BL20-πŸŽ„CL4dv – If It Were Not For Trump, no one would believe me

BL20-πŸŽ„CL4dv – If It Were Not For Trump, no one would believe me

Trump epitomizes the politician and the police in power

When such people learn no one will come after them if they lie, they lie.

And it works both ways. Police are notorious liars in court when under oath. To protect one of their own Thin Blue Line, they will say and do anything to defend the “honour” of a fellow police officer.

Politicians do the same. Once they prove to themselves they are protected by lawyers and insurance policies, they will say whatever they want to get their way.

And witnesses, once they are shown by. police that there will be no retribution, they lie to arrest me 7 times on 27 charges.

At least Trump has a feedback loop once every 4 years, and the voters will dispense with him.

But we don’t get to elect sheriffs in Canada. We are stuck with them.

There is no place to go to complain about the police. They are shielded by the OIPRD and that is just “them” investigating each other and finding perfection every time.

And so… thanks Donald!

You have opened eyes by merely being the epitomy of Presidential perfection.

My personal favourite debate question fo Trump?

Q: Will you denounce white supremacists?

Trump: Stand back and stand by!

Bob Lepp

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