The Humour of James Ward

There was never a doubt that Det. Ward REALLY enjoyed pursuing me 2018 to 2020. I draw that out in people.

At every opportunity he liked to poke fun at me, the poor old man who wrote an email to his Mayor.

So, some snippets which don’t need an explanation:

Jult 22, 2019 Trail Witness Stand

Crown Greg Elder selected losers for s.486 counsel.

Det. James Ward decided June 10, 2018, the first day of settlement discussions, that I was extorting Jaclyn to get Helen to drop charges…..

July 22, 2019 at trial, Det James Ward sworn on the stand… admits no knowledge of the suit he has been “investigating” with undercover agents Helen and Jaclyn

In what universe does “investigation” of an alleged crime NOT INCLUDE reading the documents which started the entire affair?

I sued Helen May 11, 2018, served her May 25, Jaclyn responded with Helen’s defense June 10 and we began email negotiations to settle that day.

Det. James Ward used his “discretion” to characterize my emails as “EXTORTION” and tampering and yet he had NEVER read what we were negotiating.

Now that’s funny right there!

He had no idea I sued Helen for $5,000 for slandering me. He had no idea what Helen used as a defence of my slander claim, not one word.

BUT, as an experienced detective he made the discretionary call he did not NEED to know what we were offering each other or why. Based on zero first hand evidence in the claim or defence, he arrested me on 5 criminal charges.

If you do not find that funny, you are not human. He’s a funny guy.

Now, lets see how dedicated to his craft he was when he arrested me on 5 charges August 23, 2018 and 5 more on August 31, 2018.

WARD is A. I believe I’ve answered that I have not read either. 

Q. Either. Okay. Yes. One last thing. Would it surprise you if you had read that document to find out that Jaclyn Solomon herself introduced the criminal charges as a reason for me suing Helen Clarke? 

A. No, it wouldn’t surprise me. 

Q. Pardon me? Wouldn’t? 

A. No. 

Q. Very good. Does it – would it surprise you that she actually wrote out and put into disclosure through you to the Crown – I believe it’s paragraph 24, but I, I have the whole document if you want to read it. It says, Ms. Clarke believes this is in retribution for her arrest of him on May 30th. Would you be surprised to find that in there? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Okay. Would you like to see it? 

THE COURT: The officer hasn’t seen it before. It’s…. 


THE COURT: The most you’re able to get out of him is that he’s surprised. 

More humorous… Det. James Ward ADMITS he did not know Jaclyn introduced my criminal charges, not me. He thought that I must have introduced them. This is incompetence.