BL20-🏌🏻CLXXnein – Anatonomy of a new blog post


I imagine a few of you wonder how a good blog post is created.

So, I’ll do this one in stages.

Step 1 – The outline

Tentative Title – Civil servants always play both sides to their advantage


  • Old Bylaws manager assaults me serving a ticket from behind into my armpit
  • i report an assault Next day in writing and ask for an investigation
  • the assault is ignored by police and not investigated
  • i appear before a justice who has the Bylaws officers’ affidavits and she tells me I was assaulted
  • i pay $1 for the ticket
  • the Bylaws manger uses police contacts to arrest me
  • arresting officer states Bylaws manager complained as a private citizen
  • same cop says Aurora did not want him to arrest me, just the Bylaws manager did
  • same cops says to be released I must sign that I will not communicate for any reason with anyone who works for Aurora, thus perjuring himself about what role my accuser claimed
  • same cop says if I mail in my tax cheque I’ll be arrested. I did not pay taxes this year because police still think that is a bail term in effect
  • citizen, ex-employee bylaws manager hires lawyer, Sue’s me for $1 million
  • I counter sue the citizen manager for public mischief for $1 million with six others,
  • lawyer for citizen refuses to accept service and I take her before a justice to force acceptance of my claim
  • Aurora Director, the boyfriend, convinces Mayor Mrakas to pay for girl friends defense of my counter suit
  • I get a judge to tell her lawyer her claim is invalid because she waited too long to file. 90 days is maximum
  • lawyer continues suit because it is on contingency and she has already spent too much time to quit
  • ex-employee would keep any winnings from me
  • ex-employee pays nothing to defend my counter suit and when I win the town pays for HER $1 million loss

so, the intranet office romance that started 7 months before I sent my first email, between the most senior Director and a senior manager making 9ver $400K between them has her making money being fired and making her legal defense free and it lets her keep anything won from me without legal fees

Brilliant civil service plotting to abuse taxpayers.

then the town’s s lawyer and the region’s s lawyer team up to lie to arrest me March 4, 2020 and send me to prison in Lindsay

insert cop notebook detailing that FIRST it was Aurora HR Manager calling in police to take complaint from ex manager about me

insert council minutes of January 25, 2018 showing ex manager had her married surname on her provincial bylaws license one month before she was fired, 18 months AFTER she claimed she legally changed it

insert video clip of July 14, 2017 arrest of cop telling me bylaws manager arrested me as a citizen, aurora did NOT want me arrested, warning to not mail in my taxes was never rescinded

insert audio recording of DS Heather Bentham perjuring herself that no cop in the force ever knew bylaws manager and her husband were both ex cops in Halton Region together at the same time. That would have come up in the assault investigation AND the ex employee told her career on police interview video twice as she had me arrested

insert audio of Erin school teacher verifying multiple bribe solicitations

insert links to previous web businesses of ex manager who claimed to be expert in every business skill in existence and should be able to get a job anywhere in any role despite suing me because she cannot get any job. Either she lied in the suit or she lied in her many businesses.

Next steps – tune in Tuesday

Author: Bob Lepp

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