3/29 Twitter “Follies” by Det. James Ward

In August 2018, Det. James Ward used his personal Twitter account @sargerarp to follow one of several anonymous Twitter ID:s who targeted me at every turn. There were many Tweets from Jaclyn on the day I was arrested and no one else even knew. Because Jaclyn “knew” it while masquerading as @BLeppBo, and she chose to Tweet my arrest in real time, she now has some answers to come up with.

He did this so that when EITHER one of his undercover ladies, Helen or Jaclyn, Tweeted “evidence” about my alleged crimes, he could copy paste them and not be traced like he would be if he had used his legal business email account instead.

Today, both women face $1,000,000 in liability for Public Mischief and Perjury.

Det. Ward told the women they could do all this subterfuge and not get caught, but of course, he was wrong.

Not only can we now prove who each pseudonym is in real life, Helen or Jaclyn, it is because of what the fake IDs TWEETED and what they knew and what they said on the day they said it. Only Jaclyn KNEW what I was offering Helen to settle, $0.00 and no apology, so Jaclyn Tweeted that to Ward and he then could prove I was Extorting Helen by letting her out of my $5,000 suit for free. That is the way her mind works. She was in it for revenge, and my arrests, and she did not care that I had just offered to let her client off the $5,000 law suit. Simple.

Regrettably, the Law Society of Ontario REQUIRES that lawyers ALWAYS act in the best interests of their CLIENT, not just in the best interests of Aurora or herself.

Example: One Twitter bot of Jaclyn’s was named BLeppBo, she tweeted lists of my blog posts for Det. Ward to use to arrest me.

Ward just received a notification for each Tweet and he clicked to view and then copy pasted the screen image to his computer. and then he Calle dme up to come in and surrender. Lawyers are so clever that way. I would not do that for some reason. Oh, yeah, because it its illegal.

James Ward’s superior philosophy of himself versus me

Lepp is strong, but I am stronger because I help others… get arrested falsely
Jaclyn is “@bleppbo” and she used that ID to Tweet evidence to JAMES WARD, so he FOLLOWED her

Here is every Jaclyn Solomon Tweet to Det. JAMES WARD