Who’s Bob Lepp?

Whenever you meet someone new, especially in a business context, you Google him or her.

The Internet can tell you more truth than any person will admit to. Sure, there will always be the odd spoof article or vindictive, anonymous reviewer, but, in general, you get everything you will ever need to know about me from the sources.

So, click HERE to Google Bob Lepp and read about him for yourself.

Right in front of you, on that first page, is what you need to know about me. And that is… I do not give up. And the reason I do not give up is that the people who put me where I am today are, so far at least, untouched by the law. Not one of them has suffered any repercussions for their lies about me.

Note: Due to the nature of the internet, the search can and WILL change day to day as new events happen.

Just know that the only place I wrIte is here in my blog. And the new book of course.

What you read about me elsewhere is controlled by those people who WANT you to read about me. Bob Aaron of The Star, local reporters, and news services around the world. Those who feel exposing the world to my life is beneficial to them. They want to live vicariously through my challenges and see me overcome adversity each and every day.

This is what you will see if I applied for a job with you and you did a free background check. You can now see why I sued for loss of YEARS of income since this started. I averaged $100,000 annually… now that is $0.00. And has been since 2016.

But do not worry, the defendants and the others will pay me back with interest.