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I noticed traffic in the hallway and on the stairs is tapering off as Xmas approaches quickly. Everyone is gradually getting set to do nothing over the holidays, just like they’ve been doing for 9 months.

Time to write those recaps and windups, those looks back on the year to send the friends and relatives.

I’ll do my best to post every day. My 2020 average is 1.3 posts per day. Hardly the massive volume the Crown claims to every justice at every appearance.

It’s just one post per day weekdays, PLUS 2 each on weekend days. That’s it.

And, opposing me, I put the cost to the Ontario taxpayer at $250,000 conservatively for 7 arrests, 26 charges, appeals, etc. Defending my suit is paid by Aurora liability insurance, so, I cannot say taxpayers were on the hook for that, but they WILL pay the premium increases when York and Aurora lose.

And on April 26, 2021 they start 3 MORE days at $10K a day for a trial on 2 breaches that “affected’ just one soul, an “Officer of the Court.” She will certainly feel special after $30,000 is spent on her instead of on hungry people at Christmas.

Imagine how $30,000 could help front line COVID-19 workers in hospitals across Ontario.

I am not sure whether I want them to convict me or not. There are benefits to either outcome for me.

If I am found innocent, and how can I not with 3 lawyer witnesses expanding on FOUR different stories”?…. I keep my record clean, but I am out another $10K of defence costs I have to sue for.

If I am found guilty, I get a cornucopia of anecdotal evidence of the waste in Ontario’s court systems. Bill C-75 was supposed to ELIMINATE costs for Administration of Justice Act (AOJA) charges by de-criminalizing it back to a jaywalk ticket status.

BUT, Newarket court, all on its OWN WITHOUT any approval from anyone outside Newmarket, took explicit steps to defeat the effects of Bill C-75 overnight by doing… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…. to adopt Bill C-75. All of Parliamemt’s will was defeated by one Crown who said “No, thank you, we’re fine!” when asked to adopt Bill C-75.

And since the accepted fashion in law seems that everything is an option for every person to decide how to uphold the law….”They” in Newmarket got asked a choice, to adopt Judicial Referral Hearings or not.

Newmarket chose to NOT adopt Judicial Referral Hearings for breach allegations. They chose full on, expensive, slow, criminal trials with judges and juries to decide my fate. They chose that method because it gives the Crown maximum control over my sentence. And over the sentence of anyone they wish to punish for political reasons. In my case, I had the nerve to accuse an ex-cop of assault and the Court enabled that ex-cop for 2 false arrests and 3 false charges.

If the Crown can convince a “breach” judge and jury of my guilt, he can THEN ask for virtually any punishment in the form of “recommended terms of release”.

DRAFTS. The Crown drafted up 85 words for just ONE illegal release term for me, and photcopied it for every justice after that I ever met.

Judges who THEN rubber stamped Term #5 “Not to mention…” made legal mistakes. They are NOT to divest their responsibilities for assigning punishment. They are NOT to just hand the Crown’s draft orders to his clerk and get them typed over his name.

But, if instead, Newmarket agrees to what Parliament ordered, I could only get a stern lecture from a single justice on his/her own. The plan by Parliament was to eliminate the cost and time of a trial for breaches of no import to anyone by showing the Crown they get no “wins” on the score sheet. They get no “instant punishment” of the accused. They get no CHANCE to even TRY to change the behaviour of the accused, JUST AS the law dictates.

I hope everybody gets that point. That the Crown of Newmarket and his Deputy actually get to CHOOSE whether to listen to Parliament.

Why is this happening?

Because of ignorance. Everyone has their own idea of what “bail” is. This occurs because the judiciary and the J.P.s have been coerced into colluding with the Crown to break the law. They simply sign whatever is put before them by the Crown.

Last week, a tribunal suggested that an Ottawa Justice of the Peace, Julie Lauzon, BE FIRED for writing EXACTLY what I just wrote.

She wrote in the newspaper that in her job as J.P. she was “forced” to sign illegal documents. She knew that wording from the Crown in the documents she signed violated laws, she had to sign them despite her knowledge they contained illegal terms.

She blew the whistle on what has caused ALL of my grief. And that is that… the Crown simply writes down for the justice WHATEVER they want on a draft sentencing order or draft probation order or a “draft” of anything they please.

And then the Crown made it *ROUTINE* for J.P.s to ALWAYS adopt the Crown’s draft orders to save precious court time OVERLOADED by AOJA charges.

This is easy to prove from court transcripts. You will read transcripts where the J.P. has just made a guilty decision, then seconds later he/she is reading the punishment in high detail.

March 6, 2020, J.P. Premji accepted the draft order from Greg Elder that specified:

  1. A long probation.
  2. Mental health assessment
  3. DNA blood sampling
  4. House arrest
  5. NO use of the internet for any reason or to use any device that used the internet.
  6. “Not to mention” 3 citizens and one business name anywhere on anything for any reason.

And more…. and when he signed it, J.P Premji KNEW:

  1. The “Not to mention” wording was illegal and violated the Charter.
  2. House arrest for a breach is extreme
  3. Internet Bans “change behaviour” of people and are illegal as release terms.
  4. DNA sampling is rare on a breach offence, an alleged breach finally overturned on appeal.
  5. The entire J. Rose 3 year probation order was also extreme and illegally worded and struck.

So, if J.P. Premji KNEW these things to be illegal…

why did he sign them into effect verbatim from Crown Greg Elder?

Because that is the job the Crown convinces the J.P. he is there to do, to rubber stamp drafts from the Crown. After all, a “Crown draft” is illegal by definition. It becomes too tempting to just publish the draft. Which is, OF COURSE, what happens.

Also, in the transcripts you will hear references to what is on the draft, and WHY.

In my case, what you will read is the Crown providing “facts” not proven in the evidence. Once the “guilty!” is pronounced, the Crown CAN say anything it wants about me to the judge without telling me WHAT they said about me. And it DOES.

The Crown will include a list of my charges. NOT just convictions, they list charges, mere allegations… but the disposition is NOT included. So what the Crown does is take that list of 26 false charges and print it out on the various sentencing documents. Since they are not required to SHOW disposition of each charge… they leave it mute. The J.P. assumes each finding was “GUILTY” because he knows a Crown would NOT list withdrawn, dismissed, innocent or stayed charges.

So, if I can read a transcript and see the words of everyone agreeing that the J.P. adopted punishment and dates entered in draft form… why are these J.P.s still working?

Because they cannot be fired.

And since the Crown has figured out how to direct their every decision… the judiciary is compromised.

Justice of the Peace Julie Lauzon is to be fired for telling the truth.

And the Newmarket Crown will see that as a victory for the Law Society and all of his “friends”. Every lawyer in Ontario knows if they play the game, they will make a lot of money on criminal breach charges.

The Crown can make life difficult for a lawyer who does not play the game. The Crown can refuse access to their personal cell phone numbers. It can be not QUITE so cooperative on pleadings.

Lawyers will NOT win so many easy ones if they do not play along.

A cop can arrest, but CANNOT charge until the Crown agrees to prosecute.

The judiciary is SUPPOSED to be independent in the Ontario justice design on paper, but, in real life it usually just signs whatever the Crown drafts up.

How can it BE independent if Justice of the Peace Julie Lauzon stands up and proves it is NOT?

So, the tribunal concept fails. There is NO independence IF DRAFT ORDERS EXIST. Let a Crown SAY whatever he wants ON THE RECORD for a sentence or release order. But do NOT let to be SILENTLY written and submitted to the justice as a draft, a mere photocopy… of what the Crown wants done.

I asked Crown Westgate, who once had my case, for a copy of the Crown drafts that were submitted to the judiciary in my appearances. I was refused.

Not only because he claimed there were none, but also because

just my asking that it MAY EXIST was offensive to him.

I Ask For Copies Of All Draft Orders given to J. Cameron

From: Bob Lepp <
Sent: August 13, 2020 9:48 AM
To: Westgate, Peter (MAG) <>
Cc: Elder, Greg J. (MAG) <>; Giordano, Frank (MAG) <>; Moull, David (MAG) <>; Pasquino, Lesley (MAG) <>
Subject: May I have copy of you draft decision for J. Cameron August 10? 

To:  Crowns…Mr Westgate and others.

1) May I please have a copy of any and all draft decisions written for J. Cameron for her decision of August 10?

2) What court do I go to for an APPEAL OF J. Cameron’s decision denying my motion? Thanks if you can, Bob

The Crown Claims I Offended Him Just By Asking

On Aug-13-2020, at 10:39 AM, Westgate, Peter (MAG) <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Lepp, 

No one from the Crowns office had any contact or involvement with Justice Cameron with respect to her Honour’s endorsement dismissing your application.  To suggest such is completely wrong, misguided and offensive

As to your request about the process of Appeal I suggest you seek legal advice.    

Peter A. Westgate

Assistant Crown Attorney

This Would Be Fine If Her Decision Did Not include facts not in evidence.

Only the Crown knows some of the facts that were read into the record by J. Cameron. She would NOT have learned of them reading my materials or transcripts. She would ONLY have read them in materials from the Crown which were NOT filed.

“Draft” anything by the Crown to the justice should be ruled INADMISSABLE and trashed.

This should be the order to every justice and J.P. in Ontario

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