BL21 – 0000 0110 – Join Docupet! Get paid $20 in cash coupons for putting $10 towards a Pride (or ANY!) membership necklace.


If you forget WHY or HOW…. ==> CLICK HERE <== for all Docupet posts in the last 3 years

As Advertised On Red Flag Deals

it’s necklace renewal time for 2021 so everyone can buy a memorial pet tag (or buy 5 or more!) for $10 each and be sent a $20 cash coupon for EACH AND EVERY LAST ONE, a 200% profit on every membership tag you buy! A Pride Rainbow version can be purchased too.

AND, as you know, you are not limited to just one. Order as many as you like.

YES….Order as many memorial tags as you wish. Aurora encourages it!

Every single tag you order will be happily sent out with the $20 cash coupon from Ren’s Pets.

It’s only $20 and not $50 like last year but it’s free!

Everyone wins. You get a great necklace, and you make $10 PURE PROFIT on every one you buy.

Aurora makes maybe $7.00, give or take.

Docupet makes maybe $3.00 or more.

Ren’s Pets gets a new customer and great promotion.

Email me your questions on how if you forget from my post last year.

Author: Bob Lepp

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