May the 4th be with me until the 11th!

Apologies to Star Wars fans everywhere.

May 11 is a key date in my suit. I finally get to question my accusers in person.

I have set out to prove collusion and perjury among the defendants. And, true to form, luckily for me all are sticking together as a team. Which is what I claimed. Together. Not individuals. But with a common goal. ME, in jail.

That’s also good for me because I can’t name anyone anyway.

Check back May 12 to NOT read about what happened as Discovery is very confidential until trial.

In local news, 2 Toronto cops are off on paid leave after stealing liquor taken from an arrest.

One age 55 and 27 years of service. The other 27 years old with 5 years of service. Who would risk losing their profession over a bottle of booze?

Who would risk perjury and lose their profession?

We shall find out.

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