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BL20-๐ŸŽ„C9tnein- Canadian Divorce Rates Spike

Are you feeling differently towards your spouse since March?

You are not alone.

Mine has been ongoing since June 2017 when DC Jeff Brown first scared my wife to death. But it is reaching a crescendo in COVID times.

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BL20-๐ŸŽ„C9tate- This One Writes Itself

On Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian will be sent by her boss Michael Simaan to take me to court and claim I am in contempt of an order she won requiring me to attend an Examination In Aid Of Execution and tell her where all my assets are.

I attended said examination August 28, 2020, and she asked sbopuot or commented on 639 issues. I have the list and answers I gave typed up. That was not enough knowledge for her, so she now claims I did not cooperate at all, and she wants a judge to order me to pay her more costs on behalf of Marnee Buckles’ neighbour.

This is because Mr. Simaan allowed her to sue me “on contingency”, or “free” in the hopes she can win some money to share with him.

Now, anyone who knows me, KNOWS all my assets. They have visited my house, have seen my 50 year old car, and my $10,000 2014 Ford, and my 40 year old Honda motorcycle. And they knew me well enough to know I bought RRSP’s. And they helped celebrate when I retired and bragged of taking CPP early as any idiot would know to do since it is/was going broke. And they understood that at age 70 I MUST by law convert all my RRSP’s to RRIF’s.

Now, CPP and its little brother, OAS, are not seizable in a normal world. Gwendolyn took $4,500 of our CPP/OAS anyway in an illegally executed TD Canada Trust joint bank account garnishment. She tried a second time when I eventually opened a replacement account at CIBC. York and Toronto Police both refused to investigate how she found out and garnished that in less than 18 hours of me opening it.

CIBC then accused ME of fraud, and banned me for life in a letter my CIBC manager is looking into for me.

Third time lucky, I opened an RBC account, Yonge at Aurora Heights next to Shoppers Drugs, thinking that would be safer than both TD and CIBC. And my pension for the past 2 months went there. This money is my only fresh income. The next load is due in less than 2 weeks. I emailed Mr. Simaan asking him to tell Gwendolyn where my income is held so she can legally garnish it, just as she legally garnished both TD and CIBC. She refuses. I think she figured out my catfishing at last.

So, 1 house,1 bank account, 3 old beaters, RRIF’s, CPP, OAS, snowblower, lawn mower. No one hires me for Google Maps work since I am a criminal now and cannot be bonded anymore.

No jewelry, offshore accounts or business income at all anymore since my wife keeps her own income with divorce ongoing.

Mr. Simaan’s employee on Wednesday will ask for costs claiming I did not answer enough of her penetrating questions. Such as “What is the serial number of the $229 Costco freezer AND your push lawn mower?” “What is your SIN?” “When is your mother planning to die?” And “What is her maiden name?”

So, let’s try this…. garnish this bank account like the last two. Please, I beg of you, Mr Simaan, seize this account so she need not go to court Wednesday.

Court proceedings are 99% public so I’ll post the Zoom coordinates as soon as I get them. Peak in for a minute and watch her at work. You will be amazed at her legal finesse.

So desperate is she to get some costs she threatened my wife.

Now, you’re thinking, OR if YOU are Ms Adrian, that I cannot “mention” “Crawford” online. You are wrong.

Friday, November 13, unluckily for you, the Assistant Crown Peter Westgate confirmed “Crawford” is no longer a forbidden word in my blog. All Crawford’s criminal complaints have been resolved in my favour, each and every one was put out to pasture by either J. Johnston November 2017, or by Sr. Regional Justice Fuerst, November 2019.

Further, Superior Court Justice Dawe (no relation to Mayor Geoff Dawe who started all this in an 11:39 am town hall conference with police on July 14, 2017 as he asked DC Jeff Brown to arrest me that afternoon) in June 2020 ordered that the Crown Moull’s “not to mention” bail term was in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms all along as I have told you all many times. He then found my conviction and probation order of Justice Rose December 4, 2010 was just plain wrong and he struck BOTH of those and ordered a re-trial. Well, Asst. Crown Westgate in writing last week said he STAYED the false breach charges and now REFUSES to retry, the charges were so flimsy.

Am I forgetting anything? Oh, yes, in June 2020, J. Dawe ALSO admonished my prosecutor, Crown Greg Elder, for TWICE refusing his and J. Fuerst’s orders to remove Crawford and the 2 others from the “not to mention” terms, used verbatim repetitively by several justices, on November 16, 2019 and again on December 11, 2019.

I now do not see Crown Elder anymore. His replacement, Frank Giordano, refuses ALL communications with me because I chose NOT to hire my paralegal because she is STILL banned by J. Harpur from defending me. I filed a motions to be able to hire a defence counsel. They refuse to schedule the motion.

See, if Crown Giordano NOW approves my paralegal despite the repeat complainant being a paralegal as well, that means J. Harpur was wrong to have banned her on the promise of an affidavit by Crown Elder. Elder asserted to J. Harpur that he could PROVE my paralegal was in a conflict of interest because the baker once sent a complaint to the Law Society about MY paralegal. Or something like that. He was asked by J. Harpur for documented proof of his legal “conflict of interest for LSO complaint” theory and Elder never provided it, so I had no defence counsel for the entire trial. I appealed on that fact alone, of course.

So, I can continue to serialize my book in this blog, naming names and EVERYTHING!

This leaves 2 charges being heard in a Judicial Pre-trial on December 8, 2020. These were BOTH brought by the baker/paralegal being paid by the Aurora contractor who manages Canine Commons for the Town of Aurora Parks Director Allan Downey who new lives out of wedlock with the Bylaws Manager of Aurora. The baker suspended all makeup and birthday cake sales and faux finishing gigs to go undercover for police on multiple occasions to entrap me.

The last 2 charges allege that 1) I spoke to a Law Society licensee in a court room, and 2) I filed with the court an offer to settle my $7 million suit for $1.

To back her up, Aurora lawyer Charles Painter and York Region’s lawyer Barry Stork offered to back up the baker at my trial. Well, Barry did anyway, he offers in a sworn affidavit that he sat beside her and heard nothing. Mr. Painter has yet to file an affidavit for Crown Giordano to cite Defender 8, 2020. This may be a surprise!

Some may say that the 2 charges the baker laid were a bit flimsy, since my bail terms REQUIRE me to speak to her ONLY in a court room, and COURT DOCUMENTS are actually, by law, allowed to name the defendants. In fact, some court documents REQUIRE naming them ALL on one page.

I enjoy the irony that the baker declined to settle her client’s $1,000,000 share of the lawsuit for 1/7 of $1.00 and instead used the offer as evidence of a breach which basically gets my wrist slapped. The Law Society will find out why she decided to do that to address my complaint about her. She failed to place her client’s interests for settlement for 14 cents ahead of her own desire to see me in handcuffs again.

So, today being November 15, 2020, we have but 23 days to see how the cake comes out. Or, will it be a faux finish?

There were skeptics that said I could not possibly prove collusion, working together to one common goal… of all the 7 defendants to deny my rights by false arrest and imprisonment.

In JUST these last 2 charges you can hear December 8, 2020:

  • York Region directed the Police Services Board to oversee
  • York Regional Police DS Heather Banthem in assigning 4 detectives March 2, 2020 to imprison me in Lindsay awaiting a bail hearing March 6, 2020 in support of
  • Aurora’s dog park contractor who operates illegally a commercial dog walking business for money in the form of cash for creation and maintenance of a new dog park “owned” by the Canine Commons Committee she heads up. Then,
  • Aurora’s lawyer Charles Painter and
  • York’s lawyer Barry Stork agreed to falsely back up the
  • Baker in arresting me on 3 charges. All the while
  • Aurora Bylaws Manager Crawford arrests me on 3 false charges, and
  • Aurora Bylaws Manager Crawford sues me for $1,000,000, then convinces
  • Catholic School Principal Ines Donato to call for my false arrest for trespassing within 500 meters at
  • York Region Transit bus stop #1208, (and also my home) and
  • Aurora Bylaws ignored the illegal “property line” spite fence built by Mayor Tom Mrakas’ old friend, mother of jeweller Robert Cleeve, who moved back to Aurora, so she could sue me for telling everyone she testified in Small Claims that she knew she drilled into Marnee Buckles’ foundation rocks with NO prior request OR approval planting her gate post fiully 100% on Buckles’ land before planting 6 MORE fence posts ALSO into foundation rocks 5 inches over the property line on Ms. Buckles’ land… a mouthful. Then,
  • Aurora’s Bylaws Manager moved in with
  • Aurora’s Works Director Allan Downey as admitted at my trial. Then,
  • Toronto Police refused to investigate how
  • Mr. Simaan’s employee got my CIBC bank account number almost before I got home from opening it, because
  • Toronto Police Det. Ozretic claimed I did not give her the accunt number (of course I did) so she get going detecting. Meanwhile…
  • Crown Attorneys Moull, Elder and Westgate took up 21 charges over 3 years against me, refused only 5 MORE BREACHES by
  • The Baker because she had to have stolen the email with the “offending url” from
  • Crown Elizabeth Barnier to lay them, with no evidence of any crime and THEN stayed, dismissed or withdrew 16 and lost one on appeal, lost a ridiculously harsh 3 year probation for an unproven breach and now faces appeals on two more convictions, one by
  • Mr. Simaan’s employee who threatened my wife for no reason in writing, and
  • Crown Giordano pursues the ridiculous lies of
  • The baker, and
  • Aurora lawyer Charles Painter, (often pictured side by side chatting in court halls with
  • York Detective James Ward who admitted he persued me for DS Bentham only becuase peace bonds were too short lived at 2 years) and
  • York Police lawyer Barry Stork, as
  • Lawyer/Bencher-for-life Bob Aaron
  • Reporter Alexandra Heck, and the
  • Toronto Star TWICE published lies about me as a favour to
  • The Baker and client Crawford

Or, one could say this is just one big, fat coincidence.

Justice Edwards will look at all of those allegations, and more, once COVID-19 allows normal court proceedings.

“Stand By!” as Trump would tell the white supremacists. You all know how THAT turned out.

About Bob Lepp In the autumn of his life Web Site Development 101

BL20-๐ŸŽ„C9t7- Trump’s Next Career… Queen Tribute band

About Bob Lepp In the autumn of his life Web Site Development 101

BL20-๐ŸŽ„C9t6๏ธโƒฃ- Nov. 8 Breakfast on the deck in a tee shirt

OK, it MAY not be global warming.. what is it then?

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BL20-๐ŸŽ„C9t5- Completely Off Topic

Have you watched โ€œHighway Thru Hellโ€ or โ€œHeavy Rescue 401โ€?

wreck after wreck of tractor trailers, always the same trouble to right them without falling apart. Canโ€™t get a strap underneath. The sides fall off.

simple question… why has no one modified the design of a trailer to be stronger or easier to hook up to when they fall over?

because they want cheap, light trailers not strong, easy to upright trailers.

there… another problem solved. Products built to be cheap, not safe.

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BL20-๐ŸŽ„C9t๐ŸŽ„- Ever Seen A Venusset?

About Bob Lepp In the autumn of his life Web Site Development 101

BL20-๐ŸŽ„C9tii โ€“ My New COVID-19 Enterprise – Curbside Blowjobs!

I have found a new job!

When life grows lemons all over you, give yourself a squeeze!

You have heard of “Pay it forward!”?? The idea of the random act of kindness encouraging others to do the same and pretty soon we have developed a civilization?

I have just perfected an enjoyable twist on that old idea.

I call it “Blow it forward!”

What you do is buy one of those gas powered suckers at CrappyTire or Home Despot. Then, you pick a neighbour you like, and you reverse the machine so it blows and you go over to his or her home and you give them a free blow job.

Just put the throttle on full and start at the house and blow them all, every last one, down to the street at the curb.

Then, the neighbour cleans up the post-blow mess, and if he/she does that for you, then you come back next day and blow them again.

If your neighbour gets lazy and leaves the leaves, you refuse another blow job. Eventually you find all your neighbours who think like you do, that teams ALWAYS solve problems better than individuals.

See how the neighbours who work as a team do a better job than selfish neighbours?

Blow It Forward!