3/29 YRP-Unlawful

You need not go far to find that York Regional Police play fast and loose with the rules. And they justify it by saying they are “doing good” and “protecting the community”.

Yes, sometimes. Most times I hope. But it’s the many times they just act like bullies which we came here to discuss. Which is kind of cool because “here”.. my blog, is exactly HOW they profiled me..how they “dog whistled” me, how they put a plain text, all caps, all BOLD marker on my profile that every cop would be upset about… “THIS SHMO BLOGS ABOUT US!”

But the good acts are forgotten when they trample on our rights. 7 times.

What I experienced was 7 criminal arrests by the same people, all proxies of Aurora’s Mayor Geoffrey Dawe. And the stated reason, at least in police notebooks, is to stop me from blogging and emailing about he corruption I uncovered.

My “profile” computer data shows me as a “BLOGGER” All Caps and BOLDED, as if I was equivalent to “JUNKIE” or “CAR THIEF”.

Tell me on what planet do bloggers get profiled by police?

All you need to know about PROFILING

Updated and Approved by the very same person, Det. Sgt.Heather Bentham, a lady friend of the complainants,

What chance did I have after that? Since, indeed, I did blog my opinions about them and Aurora since 8 months EARLIER I had been falsely arrested, so falsely that I did NOT need a lawyer to have the charges dropped.

“Misfeasance” is proven when there was a legal choice to be made by police, they could go either way, and they decided to arrest me without a single question.

Read the sub menu items for other examples of YRP arresting a person with no evidence of a crime in hand.

But Are All Police Not Cut From The Same (Blue) Cloth?

That may be a bit extreme, but there certainly is a brotherhood in place here and many police share the same views. To prove the point of whether they can turn bad, one must look at the extremes of their behaviour.

Not the killings, those horrendous acts speak for themselves.

The “extremes” are the basic ways of being a cop. For example, how do cops handle making mistakes?

This past week I came across two articles which sum up for me how police do not view themselves as normal people. They see themselves as special, men among men, privileged at times.

  1. Toronto Police Chief stands by promotion of officer who killed two Black men in the 1990s
  2. Colorado sheriff honors deputy after he killed man who mistakenly got in wrong car

In both cases, cops killed innocent citizens.

In both cases, they were rewarded.

There is no other profession where such grievous errors would be rewarded.

We do not promote pilots who fail to take on enough fuel. We don’t promote architects whose buildings fall over.

Bit cops who screw up ar kept on.awarded, promoted, pensioned off when their victims never had a chance.