delayed and destroyed that civil suit. Police should not inject themselves into the civil matters of an accused person. I would have settled for $0.00 in days and Helen could have apologized for slandering me. Instead, she and her daughter now face a civil trial in which it will be proven that Helen lied to get me investigated, Alisha lied to have me charged with harassment and extortion.

Why did he arrest me for only sending emails I broadcast to MANY people at the same time? Because that is the FULL extent of what I did, so that is all he could arrest me for… I simply sent my opinions in writing to Aurora and to Helen Clarke and to various police officers. I never phoned. I never marched or demonstrated or did anything physical to anyone, or to any place. I sat at my computer and I communicated my opinions to my town where I paid taxes and to women who were paid by my taxes.

Had I chosen instead to do everything in person, Aurora might say I was physically getting in the way of people doing their jobs.

Instead, I sent emails so people who wanted to help or could help, and those who simply did not care to help could just ignore or filter my emails.

People get spam and spoof and phishing emails every day. Does James Ward go after THOSE people? NO! He does not. So, when he came after me, he bypassed a background check on both me and Helen and Jaclyn. Helen and Jaclyn could then record interviews where they mixed up dates, times and events so no one saw and no one noticed I sued her FIRST May 11, 2018 and she had me arrested 2 weeks later on May 25, 2018 claiming that for 2 years I had been sending her unwelcome emails.

It should be impossible for a cop to read the 32 emails I sent to Helen and her replies and find that I harassed her. How can emails THANKING ME and DISPARAGING AURORA STAFF, and telling me how long she had been ignored by Allan Downey.


Then, Det. James Ward had to document his charges to Crown Greg Elder so that he did not reveal that Helen had been sued for slandering me.

As a standard part of my investigation, I would do background checks.

Det. James Ward, July 24, 2018, sworn in and testifying against me at my trial.

If, instead of lying to Crown Elder that his investigation revealed I harassed two women, he had found my assault charge against one women in his OWN computer system, and he would have found from Newmarket Court records that I had JUSTsued Helen Clarke for slander. He should have then ended his investigation and taken up public mischief charges against both women for lying to them to get me arrested.

And even IF his background check was flawed and Sheffield to check his own computer system for my assault claim, he would have found both facts out FAST in an interview BEFORE he arrested me.

It took TWO mistakes by York Regional Police to falsely arrest me when both women lied to them.

These are rookie mistakes, generally. But, when the lead investigator is the most senior detective in York Region, it is misfeasance in public office and it is a breach of the public trust. We have to have trust that police will not bend the rules when they impact lives in such dramatic fashion.

Then, Crown Greg Elder should have known to go to the COurt office downstairs and asked if there were any legal action taken by any of us against any of the others. As it was, Crown Greg Elder took up charges knowing full well that I had sued Helen and that I had sworn out an assault complaint.

So. without further ado… the proof!

July 24, 2019 – Trial before J. Harpur, Crown Gorge Elder

And what would Det. James Ward have found if he had followed Standard Procedures?

In this article, you wil read what his background search would have looked at: