4/5 Misfeasance In A Public Office

Erika Chamberlain, Dean of Law, Western, Fiduciary Aspects of Misfeasance in a Public Office, 2014 

if a public officer commits an unlawful act and the plaintiff suffers material harm, the plaintiff would have sufficient “standing” to bring an action for misfeasance in a public office.


Or… Darryl J Brown, Elements of the Tort of Abuse of Authority / Misfeasance in Public Office, 2005 Tort Law Decisions Highlights

Misfeasance in or abuse of public office … lay in relative obscurity in this country until recently. In the last few years it has been reasserted by Plaintiffs as a means of obtaining tangible redress where the traditional remedies of certiorari or mandamus would provide only a pyrrhic victory … or where no duty of care in negligence is owed to the public or a class thereof by an official who has exceeded or misused public powers. I


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