The Men BEHIND The Men

It I generally known that behind every successful man there is (or was) a woman.

It is not as well known that behind every UNsuccessful man is… well, just another man.

That is because in Aurora the men run everything.

Oh, there may be a token female here and there but they are of no consequence. None.

Even all the legal issues are handled by the men. The women just tell everyone “It’s in legal!” and then the insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London hires more men to fix what they messed up.

You may recall the spite fence fiasco where the woman in charge, a Director, said there was nothing she could do to help Marnee Buckles. She attended the council meeting Marnee spoke at and just had nothing at all to give her hope. Nothing. Even the over height posts which had NEVER been shortened were untouched 6 months AFTER an order was issued to lower them.

Behind Allan Downey was Jim Tree. He was a faithful parks manager for many years and has now retired. But back in the day he served Mr. Downey well. When asked, he called Helen Clarke and offered to get her some woods chips the very next day. All she had to do was write him a personal letter disavowing my role as a dog park volunteer.

Luckily I was called immediately, and I went straight to the home of Time4paws and I was able to capture text messages to that effect. As a bonus, Mayor Mrakas (well councillor at the time) called while I listened. He too offered wood chips next day for the same letter.

How could that be? How could they get wood chips ordered in a half day?

Easy, Parks had a meeting days earlier where it was decided to dump wood chips that very next day, They both used INSIDE INFORMATION to gain an advantage over Time4paws. They dangled the “carrot”, a promise of chips, and asked her to toss me aside after I had successfully lobbied for $72,000 for a brand new park.

She did not abandon me, but rather told me she would always tell the truth about the two offered bribes.

But Jim and Tom were merely the men behind the man, Allan Downey. It was his contract that he had created by the lawyers… it was his job to monitor performance of that contract and so he owned the keys to the park. He let any business he liked to make an income with no overheads by using a town park. His deal was to let a business operator set up there as long as that business was supportive of him and his people.

At trial in my suit I think the jury, hopefully all Aurorans, will be offended that a woman was leaned on in this way when she was so ill to lie about me by two very senior Aurora staff. Even stranger was the fact she had already sent them a letter saying I was not a volunteer since she has not asked me to sign the mandatory contract PKS-011-15. All her friends had done so even though I never saw any of them actually doing work in the park. Only Time4paws worked there. The Town was mislead by the names on the contract though, they signed it only so that Mr Downey could say there was a “committee” in charge instead of just one person… obviously if only one person was active, and they had holidays and illnesses… that left the park unmanaged quite often. So he turned a blind eye to having a single volunteer.

Mr. Downey had another man behind his performance as well, Clerk Mike de Rond was the one to compose and write the letter to the Finance Minister of Ontario to declare the business owned and run by/for Terry Redvers as IF it was a Municipal Capital Facility like a firehall. So Mr de Rond enabled Mr Redvers to avoid $60,000 annually in education and business taxes.

Imagine how many pencils, pens and paint brushes $60,000 would have bought. EACH YEAR!

Behind CAO Nadorozny is also another man, any man who needed things done by a CAO. If you hire a man who failed at the same job you hired him for, that’s on you. So when Mr Nadorozny fell out of favour as CAO in Sudbury, he was picked up by Mr Downey and Mr Dawe. They knew a man such as that would be very cooperative working in Aurora. So, Mr Nadorozny approved the $60,000 tax exemption for Mr. Downey’s friend Terry Redvers. And months later when Mr Redvers needed bailing out of a failed business, Mr. Nadorozny was there to buy out the business.

He won’t tell us how much he paid, because there was nothing to the business. Leased land, leased dome, teenagers for help. There was no need to buy it. The town owned the land, the drainage the parking, the air conditioning.. they had been paying Redvers’ utility bills for decades. Even with Aurora paying for virtually everything needed… why did Aurora need to give money to Mr Redvers?

Well, we do not know because Aurora will not say.

Misfeasance in Public Office… Doug had the legal right to choose to buy from Redvers or NOT. But by law he has to do the correct things, and he did not. He wasted tax dollars he did not need to spend.

And who knows if Redvers’ Tennis Business got money as well? They will not say.

Always look for the men BEHIND who you are talking with to know who is really calling the shots.

Look behind Allan and you may see his brother. He is very active in Aurora. He has worked at a company who cleans up land pollution. Like at the old Works yard.

And at a company that builds houses on the former golf course lands.

Where there is money to be made he is there. In Aurora. Where his brother Is Works Director who lets out all ether major contracts.