Business Communicating To Counsel Whither goest Gwendolyn Adrian?

BL20-๐ŸŽ„CLX๐Ÿ‘X – Lawyer roundup

All lawyers now refuse to respond to me. I am untouchable.

Charles Painter had me ordered to contact him only by email, so he is in contempt of his own order.

Anway, if youโ€™re a lawyer acting to defend my suit, here is what I know about lawyers assigned as at a September 8, 2020

Aurora – Charles Painter twice called police to arrest me, one failed and one worked. Iโ€™ve declared this a conflict of interest and I ask him to be replaced. He had me ordered not to contact Lloydโ€™s of London, so I canโ€™t say if someone new has been assigned yet.

Region of York, police and their board – Barry Stork also had me arrested so I have asked he be noted in a conflict of interest as well.

Lady A – used Charles Painter so the status is the same as Aurora

Lady B – using homeowners insurance lawyer

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