BL20-🎄CLXV👁 – We created the Thin Blue Line conspiracy

BL20-🎄CLXV👁 – We created the Thin Blue Line conspiracy

When everyone came back from World War II did they start the thin brown line? When they came back from Korea, did they start the brown line? Iraq? Afghanistan? No and that’s because they had no desire at all to keep doing what they WERE doing.

They just wanted to get back to their lives and forget everything they saw and everything they had done.

But police are not like that. We started thanking them for looking after us, just for doing their jobs THEY chose to do. And so it went to their heads. we honored them as first responders on 9/11 and every other opportunity. We cranked them up, puffed them up…we made their jobs seem more important than our own, when in fact they are just jobs like all the rest and no one forces them to do it.

We gave them a uniform, we gave them a taser, rifles, we gave them a gun and troop carriers, gas masks, we gave them a fast car and we said go get ‘em!

But they did not want to do it alone. They did not want to pick on somebody and have that person fight back. They may get hurt.

So, they started long ago a special fraternity called the “Thin Blue Line” and it was meant to scare the bad guys. You knew that if you ever picked on one cop, you were picking on all of them, and so they all (and their lawyers and their union reps and publicists) piled on and that also went to their heads.

Back in the 80s crime started to decline and police saw that they were not gonna have so many opportunities to show off, and so they started to generate crimes using breaches of recognizance. If there were fewer real bank robberies and not as many murders, at least they could arrest people for breaking the terms of their bail.

But even that might not work if they made those terms too easy to comply with. So, they made them impossible to comply with. They literally wrote up the bail terms so that the accused person must fail, and so they could be arrested again and the cops would look great again.

Somewhere along the way they realize that they could inflict more REAL, IMMEDIATE, COSTLY punishment using bail terms then they could with a judge and the jury.

And rarely could judges and juries drain your bank account as easily as having to hire a criminal lawyer. That is the REAL punishment they seek. To impoverish their perceived enemies.

Crown prosecutors jumped in to help because they would look busier if they had more matters on the docket. And more matters meant judges were overworked, and crowns knew that if you wanted to create your own justice system, all you had to do was hand a very busy judge a piece of paper with what they wanted the judge to do.

Some judges then figured out they didn’t have to work very much if they just had their assistant type up what the crown gave them to say, and so judges began to rubber stamp the draft orders from the crown.

This would be funnier if it weren’t so true. Ontario has had declining crime rates, yet the courts are bigger, there are more judges, and they still can’t keep up. They even rehire pensioned off judges, paying by the hour. The government of Canada saw this happening, they acted, and so, in December 2019, they introduced new law in Bill C-75.

The new bill deemphasized the role of the Crown and the court in a simple breach of bail. They made it a “slap on the wrist, get out of here you silly boy” kind of thing, A ticket is written, literally, a judge hears it like a parking ticket and decides on the spot.

But that that did not work as planned. A weakness in the Attorney General‘s guidelines Issued to all to local Crown attorneys allows them to develop what are called “local practices”. Like, a court can be created in a sweat lodge up north, or plaid jackets are permitted.

They are allowed to modify how the law is imposed for any reason they make up, and Newmarket made up the reason that they simply had no time to learn Bill C 75, and so they just ignored it. How do I know this? Because all my charges are breaches of bail. Oh sure there were a few lame criminal code charges and even one of those was successful before appeal but the rest are all just silly wastes of time.

They involve blogging about the very people who arrested me. My charter rights, remember them?. Because what the crown was able to do was to ignore the orders of the Superior Court on several occasions, and they would lie time after time to judges that I was forbidden to even say four names to my son in private. In their desire to arrest me, again and again, the Crown convinced several judges that I should be forbidden to say the names of these people and of one of their businesses even in private even to my family. It took 2 1/2 years for me to prove that to the Superior Court but when I did they ordered Crown Greg Elder just stop doing it.

His solution was simple beyond belief.

He simply ignored superior Court of Justice Dawe. WORDS went in one ear and out the other. He knew he could get away with this because he had already done the same thing to the top judge in the GTA. Senior regional justice Fuerst on November 16, 2019 ordered him to remove all the names from the bail terms and Greg Elder found that if he just ignored the order, he could still use those terms in a draft order to any judge he wanted. And so, on December 4 2019 he specified the same four forbidden names all over again to Justice Rose in a draft decision and a draft probation order. Justice Rose was very busy that day, so all he had to do was to sign the draft order and his assistant would type it up over his name. The manipulation of the justice system was complete.

Police could arrest me time and time again knowing that the Crown had away to get the judge to rule against me. And no one caught on that it was because the Crown was ignoring the orders of 2 Superior Court justices. Now, you need to know that an interesting thing happens when people find out but the Crown will prosecute any old charge at all against a person like me. Those people then make up whatever charges they want, they lie whatever they want on police interview videos and they know the police and the Crown will take it from there.

So starting on June 3, 2017, the same three women have used the implicit support of police and the Crown to arrest me seven times on 27 charges with the most outrageous lies in the most illegal actions imaginable. Then one of them retained a lawyer and let her in on the fun. So Gwendolyn Adrian jumped into the fray and began to do whatever she wanted knowing that the courts and the police would back her up. A paralegal, one who should known better, even decided she could break her oath and breach the trust of the public and go undercover to help POLICE try to entrap me. I was a convenient pin cushion for anything That bothered them in life.

Her dog died of cancer and old age and to her it was just another opportunity to call police and ask them to arrest me. It’s not like I didn’t fight back, but I just don’t have enough money to defeat them totally. The paralegal created 19 false charges, and not one of them was successful, yet if she went to POLICE today they would dutifully take another report, and record another video interview and call me to come in to be arrested.

The genesis of the affair, The Bylaws department of the Town Of Aurora had some family connections to York Regional police meant that nothing I did could stop police from arresting me.

There have now been 37 different officers assigned to keep me in prison. And the excuse their boss uses is that I had the nerve to write her name in my blog after my first arrest July 14, 2017. And here’s where the privilege afforded by the thin blue line comes in. She is backing up an ex police officer and her husband, and she knows that regardless of what she does, the rest of the police force will back her up because of course she is one of the glorious Thin Blue Line and she deserves it.

She proves that by telling me she has been an officer for 31 years. She does not tell me whether she did good police work or bad police work for 31 years, only that she has paid her dues. And so, she infers that because she paid her dues she can do whatever she wants to me. Luckily I was recording that conversation, and in the course of an hour she verified everything that was just a theory to me before I sat down to talk to her. I was thrilled and worried at the same time as I listened to her. I was thrilled she was admitting to it all, but, I was worried my battery would run out. That turned out not to be a problem and so I blogged her name again February 28, 2020 on a Friday.

Bright and early on a Monday morning Detective Sergeant Heather Bentham assigned four more officers to make up a case against me. Of course the first person they called was the paralegal who initiated the other 19 breaches, and within a few hours she had convinced two lawyers to back her up. Maybe there is a Thin Gray Line as well, or would it be green for the color of money.

In any event, a mere paralegal was able to convince two full stripe lawyers to agree that I had spoken to her inside a court room. She chose that crime because she thought it was a bail term, and if it was a bail term she could certainly get the crown to prosecute me for it. But there was one wrinkle she had not considered.

She never thought that a Superior Court justice had already closed down that door. Because of the delays during the pandemic it took until June 5 for justice Dawe to once again tell the Crown that they had all been abusing my rights. He ordered for the third time the Crown Greg Elder must delete the four names from my bail terms after providing great detail as to why they violated my rights. To be completely truthful, he could not even figure out what term number six meant. But he did understand enough that the only place in the universe that I COULD speak to the paralegal was in a court room.

I can hear several of you saying well that should take care of the problem, Bob, that should be that the arrest of March 4 will have to be withdrawn as false because a judge just ordered you to speak to that paralegal only inside a court room. I can hear you say that but I cannot tell you it worked.

And again the Crown is using the pandemic as the excuse to delay Superior Court of Justice Dawe’s order from coming into effect. For 3 1/2 months, the Crown has been told that they have been prosecuting me on a completely illegal bail term.

So all of that allowed Justice Harper to sentence me to 60 days of house arrest based on the same old, obsolete, abusive wording. The Crown knew that I had an extremely strong appeal and so the next problem was how to stop me from getting the sentence suspended until my appeal could wipe it out completely .

Of course the Crown went to the playbook and simply found a busy justice to hear my motion, and then they passed her not only a draft decision but a draft argument for the decision. They gave her the complete decision to publish under her own name.

But they made a few mistakes and added in a few facts that were never discussed in our, so the justice could not possibly have known about them. The most obvious was to state that five paragraphs number 45 through 49 were written by Justice Harper to explain the legal reasons why a legal contract requiring volunteers to manage a dog park did not give me any reason to email them when I was attacked by a dog in the dog park.

My only conviction on a criminal code charge was ordered by Justice Harpur. He ordered that I was guilty of harassment by emailing the people in charge of the dog park that I had been attacked. I was simply following the contract the town had required the volunteers to sign. The contract said that all users of the dog park must communicate all problems to the volunteers, because there was no one at the town who would help them.

So, POLICE simply made the contract disappear. And the town removed the contract from the website, taking it out of the public view. Then, the Crown in one of many drafts of orders and motions given to the judge pointed out to him that I was going to use the existence of the contract as the reason for communicating about my dog attack.

And so, Justice Harpur did what he was asked. In the middle of my testimony, he kept telling me repeatedly he had already made up his mind and I should just stop talking about that contract. He told me that no contract could possibly explain why I emailed the volunteers about being attacked by a dog in the dog park.

To me this was a problem, because the only reason I emailed the volunteers is that the contract required me to do that. That contract actually required the volunteers to communicate all of the terms of the contract to every user of the dog park,and further the volunteers were required to publish all of the rules for using the park and they were to assure that every person bringing a dog to the park had a copy of the Contract and of the rules and understood them.

This was a great plan, but the volunteers defeated that plan by simply doing nothing. They knew that if they EVER DID show the contract to every user, and EVER DID make up rules, that everyone would know the volunteers themselves were using the dog park to make money in a commercial dog walking business.

The volunteers all knew that the other users of the park would be upset to know that the only people breaking the rules where the volunteers themselves, and so the volunteers simply NEVER published any rules.

My fault, if I have one and I’m sure I do, is that I FIRST researched all of that as a user of the park. The contract was on the town website. There is a huge sign at the gates that explained the rules and it excluded commercial dog walkers, and so I understood how things were supposed to work.

What I failed to understand is that I was the only person to know the rules.

Even the volunteers had signed the contract so long ago that they had actually forgotten that it even existed. I had to repeatedly ask the volunteers for their signed copy, and once I got it I confirmed it was very clear to anyone who happened to be given a copy.

So you may ask why would Aurora want me arrested for being the only person that knew the rules and followed them? Because in my research I also found that the bylaws department was selling only 10% of pet tags to 14,000 pets in Aurora. I was the only one to notice that each year the financial statements reported a shortfall of $300,000. I thought the town would be happy to hear the news, and, of course, I blamed it all on the bylaws department.

What I did not know was that the bylaws department was having an affair with the parks director and every time I criticized the lack of fiscal responsibility by the bylaws department, the parks director took increasingly serious measures tO shut me up.

He started slow by having his manager Jim Tree try to bribe the volunteers with free wood chips if they would disparage me in writing. When that failed, he asked a counselor Tom Mrakas to you offer the same bribe, I witnessed it. When that failed, he simply threatened all the volunteers that they would be ejected from the park, and they could not run their business if they did not disparage me.

So the volunteers turned against me and they ignored the fact I had won them $80,000 for a brand new park. They all went to police and claimed that my many emails back and forth with them getting the money wee actually harassing them instead.

They were not immediately successful because, of course, police saw nothing in the emails of any concern, and twice that was the official written result

But then, Detective Sergeant Bentham, assigned the most senior detective in York region to take over. He was the one who implemented the plan to erase, remove and bleach the contract that the town themselves had written. While the town had demanded the volunteers tell everyone about the contract, Detective James Ward decided no one should know about the contract, and on May 28, 2018 he taught all of the volunteers how to deny the existence of that contract when asked in court. He told them that if they were ever asked about a contract, that they should deny there ever was a legal contract and say that it was only a “memorandum of understanding”. They got no cash at all, so, it had no legal force and nothing in it required them to accept my emails of help or my email asking for help with the dog attack. Once he had implanted his plan into all their minds, he arrested me May 30, 2018 and he worked with the Crown to have them communicate to the judge that the contract simply had no place in anything, including my alibi. So now, you say, why don’t we just look at that video where he trains the volunteers to deny a contract and show it to a judge. Well that would be a good plan if it was not a pandemic. But the pandemic is being defeated. And the courts are about to reopen and that video will be played front and center after the one hour recording of Detective Bentham, admitting that she was behind it all along.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Watch this space.

Wish me luck. I will need it.

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