BL21 – 0011 1110 – Google Maps Street View – a success!


OK, so all you lawyers go away now so that I can speak to my clients and future clients about Street View in a COVID-19 reality.

This Post Is Of Interest To Small Business Owners Only.

If your customer can’t come to YOU to see what you are selling, take what you are selling to THEM!

Have me do a virtual tour of your shop so anyone anywhere in the world can walk “virtually” around every aisle in your store and make up a shopping list.

I’ve been hampered by curfews, house arrests, COVID-19… you name it and I have not been able to make a living.

But, here is an example of a forward thinking small business owner who is thinking to SPEND BIG on promotion during COVID-19 instead of “stop, drop and roll from the Cold War. I show you here so you do not think I am exaggerating. Business will pay to increase sales.

So, if you have experienced a drop in business, consider hiring me to publish a series of interlinked 360 degree “photospheres” people can access from Google Maps when they look up your business.

Will YOU buy something sight unseen? From Amazon maybe, with a 100% free return shipping offer… yes. But to order something from some small local business you know will refuse a return and you have to mail or take it back?… NO! I want to see the item first.

It did!

Google brings you at least 90% of ALL YOUR NEW CLIENTS. Ask them yourself when they first come in…”How did you discover us?” and keep a log of answers so you know where to spend your discretionary promotional funds.

So, make sure you FILL YOUR Google Maps listing with everything about your company so readers make the right purchase decisions.

Invest in Google Maps Street View tours! This man did!

Author: Bob Lepp

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