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BL20-πŸŽ„CLXπŸŽ„ – Zoom in on the Ontario Court of Appeal with Gwendolyn Adrian

I like the remote court appearances by Zoom software. They are much less stressful. It is impossible to feel stressed sitting in pyjama bottoms with a shirt, tie and jacket.

I filed a single judge motion to extend my time to perfect my appeal of Gwendolyn Adrian’s client refusing to wait for the SLAPP s.137.1 motion to be heard. I filed May 2019 and it has not yet been heard.

Despite that shortcoming, Ms. Adrian was able to convince several judges to award her massive unearned costs and a default judgement. NOTHING was to happen after May 2019 but so many justices just (pun intended) do not understand SLAPP s. 137.1 and its goal of eliminating EXACTLY this kind of assault on my bank balance.

When I get the extension, my appeal perfection will take maybe a week to finish off. So much happened I can now use as evidence of SLAPP.

Over the weekend I read the Plaintiff’s claim again. The suit was so poorly written. By law, it was to have included EVERY alleged slanderous thing she says I wrote. Instead, it had just 15 quotes, 9 for Buckles in Facebook and 6 for me from my blog and petition and 1100 signatures.

Not one of the 15 alleged quotes is in any way slanderous.

And, more importantly, lawyer Brad T. Cran had no idea how to claim libel. He wrote that I had just made too MANY libellous posts to include and he would reveal them at trial.

Well, it turns out he did not know the law. By failing to cite EVERY alleged statement… he made the suit useless. Because the 15 he picked are simply innocuous. Both Marnee and I simply stated the facts and the history without making any personal comments or casting any aspersions. We both just stated what Adrian’s client had done and had said, and we left it to the reader to make up their minds.

Soon, I will be allowed to post them all here for you to read. Until then, come see me for a hard copy. You will laugh at what they claim was libellous.

Until then, as expected, Ms Adrian served 273 MORE pages in a NEGATIVE response of my motion late Friday for motion to be heard 10:00 am Monday. She expected the justice to read it over the weekend I guess.

Her entire law suit is just 18 pages, and YET, she came up with 255 MORE than that JUST to say NO! to the justice.

if your suit is just 18 pages, and you think it can succeed… why would you need 273 pages to explain how good the 18 were?

So she can claim costs! and sure enough, as I told the justice she would, she asked for $2,000 for the LATE 273 soft copy pages. No photocopying, no couriers, no binding… just a bag of bits and bytes sent with NOT enough time to be read. A waste of data.

I asked for $18,000 if I get the extension. I theorized that if Adrian got $18,000 for NOT arguing SLAPP s. 137.1 then I should get $18,000 for WINNING something.

But the justice knows self reps do not get costs compensation as we do not EXPEND any costs…. we magically beat lawyers on a regular basis without having to spend ANYTHING… not one penny….. so we get no costs and the lawyers just laugh at us for working hard enough t beat them and then NOT get paid a penny.

Such is the mystery of Ontario’s legal systems.

The big bucks in law can be made on “costs” alone since they are not audited. And with COVID, Zoom and soft copy everything, the profit on the costs gets better each month.

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