The Story of Mandie + Police + Crown Chapter 2 – March 25 – 28, 2021

Sunday March 28, 2021

Today, early, like before 3 am, a user with programming behind her accessed 6 blog posts in 32 seconds.

In August of 2018, Mandie ran multiple Twitter accounts named to do with my name.

She used these accounts to Tweet my blog posts to Det. James WARD and others perhaps in York Regional Police.

Today, York regional Police STILL follow her as “Bo_blepp”. Why? No idea!

I captured @sargerarp’s home page back when he still followed her. Read the following posts for more details.

Read (CLICK HERE) All Her Tweets as Bo_Blepp

Or, browse them here in this page.

Saturday March 27, 2021

Mandie has not used a VPN today, but her friends in Keswick and Barrie are back. Which is good. The more people who read this the better. 55,000 people in Aurora lost 2.1 MILLION dollars in pet tags back to 2015. She was hired in 2015, so 7 years (2015,16,17,18,19,20,21) of selling 15% of tags has lost over $2,000,000 which could have been used for new dog parks since 2016 when I started to help Helen.

This is the day to get hard copy evidence ready for cross examination Jaclyn Solomon at trial April 26, 27 and 28. She will sit for 3 days to be examined by my paralegal. She will explain why she thought I could not speak to her in a court room if I wanted to. She will cite Crown Elder’s illegal 80 word “not to mention” term 6 ruled illegal by J. Dawe.

She will be questioned on every aspect of her recorded testimony in this and the other trial and inquiry. yes, the “time traveller/whteout” defense will be replayed LIVE! She claimed that her CPOURIER came into her office and picked up the ORIGINALS of her defence and gave it to me. She claimed it was not her fault the whiteout on my copy was an attempt to coverup her claim I sued May 11 ONLY because I knew of my arrest May 30.

Ms. Solomon by far complained about me the most and YET has had zero success to date. Of the 19 charges she filed, NOT ONE GOT PAST JUDICIAL PRE-TRIAL. She called for 6 of the 7 total arrests. She took a coy of my private email to Crwom E. Barnier and she had Det. Loughry waste a day writing up 5 more breaches. This woman has a lot of sway over police. My email to Crown Barnier got given to Jaclyn. Why? I had JUST appeared in a pre-enquete against her with Crwion Barnier and yet Jaclyn was given my email providing evidence of the pore-enquete charges of public mischief. Why did Crown Moull give Det. Loughry a copy of MY email to Crwon Barnier? What would lead him to breach any “public trust” I had in the Crwon by getting me arrested for sending evidence to the Crown?

Does that make sense to ANYBODY? The Crown provides police a copy of my private email with my evidence to the accused person and police. Of course not. It is absurd to consider. But, it happened.

Not even ONE complaint she made about me was found to be true. NONE. All were unsubstantiated by her sworn interviews and evidence, despite being a trained member of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). Some of that was caused by Mandie providing the flawed evidence and the flawed interpretation of my bail.

Well, it is my opinion that ALL evidence was collected by Mandie to be used by her proxies, Helen, Jaclyn, Ines and Marnee.

Mandie claimed a legal knowledge, and so she determined that what my bail said was that I could NOT even write or type Ms Solomon’s name on a court filing. Let that sink in.

She told Jaclyn and Det. Loughry and Det Ward her INTERPRETATION of Crown Elder’s “not to mention” clause. Then, in my opinion, she told them she was once a cop and she knew all this legal stuff. The trouble is, of course, that in her mind the term Mr. Elder set was actually from her own mind, and she had pictured me unable to ever put letters in sequence on a Scrabble board to spell Mandie or Helen or Jaclyn. She actually imagined I could NOT sue them, or subpoena them in writing, or even discuss them in evidence.

Once Mandie got this idea of being SO important in the world that I could not speak or type her name, she could not let it go. March 4, she claimed I had breached for typing her name on a filing to Superior Court Schedulers Llyshelle Barrett and Anita Moore. Her theory was that since neither woman was LIKELY a licensee of the Law Society, that I was “communicating” her name to a NON-LICENSEE and I was tp be arrested. Don’t laugh, it worked.

Then, she got more creative, and she assumed I could be breached for writing her name on a page passed to the court clerk for the justice.

I will repeat. Mandie suggested to Det. Loughry that my bail terms PROHOBITED me from writing her name on a paper to a justice INSIDE A COURT ROOM… when the bail term said inside a court room is the ONLY place for mentioning them.

That is just a certain form of disillusionment. She has a memory that she set the world’s most perfect “not to mention” clause and and so she them looks at her name EVERYWHERE to see if I “mentioned” it.

Now, she has TWO lawyers. Charles Painter and Gwendolyn Adrian who JUMP to her bidding. This arrest was the second attempt for Mr. Painter. Mandie told him to go to police when I FIRST sued her for assault, and claim that I served HER copy at Town Hall, while SHE WAS THERE. IN her office, with a bulletproof vest, she told her lawyer to get police to arrest me. alleging I dropped an envelope at the front desk. Think about that. In her mind, I could NOT safely drop an envelope at the front desk if she was off in an office somewhere with a bulletproof vest and 18 officers around her.

My son served the Town. Police were cue ver on this complaint. They called the fron desk and asked.

Mr. Painter alleged I should be arrested and he had NO evidence of any crime. None. If he had, he would have phoned the front desk and asked who served it. Instead, he did what Mandie demanded and called police to arrest me.

Mandie coerced everyone to arrest me and breach me on a daily basis. She encouraged Helen to simply cop[y her own style. Claim fear of my emails. Just say “I am afrdo of him.” and I was arrested 7 times.

Women all over the world are now held in less respect because of her. Women cannot just claim “rape” if a man touches her arm, or looks down her V neck blouse at a frilly bra. The bible tells us that. Aesop’s Fables tells us that in the boy who cried wolf.

Mandie called out “Bob” repeatedly, and the entire police force jumped. 38 DIFFERENT detectives and officers logged onto the complaints Mandie imagined. And police ignore every single document I sent them proving it.

Even her boss, techa Van Leeuwen, when offered a spreadsheet of 42 lies Mandie told on just the FIRST arrest.. she declined to know facts so she had “plausible deniability” when on court. She needed to look a justice in the eye and say she never ONCE read of anything Mandie was accused of. She knew she would need to testify to explain how she ignored my repeated emails telling her the truth. Same with Allan Downey.

Allan Downey REFUSED our collective pleas to improve the dog park because he was dating Mandie, I had privately and publicy expressed my opinions of her inabilities to sell pet tags, and so he simply stonewalled me. Mr Downey did not disclose his romantic relationship and so no one KNEW why he refused to act… except me.

Mr. Downey did NOT tell the Mayor or CAO that, as the most senior Director, he was dating a mere manager “below” him in the pecking order AND even UDNER his control at times in HIS parks.

Now, she has involved 2 co-conspirators to arrest me falsely a 7th time, York’s lawyer, Barry Stork, and Aurora’s lawyer, Charles Painter. Lawyers are {“type A” people, always assured they are the best lawyer in the county. So, being over achievers, all three lawyers came up with 4 different stories. Jaclyn required two variations for the amusement of the court.

This is encouraging. Not one of them spoke to the others to get coordinated and you can tell from their “will say” that they NEVER spoke to each other about any aspect. One did NOT hear anything at all. One did not SEE anything at all because he looked the other way. And Jaclyn was the only one with allegations with no corroboration IN THE MODDLE OF AN ACYOVE COURT ROOM. Not even the court reporter was interviewed, and the courtrecording was active but not reviewed.

Jaclyn, at least, took two shots at it to be sure she nailed it. In one shot, she alleged I spoke ONLY directly to her. Then she recalled Mr. Stork would be testifying and she recalled I spoke to him also. So she made up a second version to include him. In both versions, my words were the same… “nice to see some people are not afraid of me anymore.” A nice cheery greeting to Mr. Stork for sure. Or to her if she took to that way.

Yes, the only thing all 3 agreed on was that it occurred in court room 204. After that, each of them had different memories. But, none of the 4 stories matters. A court room is the ONLY place I could have spoken to her, because of TWO statements in my bail.

  1. I could speak to her through a member of the Law Society… Mr. Stork is an example, and so is she in fact. So, I could speak to her THROUGH her lawyerly side. And, of course, I could have said “Hey, Barry, would you tell Ms. Solomon sitting there beside you looking at me that it is nice to see her FINALLY not being afraid of me anymore?” And that IS PERMITTED by my bail terms. And….
  2. It was in a court room. Which is also PERMITTED in my terms.
  3. Then of course, the term “not to mention” was ruled unconstitutional by J. Dawe.
  4. And it was Ms. Solomon’s CHOICE to attend my appearance AFTER telling police AND the justice at my trial that she was so afraid of my emails that she could not come to the court house without police escort if I was to be in the building that day. She was taunting me with her presence, looking for a scrap she never got, so she made one up NINETEEN DAYS LATER. Jaclyn NEVER waited a single day, never hours even on an alleged breach. BUT, on March 4, 2020 her sworn testimony was that NINETEEN DAYS BACK all THREE of them had witnessed a breach and FORGOT to report it until DS Bentham called her asking for more dirt.

So, 3 LSO members will perjure themselves. All 3 cannot POSSIBLY tell 4 “DIFFERENT yet truthful” stories. At least two people plan to mislead the justice. And maybe all 3 will mislead. Certainly, all will simply verify I did nothing not allowed by my bail. My bail review by J. Dawe said my writings scared no normal people and I could talk to the women in court. i could write their names on paper. I could blog their names factually.

The problem is to spread that out over 3ALL THREE 7-hour days. I cannot emphasize enough how absurd a 3 day trial is. J. Kenkel and Crown Giordano COLECTIVELY selected 3 days for these 2 MINOR SUMMARY charges when the SAME justice set 3 days for 7 INDICTABLE and summary charges in one trial… it went 10 days.

I hope all my witnesses will bring a book big enough for 3 days.

Friday March 26, 2021

It is about 10:00 am and she has not yet shown up from a VPN. So this is a good sign her two lawyers may have suggested no more contact in my blog.

Ry Cooder nails the problem perfectly. How can I compete against Lloyd’s of London’s bottomless pit of mischieveous legal finagling/ I cannot and they are fed by MY TAXES.

Mandie was HIRED BACK by Aurora to create a website on which her name appears as designer. This makes no sense. No company would terminated a person and THEN take her back. Only civil servants make those kinds of decisions. Only incompetent lawyers file million dollar suits suit based on misdirecting statements of clients who make up evidence as they go. Every last penny I spent, over $50,000 is due to this suit and I will move for that today.

Thursday March 25, 2021

Argentina Today

It’s A Good Thing…

…that I have this blog to announce the name of the person trained in weapons who has been pursuing me since 2017, because if ANYTHING happens to me it is on her. I prefer peace bond in her name, but I will settle for this blog. If I am injured in any way “mysteriously”, I am covered. And until my ISP shuts me down for non-payment, you can come her to find out the culprit.

Subpeonas… are there Superpoenas?

Again, no one replies to my emails so I will set them out here, people who will come sit 3 days in the halls of court April 26, 27 and 28. So that 3 lawyers can convict me of speaking to one of them on a court room. For years, it has been… “speak to a lawyer”, or “get a lawyer” or “ask a lawyer for legal advice”. And now the best false arrest they could come up with is that I spoke to one of them when my bail required me to NOT speak to her ever, anywhere.

“Anywhere” is the key phrase there. Superior justice Dawe ORDERED that the only place I may speak to her is in a court room.

[40] Mr. Lepp advised me that he understands Term 6 to mean that he “cannot say or write the [four] names **unless** he is in a court room”, and

… I am unable to say that his broad reading of the term is plainly wrong.


My Guest List

  1. Mandie Crawford
  2. Jaclyn Solomon
  3. Barry Stork
  4. Charles Painter
  5. Crown Greg Elder
  6. (Officers)
    1. Dustin Goobie
    2. Emily Hurtubise
    3. John Loughry
    4. Mike Rosenthal