BL21 – 0101 1010 – “🎶And by the Way, Did She Mention My Name??🎵”…in any online media?


Name the singer…. right, my namesake, Gordon Lightfoot.

And he knew what “mention” meant, but he’d need the dictionary for “Online Media”.

At my trial, J, Harpur claimed to know everything about “Online Media” WITHOUT Black’s Law Dictionary, but he had to look up mention in the regular dictionary.

If a retiring Justice of the Court of Justice Ontario still needs a dictionary for what “Mention”means, how did that word get into any recognizance of bail term?

Well, it got there from DS Bentham and POI-C because she told everyone she knew the techie stuff and “Online Media” is the word.

Define: Mention

Define: “Online Media”

Use A Legal Dictionary

You mean a justice cannot use one?

So, why did J. Harpur distrust me, a professional, and a legal dictionary… but THEN he trusts a dictionary for “mention”.

Author: Bob Lepp

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