The “Terry Redvers Retirement Plan” – aka “Aurora Buys the Sports Dome”

I’ve always thought I found the worst of the corruption and waste by Town Hall. Then along comes this gem.

Aurora Soccer Dome, a privately held “for profit” business already enjoying a number of free perks paid for by you and I.

  • Free land rental $2 per year for a serviced plot dedicated to the dome. 176,000 square feet.
  • Free taxes… absolutely NO education or business taxes. $40-50,000 ANNUALLY.
  • Free air conditioning system – Aurora bought and installed it
  • Free hydro in summer = April – October… AIR CONDITIONING season. Free cooling paid for by taxpayers.
  • Free drainage and 75,000 square foot settling pond construction.

The “deal” way back when was well hidden.

Under COVID-19 it was closed and ;most money so Terry talked his friend Allan Downey into buying it.

What are they buying?

Aurora already owns the land, the servicing, the settling pond, leasehold improvements, utilities, the HVAC system.

So what did they buy?

  • A popular venue?
  • Good will?
  • A customer list?
  • The fabric of the dome?

They are going to pay OVER RETAIL for the fabric in the dome.

There is nothing else to be bought.

So, how do councillors KNOW it is worth buying?

They reply that they do not know, but they ask you to trust them because once THEY get told AFTER THE DEAL CLOSES… they will tell taxpayers what a great deal they got.

What they will tell is they got a WHOLE BUNCH of valuable stuff. But we already paid for it all.


Here is the FIRST 2005 Agreement


January 2018 Council make it tax exempt


Clerk Mike de Rond lies to the Finance Minister


Council asked for reports on both domes