Come On In!

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What you will read are the trials and tribulations (pun intended) of Bob Lepp of Aurora, Ontario. He blogs Municipal Politics so he is forever bumping into things that make him go “Oh??!!”

The Thin Blue Line started it

It started June 3, 2017 with an assault on his person that police refused to investigate to “protect” an ex-cop, and 7 arrests with 21 charges later, police are still trying to shut him up. He gets to blogging, they get to arresting.

Much of what you will read sounds imopossible. But when the lies start, it can only mean more lies are required next time.

His most recent arrest was caused by three lawyers lying to make up a “breach of recognizance” they forgot to mention 19 days earlier when it allegedly happened. They lied that I spoke to a lawyer in a court room, something I am REQUIRED to do. They are risking their licences on that one lie alone.

So, look around. There is no easy way to catch up on 3.5 years of pursuit by police to revenge. Soon, it will be easier to understand when I can write in the actual names of the perpetrators. And I can show you the video evidence.