Now that the court has allocated me the dog park from 2:00 to 3:00 pm 7 days a week, I can attend with my clients in peace, knowing no one can bother me. I see now the attraction of a cash business in dog “walking” inside a park opened by someone else.

And now that my blog publishes no new stuff mentioning any names, I find I can reach a LOT more souls in person in the park than here on the blog. In one hour there are typically 10-13 dogs and owners to talk to and they change daily.

I may be able to get to all owners by November to answer his honour’s question of me: “How many OTHER people did not like the muddy old dog park or wanted a dog park in their quadrant of the town.?

Nothing stops me on weekends when commercial walkers are dormant.

Over Protected Pup on 18C day
Even after 5 yers of ME, there is no trash container. There are only open top recycling boxes and a discarded kitchen trash can. They are afraid people will put filled poop bags in a trash container. At least the poop no longer drains in to Lake Simcoe via the East Holland River.

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