This month is “RE(peat)-BOB Month”

The notes following will hopefully bring you up to speed on how Aurora used Mandie to arrest me 7 times.

Beginning July 14, 2017 Aurora sought revenge for my charge of assault against Mandie June 3, 2017.

Aurora has arrested me 7 times at Mandie’s suggestion for using multiple criminal arrests instead of one illegal SLAPP suit to silence me talking about her boyfriend Allan Downey and her. Aurora taxpayers pay to defend her but when she sues me… she KEEPS all my pension for herself.

I can no longer afford to pay 2020 and 2021 taxes because Aurora has arrested me 7 times.


Aurora Sports Dome $1,000,000 PURCHASE…Mrakas: It’s a great deal, wait until you see it!”

I ask to see the contract. Clerk de Rond wants $180.00 FIRST.

Was Mandie experiencing what gamblers call “tilt”? Was she so upset I charged her with assault she went to extreme measures to seek revenge? You decide. I can’t say.

Former Owner of 47 Wells Street Aurora refuses to pay my bill

Marnee Buckles, sole proprietor of Behaviour Strats, a behavioural improvement consultant, refused to pay my $113.00 invoice for Advocacy Services after Aurora’s Bylaws Manager, Mandie Crawford’s lawyer, Gwendolyn Adrian, flipped Ms Buckles from being sued as an $80,000 co-defendant to being a plain ol’ neighbour willing to disparage me when required. I cannot believe Marnee did this to me after all the help I gave her after she offered to hire me for money.

She moved to Nelson BC and her website supplies her address there as:

1124 Latimer Street
Nelson, BC
V1L 4W4

Live and learn. Or, live and get abused by the damsel in distress when she gets a BBD. Bigger Better Deal.

And, Buckles’ former neighbour, Tina Duncan, ALSO retained contingency lawyer, Gwendolyn Adrian of Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLP. Ms Adrian is ALSO the contingency lawyer for Mandie Crawford’s $1 million suit of me.

Tina Duncan and Mandie Crawford SHARE ONE LAWYER

Malaphorically, One hand scratches the other.

In January 2018, within the first 5 minutes, I identified the same 3-5 inch trespass Ms Duncan admitted to when sworn in at Small Claims Court October 2018. I did a side view cutaway drawing using Marnee’s deed survey and Marnee had everything she needed to sue Ms. Duncan. But she refused. She needed a full survey, I put up the cash for that. Duncan’s lawyer scared off my surveyor Bob Pearson by threatening how much time he would spend in court if he completed the survey. The lawyers know how to cheat.

Instead, Marnee refused to act and instead let Tina and Mandie’s lawyer Adrian sue us both. Mandie likely offered that Marnee should be released from the suit to further degrade my reputation: “Even Marnee abandoned him.”

So. Gwendolyn Adrian negotiated with Andrea Gonsalves of Stockwoods LLP and released Ms. Buckles from any lawsuit costs or claims and instead convicted me ALONE of defamation. All of this will come out in the Supreme Court.

Aurora Taxpayers Pay For Mandie’s Defence, let her KEEP her CA$H winnings as “personal” – a la Mayor Morris 2010

Aurora has taken on quite a problem. Aurora, or Mr. Downey alone, decided to pay for Mandie’s Defense lawyer to save her money, while her “attack” lawyer, Ms. Adrian, is on contingency for BOTH Tina AND Mandie to sue me for $1,000.000.

Contingency lawyers are dangerous since they ONLY get paid on a WIN. They do not get “costs”, those go to the Plaintiff, or are supposed to. They take a share of the final winnings. usually 30-33%.

Why Aurora would PAY to defend her even though I sued 9 MONTHS after she was terminated is beyond me. I would have thought the underwriter, Lloyd’s of London, would have refused to defend Crawford since her employment had nothing to do with my suit. I sued Mandie for public mischief. Not for anything she did as an employee, but, I am NOT complaining since Lloyd’s will pay me off QUICKLY, not Aurora’s taxpayers.

I believe this is an indication of how vindictive Aurora has become. They are willing to play the same games with “PAYING PRIVATE DEFENCE LAWYERS” just as they were convicted for in the SLAPP matter “Morris v. Johnson and Hogg” in 2010.

Convicted Murderer, Police officer (Ret’d) Derek Chauvin faces even TOUGHER sentence

The judge who oversaw Derek Chauvin’s murder trial has made a ruling that could result in a lengthier prison sentence for the ex-officer convicted in the killing of George Floyd. State prosecutors had asked for a tougher sentence, citing five aggravating factors. Judge Peter Cahill ruled four were proven: Chauvin abused a position of trust and authority, he treated Floyd with particular cruelty, children were present during the offense, and Chauvin committed the crime with others. His sentencing is set for June 25.


First… yesterday May 11, 2021, I asked Council to waive my FOI fee of $180 to see the Sports Dome purchase agreement


I will speak about stuff each day that happened ON THAT DAY exactly 3 or 4 years ago.

So, on each significant day from 2017 and 2018 I will provide the full details I could not blog until now.

Oh, and one paragraph about 2016 when life was good. Maybe 2.

Be A Time Traveller – CLICK on a year!


When I first began to advocate, I learned Richmond Hill had overturned naysayers who want their SINGLE dog park closed. Park users chose a man with no political ties or local business toes because he knew he would be changed forever by the work needed to sway Councillors about a dog park.



September 2016 – I volunteered to help the Entire Committee make the dog park a little bit better while the entire committee was off having cancer rid from everyone’s body. Poop was piling up, weeds were growing heavy, the gates were falling apart.

The album below shows you what we put up with. Aurora Animal Hospital put up the $10,000 for the fence.

Aurora had not spent a nickel by 2016 when I arrived. It was disgusting, a piece of swampland Allan Downey thought suited the 7,000 dogs in a high income town. He hoped the park would fail. And fail it did, twice.

The original volunteers all quit about 2006 or 2007, and no one stood up to take it over.

But Helen Clarke, sole proprietor of Dogs 4 Paws, had just opened up for business and she volunteered. She has operated her commercial dog walking business there ever since. Downey had no choice but to violate the parks bylaw forbidding using Aurora parks to make money. He knew if he let her use it, she could EASILYbe forced to do anything he asked by an annual threat to shut it down.

Helen quit in 2011, 4 years was enough. She had no help. Her money paid for everything.

Downey was ORDERED by Council to fix it. His solution was a contract, PKS-011-15, which set out what AURORA would do if a Committee would sign up. It also specified what the committee had to do.

Imagine everything a dog park needs, and imagine a pile of money to do it. The Committee promised to be the stack of money and it promised to honour the contract. Except that pesky “NO commercial operators” business.

Helen could not get anyone to volunteer to pay money AND work to keep a dog park running, her husband lost his job, so she MUST keep making money, say 12 dogs at $20 each per hour walk at noon. $240…$1,200 a week minimum, $60,000 a year and ZERO overheads. The family car picked up dogs and the Town provided the park.

Along came Bob, and Helen got sick and so Bob volunteered in October, 2016. He emailed Councillors, the Parks Director Downey and Manager Jim Tree. He asked for pet tag sales numbers for 2016… $36,000 including all fines. About 10% of what the 7,000 dogs and another 7,000 cats should be buying ANNUALLY

The missing money, about 80% of the potential, was lost each year by Ms Crawford, who outsourced tag sales to Docupet and promptly went shopping for tactical gear for her boys.

Now, had I known Aurora’s ethics guidelines permitted fraternization across dotted line organization charts I might not have taken on one OR the other.. but BOTH AT ONCE? Never.

As I moved to get sponsors and a new gate system, the two of them were deciding how to shut me up.

Mayor Phyllis Morris sued the last blogger in town in 2010 and lost to a SLAPP conviction, a suit meant ONLY to scare off, shut up and impoverish the bloggers. A new bit of law allowed the court to cut false libel suits off at the knees.

So, Mandie had a better idea. She could use her name as an ex-cop in Halton Region to get help from York Regional Police. She approached Det. Sgt. Heather Bentham and she had Det Jeff Brown simply arrest me July 14, 2017 to shut me up. Mandie called a big meeting, or MayorDawe did, and at 11:39 Det Jeff Brwon dropped in to give everyone an update on my arrest in a couple of hours.

Mayor Dawe and Doug Nadorozny knew before I did that this was my last day as a clean record citizen. At noon, Mandie interview her grievances to Brown, he then drove by my house to pick me up but I was in Superior Court watching Mandie get sued by 2 Aurora citizens besieged by her over a sticky pool fence gate latch in February.

Instantly, I was forbidden to communicate in any way with anyone at Aurora, staff and politicians.

Mandie had chosen well, Heather knew that when a person is arrested, she is allowed to punish them in any way she wished with “Conditions of Release”… wide open. She could ban communication, trespass me from the dog park, keep me 500 meters from it. Anything she wished and so Mandie was proud to tell Allan over cocktails what she had done.

By November, 2017, I had the TWO charges dropped. No evidence. Mandie forgot she needed some. She had none, so when Justice Johnson FORCED Crown David Moull to look inside the disclosure, all the tabs were bare.

Between November 2017 and May 9 , 2018 all was well.

I got Council to force Downey to [ut up $72,000 fall of 2017, He took a year to do something. He waited to winter 2019 to keep his parks staff on salary. They built a backwards fence. The wiring has large openings so small dogs and animals can switch sides easily.

Every fence in AUrora is REQUIRED by bylaw to have four (4) INCHES of concrete on every post below ground.

Allan Downey used screenings instead. No concrete, Just that fine stuff under interlock dumped into a water filled hole in a swamp. Gates were installed so low to the ground the first snow froze them shut.

BUT, Downey did FLATTEN hundreds of tons of scrap tree branches he illegally dumped there in the 2009 ice storm. You know what wood chips look like. Under the swings and slides at every kids’ park? At the dog park, pieces of branch up to 18 inches are found. Sharp. Splintered. left in long piles because Dwomney was too cheap to spread it out, he just had trick after truck dump the stuff.

By July 14, 2017 I would be in jail.

Mandie Crawford was Bylaws Manager and she dated Allan Downey from spring 2017 through to today I presume. They don’t write much anymore.

I asked Aurora Parks Exec. Asst,. Carole Wright to help. She sent me to Sara Tienkamp. They educated me real quick. The Volunteer Committee did everything. Sara Tienkamp would later advise she knew a contract existed but she had NO copy at her desk, she just asked Allan Downey and he decided. So, in that first email to Sara, she told me how to help out, I should convince Allan Downey we needed help. She had the weeds cut once. No wood chips, no fence repairs.

September 29, 2016 I emailed Carol, a week later she asked Sara to handle it

The Committee felt the dog walking business could operate in the park free daily and it hired a replacement walker.

Other owners volunteered to de-poop for a while. And carry dozens of pails to the street pickup weekly. We had it worked out to survive until the Committee felt like it could come back t o work.

I asked:

Dear committee

On Nov-18-2016, at 12:16 PM, Bob Lepp <> wrote:

God I hope this does not upset you…

I have Pet Valu interested in sponsoring the gates rework, and a man from local A-Z Home Improvements (an owner) will do an estimate this afternoon.

I’ll commit nothing without your approval, but let me know if I am getting in your way?

It bothers me the town will not help out. So I got to thinking……

Thoughts? Slings and arrows?


Dear Committee

Well, “Committee” was not upset at all and she replied:

HELEN: “The town really doesn’t care.

On Nov-18-2016, at 2:52 PM, Time 4 Paws <> wrote:

Hi Bob,  this is awesome.  

Thank you.  

The town really doesn’t care. Helen

Sent from my iPhone

My first success

Well, I was encouraged to continue, and so, I did:

On Nov-18-2016, at 3:07 PM, Bob Lepp <> wrote:The estimate was $500 to replace both gates, too much to ask, so Monday I will try to find a repair guy. Know anyone?

On Nov-18-2016, at 3:18 PM, Time 4 Paws <> wrote:

I do not know anyone. 

Sent from my iPhone

I was encouraged by what seemed to be support of the entire Committee, but since Alan Downey had NEVER given them a penny, they had never hired fencing help. So I hit the throttle:

So, from the outset, Mayor Tommy AND Mayor Dawe KNEW what was happening and did NOT help one bit

The Committee was in agreement

She put her trust IN TOMMY!

Ask me about this next one at the end!


From January – December 2017

July 14, 2017 Mandie had me arrested.

July 14, 2017 at 11:39 am DC Jeff Brown was called by Mayor Dawe or staff, to a meeting in the Town Hall conference room.

Objective: Run through today’s steps in Aurora’s silencing of Bob Lepp.

But, the plan started June 27, 2021 with HR Manager McKenzie

Investigating Officer Dipchan June 27, 2017 did the preliminary plans:

Mandie had already bounced her idea off of the Human Relations Manager, Sandra McKenzie. Sandra called police “to be on the record” as complaining about Lepp.

July 12, 2017 Cops discuss MY MATTERS with my wife

Mandie did the rest with Det. Sgt Heather Bentham. DS Bentham assigned DC Jeff Brown to be the face of the YRP. Jeff and Mandie worked out the plan and took it to the Mayor. The Council had learned to STAY involved in actions to be taken to silence a taxpayer. Aurora learned to be vigilant of Charter abuse the step hard way in 2010-12 when Mayor Morris silenced Bill Hogg and Dick Johnson.

But, for safety, Mayor Dawe brought along CAO Doug Nadorozny as verification he was not breaching the Charter. And Techa Van Leeuwen who had the legal department and knew all along how their acts would clear a Charter review.

June 3, 2017 – Mandie assaulted me. She admitted that to Det. James Ward in her interview for her SECOND arrest of me August 23, 2018. June 3, 2017 I was shooting photos of a soccer team when she snuck up behind me, shoving her fist into my armpit and leaving a $300 off leash ticket. Well, the judge who dropped the fine to $1.00 said I was assaulted.

And here is my BIG mistake. I had stood up for my rights and had I interviewed with police for her arrest, with PC Gaudet next day June 4, 2017. He did NOTHING of course but I do have the report I gave him. Here it is…


Mandie changed names

But she would not tell me the exact date. I hoped the ticket was signed in the wrong name,. We conversed about that… here is EVERY email I sent her.


As you can see, all was well until she saw I had found Roaring Women of Canada. She shut the business down and moved to Aurora in 2015. She fell into the job as Bylaw Manager for $109,000. her most recent job was an unpaid fireman in Alta. There was no ad, no recruitment, no agencies. She just got given the job it seems. I paid for a Freedom of Information request and got back “There were none.” for everything one does on a typical hire at that salary level. And no background check by police, not even to work with children in the pool change rooms.

Here is her Web Radio Channel:

There were multiple levels of membership. I think at some level you could resell what she sold you. I am not sure.

I was miffed. Allan Downey did NOT make the new park Accessible as the law DEMANDS.

No one in a wheel chair can use the dog park. The gates are too small and there are no hard paths, just thick piles of wood chops. So, CNIB? Nope. War veteran who lost two limbs? NOPE. The Chairman of the Accessibility Committee Tyler Barker? uh uh.

So, November 29, 2017, I drove to the park and I have to wait for cars to leave as my lane IN was blocked by the commercial vehicle brings 12 dogs every day. I thought to myself: “Self, why should this TRUCK again be parked here when the owner left it blocking the road just so she could get the side door facing the chips instead of walking dogs in over the mud like the rest of us.

I thought: Whoa! She is breaking the law every day and yet the REST OF US have to go around her truck to get in?

So, I take 2 photos of the truck right UNDER the No Parking signs. Helen was not moved.

No people. No Volunteers. No Committee… just the truck.


From January – December 2018

February 27, 2018 not even dating Allan Downey could keep Mandie from being terminated with a cash payoff around $80,000 according to her LinkedIn resume.

She got a 6 month contract in Erin where my forced Allan Alls is Mayor. After 4 months Mr Mayor was given an offer by residents. So, over night, Erin ran out of bylaw work and paid Mandie off to stay home.


Next day, May 11, 2018, I did what Helen had asked me…. do not contact her. BUT, she had slandered me and I deserved an apology. How can I get that without contacting her? A lawyer!

I sued ni Small Claims Court for $10,000 because one MUST key in a number. My plan was to drop the suit if she apologized to me.

She did not apologize, and instead hired a top gun paralegal, the best in York Region to represent her. Her first task was to sue me back illegally. In Small Claims, or anywhere, you CANNOT sue “just for costs”. Costs are not even DISCUSSED, FORBIDDEN, until the justice makes her decision on who wins. Helen sued me for $4,250 JUST for typing up the suit for $4,250.

She served me her counter suit. And she is so much a pro that she needed only one page to win the suit.

“As per retribution for the criminal charges.” is under the whiteout. Lawyers can’t legally use whiteout so she must have bought it special. The various justices got a kick out of the old “Time Traveller:” defence coming back into style. In the 1800’s it fell into disfavour like “bobbing for witches”.

HELEN: You are a Time Traveller and that makes me FEAR YOU!

From January – December 2019


From January – December 2020


From January – December 2021


2022? Who do you think I am? Jaclyn? No one can jump ahead in time.

TODAY years ago…

OK, let’s Recap, What Happened May 10, 2018?

From May 9, 2018 when all had been well in the dog park, Canine Commons. The Canine Commons Committee would meet every day at the leader’s home to drive around picking up 10 or 12 dogs for a custom one hour walk inside the park.

The exclusive agreement Aurora wrote for the Committee allowed its chosen leader to be the only dog walking company to use the park to make a living. The entire committee signed knowing only ONE of them could run a business in the park.

May 10, 2018 – The Committee’s company had 12 dogs and only one walker. Hear and read what happens next.

Since November 29, 2017 I had been going to the park about 4:30 or 5:00 when people who work have gone home for their pup and come for exercise. This one day, I came around noon, the first time I had seen the brand new park while Time 4 Paws was in operation. I had given up trying to get Mr. Downey to admit he broke the law by not making the park accessible by wheelchairs, crutches, whatever... the AODA establishes how a town must build or update parks, each must be made accessible. That does not come cheap.

Allan Downey refused to budge, and Helen had told me she was happy just being able to get herself and the 12 dogs through the gates. Instead of consulting the Committee for the design off the gates, they just replicated thw short, narrow old gates Downey constructed. Barely big enough for one person and one dog, let alone 12.

I took my two dogs and went in and to the middle/back, or south end. The girls ran off to play, A man I had not seen before, “Greg”, started up a conversation. He mentioned, on a previous visit, seeing dogs escape from Helen’s van. Helen appeared south of us with her clients, I did not count, but a lot of dogs were running around without their owners controlling them as is required in the rules.

Uncontrolled dogs are not permitted. No one can control 12 dogs off leash.

As Greg and I stood chatting, we watched one client, Finnegan, a delightful Golden, simply wallow in the last mud around the last bush in the park. The mud was black and foul, a winters worth of pee and poop residue.

Helen brought a clean Finnegan, but he was solid black head to toe in seconds.

Finnegan had months before’ enjoyed playing fetch with Schiebe and I, so over she came. Greg and I cringed as this for four legged mudpie came bounding towards us. Finnegan was in dog heaven. Running loose, no owner on hand, rolling in mud, and OH BOY FETCH! came to mind when he saw us.

We both tried to turn away but Finnegan jumped up and on us both, laughing all the while. Helen watched from a distance and took no action at all. She watched her client’s dog, thick with solid black mud, jump up at two men and did nothing.

Greg was furious, he HAD clean clothes. He sputtered: “Damned dog walkers… and she is the worse one!” and he pointed at Helen who knew enough to start exiting the park. She never looked back.

I Tod Greg what great success I had emailing Allan Downey and Bylaws. He said he would but he had a contract with the Town and he said he would lose it if he complained to Downey’

I was still on possession of a tiny bit of compassion, so I volunteered to email for him as well as for me.

I never confronted Helen. Even after she arrested me twice. Email. Never phone. EMAIL is passive and can be ignored.

I wrote (start at bottom of thread) and Helen replied (first):


It seems my email upset Helen because she fired back series of outrageous lies to distance herself from the problems in the park. She copied everyone in my complaint.

At the time, her claims seemed not in her own voice, she had ALWAYS been proud of her role as Lead Volunteer and here she was claiming that nothing about her since 2007 was true. Someone gave her this speech. It was nothing I had ever heard her say.

I have her emails providing the contract she actually signed. She could NOT now say she never signed it.

I have her emails admitting the other people who signed were not volunteers. Mr. Downey simply asked for a number of people to sign the agreement, so Helen persuaded a bunch to sign. None of them ever did work. She “played” Allan Downey to get her business permitted in the park.

Helen lie #1: “I have reported you to the police”

She is referring to November 29, 2017, 6 months earlier I reported illegal parking daily.

Helen lie #2: “I have blocked you from contacting me.”

This referred to her husband’s PAST ATTEMPT when PC Killman suggested it November 29, 2017. He never tested it and it failed.

Helen lie #3: “The fact that you have changed you email (sic) emaiI to get through to me is a cyber crime.”

Aurora, all of the Region of York and perhaps police had all been blocking my Gmail email address “boblepp” so I created ” I.Am.Robert.G.Lepp” to be very clear who I was. Det. Ward uses 4 personal email addresses.

Helen lie #4: “The email is slander and defamation of character.”

No, it was factual and placed no “Spin” on the facts.

Helen lie #5: “I do not have a contract with the town.”

Everyone knows this is a lie. It was on the Aurora web site. She had sent me her PERSONAL signed copy.

She and Allan “RESET THE PROCESS” May 2017; as she described it to reporters. This means Downey told her to get rid of me and praise him instead.


“Clarke is back on her feet and back at the park. Recently, she met with town staff to “reset the process.””

Aurora to create repairs process for Canine Commons dog park Town working to bring dog park up to town standards
Amanda Persico Aurora Banner Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Helen lie #6: “I am not the lead volunteer for the park.”

There ARE NO OTHER VOLUNTEERS, despite the contract requiring at least two, the second to be “Backup Lead Volunteer”

Helen lie #7: “Therefore you have no reason to contact me.”

She exposes the reason she has been coached. IF lies 5 and 6 were NOT lies, if there WAS no contract… she would be correct. No one would see her as Lead and they would send ciomokaints to Allan Downey instead. But, Allan had designed Helen’s first two contracts 2012 and 2015 and he wanted NO ONE to ever contact him about a dog park issue.

So, who coached her to deny Allan Downey had contracted her to manage ether dog park? It is now obvious these words and coaching are worded to sound as if they came from Mandie. Proof: Allan also then had the contract REMOVED from the web site. He disappeared it, likely at Mandie’s suggestion.

Mandie then told Heather Bentham her plan to remove the contract so she could arrest me.

Allan’s contract demanded that Lead Volunteer Helen EDUCATE every park user about the existence and contents of the contract. Allan want her to make sure no one used the park that did not KNOW Helen was in charge of complaints. Allan NEEDED Helen because dog parks were “beneath him” maybe to clean up and maintain.

Det. James Ward was assigned to do what the previous TWO officers had FAILED to do… arrest me.

He and Helen discussed what she would say in the interview. She would NOT use the word “contract”, and she would instead call it an “understanding”. So the interview starts and soon Det. Ward touches on this issue and Helen of course says the Town told her that her “contract” was expiring and would she like a second “contract” emailed to her.

To his credit, Ward did not END and RESTART the tape. However, he then dissuaded a witness by telling her that “contract” was an incorrect word, and she needed INSTEAD to say “memorandum”. I have the entire interview annotated. Helen realized instantly she made a mistake and her reaction is priceless.

Next, Mandie wanted Helen to be able to say to police “I asked him to stop.”

But her contract required her to not only accept complaints, but she was also required to fix the complaints.

Helen lie #8: “Never contact me again and stop following me.”

“Stop following me” was an ad lib. Maybe someone suggested it but I saw her only at her home or the dog park and have never followed her, physically or on Facebook.

May 11, 2018

I woke up and thought about Helen’s unusual slanderous reply. The Catch-22 I had was she wanted me to not contact her personally. My email to her company was a “polite” CC so she could not say I snuck behind her company’s back to complain.

I had been having success with Small Claims suits, so I figured it was worth the $95 filing fee to sue her and then deal with a lawyer for an apology. I did that May 11, 2018, suing for $10,000 because I had to enter something under $25,000.

I did not hear from her about it until June 8, 2018. She delayed getting lawyer until June 1, 2018. She retained Jaclyn Solomon, Paralegal. MS Solomon filed and served a defence the first week of June.

Both the Defence and the Counter Claim cited the “criminal matters” caused by Helen. This is important. Ms Solomon claims to police that she was made fearful of extortion if I spoke of the criminal matters in the resolution phase. Because she lied to police and the courts, I am forced to write this down.

May 12, 2018 – attempting Service #1 to Helen

I now try Attempt #1 to serve my suit to Helen. I pick a public place with lots of people so she’d feel comfortable. The dog park.

I sit with others at the picnic table closest to the gate, waiting for Helen to pick up her leashes. She appears beside me. I slide the envelope to her. She stands back quickly shouting at me “You have to have an “Officer of the court” serve me that!”

She had already spoken to Mandie and Jaclyn who told her what to say.

I stayed where I was until she left the park. And I decided I’d have to serve her some other place.

But where?

Helen, OTOH, went to police to get me arrested. She shows them the worst of my emails to her since 2016.

Tune in tomorrow!

The Defence and Counter Suit by Solomon


May 13, 2018

Nothing of interest.

In fact, nothing on the 14th. Either.

May 15, 2017 – Service Attempt #2 At Time 4 Paws’ business address

Helen will tell Police on May 25 that Matt attempted to personally serve her at her business’ door. Helen describes it, she knew it was my son. She quotes Matt: “This was left for you at the dog park.” She then says “I don’t want something left for me at the dog park!”… Ward knows knowingly” “And this was at your home?”

She then says: “Yes, and that was the second time I called police”…the first was November 29, 2017 when I reported her daily illegal parking wrong way, blocking handicapped entry.

THEN, she says “I knew what it (the suit) was….” She admits refusing service a SECOND TIME, based on Mandie’s education in the law of personal service “To serve me it must be by an Officer of the Court”. Jaclyn Solomon had not yet been hired she later claimed. So, Mandie is helping Helen arrest me.


May 16, 2018 to May 25, 2018

I decide to let Helen cool off some more and maybe get some legal advice, She does not, until June 1 when she hires Jaclyn Solomon it is claimed.

By her own testimony, she admits NOT seeking legal advice when she KNOWS she is evading service. So she has no legal basis to refuse service. I could have couriered it and added the costs to my demands.