3/29 YRP “Investigation” of Neil Beatty Results in False Arrest

A $250,000 rented car is stolen and tracked by a “radio signal tracking person” to a property in York Region. YRP then assumed the car was in the garage on that property. They did NOT get a warrant.

Police massed at the end of the driveway, and the owner, Neil Beatty, a retired accountant, walks down to meet them at the road to see what the fuss is all about.

He is arrested, on the spot, for theft over $5,000. Without a single question, just like me. No car is spotted. Ever. It was not there,

He is taken to jail. His wife is left in the house without any contact, she just sees her husband taken away in handcuffs.

The car was not in the garage. The thieves had thrown the tracking radio into the ditch by the street.

Neil Beatty complained to police about being arrested with NO evidence ever seen by police.

He alleged two counts of Unlawful or Unnecessary Exercise of Authority, after al,l the cop had never seen any evidence except the “sounds” of a tracker who was saying to him the device is accurate within 100 meters. He lied in his notebook that it was accurate within 100 FEET. To justify the “assumption” it was in the garage, maybe.

A “hearing” occurred September 2022, wherein the arresting officer was cleared of all blame. In arresting Beatty instead of waiting for a search warrant, he had done nothing wrong. So, in Common Law, that incident is now “YRP case law” and the next time a man is arrested with NO EVIDENCE in hand,,, that is OK too.

So, just as I reported false arrests to the OIPRD, and YRP whitewashed every last one of them… Mr. Beatty got told effectively that at any time, for any stupid reason, using any stupid ALLEGEDLY ACCURATE technology, he could be arrested again and end up AGAIN in computer records kept by police.

I was denied a single question before each arrest and after every arrest, YRP and Crown Greg Elder refused to accept ANY evidence I gave them. For my 1st arrest July 14, 2017, at first appearance, the disclosure disk contained NO EVIDENCE of any crime. Not a single word.

This type of incident serves to support the belief by officers that they are beyond the reach of the courts for doing anything wrong.

Sadly, taxpayers in York Region pay police to reduce crime, and then they go commit the crimes themselves, then investigate themselves. A perfect system of them.

Like having paralegal Jaclyn Solomon working under cover with Det. James Ward as her handler receiving “evidence” from her in the form of TWEETS to Det. Ward at his PERSONAL Twitter ID @SargeRarp.