3/30 Onwards, “Bob Light” Blogging

This menu option will group together all articles I write from 3/30/2023 onwards.

The new rules, so far, are:

Do not name, refer, imply, allege or state ANYTHING about any of the defendants in my $7,000,000 suit.

From 3/30/2023 onwards I can no longer blog even the NAMES of those I am suing for 7 arrests and 6 years of hell.

So, I shall blog instead about the systems themselves. How municipal governments work, how police departments work and most importantly how the Crown works in Ontario. This should raise the quality of writing considerably since I can now plagiarize those who have walked this path before me.

By not concentrating on human beings or troublesome constructs like local governments, I can educate residents to understand how badly politicians can bungle The Charter of Rights on a regular basis.

Example: I was ejected from speaking at Council “Open Mic” one night when I simply showed a slide imprinted with the first name of an employee. Such was the worry from my Town Fathers that by showing the first name of an employee I was harassing that person. You know, just like they will refuse to tell you their last names, even if they are in Customer Service.

The public service of Canada and all the wanna be small towns now give staff, those PAID by the citizens, the right to tell citizens where to get off. They happily accept our tax dollars, then proceed to draw down their shades and disappear. Sure, maybe they only hid themselves away from me, but that is EXACTLY the point. Because a citizen stands up for problems instead of ignoring them, a town can simply neuter that taxpayer and pass bylaws which cannot be challenged even by Provincial or Federal authorities.

Once any town passes ANY decision as a bylaw, it becomes cast in concrete, never to be examined by the Ombudsman for example. If you complain to the Ombudsman, and your complaint is some new rule or policy your town JUST passed, the Ombudsman simply tells you there his nothing they can do for you. And they disappear.

Some sympathetic lawmakers took pity on towns where the residents actually questioned the decisions of those they elected and they made it LAW that we the peasants cannot question ANYTHING passed in the form of a bylaw at any town.

There ought to be a petition against that.