3/29 Public Mischief – Cheaper By The Dozen

In 2020 ALONE, police opened up 12 reports on me based on complaints from citizens, my town, paralegal Jaclyn Solomon. NONE saw a court room. All were false, public mischief.

Fully HALF were reported by Jaclyn Solomon, 4 alone and 2 with others helping her.

Just 1 of the 12 in 2020 got me arrested, 77377 on March 4, 2020 when Jaclyn and York Lawyer Barry Stork and Aurora Lawyer Charles Painter got together and created 4 stories among them how I allegedly SPOKE to Jaclyn in an active court room.

The other 5 reports Jaclyn made alleged I was breaking a term of bail or probation to write about her and her girl friends.

Crown Greg Elder defied SCJ RSJ Fuerst and SCJ Dawe and kept quoting the same 72 words including the names of people with no outstanding charges against me. Both justices ORDERED Elder to stop naming Jaclyn and others in recognizance terms, but Elder refused.