RABIES – Is not a concern to Aurora politicians ANYMORE

Ontario law requires all dogs and cats be immunized against rabies

Aurora no longer checks for rabies vaccination status at annual tag renewal time.

York Region “says” they mandate regular rabies vaccinations… but HOW? Has the Region ever stopped you and your dog or knocked on your door?

Since Aurora CANNOT tell the Region which pets have been vaccinated, how does York Region KNOW compliance rates?

Click this to see every Town of Aurora website mention of the word “rabies”.


There are just 3:

…to REMOVE the requirement for residents to prove a rabies vaccination.

York Feigns That Rabies Is A Concern


See all YORK.CA documents about “rabies”

THE CBC says: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/rabies-what-you-need-to-know-1.5213739


I sued Aurora for “Misfeasance in Public Office” – RABIES is UNSUPPORTED by Docupet

Rather than repair the misfeasance, the bad legal decision, they INSTEAD eliminated the need to confirm vaccination.

Instead of wording the annual pet tag renewal such that the tag is ONLY valid if RABIES TAG is attached in the same collar… they dropped TOTALLY the need for a simple vaccine confirmation.

It is not good public policy to MODIFY the laws to suit computers. Change the computer software!

There is no policing of RABIES except by Aurora Bylaws at pet tag sales time… SO… Aurora deleted the policing.

NO Provioncial Authority Checks YOUR Pets For Vaccinations

You MUST treat every pet in Aurora as carrying rabies because NO ONE EVEN ASKS ANYMORE