41.5 Prevarications About Bob Lepp Web Site Development 101

BL20-🏌🏻C – 41.5 Prevarications

Here will be documented each one.

There must be AT LEAST one half truth.

July 14, 2017

Then he began to email me regularly.

Fact: Over 4 years just 18 emails, 6 per year, one each 2 months

2015 – None 2016 – None


  1. January 25
  2. January 27
  3. February 13
  4. March 21
  5. March 22
  6. March 24
  7. March 27
  8. March 29
  9. March 30
  10. May 16
  11. June 3
  12. June 4
  13. June 5
  14. June 10
  15. June 12
  16. July 9
  17. July 13
  18. July 14 (date of my FIRST of 7 arrests, but early morning)

But one of the emails started getting into long dissertations about how we could do our jobs better, so I didn’t respond to any of those

Of course not, why change just because a taxayer takes the time to find out how Aurora lost $300,000 per year NOT SELLING PET TAGS.

One day at a council meeting I introduced myself, and I shook his hand (fearlessly) and I welcomed HIM to the Town of Aurora SO HE WOULD KNOW WHO I WAS.

Fact: Nope. Never happened. This was claimed to explain why one would know me on sight and did not need to bother to talk to me before writing up and sticking a ticket into my body.

Everything escalated with him when we ran an event…

Fact: The OSPCA ran the event I had been told by the person in charge overall.

So I scheduled to be there a couple of hours.

Fact: It had already been FIRST claimed by “I” that Saturday, June 3, 2017 was a scheduled DAY OFF. THEN, it was claimed the attendance was for 4 hours, 11:00 to 3:00. The show was advertised as ending at 2:00.

I was speaking to the K9 officer when the dogs came directly… at him and they wrapped themselves around my legs.

Fact: Fellow officers signed affidavits to the contrary. NO attacking a German Shepherd cop dog, NO wrapping legs, NO almost tripping. The K9 was removed because IF anyone or anything threatened the officer, the K9 would seriously attack as it was trained. This was from the officer to me in an email afterwards.

It could have been a real problem.

Fact: They came to me directly and sat at my feet. I grabbed the rope tying the two together. No “real” problem.. two wimpy female dogs. None of the other officers suggested any problem at all.

I decided to lay a ticket on him.

Fact: No, that took 25 minutes to decide. I had left the scene and was 500 yards away.

And I handed it to him.

Fact: Three officers tracked me far away, 500 meters photographing children soccer teams, and one SHOVED forcibly the ticket into my armpit without warning. NO badges seen or offered, no names offered, no replies to my questions to identify themselves… no words at all and I have the 12 images of them stalking away ignoring me.

He followed me back to where I was going and you know yelling obscenities and everything.

Fact: No obscenities… Seriously? I was swearing LOUDLY enough for her to hear 100 meters ahead of me and NONE of the 3 stopped to discuss swearing in front of children? None of the other officers, including the two bodyguards, back up that story in any way at all. (To be posted soon)

And I just didn’t respond and he actually came up to me and said “Who’s the asshole who wrote this ticket?”

Fact: Yes, no response. Defiant pose among MANY bulletproof vested young, viral, muscled, tattooed MEN… I’m stupid enough to call their senior officer anASSHOLE? of course not… none of the 5 officers who sign affidavits reported hearing any obscenities at any time, from me or anyone else.

I thought it would really have been a serious incident because ten canine officer had to grab his dog and THREW him in the vehicle. I could have been tripped.

Fact: She began yelling, scaring the dog. She said she “stepped out” of the rope. None of her officers supported her.

I called his name, I identified myself as xxxx xxxxxx MANAGER OF BYLAWS.

FACT: She refused to give a name or badge number and just walked off.

He began calling insults at me and then began following me shouting about the dog park, our lack of action with parking and other insults.

Fact: She was a hundred meters ahead of me, I was asking for badge numbers. No other officer supported this claim of “insults” and “shouting”

August 2018 she went to police a second time to arrest me and she recounted on video exactly what she did. She said she found a ticket book from one of her “boys” and made one out to me without asking for my ID, address, postal code… nothing. She wrote from memo2ry and then, according to her OWN words. she shoved it “into the spot where the arm meets the body.” aka ARMPIT.

She admitted, on tape, on questioning BY POLICE…about an assault she committed on my body.

I reported it June 4, 2017 in writing to PC Gaudet at the cop shop on Prospect. It went nowhere, of course, because I asked for it. And I have NEVER been given anything I asked police for.

More tomorrow, tune in!

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