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I am sorry to be a bit late today, I got too much sleep last night.

One of my blog’s biggest fans, with 381 visits since February 2020, showed up just 98 SECONDS past midnight looking for some more bon mots. She used a VPN in Indonesia. Then Belgium. How sad is it when a lawyer uses a VPN to try to hide the fact she’s looking at my blog several times per day?

As much as I enjoyed writing the Year End review… I will enjoy writing “The Year Ahead” much more.

The Year Ahead

People Suing ME

  1. Woman #1 – $1,000,000 or so. Trouble is, her lawyer waited too long after the alleged events occurred. There is 90 day limit to take action. A justice already told Ms Adrian she had messed up, but Gwendolyn just ignores the courts. She is even trying to get me convicted of contempt for not telling woman #1 the serial number of my lawn mower. Yet, that suit expired BEFORE it was filed. The only reason for continuing is that Ms Adian is on contingency, in my opinion, and therefore has no “paying client” she has to act for. Woman #1 collaterally had me arrested August 23, 2018. She used the same evidence, those infamous stolen emails from Aurora AND Erin, AFTER she was terminated without cause by both.
  2. Tina Duncan – her $80,000 suit is in collection and appeals. Tina’s excellent lawyer, again, is also Gwendolyn Adrian. Gwendolyn correctly had Tina testify 100% truthfully at Small Claims court when sued by her neighbour. That testimony is public record, it is fair and accurate. I congratulate her, Tina was 100% truthful on the witness stand when questioned by her own defence counsel, Ms. Adrian. Right down to nicely documenting that the asphalt she chipped out to put in her fence posts was placed BACK around the base of each post. Once Ms Adrian arranged for the complete truth to be stated in the transcript, her lawsuit became moot. Ms Duncan kindly agreed she had drilled holes into her neighbour’s land and planted both a gate post and the actual fence posts. And she truthfully added she only did it because she was told to remove the gate post. Which she had kindly done when asked.

ME Suing Other People and Things

Suit 1 – Superior Court, $7 Million

  1. Aurora
  2. York Region
  3. Police
  4. Police Services Board
  5. Woman #1 – Her defence for which is provided FREE by Aurora
  6. Woman #2 – Contractor
  7. Woman #3 – Paralegal to #2

Suit 2, 3, 4 – Three Small Claims, Small Amounts

  1. Michael Simaan X 2 – misfeasance, fail to train employee
  2. TD Bank – illegal garnishment of Pension and Old Age Security, loss of bank account
  3. CIBC Bank – revealing my banking details and allowing a garnishment using these details, loss of bank account. Banned me for life for no reason.
  4. Ines Donato, aka York Catholic District School Board – public mischief

NOTE: I have not sued the Aurora Branch of RBC on Yonge St. at Aurora Heights. They keep my account open, and all my money comes there. Do not tell Gwendolyn Adrian please. She may garnish it for her clients. That would freeze me out of being able to cash my pension cheques.

People STILL Arresting Me

  1. Lawyer Charles Painter – lawyer for Aurora and lawyer for Woman #1
  2. Lawyer Barry Stork – for York Region, Police, Services Board
  3. Officer of the Court Woman #3 – 11 counts claimed, 3 picked by Elder

Trial Date: April 26-28, 2021, Newmarket LIVE! Not Zoom….


  1. Typing the names of 4 of my Defendants, above, on an offer to settle for $1 and in a letter filed with the Superior Court Scheduling Officer, Llyshelle Barrett,
  2. Greeting (“Nice to see ya!”) woman #3 while in court room 405, being heard by J. Edwards where I had recently won against Charles Painter’s claim I am vexatious. He appealed my win, Ontario Court OF Appeal. I won that appeal as well. Mr. Painter may not be too happy with me. He took the longest time to supply a written affidavit but it is just an unwitnessed email for why he arrested me. He told a completely different story than the other lawyers, though, so there’s that. J. Edwards had just ruled on my filing of an offer to settle for $1. He said it was a letter I mailed and I should not have, it was actually hand delivered.

My Defence – I retained counsel. Come watch her cross examine the Officer of the Court who has laid 19 false charges against me. See her Tweets. Meet Daria Morgendorffer. See if she figured out yet why I sued woman #2. She has been working on it for 30 months now. Hint: Libel. Slander. Duplicity. It is actually written that way in the claim.

And, oh yeah, that letter I was accused of filing, the one naming all the Defendants? It was to EACH defendant because it was really an offer to settle a $7,000,000 suit for $1 each when I was feeling so defeated back in February 2020. I made it look like a potential breach to woman #3 who feels I cannot pass her name on paper to a court clerk for the justice because the clerk is not an LSO licensee. For real, she told police that. She convinced police that the now-STRUCK “Not to mention” probation term still was in effect. So now I can allege that each lawyer has “failed to act in the best interests of the client” as required by the Law Society of Ontario ethics guidelines. It may well be fun to see me in prison again, but Lawyer Job #1 was to “Reduce Costs To The Client”.

Justice Dawe – he ordered that I MUST be in a court room to talk to her. Which may turn out to be a useful order. Also, he said, he struck the entire “not to mention” bail term as not ENTIRELY constitutional.

J. Harpur – agreed with J. Dawe, and he refused the Crown’s persistent request that I shut the F up about the 3 names. I can do anything I want with the 3 names today. I can sky write them.

Barry Stork, instead of saying “We accept!” said “POLICE, jump in Lepp’s Time Machine™ and come quick to room 405, 19 days ago, he spoke to us! Well, I UNDERSTAND he spoke to us, I myself heard nothing.” he would have saved Lloyd’s of London $2,999,997.

Charles Painter, instead of saying “We both accept!” said “POLICE, jump in Lepp’s Time Machine™ and come quick to room 405, 19 days ago, he spoke to her! He looked over his shoulder and shouted something I do not recall right at her and Barry. Well, not so loud that Barry could actually hear him, but I heard him! I can’t tell you exactly what he said, either story 1 = Lepp spoke to “her only” and story 2 – “spoke to Barry AND her, both.” I can go either way.” He would have saved Lloyd’s of London $1,999,998.

Woman #3, an officer of the court, instead of telling her lawyer “Settle!” had me arrested. She did not even read any words other than her own frightful name. She went to the cemetery again.

Lawyers for Woman #2 and #3, instead of saying “We accept!”, said nothing and failed to save $1,999,998.

I believe this trial will be the most attended yet.

It has all the elements of a good trial:

  1. FREE! It’s free and entertaining to watch… if the courts re-open by then
  2. 3 PROFESSIONAL witnesses EDUCATED in the law. One may be deaf.
  3. 4 stories to choose from, one for every season!
  4. One witness was able to influence a ‘friend’ly Crown to disqualify MY counsel from defending me at 10 full days of trial in June of 2019. She is some upset about how much income she lost. But, now I cannot lose the appeal even self represented.
  5. Intrigue – story 1 has me walking out past #3’s row. Story 2 has me walking out past #3’s row. Story 3 is that I said nothing at all to anyone. Story 4 is that I did not walk out at all, and I just shouted over my shoulder from the front. 4 Stories. From 3 highly trained lawyers.
  6. Variety – 3 people, 4 stories, which one will the judge like best?
  7. Skill – a literal ROOM full of lawyers, expertise coming from every angle, Lloyd’s money flowing like water, second opinions up the yingyang. A barrage of Latin. The best Crowns shall be amassed in April. Come, see the teamwork.
  8. Case Law – proving that no case has ever been won when 3 people testified to 4 stories. It’s a “numbers” thing. One witness was deaf. One looked away and saw nothing. One told 2 cops 2 stories in one day.
  9. Dirty Laundry – Crown Greg Elder is not prosecuting me because J. Dawe caught him out in contempt with both himself and Senior Regional Justice Fuerst. In fact, the alleged breaches would only have weight IF Greg Elder had not illegally copy/pasted all 3 women’s names into my DRAFT probation order when TWO justices have ALREADY told him NOT TO DO THAT. Yes! Greg Elder ALWAYS typed up draft orders for his justices to sign. Each one signed the IDNETICAL 85 words “not o mention…” that the two justices had already told him to repair. Each justice then illegally just signed the various Elder draft orders as being their own decisions and their own words. Elder said to J. Harpur that my defence counsel was “in a conflict of interest with woman #3” and could not defend me at trial. Absurd, but J. Harpur acted like it was a real “thing” in the law. It was not. When I got to Lindsay Prison, the clerk told me this was my second visit. Back December 6,7,8,9 2019, Crown Elder forged the Newmarket court computer records to show as if he had sent me to Lindsay Prison. He pretended I had been arraigned instead of taken to Southlake hospital for a heart tuneup. I was in the cardio ward in Newmarket all weekend. But, before they took me away they had NOT arraigned me, they forgot. Nor did they arraign me in hospital in the next 24 hours, NOR did they ever arraign me. THEN, Elder altered history and made up the story I went to Lindsay Prison. My family could not figure out where I was, I never came home. They found my car at Elder’s lot on Eagle Street, but I had actually been removed hours before, and the Crown told my son I was sent to Lindsay Prison.
  10. UnsuretyInsesurety? Despite having a lengthy investigation on March 2 by 4 officers AND DS Betham herself, no one remembered to call my surety to learn her I was being arrested. Surely a surety must be assured of certain surprises such as securing me safely in prison? Why have a surety if she is not told what is happening? After all: “Responsibilities of a Surety” #1…Making sure the accused person comes to court on time and on the right dates.
  11. Dirty Laundry: – I repeat…. the Crown has some ‘splaining to do. How could the Crown abuse the court so often, make so many errors in the law, forge records, tell police what to arrest me for… what do they have to do to me before someone notices? Can they just break all these laws every time and no one cares? This is why I cannot wait for trial. I must find out what is the secret to their success.
  12. Police – Just the greatest stories of intense investigation by 38 different cops, an entire day of it, intense questioning (of witnesses), use of undercover “friends of the court” using Twitter technology, educating witnesses in contract law, ability to filter down 11 breaches claimed by woman #3 to just the 3 breaches Crown Elder had ordered up. Tracking down cow fart jokes. Studying CPIC’s version of reality. Magnifying and Videotaping computer screens.
  13. Perfection In Action – York Regional Police have an almost flawless record of civility and friends with the public. “OIPRD” is the Ontario Government watchdog over all police casliemd misconduct, and they track every single complaint in York Region, too. In 3 years, York Police have only had to speak to an officer ONCE. ONE TIME a cop did something imperfect. For 2 years out of the last 3, NONE had to be “retrained”. When you consider 38 officers used, and my 7 arrests and 26 false charges, 14 Crown Attorneys assigned, you HAVE to know they did it politely. Illegally, wrongly, but politely. Always “Mr. Lepp”, never “Bob”. Minimal physical injury while in custody. Det. James Ward failed to frisk me adequately and I was able to sneak in a sharpened edge on my driver’s licence to slash my wrists if I could just not take any more of the stress. Then the guilt got me and I held it up for the OTHER officers to see. It’s on the jailhouse tapes! Anyway, the OIPRD says that was not such a big enough mistake that they needed talk to him about, happens all the time. In fact, all 7 arrests were ruled “Perfect, 10/10” by the OIPRD process. Even allowing 3 duplicitous women to return again and again without ANY previous success at trial was perfectly permitted. It warms the heart to know this level of abuse is, at least, “normal and expected”. By the OIPRD anyway. I tried YRP’s internal “Professional Standards” department directly with my complaints, I hand delivered evidence papers. I got back a quick phone call. It said that if they were to actually read my complaints, someone would THEN complain about officer corruption to the OIPRD and that would break their perfect record this year again, because the OIPRD is the ONLY place I am permitted to send complaints. Brilliant! I had forgotten. Catch-24… Cop: “I can’t read your complaint, or else someone else will complain I broke procedures JUST to read it , and I will have to go NOT read that one, too, rinse and repeat…. and it will never end!”

Most Important

Why is a woman, #1, who as a citizen first went to DC Jeff Brown, who arrested me “as a citizen NOT as an employee” NOW getting a FREE lawyer for my countersuit to HER $1,000,000 suit?

Why should a person be able to get a free cointingency lawyer to sue me to get ALL her money directly, and THEN get a free Aurora lawyer to defend my countersuit and get payment by Lloyd’s of London should that lawyer defeat me? She pays NO lawyer and may win $1,000,00 with zero costs. Is that just?

How can the courts let a woman use a free contingency lawyer to sue me for $1,000,000… BUT THEN, when I countersue that contingency lawyer, she refuses to accept it and then her male friend who works for Aurora gets her a free lawyer AFTER she has been terminated by Aurora? How can she sign a contract agreeing to be terminated and THEN take their money to leave and THEN be allowed back and THEN allowed DIRECT access INTO Aurora’s computers to create and maintain web sites for the trusting taxpayers of Aurora? If a person is terminated, do they usually not get the hint they aren’t wanted? Whether the contract says “With cause” or “Without cause”.

Wil Donald Trump be allowed to come back and tweet from White House computers in the Oval Office while Biden watches? NO. He has been terminated. He takes the money and leaves. Bit not woman #1, she comes back with a new Userid and password to Aurora’s websites. Bizarre.

Our votes every 4 years put in place people to make our decisions for us. Not without us. The decision was to terminate her, NOT to open up computers for her to go INTO and do whatever she wants.

There should be an Aurora bylaw…. an employee, once terminated by Aurora, with or WITHOUT cause, should not be allowed back into the buildings, let alone back into the COMPUTERS! Who makes these bad decisions? If you fire someone, i.e. it was NOT their choice,,,,you want them GONE, not BACK! What if the person secretly wanted revenge? What if her boyfriend cheats on her with a SECOND Aurora employee under his management, and woman #1 decides she now wants to get back at him?

Two people, working for Aurora, and openly having a romantic affair, while married to others or unmarried, should NOT be permitted to do work for Aurora. Especially if one person is a Director with powers to influence the career of his romantic interest. Woman #1 had been GONE from Aurora for 9 months when I sued her AFTER she sued me personally.

Why is Aurora again paying for the defence lawyer of an employee who acted civilly in her Owen name and explicitly NOT in the name of Aurora?

Did Mayor Morris and her Aurora SLAPP conviction not mean anything to Mayor Mrakas and the Councillors?

Did they not learn that using the courts to shut up taxpayers is likely to be viewed by the courts as a losing game?

Mayor Dawe apologized at Council, and he apologized in the papers. Has he forgotten? HAD he forgotten before the election? Does he not remember he promised to educate everyone on Aurora’s staff what SLAPP means, what it is? Were all the efforts of Bill Hogg and Dick Johnson in vain?

Aurora is very likely in contempt of the court’s orders. They did NOT educate. They said and published the WORDS of the ordered apology, but did NOT take the ACTIONS ordered. They did NOT educate staff, not well enough anyway. The HR Manager, Sandra McKenzie herself, decided to FIRST call in police to shut me up in my blog about the truth. Rather than speak to me, she called police for an arrest. There was not other reason to call police. Certainly an HR Manager can look at an email saying :What date did you legally change your name?” and know that is not harassment. After all, HR did permit her to have TWO EMAIL ADDRESSES.

In fact, Aurora’s Mayor Dawe actively found a workaround for the temporary slowdown in silencing dissent caused by the SLAPP conviction. He met police himself 2 hours before, at 11:39 am, the day of my first arrest. He got briefed by Jeff Brown before I did. Before I knew Jeff Brown existed, he had NOT asked me a single question.. He had my emails, he knew my questions of woman #1 about her alleged name change. He knew that the bail terms he planned for me would REQUIRE that I stop emailing Mayor Dawe and EVERYONE ELSE who worked for Aurora.

Mayor Dawe knew that I had merely asked for the legal date of her name change. He was convinced by Aurora Directors, perhaps, to get me shut up using false arrest. He sat with woman #1 as she complained. He heard Jeff Brown tell her to come BY HERSELF to give him a personal interview at lunch hour.

Mayor Dawe could have asked why she feared me because I asked for a name change date. He could have asked her why, as an ex cop MARRIED to an ex-cop. she still feared old men with keyboards would tail her home? to do what – to TEXT her maybe? or DM her? or Tweet in her direction?

Why was the mayor of Aurora convinced that my voice had to be silenced like Hogg and Johnson?

Why did the Mayor not ask a town lawyer what to do? Or ask Lloyd’s of London? Mayor Morris? Why not ask his own Director of Legal, Techa Van Leeuwen? She would know false arrest is EXACTLY a SLAPP move. She knows how to read the Protection of Public Participation Act and the courts of Justice act if NOT the Criminal Code.

Anything false said to police about me is Public Mischief by that person or entity.

If Council is told by Ms Van Leeuwen that my arrest and charges and my suit of woman #1 were NOT a matter for Aurora’s Councillors to consider at Council…. why did councillor Thompson say JUST THAT she did tell them all that?

What happened to make “these charges” INTO a Town issue?

Why did Mr. Thompson start off with refusing to listen to me because my topic… being arrested by Aurora itself… was NOT a town issue?

WHY did he THEN approve the cost of a Town lawyer to defend woman #1 if it was NOT A TOWN ISSUE? and he cannot say he did not approve it when he is not on record for DISAPPROVING of it.

Did Council have a secret, “in camera” (which REALLy means “out of camera”) meeting about me? Were minutes and notes kept private from taxpayers? What were they told about me? Was woman #1 acting alone? Or were there others with on the grassy knoll?

Council did NOT disapprove of terminating woman #1, they agreed she had to go for whatever reason they now refuse to tell us. They wanted her gone, she left, yet they now APPROVE of her coming back inside their computer systems.

I have provided all of Council and staff with links to self declared mental issues. They must HAVE the police background check on her when she was hired as an unknown, unemployed, inexperienced Bylaws Manager who had NEVER managed people. How does a person from Alberta with so few qualifications get hired as “Aurora’s Sheriff” without a simple background check by police?

So, Aurora has her background and can quickly see if anything ever happened that was unusual.

One only has to Google her name when she was hired, and then type “common clean” after that and press enter. You will see her blog posts by userid “roaringwomen” on from back fro 2006 to September 18, 2012 when they abruptly stopped and the web site was shut down that New Year’s. Over night.

“Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why your business needs a helping hand – Guest Blog

I specialize in understanding what makes people tick – and why they do what they do. I am also a student in the metaphysical science realm – in understanding energy and brain function and how the Universe really works. I am a powerful and entertaining speaker, speaking on topics in business and specializing in women entrepreneurs.

The last posts makes promises to woman entrepreneurs. Then it is shut down.

What happened between September 18, and December 31, 2012?

As a “specialist” in being entrepreneurial, why is doing Aurora town week sites the only thing entre she can preneur?

Why is she suing ME for $1,000,000 saying she has no idea how to find HERSELF a job?

Surely Aurora’s HR Manager McKenzie at least Googled the applicants’ names when she hired a person for $130,000 a year?

I know Doug Nadorozny was hired despite being fired, for cause or not, in Sudbury. Maybe Sandra did NOT Google applicant for ANY jobs. May be civil servants or a union somewhere do not permit it.

There is no reason I am the only person to have Googled a person who assaulted me. Consider that ion June 2, 2017 I had not met her, did not know her name. She sneaks up behind me, shoves her fist fully into my armpit, turns and leaves. All I have about her is the name on the ticket which does not appear to work for Aurora at all.

I had written up my assault complaint and filed it, and knew no one would be assigned by police to investigate the assault. I had to know myself who she was.

I Googled her name and there it all was….. in her words, in her web sites (she is expert in creating web sites!) and in her public blogs.

So, my “crime” was being inquisitive about who assaulted me when police did not care. I had no way to KNOW she was once a cop with Halton Region. But, I found all of that in LinkedIn. So DS Bentham did not know woman #1 was once a cop, she promised me February 27, 2020. And I found out in 20 seconds by Googling her name and clicking on “LinkedIn” which any cop would do to get a summary of dates and jobs.

If I had just paid my $1 fine and dropped everything else, I would not have had the time to gather the evidence for the law suit. Only the time given me by the courts allowed me to have such a wealth of evidence today.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Sandra McKenzie and Techa Van Leeuwen fell for everything IF they truly forgot to Google.

Verum Google. Or more accurately….alicubi vero Google!

IN Google there is TRUTH. Somewhere.

Author: Bob Lepp

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