Qualified Privilege – Every Case Caused By Evidence Of Mandie Crawford aka Eddie

Lawyers aren’t stupid. They changed the libel laws so that any aspect of a complete case can now be quoted in public and the publisher cannot be found to be libelous.

If you do not believe me, you can believe the Superior Court Justices in my appeals.

Sept. 2020 Article: “Supreme Court of Canada Answers Questions about Ontario’s Anti-SLAPP Test, Raises More about Qualified Privilege


“Ontario’s anti-SLAPP law, found in ss. 137.1-137.5 of the Courts of Justice Act, allows a defendant to move at any stage in a proceeding to have the claim dismissed. So long as the defendant can show that the lawsuit arises from expression (which is defined broadly) “that relates to a matter of public interest” (which is also defined broadly), the burden shifts to the plaintiff to demonstrate grounds to believe that: (1) the action has “substantial merit;” (2) there is “no valid defence to the proceeding” (together, “Merit-Based Hurdle”); and that (3) the harm caused by the expression is “sufficiently serious” that the public interest in continuing with the action outweighs the public interest in protecting the expression (“Public Interest Balancing Test”). While such motions most often arise in the context of defamation actions, the anti-SLAPP law can apply to a range of proceedings.”


This lets them pay reporters to publish their court performances VERBATIM so they can attract new clients. If you need a murder defense, you search CANLII for a good lawyer.

Here is CANLII’s presentation of my case before J. Kenkel. He had permitted senior Detective James WARD to attend my “Judicial Pre-Trial” so he could adapt his testimony at trial to my defence strategy which I must disclose to J. Kenkel and the Crown.

So, every completed arrest, all seven, becomes cornucopic in providing proof of how I was railroaded by Mandie Crawford. Since 5 of 7 times that her evidence got me arrested were total failures, there are lots of her lies in court evidence and testimony.

This page will eventually link to a post on each arrest. That post will consist of a PDF of my appeal document “AUTHORITIES”… yes, in my appeal documents of Arrest #2, I will cite in my AUTHORITIES EVERY CRAWFORD ARREST.

There is now a PRECEDENT set that police can listen to your defense plans at a judicial pre-trial.

The law says different:

You can have a judicial pre-trial without a lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, your judicial pre-trial will be held in the courtroom. Duty counsel may be able to help you.


Can cops be in the court room at a judicial pre-trial?

The Attorney General cites Best Practices…

2.    OCJ Criminal Rule 4.2 (Judicial pre-trial conference)

Judges should follow and enforce the judicial pre-trial procedures prescribed by Rule 4.2. Crown and defence representatives must adhere to Rule 4.2, and in particular, must have the authority to make the decisions required under Rule 4.2(3).

https://www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/criminal-rules/criminal-rules/ <- Criminal Rules of the Ontario Court of Justice

(3)  At the pre-trial, it is required that the parties have authority to make decisions on

(a)  disclosure;

(b)  applications, including Charter applications, that the parties will bring at trial;

(c)  the number of witnesses each party intends to call at the preliminary inquiry or at trial;

(d)  any admissions the parties are willing to make;

(e)  any legal issues that the parties anticipate may arise in the proceeding;

(f)  an estimate of the time needed to complete the proceeding; and

(g)  resolution of the matter, if appropriate.


Pre-trials are an important mechanism to provide the public with a speedy trial that focuses on the matters in issue.  As such they are encouraged.  A pre-trial held with Crown counsel should occur inadvance of the judicial pre-trial, in order to focus agreements and admissions as well as the matters in issue.  For the convenience of the parties, a pre-trial may be conducted by telephone with the consent of the pre-trial judge.  A pre-trial on the record is particularly helpful for parties not represented by a licensee as defined in the Law Society Act The court procedures can then be explained, the position of the Crown counsel on the issues can be related, and the issues set out in subrule (3) above can be canvassed.

BIAS by the Court of J. Kenkel

A represented person gets a JPT in PRIVATE, in CHAMBERS with just the CROWN and the JUSTICE

When you CANNOT afford a lawyer for $500 an hour, you MUST perform your JPT in front of the PUBLIC

COPS are part of THE PUBLIC, Ipso facto they can observe and take notes at YOUR JUDICIAL PRE-TRIAL.

Trials which have been case managed by J. Kenkel CANNOT GET A FAIR TRIAL – cops attend and will hear EVERY DETAIL on how you plan to defend their bogus charges so they can change their testimony to suit

So, Justice Kenkel not only PERMITTED a cop to listen to my defence, he ALSO CREATED case law, a precedent that a lead detective may attend any Judicial Pre-trial. This is how absurd British law can be.

In this way the Appeals Court justices will have access to read, for themselves, EVERYTHING Mandie did to me in verbatim transcripts and orders. Admittedly, they are not required to just read AUTHORITIES verbatim, but when I argue in the FACTUM, I will cite each false arrest at least once. A “false” arrest is any one in which one or more charges had no basis in fact. They had NO EVIDENCE at the time of est to support the charge and the Crown should NOT have approved it.

THE BEST FIRST – Justice Dawe’s Bail Review of my 3 charges and March 4, 2020 arrest... you know! The one they WITHDREW ALL CHARGES TWO WEEKS BEFORE TRIAL so I would have to pay my lawyer for her defence.

Here is the complete decision of Superior Court Justice Dawe in his reversal of most aspects of my March 4, 2020 arrest, incarceration and bail.


WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Everything really, he provides a perfect history of what Mandie has done to me and how illegal were her “not to mention ” terms she gave Crown Elder.


Make note of how many times his honour cites Mandie’s words “not to mention” her… Crown Greg Elder had such luck with it, he simply copy/pasted it everywhere he could. He had a “digital” rubber stamp made up. That is a breach of trust to publish the exact 80 words provided by a Crown Prosecutor, and so every justice who followed Mandie’s advice FAILED… in a breach of trust,`

July 14, 2017 – Mandie’s lies included that I helped a man make a gun threat call to Azilda Robinson and that I told people in a bar on Wellington that she had a sex change operation. And that’s the start….

Azilda? Did that really happen? I ask because you forgot just a few things: (do you like it when your manager wastes one of her 42 lies on YOU?)

  • Log the call date and time
  • Call police
  • Make sure police investigate and report back who they found responsible

May 30, 2018 – Mandie suggested that if police could talk Helen into testifying she signed no legal contract, I would be arrested. So she did. Helen let De.t Ward help her decide what to say instead. That’s a pretty obvious breach of trust by Det. Ward. He’s not really permitted to teach law or to coach his witnesses how to change their testimony to beat me. I have the video though.

August 23, 2018 – Mandie alleges “Publish defamatory libel and picks an unconstitutional section of he criminal code.plus four charges of bribery and dissuading witnesses.

August 31, – Mandie had supplied Crown Elder with special (illegal as it turned out)wording in a recognizance on May 23 to not “mention HER NAME” in “any online media” which she misinterpreted to mean “anywhere on the Internet” instead. So she printed out five of my posts in my blog, not an online media, and gave those to police who arrested me without an interview for my men’s rea in posting them

April 2019 – ditto

December 6, 2019 – threatening letter by Gwendolyn Adrian to my wife in my blog verbatim

March 4, 2020 – Mandie digs up 11 more breaches and prints them for Jaclyn Solon and Helen Clarke to take in to police.

and of course my appeals are now public as are the decisions of each justice

I’m qualified to speak to all of them.