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BL20-🎄CLXX❻ – The Best Fun in The J. Rose Appeal are the 3 Victim Impact Statements

J. Rose was SUPPOSED to be shown ONLY the blog page alleged to have breached my bail.

This one:

Imagine it on a small iPhone screen.. could YOU read anything? No, of course not.

On a tiny iPhone where it was created not ONE WORD can be read. Only the microscope Greg Elder constructed revealed it, And NONE of the 3 women desired using a microscope to read it

Sad note: The 4 inch stack of paper is Aurora’s argument that I’, vexatious and I talk too much in my blog..

Instead J. Rose was shown my ENTIRE blog the night before he read his draft decision from the Crown. And he asked me questions about posts not introduced into evidence. This is illegal. Judges CANNOT look outside the evidence presented for their decision.

So, it was not surprising he asked for all 3 victim impact statements. As if all 3 of them could read their names in the photo above.

One complained her mother could read her name in that post on her deathbed and she asked her daughter when I was going to stop terrorizing her daughter by writing her name on counter suits.

Did the main complainant of the May 30, 208 arrest truthfully describe how reading her own name affected her?

No, she related that she got ill to the stomach every time I showed up in her inbox, I have published EVERY email I sent her. Not one response from her indicated her stomach condition. EVERY one thanked me for getting her $70,000 for HER business to use free daily.

Did that retching happen in person? Like the day she invited me ALONE to her home when she was considering quitting her volunteering after Jim Tree bribed her to disparage me in writing?

No, I witnessed no retching as I sat at her dining room table. And she happily played along as Mayor Tom Mrakas repeated the EXACT same bribe offer for free wood chips next day on her cell as I watched.

Did the ex-cop try to cover up her past career as Det Sgt Bentham claimed she had done onFebruary 27, 2020? No, she OPENED with her “first responder” career. This trained street cop then swore to the trauma of seeing her name on my $1 million counter suit of HER $1 million suit. She told J. Rose that seeing her name on a counter suit brought back horrible memories. I guess her lawyer had not told her one day she may read her name on a countersuit.

Why did J. Rose permit such wide ranging statements not limited to the charges?

Because he was reading the script prepared by Crown Greg Elder. And that “draft” order led him to say everything at sentencing.

Luckily for me, it is illegal for a justice to rubber stamp the words of the Crown given to him on paper. He could NOT have written 185 IDENtICAL words and commas to those of Greg Elder,

Proof? Simple… J. Rose read into the record his recognizance of bail… exactly 185 words, punctuated IDENTICALLY to the one J. Dawe ordered eliminated December 11, 2019. And it was IDENTICAL to the one J. Fuerst ordered hm to delete November 16, 2019.

By keeping that set of 185 words and getting J. Rose to read it into the record AGAIN in ANOTHER charge is all the evidence required to prove SEVERAL breaches of trust by J. Rose.

And the double contempt of Greg Elder would go on into TWO MORE courts, J. Henschel Dec. 6, 2019 and JP Premji March 6, 2020 where the same 185 words were AGAIN imposed.

So, Crown Elder had confidence. His contempt before J. Fuerst November 16, 2019 did not slow him down. Contempt before J Dawe December 11, 2019 did not slow him down, and on March 6, 2020 Greg Elder AGAIN [\passed the 185 words to JP Premji for his rubber stamped release order.

What else could possibly be needed to prove J. Rose erred in his December 4, 2019 decision in my charges?

  • A copy of the draft order from Crown Greg Elder to J. Rose December 4, 2019
  • A copy of J. Rose’s reasons for sentencing where he quotes Greg Elder’s illegal terms,
  • Transcripts showing J, Rose admitting MULTIPLE TIMES that he read my entire blog when he went outside the evidence to conduct his own private investigation.
  • The questions J. Rose asked me about my BLOG, something NOT in evidence.

What was fun was listening as J. Rose read Greg Elder’s “draft” admonishment to the three that they should not stray beyond the charge at hand in their statements.

Snoopy’s Victim Impact Statement

Then, read the transcript as he ordered me to NOT even glance or look on my accusers as they recited their life stories. I was to turn away, shut up and listen he said.

When the appeal Friday is successful, the 3 victim impacts will be published here in their entirety, and you can judge fairness for yourself.

42 Lies Business Law Without Remorse - a book The Story - 6/3/17 to now York Regional Police

Protected: BL20-🎄CLXXV – 2 Appeals (Rose/Henschel) To Be Heard September 18, 2020

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42 Lies Business Law Without Remorse - a book The Story - 6/3/17 to now York Regional Police

BL20-🎄CLXX🏌️‍♀️ – 911

A date? or an emergency phone number?

Both, and that is called irony. because calling 911 did not stop 911.

Nor is calling 911 even a guarantee of being left alive. Just ask any of the U.S. blacks murdered by police in theist year,

At least for me, they planned only humiliation and impoverishment.

June 4, 2017 and May 30, 2017 I made the normal, safe, recommended SIMPLE of writing to the police and asking for help.

2017-06-03 0 I was assaulted by an Aurora employee June 3, 2017 at her own promotional event to woo dog owownhers ;ole me into not calling the mayor so often about her/

2017-06-04 – I wrote up the assault and handed it to PC Gaudet. He got me arrested by July 14, just 40 days to create a crime for me.

2017-07-14 – Employee makes 2 complaints

2018-05-10 – I was attacked by a dog in Aurora’s dog park. I wrote it up and emailed Council and Bylaw and all the volunteers at the park. It only took one of the volunteers who me back I was harassing her, top have me arrested by…

2018-05-30 – I am arrested on 2 counts of for harassing all the volunteers

2018-08-23 – The volunteers got a paralegal and she wrote up 4 new charges, the Aurora employee kicked in one more and Det. James Ward rubber stamped them all..

2018-08-31 – The same paralegal wrote up 5 breaches and Det Ward stamped this as well.

Score Employee 3, Paralegal 9

“MENTIONING in my law suit first page

2017-12-04 – Paralegal steals, in the my pre enquet against her, an email O sent ONLY to the Crown about her lies, and she has Det. John Loughry write up 5 more breaches based on the information I gave ONLY TO CROWN ELIZABETH BARNIER only,

Paralegal Total 14,,, Crown Moull regains his sanity and refuses to prosecute these 5

April 2, 2019 – paralegal added 2 more for 16….

2019-12-04 – paralegal added 2 more for 18….

2019-12-06 – paralegal added 2 more for 20….

2020-03–04 paralegal added 3 more for 23…. minus 5 of Dec/18 = 18

And throughout, Det Sgt Bentham assigned 37 different officers to rubber stamp what the paralegal wrote up.

She just “wound up” the paralegal and pointed her at me to make stuff up.

So my call to 911 backfired a bit

But it hit me like 911 did to the USA… changed it for the better

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BL20-🎄C💩e2 – Silly cop tricks–u__GGzmVgakCig74DrpX8HQVgeHvXc4IxckZo


6:07 PM PT — Police say the officers were approached by a patron in the convenience store who was in line behind the man at the ATM and found it suspicious his transactions kept being denied.

In the video, the man explains he forgot his pin number because he had so many cards. Police say the entire interaction lasted 6 minutes and they are happy to discuss the incident with the man.

Pulling out money from an ATM in a Texas suburb was all it took for this black man to be cornered and interrogated by white police officers, who thought he had too many credit cards.

The incident went down recently at a gas station in Burleson, a suburb of Fort Worth, and video shows one of the officers asking the man to prove the numerous cards in his wallet are his.

The guy explains he’s in a rush to help his wife, whose car he says had broken down, but police make him slowly cycle through all the credit cards in his wallet so they can match the names on the cards to his ID.

The man wonders why cops are making a big fuss, and one officer tells him someone in the store thought he was acting suspiciously.

At one point, the officer outrageously asks the man how he ended up in the suburb and everything checks out in the end … but now the guy is saying the entire interaction was racist.

Hard to argue.

We reached out to the Burleson Police Department … so far, no word back.

Originally Published — 5:19 PM PT

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BL20-🎄C💩e1 – Silly cop tricks


Police in Texas slammed a man’s forehead into a curb during a bloody arrest … and cops also had an elbow and knee pinned on his head.

The violent altercation with cops in Beaumont, Texas was caught on camera, with bystanders screaming in horror as multiple police officers flip the man off his stomach, causing his head to smash into the concrete curb in the middle of a parking lot.

42 Lies Business Communicate with Daria Morgendorffer Communicating To Counsel The Story - 6/3/17 to now

BL20-🎄C⛺️ex – Appealing Results… I win my first Court of Appeal of Ontario matter over Lloyd’s of London’s best lawyers. THEY get paid!

You can pick up a complete copy of the win on their web site.

Justice Edwards was right, I’m mouthy, not vexatious.

All court I find want top hear only the soft dulcet tones of this called to the bar.

No court likes the idea of a self rep, it’s embarrassing for the pros tp lose to a high school grad so they always fond a way to shove it in your face.

In my case, I was supposed to put up with 3 years of false arrests, 7 of them and 27 charges, 19 false so far, 3 outstanding and 5 appealed.

I was supposed to do that and then be all perfectly lawyerly standing up for myself against the entire Crown, the eminent judiciary AND Lloyd’s of London. All at once. All by myself.

I was supposed to take all that and smile and be silent.

Lawyers are dispassionate, the have no “skin” in the game, win or LOSE they get $500 an hour, and it its an insurance job, the payday is every day. And they have a union, the Law Society, in their six at al times fending off all miner of outrageous complaints.

Barry Stork and Charles Painter, Lloyd’s pros from Dover, got togther and led to arrest me for speaking to a counsel in a court room.

Imagine the nerve. They allege I spoke to a counsel in a court room when that counsel was a litigant. She slo wanted me arrested for writing her name on a piece of paper for the judge.

This is screwball stuff.

Neither Stork NOR Painter said they heard a single word DESPITE sitting BESIDE the 3rd counsel. He sat there, right. where she said he was, and he swore out an affidavit saying I SPOKE to the counsel,,,,, BUT, get this, he did not hear any words at all. His counsel-mate agreed I said “Hi Barry, nice to see you.” Barry dod not hear that. the counsel then alleged the next words were aimed at her,,,, despite ADMITTING she sat BESIDE Stork. So to believe that, you suspend reality and pretend I WHISPERED or something.

Mr. Painter declined Any and ALL statements of what he did or di not hear. So, lets take that as “He heard nothing too”

Anyway, back to my big mouth.

To a man, the courts feel they do not like my style.

My substance is fine, I won the appeal, m7 $7 million goes forward before j Edwards and now he knows Mr Painter called him a piece of poop, judicial-wise. He cited everything from brains to body odour as being failed. He cited every last element of being a justice was LACKING in J. Edwards.

Judges do not mind. They are used to “friends” trashing them to win a case, lawyers will do ANYTHING to win.

I thought they just had to be truthful. I was wrong.

And how dos the Appeal COurt let me win BUT keep me” in my place”?

They awarded Lloyd;s $15,000 of MY money to Lloyd’s because I won the motion, and then I won the appeal. BUT, Lloyds was able to snag “aggressive case management

Although Aurora had greater success given the orders obtained, we note that the application judge did not ultimately grant the s. 140(1) designation or the r. 2.1.01 motion in its entirety. 

So, let me translate.

I sue, Aurora claims I am vexatious for suing. They apply for that.

I win that. I am not vexatious.

J. Edwards suggests some edits for clarity, and imposes himself as case manager.

Aurora did not CLAIM a lack of clarity, they claimed “vexatiousness”

Appeals gave them $15,000 for being beaten by a self rep TWICE.

And this is Canadian Justice.

Lawyers may let you win, but their friends on the bench will make sure they get paid anyway.

I have worked DAYS to defeat the motion and appeal and I win BOTH and get $0.00\

And I am supposed to smile, grin and bear it.

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BL20-CCC🎱 – The Crown’s case crumbles aka “Fly Attorney General Airlines!”

You, society…the “public interest” should sleep better now I’ve been punished for emailing police for help. It takes a lot of money to fuel a court system such as ours and yet when the results are in we get such a Big Bang for the buck.

Judges affirm the public was well served to have me stay home during COVID-19 so I could get in more computer time. I suggested confining a criminal to 60 straight days to the scene of the crime may cause more trouble than it fixes, but, no, they feel that is an appropriate punishment.

THIS email was my crime, this VERY email to police

This email got me 60 days house arrest

Luckily I was not the balcony rapist, or I’d be serving my time on your balcony. If I’d known years ago I could be sentenced to 60 days at my last crime scene I’d have broken into Scaramouche years ago!

The Crown has a problem. They know my last arrest was based on Crown Greg Elders refusal to follow orders from two superior justices November and December. If he had done what he was told, there would be NO “not to mention” term to violate. And June 3 J Dawe AGAIN told the crown the term was illegal and STILL they do nothing.. they just ignored a third order by the Superior court.

Crowns succeed one case of four. And still get paid weekly, and a juicy pension. They have jobs for life. Their boss, the Atty General. guarantees that in writing. He writes in every manual, “Even if you do not follow these rules I will support whatever decision you make on your own, your guess is as god as ours, anyways!”

In related news, the Attorney General is now supplying pilots to the embattled airline industry. There its a glut of both planes AND pilots, so the AG figures to correct that by reducing supplies of both. 3 out of 4 flights will crash, taking out just ONE plane but TWO pilots, Oversupply problem solved! You can fly safely now! Well, either you OR one of your three buddies will.

If your family of four needs to fly, take 4 different flights. Statistically, at least one of you will arrive. If you fly together you are ALL 75% sure to die. Better to leave an executor alive.

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BL20-CCCViii- Silly cop tricks



Wait until the plowmophobes get to it!

Posted on Friday August 21, 2020

Investigators with the York Regional Police Hate Crime Unit and the #1 District Criminal Investigations Bureau are appealing for witnesses after a hate-motivated incident in the Town of Aurora.

On Friday, August 21, 2020, York Regional Police received a report from staff with the Town of Aurora regarding a suspected hate crime incident following the unveiling of the new rainbow crosswalk located at Yonge Street and Wellington Road. Officers learned that just before midnight on Thursday, August 20, 2020, a pick-up truck drove over the crosswalk and left black tire skid marks over the rainbow area then returned a short time later and left some more. Investigators believe that the marks were done intentionally and this is being investigated as a hate-motivated incident.


  • Light coloured pick-up truck

Investigators are asking any witnesses, anyone with information or anyone with dashcam or video surveillance footage in that area, to please come forward.

York Regional Police does not tolerate hate crime in any form. Those who victimize individuals based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or mental or physical disability will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Anyone with information can contact the York Regional Police #1 District Criminal Investigation Bureau at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7141, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, leave an anonymous tip online at

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BL20-CCCVii- Silly cop tricks

Click this:… h

MONTREAL — A Montreal police officer with a bizarre definition of a good deed was suspended without pay for three days after entering a family’s home “without any right” in the middle of the night to return a lost wallet. 

The series of events detailed in a recent decision from Quebec’s police ethics committee is downright bizarre. 

Officer Ghyslain Lavoie entered a house where lawyer Yves Gratton, his partner and their three children were sleeping, just before 2 a.m. on Aug 22, 2017. He was trying to return Mr Gratton’s daughter’s lost wallet, which had been found and turned in to police days earlier.

Gratton is a legal aid defence lawyer who has been practising in Quebec since 1993. A few days after the events, he filed a complaint with the police ethics commissioner, the provincial office which examines complaints filed against police officers, wildlife protection officers, special constables, highway controllers and UPAC investigators who may have violated its code of conduct.

Lavoie, who stated in his deposition he wasn’t aware of Gratton’s profession, went to great lengths to return the lost wallet. When it was given to him by a citizen who had found it, on Aug. 20, the police officer visited an address he found for the owner. When nobody answered the door, he decided to visit another address listed on the documents: Gratton’s home.

Lavoie knocked on the door of the Gratton family’s home around 3:22 a.m on the night of Aug. 21, according to an account of events endorsed by both parties. Nobody answered. He tried calling Gratton’s partner’s phone, but no one picked up. He couldn’t leave a message because her voicemail was full, the committee’s decision notes.

But Lavoie wasn’t ready to throw the towel. When he was back at work the following night, the officer returned to Gratton’s home with his partner, officer Milena Maturana. Around 1:46 a.m., Maturana rang the doorbell. Again, nobody answered.

Meanwhile, Lavoie inspected the car parked in the driveway and noticed it was left unlocked. The officer then took out another wallet left on the passenger seat of the vehicle “wanting to prevent a theft,” administrative documents state.

Determined to return the wallets to their owners, Lavoie went around the house to the back door, which was also unlocked. After knocking and ringing the doorbell multiple times, he entered the house.

“In his deposition, he mentioned entering to check if there had been a theft or if someone needed assistance,” the committee noted in its decision.

Awoken by Lavoie’s repeated calls of “Hello? Police,” Gratton got out of bed and came face to face with Lavoie, who was climbing the stairs to the first floor.

“He sees a police officer in uniform in his home, who is shining a flashlight towards him,” the committee wrote.  Maturana is still downstairs.

After a short conversation with Gratton, Lavoie handed him the wallets and cautioned him to always lock his door “for his safety.” The police officers then left the residence.

A few minutes later, Gratton called 911 to complain about the intervention. He filed an official ethics complaint against both officers on Sept. 1. 

Three days suspension

Lavoie, who has  never violated the police force’s code of conduct in his 26 years of service, admitted he had searched the lawyer’s car without having the right to do so. He also conceded that he shouldn’t have entered the home, “since he didn’t have any power or motive allowing him to enter in this space when the expectation of privacy is high.”

In light of this, the committee accepted the parties’ joint recommendation to give him a three-day suspension without pay. Maturana wasn’t sanctioned because the investigation determined Lavoie spearheaded the intervention.

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BL20-CCC❻ – The “Bobotomy”… Progress!

I know they took so little material away from me in my efforts to “go clear” like John Travolta and Tom Cruise, but my outlook has improved greatly already. It is if a veil of darkness and confusion was lifted.

I no longer see doom and gloom wherever I look.

I should have asked for this a long time ago, but, to be honest, when the courts started threatening me with mental assessments I figured they would follow through so why should I bother doing anything myself?

Now I know it is always better to just do it yourself and not wait for the courts.

“They” say they got about half the job completed yesterday. And until I consent to go back for the complete rework I may STILL get frustrated and confused by what I am facing.

If you all can be patient, I’ll be a patient as well and undergo the life-altering laser second time at least. More if they need it.

Could all of my arrests have been prevented by a Bobotomy?

I cannot quite see that, but then again I have been unable to see a lot of things clearly.

if I could get a few non-arrested months under my belt, we will all know it works for good… maybe.

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BL20-CCCV- Silly/Nice cop tricks

Click this:…–c

It’s a “feel good story” police create now and again.

Forgive me if I am not feeilng QUITE as “good” as others who read it.

The nice young man got a new bike after reporting a crime.

June 4, 2017 I reported a crime. The officers got together and arrested me.

With no criminal history or even police contact, I was arrested for complaining about being assaulted.

I think there may be a colour bias involved… I’m a pale, very white, very old man. The kid was cute and likely crying his eyes out.

A kid and his bicycle make much better newspaper photos than a pale skinned 71 year old assault victim. Age matters it seems.

If police would be consistent, I think people could handle it. If they had some kind of instruction book they could all follow, we would get treated the same.

Instead, the Criminal Code as a book is treated by police like a Speed Sign in Quebec… as “Merely a Suggestion!”

And so, I NOW have 7 arrests, 14 days in prison and 27 charges and I have paid lawyers $44,000 iNSTEAD of getting a free bicycle.

But tell the little boy that any one cop and a buddy can each make $400 for 8 hours just sitting still, playing Candy Crush while they both are “guarding ” a convict they can convince to have a heart attack.

Which they did December 6, 2019.

In the court cells they roughed me up a bit and left me in a cell. I had a heart attack.

Over the next 3 days, 18 cops made $400 each flirting with nurse making sure a 71 year heart patient did not bring keys for 3 chains holding him to a bed.

$7,200 the 12 cops could have shared with the “Give a kid a free bike!” promo run by the Police Association. They could have bought 18 bicycles.

The kid got a great deal. normally 4 tickets are required. And points,

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BL20-🎄CCC4 – The “Bobotomy” is complete, a bare minimum of cellular matter was removed.

42 Lies Business Google Maps York Regional Police

BL20-CCC3- Do you deal only or mostly in cash in your business?

Do you issue an invoice to every client every week or each month?


the CRA is renewing interest in its snitch line because it seems people who dealt in cash and did not submit a true income tax return then claimed the CERB as well.

if you know someone like that, one who took cash from a lot of clients then maybe they should not have claimed CERB.

you can check out companies who solicit cash without an invoice with HST. You can check if their published company name is legally registered. If they registered to remit hst.

example…several judges agreed I cannot name a Certain company. I checked. It is Not registered by that name with Ontario. It also did not purchase the required business permit in Aurora. It testified it had No business insurance. Just homeowners insurance. It has no hst number on its website.

it’s published price list does not declare “ plus HST” as is required by law.

now that business likely takes All cash, remits no tax.

how to prove it? No need. That’s what the snitch line is for.

and if it turns out judges have been ordering me to NEVER report a tax cheat… well, I’d be upset. I’d say In my lawsuit that the court colluded to protect that owner from being reported as a tax cheat. But the snitch line is anonymous. I can say that name all day long anonymously and I’ll never be breached!

1. Overview

If you suspect a person, business or charity of tax or benefit cheating in Canada, report them to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) by submitting a lead to the Leads Program. If your information is related to Canadians cheating taxes internationally, you have to submit it under a different program, the Offshore Tax Informant Program.

How you make a difference

The CRA uses the information in your lead to make sure the tax system is fair for all Canadians. Your lead could also boost the actions the CRA is already taking to fight cheating. However, you will not receive feedback or updates after you submit a lead. This is because the CRA cannot disclose information about other persons. Furthermore, the CRA does not give monetary rewards for information about suspected cheating under the Leads Program. When you submit a lead, you are supporting your community and the programs and services we all rely on to improve quality of life in Canada.

2. What you need to know

Different types of cheating you can report:

  • not declaring all income
  • creating false expenses or tax deductions
  • taking cash “under the table”
  • not filing tax returns when required
  • setting up a fake business to claim losses and reduce taxes
  • businesses not remitting proper source deductions
  • falsely claiming tax benefits or credits
  • creating false or deceptive documents or records
  • charities making profits from non-charitable activities
  • individuals receiving the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) who do not meet the eligibility criteria
  • individuals receiving the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) who do not meet the eligibility criteria
  • businesses or charities that are misusing the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)


You will remain anonymous

When you report suspected tax or benefit cheating (by submitting a lead), you will not be asked to disclose personal information about yourself. The protection of personal information is important, and the CRA is committed to protecting your identity. This means that the CRA will do all it can, under the law, to protect your identity along with any information that suggests you submitted a lead. Accordingly, if asked to disclose that information under a formal Access to Information Act request or Privacy Act request, the CRA will claim an exemption from such disclosure under subparagraphs 16(1)(c)(ii) of the Access to Information Act and 22(1)(b)(ii) of the Privacy Act.

CRA’s use of information and documents

The information you provide is collected under the authority of federal tax and benefit laws, and it is protected under the confidentiality provisions of those laws, as well as by privacy laws that impose strict limits on what the CRA can disclose. The CRA may use the information you provide to make sure taxpayers meet their tax obligations and that claimants are entitled to benefits.


When the CRA receives a lead (it must be in English or French), it will take these steps:

  • verify the identity of the suspected cheat
  • review the lead to determine if cheating occurred
  • take the appropriate action to address the specific type of cheating
“I’m a man of principle. Any money passed under the table would commit me to honour my obligations.”
“I’ve gotten plenty of table scraps but no one has ever given me money under the table.”
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BL20-CCC2 – Spite Fence to rise again!

Bylaws were asked by me to get my neighbour to rebuild his retaining wall.

It was built in 1983 of used railway ties. It rotted and collapsed. Horizontal time backs meant to keep it upright were pulled up out of the ground as it slowly fell over.

Neighbour “repairs” collapsed wall
Neighbour “repairs” collapsed wall
Neighbour “repairs” collapsed wall

My neighbour, after 25 years of abuse by aiming his downspout AT THE WALL, and washing OUT his soil UNDER the wall onto my land, figures twine and cat tie downs to be the correct repair.

So, I will have to straighten it myself.

BUT, I will be doing it OUT OF SPITE, only.

Yes, my very own spite wall!

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BL20-CCC1 – Mount Rushmost To Be Named

Mount Rushmost

In a daring move, Joe Biden decreed. if elected, he would sign a bill re-naming it “Mount Rushmost“, and ensuring that EVERY president, past and present, is carved into the old Rushmore facade at a size befitting the good works performed. Several river rocks are …

… being interviewed. The chosen stone will be laser etched Wednesday and installed Monday at the very top of Mt. Rushmost.

If it does not blow away, it will be there for a generation of visitors to see from drone imagery.

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BL20-CCC – For Clarity: I’m Being Taken Off-Line

While I know some of you will be quite upset, at least 3 of you… I am off this week for some serious elective surgery.

“They” say it will help me see life in “more real” terms. Clearer, less cluttered with abstract versions of reality.

At first, I could not a good look at what my Probation Officer wanted me to do..”assessment-wise”. You know, nudge-nudge-wink-wink, the judge orders the pest get “assessed” for his ability to be imprisoned.

Now, as if overnight, I have been set up for life-altering surgery. I’m not suggesting “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” level electronic therapy, but they did tell me a laser capable of slicing out one cell thick layers of protoplasm was to be used.

And being as how it is the Attorney General who is involved, many other sufferers must have been bumped so I could be cleared up.

What they intend to slice into is really my “portal to my universe”. If they can clear up that massive pink organ so I see straight enough for court, I will be pleased.

For obvious reasons I do not wish to blog off half-cocked. I need to be firing on all cylinders. I will be seen less often here, but the other authors may entertain you.

I will have one last supper, and then adjust my attitude for surgery. I want to see and be seen as clear, centered and without any stigmas left at all, fully a-stigma-tic is what I shall be. Ready for a fair shake, to see and be seen in court when it comes to facing up too charges as a “normally sighted” person. I must see the world in a better “way” they say.

🎶Fortunately, I have the key to escape reality so if you see me tonight with an illegal smile, (It don’t cost very much, but it lasts a long while)
Won’t you please tell “the man” I didn’t kill anyone, no, I’m just tryin’ to have me some fun.

I may not be here all week…so try the veal NOW!

🎤 drop.

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BL20-🥓9T9 – Silly cop tricks

Check out this story from TMZ State Trooper Who Ripped Mask Off Man Videotaping Traffic Stop Fired Download the TMZ app for iPhone


or on Youtube:
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BL20-🥓9T8️⃣ – Perspective. Why millennials complain…

be thankful.

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BL20-🥓9T🕑 – How House Arrest Exceeds The “Trauma” of Prison FOUR TIMES

The judiciary rank house arrest as being  four times as onerous as prison… for good and valuable reasons!

IF I was in prison, at LEAST I would get:

Follow along at: canada minimum time out of cell

A minimum of 4 hours OUT of my cell… I get ZERO

Exercise yard… NOPE!

Recreation, CULTURAL events, self-help groups…..

I get NOTHING helpful.

When your wife is divorcing you and dropping being your surety, you are on your own, no meals, no laundry, no shopping…


I get NONE of these….

Case Preparation for Release

There are various forms of release to the community. Some release decisions are granted by the warden of the institution and others are based on decisions by the Parole Board of Canada. Releases include:

  • Temporary Absences
  • Work Releases
  • Day Parole
  • Full Parole
  • Statutory Release
  • Long-Term Supervision Order

Before being considered for release, the inmate must prepare a detailed release plan. This includes information about where he/she would like to be released, the support network he/ she has available, employment or education plans, as well as intended leisure activities.

Risk of re-offending is assessed and a strategy for the offender’s transition to the community is developed. The institutional Parole Officer and the community Parole Officer work together with the inmate to create a viable plan. After gathering the necessary information, the Parole Officer prepares the required documents. Either a positive or a negative recommendation is sent to the Parole Board of Canada for decisions under its authority.

In any inmate-related decision, CSC takes into account the protection of society, including any victims, as paramount for consideration.

42 Lies Business Google Maps Whither goest Gwendolyn Adrian? York Regional Police

BL20-🥓9T🩱- I still have an RBC Bank account! My $.02 worth!

So, my complaint to the Banking Ombudsman for Canada worked!

My 2 previous banks honoured a FAXED garnishment to Head Office when the law DEMANDS service at the Branch where the funds are held.

BUT, RBC is able to know the law despite Gwendolyn Adrian.

Cheers! To RBC! R-eally B-eing C-anadian!

RBC = R-etain B-ob’s C-ash!

I finally found a bank with morals, ethics, with a copy of the law.

EVERYONE should switch to RBC, this is a bank who cares!


THESE are my buddies.. even though they got robbed….


I first thought these two were great… I was wrong…


Then I saw this…..



SHHHHHH… don’t tell anyone!


These are the INFLUENTIAL women in MY life now.



42 Lies Business Google Maps York Regional Police

BL20-🥓⛴🥓- Judge takes over jobs of others. Was ordered to stop doing that.

In 2018 a judge personal tracked down and arrested a woman who made noise in the hallway.

I guess he was unhappy with police and crowns.

He has resigned now.

Just do your OWN job. Leave arrests for cops trained in that,



42 Lies Business Google Maps York Regional Police

BL20-🥓8️⃣T⛴- Cop chases car into a ditch, gets put, shots black driver in face…charged with murder

by now, one could expect cops would have seen a pattern.

if they murder someone, they get arrested.

so if a cop FIRST shoots a man in the face, what was the intent? To ruin his looks?

if the second amendment guarantees gun ownership, could they amend for some mandatory training?

42 Lies Business Google Maps York Regional Police

BL20-🥓91 Announcing – USA announces Courier’in ©️™️ Voting consortium of Fedex/UPS/DHL to drop off and pick up ballots

The U.S. election is ON again, despite the post office removing drop off boxes and selling sortation gear.

Yesterday… was announced by the Senate…

Feds: USPPS “PollPaks™©️ Solve Voting Irregularities not involving the digestive tract.”

The entire same day courier industry and Amazon+ will be banded together as “USPPS” – The United States Poll Package Service..”The PeePees ” for short.) .and will now drop off fuzzy carton cube shaped ballots, aka a PollPak™©️, individually the week of October 15, and will automatically schedule the “return for credit” item pickup the week of October 22.

The 6 soft, fuzzy sides of every carton carry bar codes for indicating your vote. Just use the included Sharpie to obliterate, redact, or obfuscate the barcode naming who you voted AGAINST. (White supremacists are issued white cover up robing stickers),,, Every bar code remaining visible will then register as it is tossed inside, as JUST one vote, with the unique I-ntelligently P-olled address, or IP Address for short.

Every vote INCLUDES the universe-unique IP ADDRESS of the voter. Solid evidence of a legal ballot.

For the confused, just toss the code/die up to hit the ceiling and drop… whatever barcode is UP, wins… just alter our reality with the Trump-branded “Sharpie-out” and blacken out (Nazis can stick on the white robing labels over top of) the other 5 sides and leave the fuzzy dice hanging off the front door knob. Turn on your disco ball and dance the night away with the enclosed Champagne taster!

Amazon ALONE handles 1,600,000 HUGE packages a day, 306 PER SECOND…1% of the total number of U.S. voters... the Election needs just 100 times that. It’s tiny… each voter can buy a PollPak™©️ for the price of two stamps… about USD $1. Amazon’s standard ordering systems take over and the ballot arrives next day by 9 pm.


Results: No more polling scandals… Votes Counted When Placed Inside Van

The newly named con-SORT-ium USPPS, aka “peeps” or the ”FedUps”, will register a vote as soon as the “PollPak” ™©️ comes on board, example: by scanning back the BIDEN barcode, just because the 17 X’s were written across TRUMP, the voting results start rolling (literally) in while the ballot is still in the truck. An “X” obscuring Biden counts as a Trump vote. November 3 is the big reveal, and by 9 pm the results letters are all in voters’ hands (offering 15% off your next order of USPPS stamps to pay bills).

Trump Fights Back!

In response, Trump staffers displayed THEIR new ballots…. a brand new GM car, (137,000,000 were ordered from Trump Motors) … the “Pontiac Pollisienne” and he declared one must be delivered by USPPS trucks to each voter, the voter picks his candidate by leaving the gear selector EITHER  in

    • “D” for “Bi-D-en My Time”. Or in

The Pollisienne is then:

    • fuelled with one gallon, and
    • picked up by USPPS and
    • taken to the desert and
    • lined up 100 abreast at a time, for a mass remote start.

The Biden voting cars accelerate forward, passing celebrity poll captain Stevie Wonder, racing away downhill across the wide open desert, disappearing in dust storms…

…while the “T-R-ump-ReveRseRs” are counted by a staff of 100 as they calmly drop back one foot into a recycling shredder pit. Votes are weighed as dump trucks pass over exit scales en route to the smelter. 3,000 pounds equals one “Votrump” the new word for “ballot”

When the last engine stops being heard, all visible votes are counted and weighed. For Biden, they count the number of headlights Stevie reports glowing in the far distance, and they divide by two. Each “Votrump” is equal to 3,000 pounds of crap, errrr SCRAP….

The “TRUMP WINS” posters have been printed, are set for November three delivery.


Related: The Same Day Courier Con-SORT-ium, FedUps, declared bankruptcy and was purchased as a gift for Eric to run from his bedroom.

42 Lies Business Google Maps York Regional Police

BL20-🥓⛴📐- truly heroine cop

Check out this story from TMZ Cop Saves Man Stuck on Train Tracks in Wheelchair with Seconds to Spare Download the TMZ app for iPhone


42 Lies Business Google Maps York Regional Police

BL20-🥓8️⃣T⛴-Forget that: I’ve tasted Sweet Freedom! I was hacked.

This is what I Really Posted… until one of my minions played a trick on me. They love their clever little tricks.


There are many contributors here, they can edit even my stories.

One thought he/she could get me arrested if there were changed subtle things in my last innocent  post.

if he got one of the ladies to screen grab it for Ms Bentham….I would be turning on a spit in Lindsay.


Quoting MY first version saved in the cloud. Believe me, it’s the truth.


I had to speak to my Probation Officer today.

Great guy. Flexible. Understanding. Fast decision maker.

I was overdue for a B12 shot. First need since before Probation..

They give them free in the Trinity Medical branch inside Loblaws in the Costco plaza.

And I needed a top up. I was losing my edge. Actually I lost the Audi, if I lose the Edge I’m relegated to the Vette.

I know my PO lets me go on my own as the order says I can whenever needed.

i phone and explain as clinically as I can, as truthfully as I can.

the approval was set.

Me: When I go to Costco plaza for a B12 shot, can I buy paper towels since they force us all to walk through the groceries to get to the clinic?

He: NO! You would need you another permission letter.

Me: Great, I’m not feeling lucky. well, f I need blood tests, Is it the same deal as last time, I can stop at the lab??

He: Of course, same deal, same terms.

Right about here I figure I can tell him I’m gigging tonight!

Me: Tonight I go do a brewery?

he: Sure, if that’s work for you.

Me: if they had a bar, could I drink a beer?

He: You can drink the entire $150.00 fee ALL in beer if you like.

me: if they have music, can I sit and watch?

he: you can listen to it all night if you feel you need to photograph it!

me: Thanks! I will think of you!

he: that would be a nice start. Go fill your camera.

Wanna see my dog?


and I swear that is what I wrote. I cannot say here how or which contributor took Lou’s photo. Secrets!

i CAN tell you I took this one…




42 Lies Business Google Maps York Regional Police

BL20-🥓8️⃣T🧆- I’ve tasted Sweet Freedom!

I had to speak to Probation today. Great guy. Flexible. Understanding. Fast decision maker.

I was overdue for a B00001100 shot. First I’ve needed since before Probation.

I prefer red cells, BTW, if I get a choice.
My Docs tell me my brain functions better with red blood..and B00001100..When it is under unusual stress

They give the shots free, just pay the taxes, free in the Costco plaza. And I needed paper towels.

Ssssssoooooo I’m thinking, maybe my PO can be convinced to let me go. It’s a long shot.

I phone and explain as clinically as I can, as truthfully as I can. I hate to lie. There, I’m over it.

We chat….easy stuff….but the hook was set.

Me: May I go to Costco plaza for a B00001100 shot?

He: Sure, you want another permission letter?

Me: No need, I’m feeling lucky. Is it the same deal as last time that if I can get them to give me permission to go to a vampire for tests, can I go there as well?

He: Of course, same deal, same terms.

Right about here I figure I can get him to OK anything!

Me: Can I go to a brewery?

he: Sure, if that works for you.

Me: if they had a bar, could I drink a beer?

He: You can drink $150.00 ALL in beer if you like.

Me: if they have music, can I sit and watch?

He: you can listen to it all night if you feel you need to!

Me: Thanks! I will think of you!

He: that would be a nice start. Go fill your boots!

Don’t tell anyone. They may know a cop.


It was fantastic!

42 Lies A real gnu it all Business Communicating To Counsel The Story - 6/3/17 to now Web Site Development 101

BL2O-2O4 – Sentencing Is July 10, 2020… Victim Impact Statement planned

WEBDEV101: ABFU,,, A-lways B-e F-ollowing U-p!

OK, excitement is mounting. On Friday July 10, 2020 I get my sentence from J. Harpur. Good thing, too, since I already appealed the decision. AND a “victim impact statement” is planned. So, today I sent the justice EVERY email TO and FROM that victim showing how she appreciated all my efforts helping her get money. Not one email complains of anything I did. There was just “OK, I need a rest, let’s stop for a bit.”

Last December, 3 people read Victim Impact Statements, even though the only “victim” was the Administration of Justice… an Act of Parliament. “People” are not victims in breaches of bail. Well, not normally anyway.

My crime was blogging a blurry, tiny photo of page 1 of a lawsuit naming all 3. It was no surprise, their lawyers had received it months before.

All 3 write speeches which went WAY back in time to birth almost and claimed I had made the most AWESOME impact on their lives. One had told her mother everything about me and apparently she died wondering why I am such a jerk.

So, stand by for the big story coming Friday.

A second one had to go back to natural disasters to compare my actions to. I apparently had more impact than raging rivers and mudslides.

42 Lies A real gnu it all Business Communicating To Counsel The Story - 6/3/17 to now Web Site Development 101

BL2O-2O2 – Pre-Enquetery rears its ugly snout

WEBDEV101: Pre-Enquete: (aka “before the investigation”) Swearing a criminal charge against another person all by yourself… Kinda like “Queen for a day!”…errrr “Crown for a day.” When you get falsely accused of so many crimes, you HAVE to fight back.

Frequent readers recall my “pre enquete” phase. I figured to get even I would charge those who lied about me for … well, for lying about me.

The proof was easy. Take the opinion of the judge on the charges they swore out… and so if the judge said “FALE NEWS!” then that person lied to arrest me. Simple idea really.

Except, the Crown can vote NO, and their vote always wins.

So, one can NEVER get a pre-enquete taken up by the Crown if it is a Crown witness who lied.

Fair enough… but what about when a lawyer lies just to have me investiagetd or arrested?


3 licensed lawyers were called bac kby Heather Bentham on March 2 and asked to swear what she had been told, that ALL 3 heard me do a despicable act 17 days poor… get this, INSIDE an active court room.

YES! Imagine, on February 14 all 3 sat idly while I disrespected the flag, the country, the entire Ontario judicial system and I spoke the name of a lawyer.

I confess. I did it. I mouthed and vocalized the name of a lawyer.

So, March 2, after 17 days of thinking to over, they EACH called police and complained.

They said… ARREST HIM! I will testify he broke the law! And all 3 are defined as “WITNESSES” and Ms Bentham recorded their “Will say”‘s… each will put me in prison forever maybe.

One problem… it is OK to speak lawyer names in a court room. In fact, it is almost a requirement.

So, of the 3 lawyers, remember now, trained legal minds all… of the 3:

  • Man 1 says he knows I broke the law, but he needs more time to remember any of the words I said
  • Man 2 says he knows I spoke words, he SAW me speak… but he too needs more time to pick the words out of the background noise in his brain
  • Woman 3 says EITHER I said “Nice to see you.” OR, it may have been “Nice to see you BARRY. (Stork, lawyer.)” she cannot make up her mind without another few months.

So, right away you can see th problem the Crown has…. his key witness is wishy washy, and the other “Pros from Dover” recall nothing of any value at all.

But MS Bentham put them ALL on the witness list as convincing her to arrest me.

Well, as fate would have it. J. Dawe ruled on that and he said “Nope. not gonna happen!”.

So, as soon as the March 4 charges are withdrawn, the pre-enquetes get filed. I have that format down pretty pat.

Would it be tacky to have a post enquete party?

42 Lies A real gnu it all Business Communicating To Counsel Web Site Development 101

BL2O-2OI – One week to book launch

WEBDEV101: Anticipation sells! If you have an event coming soon, take advantage NOW to gather eyeballs to come back that day. Be clear what you are offering. Do not disappoint! Follow through an duo exactly what you promised,

Frequent readers recall I once had restrictions on names I could “mention”. 4 of them. 3 with 2 legs and one with 4.

J. Dawe removed two of them outright, leaving just the ONE who last complained and had me arrested by her friend Det. Sgt. Bentham.

So, my Probation Order shows all 4 BUT J. Dawe already declared that term null and void in the law. So, the cops are waiting for me to name ANY of the 4 to arrest me. Cuz, you know, COVID-19 means they are all teleconferencing and bored.

So, I “mention” none. If I did, they’d arrest me and I would have to point out J. Dawe’s decision from SUPERIOR Court.

But on Friday, I get sentenced, and then THAT person can be mentioned.

And then the Book series will be written daily. Every day you can get a snippet, a taste, a Costco size tester of the full story.

You will see the fake resume, the old blog posts, the old web sites and hundreds of newspaper articles.

The testimony transcripts. Interview transcripts. Everything will be online so you can make up your own mind.

42 Lies Business

BL20-178 – Why You Should Not Blog Using Apple “Speech To Text”

WEBDEV01: NEVER be tempted to dictate your post to Siri or Alexa…. if you INSIST, be sure you have someone edit it for you. OTOH, if you fail… NOTHING beats a good “your anus” joke!

What is the name Shakespeare gave to the most admirable rock up around your anus?

I was researching the music of Miranda Lambert and came across a reference to our solar system.

Miranda is a Spanish, Portuguese, Sephardic Jewish, Swiss, Italian and Maltese surname of Latin origin, meaning “worthy of admiration”.

Even Snoopy knows Earth is NOT the only planet with a moon.

Uranus has 27 of them!


42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-158 – Counting Down… 33/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – in the lead and the spine…with a bullet

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 33 is the number of vertebrae in the human spine.

It is the molecular weight of arsenic, and that is mixed with lead in bullets.

Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified and resurrected.

42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-143B – What exactly are the 42 lies in Daria Morgendorffer’s interview? In Summery form here. (Premium Content)

WEBDEV101 – You must intrigue the casual reader to entice them to register so one day they will pay for premium content. Like, every drug dealer GIVES you the first hit for free.

Because he knows you will say “I vill be baaaaaack!”

And he will say “Sehr gut, then I shallllllllll be Beethoven!”

I was asked to do a simple summery list of #1 to #42 so here goes:

Summery n.

The season after springy, but before fally.

In a sentence: The Solstice is a summery event.

The mathematicians gather every August to show off how fast their electronic calculators can add up long lists of numbers, it’s their annual summery summery event.

Groans by Bob©️™

To summerize the 42:

  1. There was the first lie
  2. Then, the next lie
  3. Was an odd lie.
  4. was EVEN a lie.
  5. Another lie.
  6. Another lie.
  7. Another lie.
  8. Another lie.
  9. Another lie.
  10. Another lie.
  11. Another lie.
  12. Another lie.
  13. A baker’s lie.
  14. Another lie.
  15. Another lie.
  16. Another lie.
  17. Horrible lie.
  18. Another lie.
  19. Another lie.
  20. Another lie.
  21. Another lie.
  22. Another lie.
  23. Another lie.
  24. Another lie.
  25. Another lie.
  26. Enough lies now for TWO bakers.
  27. Another lie.
  28. Another lie.
  29. Another lie.
  30. Another lie.
  31. Another lie.
  32. Another lie.
  33. Another lie.
  34. Another lie.
  35. Another lie.
  36. Another lie.
  37. Another lie.
  38. Another lie.
  39. Another lie.
  40. Same old lie.
  41. Penultimate lie.
  42. The last lie.
Competitor in 2020 Summery Summery Contest

42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-156 – Counting Down… 34/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – Glassed over, amped up, and all rapped up even

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 34 has a couple of songs written for it.

This may be easier to listen to.

Appropriately, 34 is the atomic weight of selenium, a component of batteries.

If you said “Wow! That girl packing a nice pair of 34’s!”, you are simply saying she is loaded up with a couple of batteries.


42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-155 – Counting Down… 35/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – It’s a fuming red Stormer that brags about firemen!

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 35 does not get the respect it deserves. It is an absolute Stormer!

36 is both the square of six and a triangular number, making it a square triangular number.[1] It is the smallest square triangular number other than one, and it is also the only triangular number other than one whose square root is also a triangular number. It is also a circular number – a square number that ends with the same integer by itself (6×6=36).

Appropriately, 35 is the atomic weight of bromine, a component of fire extinguishers.

Woman workers at a Ministry of Aircraft Production factory which manufactures fire extinguishers for the Royal Air Force, 1941. (Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

If you said “Wow! They BOTH are packing a nice pair of 35’s!”, you are simply saying they are on their way to a fire with an extinguisher in each hand.

42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-154 – Counting Down… 36/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – “Supergirl’s triangular logic is just not fair”

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 36 needs to be better known.

36 is both the square of six and a triangular number, making it a square triangular number.[1] It is the smallest square triangular number other than one, and it is also the only triangular number other than one whose square root is also a triangular number. It is also a circular number – a square number that ends with the same integer by itself (6×6=36).

Appropriately, 36 is the atomic weight of krypton, used in light bulbs, the light is produced in fluorescent (NOT neon) bulbs.

If you said “Wow! Supergirl is packing a nice pair of 36’s!”, you are simply saying she is smuggling 2 pieces of kryptonite…. just before she dies… yes, BOTH she AND Superman have kryptonite as their, well… as their kryptonite!

Here at right, Lex Luthor used kryptonite rays and created a “Bad Supergirl” PROVING there IS an alternate universe and you can move between them… in comic books. If you are not a cartoon, you’re stuck in this universe with me.

42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-153 – Counting Down… 37/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – EXPLOSIVE! introducing colour as an issue

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 37 is impressive and very much of interest in a list of 42 lies. Especially when taken in context of 38.

Appropriately, 37 is the atomic weight of rubidium, the purple in fireworks

Dr. Suess only came up with 37 useful quotes.

“Kid, you’ll move mountains!”

“And will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-152 – Counting Down… 38/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp

38 was responsible for the clarity we once had in choosing what we believed in. Today, that clarity has been replaced by some other forms of perceptibility. Appropriate or not.

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 38 is impressive and is very much of interest in a list of 42 lies. Especially when taken in context of 37.

38 is the atomic weight of strontium, the element in TV picture tubes.

A “pair of 38’s” is an adolescent reference to mammaries which we need not examine here. I get the feeling no one wants to go there yet.

Let”s have dinner and think about it maybe?

If you see the number 38 everywhere you look, there’s no need to worry. That is a message from the angels and Ascended Masters, reminding you of their support and guidance in your current life circumstances.

The angels often use such signs to avert our attention and convey to us certain important messages. You only need to be attentive and watch for their signs. They can be quite explicit at times.

The angels are very persistent when there’s something they want to share with us.

42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-151 – Counting Down… 39/42 of Queen v. Lepp

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. Even the ominous 39 is of interest in a list of 42 lies.

Our series of 42 is at 39, an auspicious year for everyone.

But not as auspicious as for the Queen v. Lepp.

Queen – 1975

42 Lies Business Web Site Development 101

BL20-150 – Counting Down… 40/40

40, over 40. Sudbury. It all adds up. Well, it’s division, but it also adds up.

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you.

42 Lies Business Communicating To Counsel

BL20-148 – #41 of 42… counting down to #1

Where did all the bread go? Look no further.

Well, unless you register you can look no further.

42 Lies Business

BL20-144 A New Series – The 42

#42 – and standing beside the man with a gun….. was Bob Lepp!