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BL20-πŸŽ„CLXXπŸŽ„ – Un-De-Leaf-able – Even The Neighbour’s Leaves Have Been Caught Piling On

Aurora has made it certain that everyone knows I am disgraced by being arrested by their ex-cop. Then by their dog park contractor. Then by HER paralegal and by her old school principal. And the ex-cop’s lawyer, of course, same one as the spite fence specialist.

Once she made that first arrest July 13, 2017 she and Aurora encouraged everyone to take a piece of me… to pile on complaints about me while the cops were hot to keep me under bail conditions to shut up about her. So she assaults me, cops whitewash it and then it has been classic Thin Blue Line payback every since. 6 MORE arrests and 19 MORE charges because I just did not take the hint and shut up about her. She even faked changing her name.

Today, I stand accused of killing dogs with antifreeze and “serial harassment” of multiple women. Luckily I ended 16 charges outright, never went past the first justice who read the allegations.

Cops were so anxious for more charges after I recorded them February 27, 2020 admitting the collusion they convinced 3 lawyers to lie about something they never saw, never heard and definitely never happened. But all 3 swore to testify against me March 6, 2020. And if they do, they lose their licences for lying and public mischief. No one can lie to police JUST to get a person arrested. No one. In this case all 3 witnesses are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario with their myriad regulations and ethics standards and complaint mechanisms. When my charges are prosecuted, they lose their incomes. And to them it is a risk worth taking. After all, I am defeating them in court. Charles Painter was beat twice. Gwendolyn Adrian has to answer to a justice why she took $18,000 illegally in costs for a motion NOT EVEN HEARD. And an appeal.

Her response has been to publish hundreds of pages to support her 18 page claim against me. Just 6 sentences I spoke are in contention. Ms. Buckles was accused of 9 slanderous sentences, 509% MORE than me.

But now, even my west side neighbour knows he can treat me like shit now, and Bylaws will support him.

Lasy year, his retaining wall collapsed onto my land and much of his dirt washed out through it onto and under my interlocking stones. So I shovelled some of it back into the washed-out holes on his side, lest he think I threw it out. He came screaming to my door in the middle of a dinner party accusing me of putting his soil back on his land. I called police and trespassed him. I am a quick study. I threw out his dirt as my contractor had a dumper on site. 229 had the dumpster at the curb ticketed that day, but I got it rescinded like the off leash dogs tickjet for $1.

Parents can park INSIDE a bus stop at 3:00 pm daily, but I cannot park a dumpster at the curb to take away my neighbours washed out soil.

This week, his campaign is leaves. Or more accurately, ME and MY leaves. I noticed that he has been studying me, taking videos of my blowing style. I hoped it was to learn, but I think he was fixing to report me. Now he stands on his side deck and screams something at me. I think he has determined how I get rid of my back yard leaves… he thinks I blow them all under the fence into his yard. He thinks this because I pile them in my southwest corner and my son eventually bags them up. Or used to.

I finally figured out that he must jealous of our team, me and the 3 eastern neighbours, and our system. They work days, I do not. I like BLOWING leaves, not gift wraapping them. So, they bag what I pile up. And the whole street in front of our 4 homes. I even do the far side curbs.


  1. I blow all 4 houses down to the curb mid-day.
  2. They come home from work and bag em up.
  3. Weekends we work together. Like today. I blew. They bagged

So, I can see my western neighbour at 229 figures to take a photo between 1 and 2 and send it to Bylaws or the cops, your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, our Assuredly De-leaf-able Club at 221-227 Orchard Hts. Blvd. keeps the entire width of street clean and the folks from 229 and west just leaf them at the curb in huge piles to blow back east at us in the prevailing winds.

Revenge. Seems to be a bit kindergartenish, but what do I know?

So, 229 + west Orchard Hts… stop piling at the curb! Pick ’em up!

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