BL21 – 0100 0010 – “Contempt” of an order from Superior Court justices (2) is s. 127 in the Criminal Code


Criminal Code

Disobeying order of court

127 (1) Every one who, without lawful excuse, disobeys a lawful order made by a court of justice or by a person or body of persons authorized by any Act to make or give the order, other than an order for the payment of money, is, unless a punishment or other mode of proceeding is expressly provided by law, guilty of

(a) an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Now, for a Crown Attorney, this could be career ending. Or it SHOULD be.

Twice, I paid money to be before a Superior Justice for a decision. I won both times…

November 16, 2019 I was before Justice Fuerst and she had just caused the most serious of 4 false charges by 10₂ and 11₂ to be withdrawn. She turned to the Crown and advised that when a complainant’s charge is disposed of, they lose any “protection” from the innocent accused.

Crown Elder did NOT follow that order at all!

Instead, he did nothing and just left the names of 1₂, 10₂ and 11₂ and one business name on my bail terms. He did NOTHING at all.

THEN, a few weeks later on December 4, 2019 Crown Elder passed up the same 85 words he had handed to other judges, and J. Rose rubberstamped them in his order and in his probation order. The same 3 names and a company name were left untouched. UNTOUCHED aionce March 2019.

SO, I spent more money December 11, 2019 to appear before J. Dawe for the first time. Crown Elder argued there that he should be allowed to keep ALL of the 4 names when the Sr. Regional Justice had told him WEEKS BEFORE to correct his mistakes. He did not.

Justice Dawe then ORDERED Crown Elder ON THE SPOT to correct the list of names. He came back after the break and dropped 1₂ and dropped 11₂ BUT he kept 10₂, arguing that J. Harpur had still not sentenced me. I was guilty, but not sentenced so he kept 10₂ and her company name protected from physical harm by me. But he dropped 1₂ and 11₂ because NONE of their charges were outstanding.

1₂ and 11₂ have had me arrested 7 times and yet not ONE of their charges EVER made it to a trial. The Crown dropped them as soon as they looked at the empty case disclosure file.

So, jump ahead to February 27, 2020 and all three women have been calling my probation officer MULTIPLE times about Ines Donato’s Trespass out of my own home, and her calls to police to have me arrested. My P.O. tells me to go see Det. Sgt Bentham IMMEDIATELY to be arrested. I go, I meet and record an hour with DS Bentham during which she admits being upset over my blogging of her name. She even declares NO YRP OFFICERS even KNEW 1₂ was a cop at one time. She stressed she had NO reason to be investigating me that day. I blogged her honest admissions Feb. 28 and on that day DS Betham seems to have changed her mind about teh need to arrest me. She suddenly remembered I needed to be investigated.

DS Bentham: “No York Regional Police even knew 1₂ or her husband had once been cops in Halton Region.”

She expected me to believe that both Strath and 1₂ were given jobs dealing with children and NEITHER had a background check done. She trusted all Thin Blue Line members and so St, Andrews College and Aurora hired people to deal with children without someone checking CPIC for a pedophilia charge.

Their common married last name matches Dep. Chief Andre Crawford, and YRP’s first CHIEF Bruce Crawford in 1979 and NOT ONE COP asked either Strath or his wife in for a background check?

How could BOTH Aurora and St. Andrews College pay people to be in a position of authority over children and NOT get them checked out?

I made an official written complaint of assault against 1₂ and now DS Bentham implies she never had the simplest CPIC check done on her?

Do Aurorans and York Region residents deserve this lack of security over their children’s activities?

No, they do not.

So, February 27, 2020 I got DS Bentham very mad at me and March 2 she initiated incident GO# 77377 and assigned 5 officers to pick me up again. She called on 11₂ once again for as many charges as her non-criminal paralegal background could develop. She and 10₂ then wrote up 11 new charges, one being 19 days old. The rest as always were VERY current, within minutes of the alleged infraction.

Police gave all 121 to Crown Elder and he selected 3 he liked. months later he would drop one for being an illegal charge AND IT WAS CROWN ELDER who gave police approval to arrest me. The one charge that involved 10₂ had to be tossed because she was not named in bail terms.

DS Bentham, happy with the progress from all FIVE officers assigned, called me on March 3 to come in for arrest March 4 at 7 am. AND she had it set up that the court would be inexplicably SO busy that day and next, I could not be arraigned until 2 more days had passed. She sent me to Lindsay prison in COVID-19 where I “met” cons being let out to escape the disease. She planned that.

Crown Elder then passed up to J.P. Premji on March 6 the SAME IDENTICAL bail terms J. Fuerst and J. Dawe had ordered him to correct 5 MONTHS earlier. And he added house arrest and a 100% internet ban.

So, guess who is in contempt? A. Crown Greg Elder of course.

So, that is my job today.

I will blog when I have filed it.

Oh and I now have permission to file to be before J. Edwards on my law suit.

A great, great day!

And, on top of it all, Biden and Harris rule!

PS:The cartoon does NOT depict J. Kenkel.

Author: Bob Lepp

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