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In Catholic protest abuse convictions, allowing victims to read impact statements can be delayed for months. But, for non-Catholics, justice is often not withheld at all, and on December 4, 2019 within half an hour, I was convicted and 3 people read impact statements into the public record.

I was forbidden from facing my accusers. One told the justice that her stomach turned every time she saw an e mail from me in her inbox…… I looked at her in shock she could mislead the court so easily and I was told to look straight ahead instead.

Now the conviction has been overturned, there were no victim impacts because there was no crime, and the Crown decided it would not prosecute again.

The Blog Post – a photo of page 1 of my law suit named names.

On December 4, 2019 women #1 through #3 inclusive wrote and read official victim Impact Statements before Justice Rose. His finding of guilt in my blogging of a tiny photo of page 1 of my lawsuit was overturned on appeal because the Crown failed to prove *ANY* mens rea. Justice Rose did not ask a single question about mens rea, while I asked police witnesses if they had determined a mens rea, They had not. And the appeal justice found no mens rea could have existed. The photo was too small to be read without a microscope. I had no reason to think anyone could read it and no reason to display the names for any nefarious reason, the document is public record.

The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime publishes the following set of guidelines for what the requirements are, and what they can be used for. Of course, it is mute on what happens when the underlying charge was found to have been false all along.

So, I am publishing their work here:

Now, let’s see how close each woman came to staying within the lines when they coloured me.

What is a victim impact statement?

A victim impact statement is a written account of the personal harm suffered by a victim of crime. The statement may include a description of the physical, financial and emotional effects of the crime. The victim impact statement is intended to give crime victims a voice in the criminal justice process. It allows them to participate in the sentencing of an offender by explaining to the court, and the offender, how the crime has affected them.

THEM, not their mothers.

So, they each described how “I” affected them instead, not the effects of any crime, because there was no crime.

When will a victim impact statement be used?

An impact statement will not be used unless or until a criminal conviction has been rendered. It can also be used in the case of a plea bargain. Victims should discuss when to submit their statement with the Crown or the victim services provider.

The victim should note that the victim impact statement will be shared with the defence and therefore the offender will see it. Once an impact statement has been entered into court, it becomes public record. The victim should be aware that the defence may question them about their statement, but that this is a rare occurrence.

“it becomes public record.”

Notice it does not specify WHEN I may question them. So I will do it at trial April 26, 27 and 28, 2021. It proves bias. And deception.

To give them time to respond properly, I will now suggest that some contents may be quoted following this. They can determine if I may ask a question about their statements.

“I am an officer of the court.”

This seems more a demand for respect than an impact.

I have been Mr. Lepp’s victim since I was retained….

That was June 6, 2018. She arrested me August 23, 2018 and August 31, 2018.

I am a victim of his non-stop bullying.

Apparently it never started because all her charges were false.

June 9 – August 18, 2018 – Following are Her ACTUAL Words in Replies to “Bullying” – Does It Sound Like Bullying Occurred?

June 9, 2018 – “All parties are required to come to a settlement conference with the spirit of settling, rather than inflaming the matter further.

I trust we will be able to remain cordial, and deal with the claims in as expedited a manner as possible, saving all parties as much expense feasible.

I shall accept service of your defence and to facilitate service, you can either email or fax me. “

June 9 – “I will review a proposal if you kindly outline in detail what expenses you have had, and what sort of apology it is that you are seeking.
Thank you for taking the time to consider this approach. I believe it will be best serving for all concerned. Your input will allow me to have a greater understanding and that can only be helpful for everyone. I do gather from your materials you are a concerned Auroran, a dog lover, and an advocate. 

June 9 – “I do gather from your materials you are a concerned Auroran, a dog lover, and an advocate. 

June 9 – “I believe my email correspondence to you, addresses that settlement conferences are for resolution. In that spirit, I would be interested in hearing what it is you believe can be accomplished and perhaps corrected in your view, that specifically pertains ONLY to your claim. 

June 10 – As I have said, my main goal is to try and find a resolution. I believe that is the spirit of all litigation, and in essence, we should ‘ all’ try and enter in to the mandatory settlement conference, with some positive ideas for resolution. I shall continue to try and find ‘some’ common ground if at all possible. Whether that is successful or not, remains to be seen, but that is my intention.

June 29 – “I have relayed your Offer, which was written within your email to me.
The offer was not accepted by my client.
I remain hopeful we shall have a productive and respectful conversation on the the 10th of July to review the matters together.
Wishing you and yours a very happy Canada Day Weekend.

July 1 – “HOLIDAY – Kindly note my office is closed for the Holiday.

I did however, wish to respond to your two emails this evening.

The service is not in question as far as your claim. You cannot plead that which has not happened yet. 

The video you sent me was ‘your’ service upon her of ‘YOUR’ claim.

Again, I have been retained to respond to your claim, which was done according to the Rules of Small Claims Court.

July 2 – “To reiterate your email yesterday; your offer suggested that;
 If she signs a letter stating all of the following 13 points in whatever words she wants to use. If you deliver 3 copies signed as originals to me by noon Monday July 2….

1) Bob Lepp helped me get the dog park rebuilt in December 2016, and again in November 2017.
2) I did not want to pursue making the park accessible and I asked Bob to stop bothering me about any more improvements, Bob stopped emailing me November 29, 2017.
3) Bob has not changed his email address from, he has always been
4) Bob Lepp has no outstanding criminal charges by xxxxx xxxxx , they were all dropped by the Crown November 3, 2017. Police had no evidence of any wrongdoing, legally obtained or illegally obtained. XXXXX colluded with the Town. She no longer works for the Town.
5) Bob Lepp has never “cyber bullied” her, whatever that means.
6) Bob Lepp has never followed her place to place. She has no evidence of such following.
7) Bob Lepp has never photographed anything but her truck parked in the no parking zone. 
8) Bob Lepp has never slandered or defamed her, he has only reported factually her 11 years of  illegal use of the dog park in violation of contract PKS-011-15, a contract she signed many years ago. She may have quit now, but she has signed it multiple times prior. And she has used the park every day. She advertises on her business web site that the ONLY place she walks is Canine Commons. She agrees she has violated that contract.
9) She has not cancelled her contract with the Town. There is no new lead volunteer on record (I paid for an FOI on this very topic.)
10) Bob contacted ONLY my business email address displayed for the public to use on my business web site only. He did not contact me personally, he only copied the business on his complaint.
11) I apologize for exaggerating what I said Bob did in my response of May 10, 2018 at 9:43 pm..
12) I apologize for calling police for no reason twice at least, May 10 and May 25.
13) I will not testify against Bob in Criminal Court because that would constitute public mischief.

August 18 – “If you have a properly prepared Offer to Settle on the form available online, which should pertain ONLY to the civil matter, I will be happy to try and negotiate with you in writing. I shall respond only to any such properly prepared written Offer.
I sent you a without prejudice letter on July 27th, 2018, in an attempt to settle the matters which you ignored.
I acknowledge you have set the matters down for trial October 12th, 2018.
If no settlement is reached, we will see you in Court this Fall.

August 23, 2018 woman #1, 2 and 3 Arrested Me On 5 Charges – ALL Failed

“complete with attempts to soil my name.”

No successful attempts, it is unsoiled, she has never sued.

There has been no claim ever made against me for slander, libel OR “bullying” woman #3. It is all fictional.

I am a victim of his non-stop bullying, complete with conspiracy theories and attempts to soil nd damage my name, my reputation.

There were no complaints raised by woman #3 of bullying either to police or to the courts

For over a year and a half I have been his target and subject of his online rants and unsubstantiated disillusions.

dis·il·lu·sion/ˌdisəˈlo͞oZHən/Learn to pronouncenoun

disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.

What is an example of disillusionment?

Disillusion is defined as disappointment that you feel when you realize something you thought was true wasn’t, or when you realize that something you thought was good is not as good as you believed it was. An example of disillusion is what you feel when you find out that Santa isn’t real.

With no basis in reality he has concocted a story in his mind which he has publicized with intention to cause me harm.

if this were true, she would have sued me.

I installed a full camera security system in my home office due to this bullying.

I have never been to her office, let alone her home.

I have been repeatedly and relentlessly inodated (sic) both direct and indirect despite conditions of bail forbidding same.”

Outright falsehood as she would have had me arrested as she did in 6 arrests and 26 false charges.

I have seen an impact…. loss of sleep, headaches, pain, MAJOR SURGERY

What type of major surgery is caused by emails? She made no such complaints June 6, 2018 to August 23, 2018. Only at the victim impact statement.

I have learnt (sic) that aggressive behaviour in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes you harm or discomfort typically involves a real or perceived power imbalance.


Bullying can have a ripple effect among people who aren’t on the receiving end – witnessing it is a vicarious trauma.

None of her 26 charges were proven in court, all failed and were dismissed in some way.

When my Mom passed our last conversation 11 months ago, entailed her asking me; “Why won’t this bully stop?” She did not live to see the answer. I don’t have that answer.”

She told her mother I bullied her, the charge was blogging a photo of her name on a court document. She should have instead told her mother she should expect to see her name appearing on MANY court documents because she is “an officer of the court.”

I have not reacted, or said anything publicly in response to the hurtful publication of my name.

Misleading. She DID react. She said p[ublicly to police “Arrest him.” 6 times. She had me arrested 6 times on 26 false charges. All failed.

Woman #3: I have not reacted, or said anything publicly

Deception #1 – She reacted by misleading police and having me arrested 6 times on 19 charges

Deception #2 – She SAID publicly at trial she did not understand my lawsuit even after 18 months of looking at it.

His goal perhaps is to make me sad.

Readin g her name made her “sad”? My goal was to get an apology from her client for a slanderous email sent to Aurora Council and staff,

I am trying hard not to be scared.

Seeing her name males her scared? She claimed she needed police protection from the parking lot. As if my emails settling my claim would attack her in the parking lot. Then, she attended every court appearance I made on her own. February 14, 2020 she attended my mater with Aurora in court. She was not named in the matter and had no reason to attend but did in an attempt to bait me to speak to her. Justice Dawe June 2, 2020 ordered a court room is the only place I could speak to her.

We hold the right to life and work in a safe environment. This has been threatened for me + my family.

Her FAMILY? Does she even have a family? Had there actually been “threats”, she would have arrested me. She did not, because there were no threats. All 6 arrests and 26 charges were NOT Criminal Code (CC) charges based on any actions against her, they were all Administration of Justice Charges (AOJA), breaches, blogging a photo of a court document with her name on it. These alleged acts were against JUSTICE, they had nothing to do with any act against her.

I would like remedial programs to assists victims of bullying + professional development programs…

A remedial program to train her to NOT FEAR READING HER OWN NAME? Had there BEEN bullying, she might have these thoughts. Instead, she wants Ontario to “develop” her professionally. This makes no sense. As an “officer of the court” she must know that FIRSt a crime must occur.

I have asked in the past please Stop. Don’t mention my name. Don’t communicate w/ me.

My last email to her was on August 20, 2018, 3 days BEFORE I was arrested by her claims of extortion and witness tampering. After that I never communicated to her. She may think my blog is “communicating” to her. She would find that not reading my blog every day would help. She had me arrested 6 times and wants me to NOT mention her name? Why is this even a possibility in her mind. Why would she expect silence after 26 false charges were laid?

I have been hurt both personally + professionally.

8 people read my blog. If she was hurt at all she would have sued me. as it is, she had me arrested 6 times and now thinks I should just forget her name.


She signed it. And as an “officer of the court” everything she says to a justice is assumed to be truthful.

Next time – Woman #1 and #2 Read Their Impact Statements Into the Public Record… extracts are examined for accuracy.

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