BL20-🏌🏻CLXX2- Street View helps solve Nashville bombing


Google’s amazing free Street View provided an image of the same motorhome parked at the home of the only suspect.

Did you realize they keep all those previous views of your home?

will your home show WITHOUT security cameras before June 6, 2018 and show what date you DID install them? Does the date match to the receipt for the installation?

Did you check the views of the entrance to the dog park? Did you see the huge rules sign?

Has it always forbidden use by commercial dog walkers? Or do you see that it permits them!

if your god intended you to always tell the truth, why did He invent cameras, film, VHS tapes and DNA?

It’s Sunday… go confess.

Note…. my cartoons usually provide some wry humor related to the post. Not this one. It’s just funny and truthful. Some attributes that I strive for but most others ignore.

Author: Bob Lepp

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