Silly Cop Tricks

This page will link you to articles about cops around the world, some good, some not so good.

I include them in my blog because often police are given a lot of slack by the courts to do the dangerous work they do.

But, at times, they just do not use their heads.

Normally, that does not matter to the good cops of the world, EXCEPT that the “Thin Blue Line” is an international Borther/sisterhood that has as its goal the PROTECTION of any cop, anywhere for any reason the chose.

“…creating a groundswell of support from the silent majority”

“The ultimate arrogance of police is that they believe the MAJORITY of people support their illegal acts.”

Bob Lepp, March 29, 2021


The Thin Blue Line Foundation exists to honor, recognize, and support the law enforcement community. 

What We Do

We are able to provide short-term financial support to officers in need, funding for training, college scholarships, kevlar vest funding, online resources that help equip law enforcement to manage the personal hardships of their role, spiritual support through Police Chaplaincy, support to fallen officer families, and crisis intervention assistance. The Thin Blue Line Foundation is committed to creating a groundswell of support from the silent majority for the men and women that represent the Thin Blue Line.

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We want to make this a free-form discussion about law enforcement in Canada and we will be monitoring it and keeping things cleaner going forward.

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“Brothers Before Others”

Brothers BEFORE Others

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The George Floyd murder is the epitome of police abuse. And, yet, it is how they are TRAINED. They are taught to be ALWAYS IN CONTROL and NEVER DOING WHAT ANYONE ASKS because that is a sign of weakness. Doing what people ask of them is their job. They are trained to never do what people tell them to do.
So, observes of the murder CONSTANTLY beg Chauvin to get off Mr. Floyd’s neck.

Did Chauvin ease up EVEN A LITTLE? No. That would be weakness.

Did the other officers see him ordering Mr. Floyd and try to stop him? NO. That would be weakness, and THEOR jobs were to block bystanders from saving Mr. Floyd’s life.

Following, is the Youtube raw video from officers body cameras. This is precisely how they are trained.

As I typed this, CNN’s web site has a live video playing the court as Chauvin’s lawyer pleads “reasonable doubt”. He pleads “appropriate use of force”. He pleads a witness will claim that “Floyd was “on something.” Keep in mind the alleged time was a $20 fake bill. 5 officers descended on a $20 counterfeit allegation. How can a lawyer keep a straight face? He has to… otherwise, no cop will EVER help that lawyer win a case. He just plead that it was the OBSERVERS yelling that Chauvin was “a bum” that took their attention off Mr. Floyd’s safety. He actually blames the death on those taking video. This mentality simply cannot be understood. Chauvin choked Mr. Floyd to death and now his LAWYER blames the crowd.

When the ambulance arrived, instead of treating Mr. Floyd, they did a “load and go”… they simply picked up his body and drove off to another location for treatment, and THEN to a hospital. Why? Because he had been murdered in front of witnesses. And now the lawyer claims drugs in Mr. Floyd’s system permitted police to murder him. He cited the autopsy causes of death which strangely showed NOTHING to do with asphixiation.

But, Mr. Floyd did show he had COVID-19, a disease KNOWN to impair breathing and lung performance.

So, here we go…