The Story of Mandie + Police + Crown Chapter 1 – March 2-24, 2021

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Wednesday March 24, 2021

She comes in via Saudi Arabia today.

There is a new menu option for Regency Acres students who may still want that second dog park.

Tuesday March 23, 2021

DTF = Digitally Tarred and Feathered

The topic for tomorrow is how Aurora is kicking me out of town by tarring and feathering me in the courts.

There is no difference to the days of old when town fathers ejected a troublesome sort by tarring and feathering until the person took the hint and left town.

Aurora used the courts on Bill,Hogg, blogger, in 2009-12. Sued him for $6 million.

I blogged and the Bylaws Manager arrested me 7 times in four years. Six of them were AFTER she had been terminated, but Aurora has now paid her lawyer for three years and 6 arrests AFTER Aurora decided it no longer wanted her as an employee.

Why defend her for accusations which occurred years after she was let go? Because she was claimed as an employee regardless because she was dating the most Senior Director in town. She gets a free lawyer on YOUR taxes.

Mayor Mrakas – gittin’ ‘er done! since 2019

Here is his article on HIS web site: CLICK HERE==>

You can tell he is influenced by NON DOG OWNERS. We want dog parks NEARBY our homes.

Mrakas wants them on waste lands far from residents.

Markas: The pickle ball courts must be CLOSE to users, dog parks must be FAR from users.

Completely backwards thinking at every turn. 2 out of 3 Aurora homes have a pet, we have 14,000+, and Mrakas listens to the ⅓ who hate animals and think they and their pet-less children all poop rose blossoms.

He wants dog walkers to DRIVE their dogs fro a walk.

“ACTIVATE AURORA?” is still around, what do THEY think of driving to a park?

Next insane move: Mrakas to SECRETLY BUY Aurora Sports Dome !

Mrakas now BUYS THE PLASTIC TARP used by Terry Redvers to bail him out of a bad year in COVID-19 rentals. he claims he is buying a business, but we ALREADY own the land, the plumbing, the settling pond, the concrete floor, the utilities, even the shack used for staff to store the beer… Aurora owns everything already EXCEPT the whole plastic tarp.

And no one can make MORE money at it than a dedicated owner. Politicians and civil servants DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RUN A “FOR PROFIT” business, they simply increase taxes to pay for it to lose money. If they KNEW how to make a profit, they would be doing that and not being mayor where we pay for everything he thinks he needs.

Business is BOOMING!

Again, in the wee hours, she returns…. and reads up on Daria in case I added some new details which would PROVE to any justice I am pond scum. She is doing her sworn duty.

Today, we’ll complete and serve our subpoenas for trial April 26. It’s a long list because this arrives was the culmination of the 7 arrests and it exhibits all of the bad attributes of false arrest.

  • The arrest March 4 was just a few days since the promise by DS Bentham that she would NEXT TIME do a proper investigation. Instead, she reneged in total, never called me and so again she has absolutely NOTHING on my mens rea. This is bush league. I love “Border Security” because there you see professional law enforcement at the Federal level. These ladies and gentlemen KNOW how to establish mens rea BEFORE they arrest someone. Today, a guy is caught with kiddie pics on his phone. They put him in cuffs and hold for the RCMP. BEFORE the Mountie arrests the perv, he says to the guy “You keno what child pornography is, right?” and the perv stupidly answers “Yes.”… and his goos is cooked. That nailed down the mens rea in one 5 second question. With me, they have NOT ONE 5 SECOND QUESTION OR ANSWER.
  • It was rushed. Police claim that a report was created March 2, 2020… GO#20-77377 was initiated on the call by a complainant they refuse to identify. I am refused a copy of GO# 77377. 4 officers were assigned, that is how BIG a lead it was. That was a Monday morning. The 2 complainants, Clarke and Solomon, arrived after 9:00 PM to be interviewed. Why so long? Was Mandie researching all day for Heather?
  • Tuesday March 3, 2020 DS Bentham HERSELF calls two of te h3 witnesses and with her own ears must have heard their :will says”. Stork swears he heard nothing. Painter was looking the other direction, Solomon tells two stories to two officers with 30 minutes of each other.
  • 11 breaches were claimed and listed for Crown Elder who chose his favroite 3. Why?
  • 1 0f the 3 chosen by Elder is later found totally deficient by Elder and he withdraws it.
  • NOT ONE QUESTION was posed to me when on March 3, 2021 3:05 DS Bentham ordered me in next day at 7:00 am to be arrested.
  • I was arrested 10 feet inside the police station front door andso, as legal counsel advised, I shut up 100% at that moment. Their chance to establish mens rea had passed. All they had to do was say “So, you know you’re not supposed to speak to Jaclyn in a court room, right?” and they would have had my words on record. I would have answered honestly. “Justice Dawe ordered me to ONLY speak to Jaclyn in a court room.” and “I had to speak to her through a member of the law society and Barry Stork is such a member, as is Charles Painter, as she is herself… so it did not matter if I spoke to her directly or through Barry Stork. I picked the best place and conditions possible.”
  • DS Bentham chose the time to arrest me, no one else. And she chose it knowing Crown Elder would have her back when she claimed no justice in any court in Ontario could arraign me that day, or the next day.
  • DS Benhtham directed me AGAIN to Lindsay prison JUST as she had done on December 6, 2019, my first stay in Lindsay.
  • The public were not well served. The ONLY person in the universe affected even if ALL 11 accusations were proven is Jaclyn Solomon, paralegal. The entire arrest is because Jaclyn Solomon came to my court appearance when she is NOT involved. She then sat on the aisle behind me so I would have to walk out past her and she did that only to intimidate me. The motion was by Aurora only and did not affect her.
  • The costs will be extreme. 2 days PLANNED in a REAL COURT ROOM, not Zoom. This is so my fans cannot see the 3 lawyers wiggling on my hooks unless they drive in. Mosr importantly, it I so the Atty. General cannot watch from Toronto to see the waste with his own eyes. AG Downey may be Allan’s cousin after all.

Published plans and annual reports 2020-2021: Ministry of the Attorney General, Mr. Doug. Downey

Plans for 2020-2021, and results and outcomes of all provincial programs delivered by the Ministry of the Attorney General in 2019-2020.

Ministry overview

Ministry’s Vision

The Ministry of the Attorney General works to deliver an innovative, sustainable and responsive justice system that inspires public confidence and upholds the rule of law. To accomplish this, we are modernizing the justice system to make it easier, faster and more affordable for Ontarians to resolve their legal matters, ensuring that vulnerable individuals and families get the help they need when and where they need it.

Ministry Programs and Activities

Nothing is more important than protecting the health and well-being of Ontarians. Since first learning of COVID-19, the Ontario government has been working closely with justice partners to ensure critical services continue while keeping front-line justice sector workers and Ontarians who use these services safe. The government is also moving ahead with a number of initiatives to support its vision of updating the justice system and making strategic investments to develop digital first services, streamline legal processes and support vulnerable people while keeping communities safe.

I am a vulnerable person, 71, fat, high BP…. yet ALL COURT STAFF and I will be exposed unnecessarily to COVID-19 in a court where prisoners from Lindsay are brought. That makes no sense.

So, to avenge Jaclyn Solomon’s sense of the law, the Province will spend $50,000 to prove Jaclyn Solomon misled police as did Barry Stork and Charles Painter to arrest me when no crime had been committed. And if the alleged acts HAD occurred the ONLY person affected is Jaclyn Solomon who CHOSE to be that close to me despite a court order to stay apart from me.

As I ended, she came again via Japan and Germany…

Monday March 22, 2021

I love it when shower day and fresh undies day fall on the same day. Feels like I just started vacation.

She’s back!

Consumer Proposal under Federal Laws

March 5, 2021 I filed due to my inability to pay costs assigned by the courts. Once filed, creditors must stop all collection activities and interest for 45 days while they decide to accept or reject. After 45 days, 21 days of meetings can follow to come to an agreed schedule.

I had already offered 100% payment over 60 months before filing.

So, CV-18-138806 (Lepp ats Aurora, Vexatious litigant) and C68406 (Duncan Appeal) are stayed now.

My suit, CV-18-138394 is NOT STAYED. If contempt under J. Edwards is recorded against CV-18-139394 it can proceed, but all costs for Aurora’s unsuccessful motion and unsuccessful appeal are stayed.

Aurora filed CV-18-138806 to have me ordered a vexatious litigant in my very first Superior Court matter. Of course, the motion failed. I was NOT awarded costs for winning, nor was Aurora awarded costs for losing. At the appeal of CV-18-138806, Aurora lost again and was awarded $15,000 for losing. No one can exist by winning UNLESS they are awarded costs. To be awarded costs is the ONLY reason to sue.

Self represented litigants, or SRL’s, do NOT get awarded costs at all, and if they do, they aren’t equivalent too what a l lawyer would win. The legal table is tilted to benefit the profession.

When courts award costs to LOSERS, but award NOTHING to SRL winners, it undermines the legal system. It means that one cannot play the game UNLESS one hires a lawyer for $400 an hour.

I will appeal these awards to the Supreme Court when I get time.

It is just 5 weeks to trial April 26-8, 2021 on the March 4, 2020 arrest. March 3, 2020, one day before arrest, I was phoned by DS Bentham herself and told to come in next day 7:00 am for my 7th arrest. She had planned that I should go stay in Lindsay prison until the March 6 release review. During peak COVID-19 when convicts were being let OUT, she put me IN.

There was NO investigation, No witness interviews. No interview of the accused before arrest. Once again, they have no possible way to prove mens rea, the: culpable guilty mind” CANNOT be discussed, let alone proven.

On March 2, 2020, DS Bentham initiated her own investigation on GO#20-77377… NOT a complainant from the public. She then contacted “the ladies”, but more likely just Mandie Crawford, and asked she/them to come up with more breaches. She/They found 11 breaches. Helen and Jaclyn brought in “their” proof at 9:00 PM that night. Officers were told in WRITING to let Crown Greg Elder choose from the 11. He picked his 3 favorites, he discarded 8 other less-promising charges. Of the 3, he later found one to be without legal evidence and he withdrew it. This was not well thought out. It was rushed, panicked, last minute, and Ms. Bentham did not consider AT ALL the effect on me at age 71 of the COVID-19 virus inside every prison in Ontario.

There was no need at all for an expensive 3 day stay in prison. I have always attended every court appointment. I am in a vulnerable age group. DS Bentham KNEW convicts were being sent home early to avoid the disease. Instead, I was sent INTO Lindsay for no reason at all. And what “reasons” they made up were based on lies by the 3 lawyers Stork, Painter and Solomon. They made up 4 different stories of what happened. No two lawyers agree on any one claimed detail. It is not a winnable prosecution, and it should have been dropped. Instead, the Attorney General has created more liability for itself.

Crown Elder decided what police would arrest me on and DID NOT order an investigation. He just told DS Bentham which three to arrest me on, and he would do the rest. He did not wait for an investigation or an open court date. I was not interviewed or asked a single question beore being arrested for the 7th straight time. The Crown cannot just expect the justice to believe in the mens rea when the accused was not ONCE asked to explain his actions.

The problem is that just 2 days earlier, DS Bentham assured me that “NEXT TIME” she would contact me if the ladies showed up with arrest complaints. She promised a complete investigation. Then, within 48 hours, she reneged. She simply did NOT honour our agreement with me out of her anger for me recording her secretly while she was admitting she was upset that I blogged about her in 2017 for the false arrest by her officer Jeff Brown.

Here is the story in her own words:

Det. Sgt Bentham Interview February 27, 2021

Sunday March 21, 2021


Saturday March 20, 2021

NOTE: To Lawyers… get your printers warmed up… a GREAT proof of my humanity is about to appear. Start reading… it has been optimized for Caselines and will be faithfully reproduced in a PDF.

“In the latest allegation against Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Alyssa McGrath, an employee of the governor’s office, described a series of unsettling interactions with the governor, telling The New York Times that Mr. Cuomo would ogle her body, remark on her looks, and make suggestive comments to her and another executive aide.”

New York Times

“Unsettling” is now grounds for impeachment?

How much must she hate her boss to bring these accusations?

The challenge… what possible things could she have done to assure this would NOT happen? Choose from the following:

  • Stop showering, or reduce to weekly
  • Work virtually from the gym
  • Stop ordering makeup, trash what you possess
  • Make a loss of the floss
  • Waste the paste
  • Kill “the pill”, take responsibility, be your own birth controller
  • Shop at walmart, baggy hoody section
  • Change to a brushcut. Mohican.
  • Make a tinfoil combination helmet and cell phone holder
  • Bail out your son for “take your child to work day”, redeem the pawn tickets for his AR15’s, buy ammo
  • Bring half your cats to “Petday Friday’s”
  • Ask for after hours access to the conference room for your AA meetings

But, to spend two hours a day dressing “for the other girls at the office”, exposing historically proven erogenous body parts as backgrounds for sparkling gem stones, and picking undergarments which show around the edges and allow aforesaid erogenous zones to sway to and fro…. Some CroMagnon WILL notice. He will open communications with pretty, shiny objects… SIMPLY because HIS ASSESSMENT proved that the concept worked for HIS parents, and they had educated him to understand. Heck, I bet even her dog, Spike, tries to hump her. It’s natural. Not always legal, but for certain, it’s as natural as it can get, chicken/egg-wise.

And before you go all feigned woke on me, consider for one moment that the multi billion dollar glamor industry worldwide EXISTS FOR AN EVOLUTIOBARY REASON, and then tell yourself the truth…. women act to attract the opposite sex or any “opposite” sexual identification they subscribe to. This selfless act is oft mimicked in nature. It’s called “perpetuation of the species”, and if the world’s supply of semen dispensers are sufficiently aware of nearby targets of opportunity, and some of those targets posses both a pleasant visage, a womb and one unoccupied entry orifice … man MAY live on and he may go forth, even fifth, and he shall multiply as your particular god ordered. The uglier semen receivers will typicall replicate less often and thus their effect on the gene pool diminishes so that more attractive versions replicate like cuter rabbits. This the universe selected successful semen receiving mechanisms to be the eventual sole inhabitants of Earth. Over time we get prettier and prettier. Did you ever see a cave painting of an ugly, hairy female of any species? No! You did not. You saw paintings of lithe gazelles and sketches of beautiful sunsets. Not one ugly cave painting exists.

Until we evolve to full laboratory production of freeze dried viable genomes, we are stuck with semen manufacturers having to prolong human life the old fashioned way.. pick out a good looking wife, verbally break down their defenses, feed her well, supply copious amounts of wine, and settle down and pump out vast numbers of babies that evolution demands. . Billions of years of evolution driven purely on looks and smells will not change in even a thousand years. While you may convert semen producers a few at a time to enjoying a vasectomy, its not an activity with any wide appeal. Some like it, of course, some even choose to cut the whole thing off. Doesn’t matter. The billions of normal semen producers choose what evolution taught them. Pick one you likely won’t gag over every morning, and buy a nest. Enjoy a few years. Cut the house in half and go your own ways.

Just as your god designed. You think he did not PLAN all this? You think he could build a religion based on relics with pictures of ugly people? Of course not. Ever seen a painting of an ugly Eve?… or a less-than-angelic Mary? Right. No ugly people in the Bible. Ugly acts happened IN the Bible, but always they were executed by beautiful people.

The pope understands this. He orders various styles of face coverings for nuns, and he sorted them into “Orders” of various levels of beauty so the cute ones even get to leave some of their hair showing. And, he even provides a veritable, never-ending stream of choir boys for those priests who simply cannot suppress the highest form of male success, ejaculatory thoughts, premature or otherwise. The pope gets it. He has libraries of books his precursors left for him to read. Da Vinci painted suggestions. Michelangelo even painted it on the ceiling so everyone in church sees it several times on Sundays. The pope cannot possibly get confused on how the universe REALLY works.

And, as payback to the ugly women consigned to just a slit in the robes over the eyes, he grants them a life long guarantee that no semen producer will EVER waste a second look.

Prove it yourself… ignoring Sally Field, and all other Hollywood A listers, name one gorgeous nun you have ever seen?

As “they” say: “It is written!”

If you disbelieve me, and who does not?… you can address this conundrum. Trump admitted on CNN he had convinced all women worldwide to let him grab them by the pu**ies, and half the 75 million votes he got were from women saying to themselves…. “ Mmmmm, yummie! I surely want to produce more of HIM to survive the pandemic and grab my great granddaughters’ pu**ies for the coming millennia”

Let the hate bombs descend.

All I know is 3 women went to police and they described what I did to them and I was:

  • Arrested 7 times by one woman giving “evidence” she researched by email to two others who took it to police as “complainant”
  • She used Twitter handle @bo_blepp to send screen captures to York’s most senior Det. James WARD. He then passed them all to Heather Bentham for review and writing up charges.
  • One other school principal decided to complain that I went to her school’s bus stop #1208, and for no reason, I harassed her students’ parents and so she just logically trespassed my from my house to get me out of town… all out of the blue, and NOT from woman #1… she picked “500 meters” as a radius of a circle she felt she could kick me out of. Her entire School Board chose to not apologize and so they prefer to be sued for an apology.
  • Another woman sued me for $1,000,000… sorry, not another woman, the SAME woman, #1, did that.
  • Yet another sued me for $125,000
  • All claimed that reading their own names SCARED them.
  • Two claimed I murdered her dog with glycol after breaking into her home in front of her security guards and multiple cameras.
  • One claimed I was not permitted to ever type her name on a court filing.
  • One claimed I could not write her name on a piece of paper I pass to the court clerk to get it to the justice.
  • One claimed I should be imprisoned for writing her name on a filing to a Superior court schedule because the scheduler was NOT a full lawyer.
  • The last THREE people were all the same woman. Truthfully yours.
  • One woman stole a private email I sent to the Mayor of Erin ON and she took it to police for a video interview for my arrest. When police asked her for a legally obtained copy, she had to drop the charge.
  • Same thing for the boyfriend of one woman, Allan Downey. I emailed Allan about his girlfriend and he let it get stolen by his girlfriend, who ALSO took it to police to arrest me. Again, police asked for a legal copy and she declined again.
  • The last 2 were the same woman.
  • ONLY one woman got me convicted and appealed. The one I trusted most by chance. ALL of the charges of BOTH the other 2 NEVER GOT PAST CROWN PRE-TRIAL.. the very FIRST step. Think about that. Every charge that TWO OF THEM made was false. EVERY CHARGE. Until the decision on the appeal is announced, just ONE of the 3 told the truth. If the appeal is to overturn my conviction, then NO WOMAN TOLD THE TRUTH. NOT ONE. And yet, the Toronto Star published THREE articles about me in a negative light. The woman received such great support.

I guess since males have run the world for 7 million years, we can let the girls have a few years in charge. Let’s see how much things improve. I know we need a lot of help.

Friday March 19, 2021

Mr Nicoletta defended the Catholic School Board today. Principal Ines Donato agreed to do what Mandie suggested, trespass me out of my own home. But Ines is loyal and will not give up Ms Crawford as the instigator. Neither will Ms Adrian’s client. So both became complicit with Mandie’s plans for revenge. If I do not stand up for my rights, I lose them. In the law, once must always take actions in the courts to right any wrongs. I cannot rest on my laurels, I must take action.

Ms. Crawford worked extensively on a flawed and ultimately failed trial March of 2017 with Ms. Donato to remove safety zone no parking zones in front of the school. Bus Stop @1208 is filled with parents daily. Ms Crawford convinced Aurora it would be a good move to remove School Safety Zone restricted sparking and let parents park anywhere they wish.

Imagine if Every School Board removed Every Safety Zone “no parking” sign… it would make international newspapers as a giant leap backwards.

12:40 pm – My court appearance is over. No order has been issued as yet. All my fans were there.

AURORA did not read the order limiting repossess for today to 10 pages maximum. Mr. Painter submitted 422 pages and was permitted to read from it.

My Consumer Proposal covers Appeal C68406 (Buckles, Lepp ats TJD et al) which was docket # M51844.

CV-18-138394 versus CV-19-138806

CV-18-138394 is my suit of “them”.

CV-19-138806 is “their” suit of me.

Appeal C68406 – Lepp/Buckles ats Duncan

The matter CV-19-138806 is Aurora’s suit of me for being vexatious and in contempt. When Aurora had me before J. Di Luca and J. De Sa and he/they signed their orders, it was under CV-19-138806 that I not communicate with Aurora, Aurora claimed I was in contempt of the order when I emailed them about my neighbour’s collapsing retaining wall. So, I filed a motion under CV-19-138806 to get ONE clarification, not a change, just clarification… did J. De Sa intend I not communicate on ANYTHING as in “your Charter of Rights no longer exist, or could I communicate on unrelated matters. I communicated on OTHER matters NOT IN ANY SUIT.

Mr. Painter sent Jordan Cutler up here to court with material about my suit, CV-18-138394, instead of Mr. Painter’s matter CV-19-138806 which was not the matter I had filed under that day. So, Aurora is always keeping me jumping understanding where 138806 ends and my suit begins. I have had no appearances in my suit. I have only appeared before J. Edwards to win NOT being vexatious and winning the appeal of Mr. Painter.

I asked Mr Painter recently to itemize everything I owe, but he neglected to do so UNDER each matter number. He concealed the court matter numbers to make it seem everything was earned in one matter. It was 138806.

So, today, J. Edwards heard me trying to identify what matter we were on.

If it was 138806, Aurora’s matter… that will be stayed by Farber. J. Di Luca’s order, the copy I sent Farber, did not have a style page so it was rejected by the court for a stay due to lack of the court number, but Farber is now repairing that.

So, to me, CV-19-138806 is the matter under which contempt was heard, twice, and for which I owe a lot of money.

My suit, CV-18-138394 has had no actions or motions. Everything so far has been Aurora and contempt and CV-19-138806. So, CV18-138394 is NOT going to be stayed. My suit will proceed.

If J. Edwards instead sees all the contempt stuff as CV-18-0138394 even if 138806 started it all, then so be it.

PS: I speak of this matters here because CV-19-138394 has had a “do not take any action” order made today. So no one will be emailing anyone or filing any motions. This blog is the only way I can explain myself. In court, I am limited to answering questions with yes/no responses only. It is difficult to explain confusing topics when you can only answer yes or no and cannot express nuances at all. The world is NOT all black and white, it is very often gray.

Farber, the trustee, will send a rep to an appearance and explain this to J. Edwards at his discretion. I apologize that I was not able to clarify it fast enough for J, Edwards. I am sure this added to my image of being uncooperative or contemptuous, but I did the best I could to explain 138806 vs 138394. Farber will do much better.

I guess Mandie tuned in at my blog early to get an update for Charles Painter for court today at 9:30 before J. Edwards. You know, she hopes to get even more DIRT on me as I express my opinions of her arresting me seven times.

J. Edwards found me to NOT be a vexatious litigant (CV-19-138806), Mr. Painter appealed, then I beat him again, downtown in HIS neighbourhood. He needs revenge on me as well. He will get it with a second contempt punishment, which looks pretty certain.

However, since the hearing on contempt many months ago, Mr. Painter and Mr. Stork swore to give evidence of my guilt of the March 4, 2020 charge that I spoke to Jaclyn Solomon in court room 405 on February 14, 2020 that she fought to complain about “3 weeks back”. She usually has me arrested in hours and this ONE time all THREE of them saw me breach and EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM forgot to report it. Until Mandie remembered it for her.

So, I am not sure how 2 of 5 lawyers who between them have made 2 arrest reports, and told 4 different stories can continue as an unbiased defence counsel. If not now, how many times can he have me arrested and still defend Mandie Crawford? Is 7 not enough for him? 6 by his client. Mandie, and one by himself?

Consider Mandie had me arrested because of Apple’s Autocorrect feature. I typed (CLICK HERE) “Ma” a SPACE then “ndie” and Apple changed it to “Man die” which PC Jeff Brown told me was an obvious threat that I would do what needed to be done. He is a PC/Android type of guy so he did not buy into that. Or that all 200 OTHER words spoke of me going to Superior Court July 14, 2017 to watch Mandie being sued by Denis van Decker and Anne Marie Finn over her vexatious litigant charge by the van Deckers. Mandie took them to court 22 times over 4 years for a sticky gate latch violation.

Thursday March 18, 2021

Back again:

Wednesday March 17, 2021

Have you read the newest menu option yet?


Mandie Tweeted as @bleppbo

PC Styles

In 2011, a teenager named “S.K.” killed Constable Styles by crushing him under a minivan.

Read the article on his sentence:–i-m-sorry-paraplegic-pleads-guilty-to-manslaughter-in-garrett-styles-case/


For blogging the name “Mandie Crawford” in 2018, my sentence was THREE YEAR PROBATION.

Cop killer – 2 years, “mention” Mandie Crawford = 3 years

Think about this when king yourself the question: Did Bob get a fair shake in court?

Tuesday March 16, 2021

Daria’s Last Words.

It has been MANY days now that no VPN has shown up reading my blog.

Crowd: (cooperatively): How many days WAS it?


All scammers use one or more V-irtual P-rivate N-etworks so they can hide behind an electronic wall while they do their damage. Are all VPN users “scammers”? Not quite… some are just police looking at what YOU blog about. Or lawyers looking for a slander suit.

Only people with something to hide use VPN’s to read my blog. And luckily, asking the J.P., the police AND the Crown to issues a peace bond must have helped. I hope that someone can arrange for the proper aid.

Many years back, I shaved my moustache 5 minutes before a huge family Xmas dinner. It was “at the cottage” and so people had been crammed together for a day or two already and more had arrived. I figured to hand out a prize for who FIRST noticed my upper lip bared for the first time since the later 90’s. Neither my son nor my wife had EVER seen me without it and surely one of them would get the prize.

No one noticed.

Not even when I asked for a closeup photo and I pointed to my bare lip. No one.

I should have seen the writing on the wall. I was invisible. Just like today.

Maybe that is why Helen thought I was a time traveller. Maybe she DID really think on May 11, 2018 that I had traveled ahead to May 30, 2018… at THAT time, I saw myself in jail holding a DVD player and a copy of her May 25, 2018 police interview where Det. Ward taught her to lie about signing a contract..errrr, a MEMO!. and I time traveled back to May 11, 2018 and I sued her ONLY to try to stop Helen from arresting me. But her paralegal got in the way.

Well, her paralegal thought that anyway. So, if you need a paralegal who thinks outside her box, ask Helen for her card. Maybe she can leave her box behind for your case, too! She’s Lawfully good.. I mean she’s awfully yours if you have nowhere else to go.

Quick, WITHOUT Google, when did Eddie Murphy shave off HIS moustache?: (select one)

2015, 1997, 2020, never had one, none of the above?

CLICK HERE to take the Google survey.

CLICK HERE to see the votes so far.

OK, now go (CLICK HERE) Google it. Are you surprised you knew that?

Why, you’ve been watching him for years, you MUST have noticed. Evolution did that for you, Man was once hairy all over and so the brain cannot spend time noticing hair to identify a fellow man, everyone had hair. Today, facial hair is often invisible to our conscious minds. Try it yourself. Cut off some hair and see if anyone notices.

Did you notice ANYONE doing to me MORE than what they EVER claimed I did to them?

Yes. And then she taught the others.

I do not have a contract with the town!

Mandie – signed a severance contract Aurora will NOT disclose.

Helen – signed the same Agreement TWICE in 2012 and 2015 (due again 2020) and also she got random friends to sign the Canine Commons Agreement lying that they would HELP HER TO handle dog attacks… just so she could make money in the town park. There is but on volunteer today.

So, IT’S TRUE… she is NOT a volunteer… because she is the ONLY volunteer… she is THE volunteer.

“I am NOT the lead volunteer for (Aurora)”

Helen – May 11, 2018 to Police to get me arrested May 30, 2018

Mandie – AFTER agreeing to quit, Aurora allowed her to volunteer to create a web site (CLICK HERE)

March 15, 2021

Looking at ONLY 10 pages… so MANY issues

“Stop following me (home)!”

Mandie, July 14, 2017 to Det, Jeff Brown for arrest #1

Helen – May 10, 2018 to ALL COUNCILLORS and BYLAWS

“Changing you (sic) password is a cyber crime.”

Mandie: says I emailed Mayor Allan Alls to get her fired. She accused me of a criminal act August 23, 2018 under CC s/301 Publish Defamatory Libel – an unconstitutional charge since 1995. Police arrested me on it anyway.

Helen: Her husband failed to test his email filter keeping me out, I emailed her company email address on the company’s web site…, it got to Helen. She accused me of a criminal act.

“You have no (legal) reason to contact me!”

Mandie (2017 as Bylaws Manager for $130,000/year) : I will not tell you WHEN I legally changed my name, stop contacting me.

Helen: I did not sign a contract requiring me to manage ALL dog and people issues in the dog park AND give everyone a copy of my contract so they are aware it exists…errr, my MEMO OF UNDERSTANDING. OH!… and I was not told to write and distribute rules to EVERY park user. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to do with my clients’ 12 dogs in a public park to make money. No, none were required to buy a pet tag. I had an exemption for all my clients. Mandie said so.

Try “daria2” for all passwords, or daria2 for you purists.

Does anyone know my lawyer, Danielle Trombly? Ask her to get in touch to return my retainer. She owes me thousands.

March 14, 2021

Helen Clark’s testimony came under scrutiny for my appeal.

March 13, 2021

My sentencing for contempt as claimed by Aurora is Friday March 19, 2021 so I am preparing for that.

Mandie believes in “Buy American”

The password for this next post is “daria2” no quotes.

March 11, 2021

There is a new menu item. Did you notice it?

Every morning Mandie fires up her vpn about 3 am.

Weary of Issuing Menu Item Passwords

I underestimated the interest in Daria, so I’m overrun with issuing passwords. I will provide all passwords today when I get a minute.

I have a lot of work today. Gwendolyn is quite insistent that Mandie’s suit of me for $1,000,000 is still valid. I told her the Law Society forbids representing people who mislead the police. She was unmoved. I will try again to argue for its voluntary dismissal. I will lower my costs demand if I don’t have to file a motion.

The issue of” truth” and “lawyers” is an interesting one. Lawyers are permitted to write out affidavits and sign them saying they agree with some other lawyer who gave them information that they know to be true. Self reps like me do not enjoy this advantage. There is no one I can get to sign my statements that will verify them to be true. Technically, I just lied, because what I mean is there is no one BIT a lawyer I can get to verify that my statements are true. The Law Society says you have to fire your client if they ask you to do something illegal or even talk about having done stuff that was illegal.

I have ALL of the interviews from all three women and I also have their written statements about the impact of my alleged actions on their lives. You will recall that, for a short time. J. Rose was able to say that I was guilty of a breach of recognizance. You’ll ALSO recall that myself rep appeal was successful against the Crown’s objections, and J. Rose’s decision was overturned as was his very harsh three-year probation order for a first time offender. High school broom anal rapists got 2 years.

When a justice overturns the decision. the Crown has the option to do the trial over again. In my case, every Crwon realized that the trial should’ve never happened in the first place, because they were unable to prove the requirement of mens rea. The Crown was required to prove to the justice that I knew what I was doing would be a crime and I did it anyway. The Crown, of course, could not prove that. And Justice Rose did not even think to ASK to be given such proof. He failed as a justice on the most basic universal requirement… no one can be convicted of a law they did not realize existed. Well, they can, but an appeal will fix it. The better judges get to hear appeals.

SO!… as soon as justice Rose made this mistake, the second mistake was letting all three women read their victim impact statements in open court without a publication ban in place.

So we now have availabe all of the words of all three women on the impact of the breach of recognizance being breached. These statements are very revealing. They are so overreaching, exaggerated, embellished AND outright duplicitous. You will wonder how 3 women could be so upset seeing their names in my blog with a microscope.

I will reproduce each one below as a separate post for you to read. They are contained in the transcript of December 4, 2019 before Justice Rose, and anyone can order your own copy of the transcript for just four dollars a page. For those who worry that I might be breaking a law publishing these statements, consider that the Toronto Star just finished publishing three of Mandie’s slightly biased articles about me without even publishing my reaction.

So if any of the three women would like to take up some kind of legal action in aid of burying their victim impact statement, please proceed. It was a public court. It was your decision, It was your choice of words. If you are now worried your words may have been duplicitous, well, too late. Your victim impact is now my proof of collusion. How could three SEPARATE women find such depths to their despair? The most interesting impact, of course, was from Mandie CRAWFORD. As always, Mandie used the speech as a promotion of herself. She dragged out all the old chestnuts. Cop. Multi-discipline Business Expert. Roaring. Calgary. Halton. All the same claims I have already debunked. Just phone Calgary city hall ( 403-268-CITY (2489) if calling from outside Calgary) and drop her name. Asl for the Business Woman of the Year department. Or call the Lion’s Club in Haltonia or wherever to find what cop they like THIS year.

Remember that the trial was over one breach of recognizance, (another lie, 2 actually, bu,t police never could not find any who had actually seen the second screen) that of actually putting on the screen the name of one or more of these three women. That’s it.

The impact of the breach was supposed to be limited to the impact of reading their own name on the screen in front of them.

There was no accusation that I misled anyone about any of the women. There was no accusation that I had ever harassed them. There was no indication at all of why I suffered under the recognizance in the first case.

Now you might ask, what was the context of the display of their name on the screen? And it was the appearance of the names on my lawsuit of them alleging that they had somehow cooperated to keep me arrested for 3 1/2 years. Just imagine the front page of a lawsuit saying I’m suing seven entities for $1 million each. Each of their names appeared as one line on the front page, and their impact statements were supposed to be limited to how they felt when they read their own names on that screen.

Keep in mind that their lawyer had read them my lawsuit many months before, and they knew that their name was on that lawsuit, and in fact, they had certainly read the lawsuit from front to back themselves. And yet, they still were able to dig deep and write out a wide range of emotions that affected them and their mothers. I did not realize that a mother could be impacted by just seeing her daughter’s name on the lawsuit. Nor did I know that a person would even tell their mother that they had been sued for $1 million. But each of these women seemed to want to keep their aged parents informed, and felt that the impact on their parents should be included in their speeches as well. So, of set the scene, I am sitting at a table staring at the justice, while over my right shoulder and behind 2 feet away (pre COVD) three women one at a time invoked the impact of seeing their own name. Not only on themselves, but also on their mothers. It seems ONE even blamed the DEATH of her mother on the stress of reading her daughter’s name on the screen.

Of great importance is the fact that Mandie Eddie did not have any outstanding charges against me at the time. Her name was supposed of been removed from the recognizance when all of her charges were disposed of. And the illegal 80 word rubber stamped standard bail term was included in the probation order, Of course. Crown Greg Elder defied both J. Fuerst ad J. Dawe (no relation)

So, let’s start with Mandie’s impact statement. Mandie had determined that somehow the judge had to hear of her illustrious background as a police officer and as an unpaid volunteer fireman. This of course was to bias the justice against me, because, after all, who could find fault with a police officer? Jaclyn Solomon chose to blame me in some way for her mother’s distress when she died. Again I have no idea why a person would tell their mother they had been sued. Why would she drag her mother to the computer to see such a disgusting sight? Miss CLARKE threw in some words that I don’t quite recall as I type this. But I will amend these comments when I review the transcripts.

So, come back in a few hours and get the passwords and see the victim impact statements. From those I think you can understand what I have been through.

To hold you until then, consider the following 3 sentences and see if you can figure out which one is which.

1) I am a victim of his non-stop bullying, complete with conspiracy theories and attempts to soil and damage my name and reputation.

2)I have suffered a loss of time, as well as financial, psychological and emotional impacts as direct result of Mr. Lepp’s bullying, abuses and online use of my name.

3) With no basis in reality, he has concocted a story in his mind which he has publicized with intention to cause me harm.

4) I have been attacked and harassed for doing my job.

5) He has created an unsafe environment by making me his target.

6) I installed a full camera security system in my home and office due to the impact this bullying has had on my life.

7) I have been repeatedly and relentlessly inundated with communications from this man, both direct and indirect despite conditions of bail forbidding some.

8) I have learned that aggressive behaviour in which intentionally and repeatedly causes you harm or discomfort typ[ically involves a real or perceived power imbalance.

Bullying can have a RIPPLE EFFECT among people who ARE NOT ON THE RECEIVING end – witnessing it is a vicarious trauma.

When my Mom passed away (11 months ago) our last conversation entailed her asking me “Why won’t this bully stop? She did not live to see the answer.”

I have not reacted or said anything publicly in response to the hurtful publication if my name.

I would like remedial programs to assist victims of bullying and professional development programs to assist how such bullying affects=

I’m trying hard not to be scared.

We hold the right to live and work in a safe environment.

Which one called police to arrest me for breaking into their home while they drove to Florida, avoiding a complete, new video security system, not waking any of 3 yappy dogs, pouring car antifreeze into their water bowls, washing the dishes, repairing the broken locks and door frame, exit, again avoiding the brand new security cameras and driving off unnoticed by any neighbours in broad daylight?

Which one called police to arrest me for reporting her company van being illegally parked for hours every day?

Which one called police to arrest me for asking her when she legally changed her name back to her maiden name when she left her husband for greener pastures? (Notes: Neither she NOR her TWO LAWYERS, one who is paid by my taxes in AURORA, will even declare what her legal name is TODAY.)

Which one breaks the Parks Bylaw every day of the week to make her family’s living?

Which one has no business license, no kennel license, no dog handling licence?

The sum total of ALL the evidence is this blogged photo of my law suit with yellow typing.

My $7,000,00 suit is at bottom, Aurora’s objections are in the stack at the top. I blogged the photo to show how small my suit is and how wordy are the objections. “Methinks thou doth protetht too much!” said William S. or Elmer Fudd, I forget.

I figured that it would say to most people that Aurora knows my claims are true and to distract the justice, they published a defense so huge it covered everything Aurora had ever done. Now, if you are reading this on your phone, tell me every word you can read at the bottom of that stye page of my lawsuit. Right, Nothing. So police used lenses to BLOW UP this photo for the court. They admitted NO ONE could read it UNLESS it was blown up. J. Rose could see that no one cfaoul have read it but he went to my blog undeveloped a hate for me there. That is why my appeal succeeded, he went outside the evidence introduce at truck and undertook his own independent investigation.

NOTE: No email of mine has ever been cited as a breach, just my lawsuit front page in a tiny photo.

She’s back!

March 10, 2021 – I love the smell of Peace Bonds the morning!

First off.. THANKS! to you all for a new visitor record for a single day. 26 DIFFERENT people! This is up from 8 on a typical day, all thanks to Lisa Queen of the Aurora Banner Torstar Media Group. Torstar published 3 of Mandie’s “press release” style stories. Erin. Toronto. Aurora.

Next… Thanks go out to

Ted McFadden | Managing editor, York Region Metroland

… Ted made email contact questioning my claim that their Lisa Queen article was misleading. Let’s see where this goes. I gave him an offer to drop my suit of Torstar and lawyer Bob Aaron. All he has to do is let Jeremy Grimaldi, crime reporter speak to me for one hour to decide for himself. I doubt he will because Aurora buys SO MUCH AD SPACE every week. The Aurora Banner is never going to be critical of anyone working for Aurora now, like Allan Downey, or even in the past, like Mandie Crawford.

Next… Check out the new menu options above. Just email me for the passwords. If you do not appear to be a lawyer or a police officer, AND if you are NOT using a VPN you can read them. They are each very detailed in preparation for trial.

If there is something I don’t want, I just ask for it and POOF!… I don’t get it!

I cannot get a peace bond on Mandie because I asked for one.

Until further notice, my goal is to get a criminal court to issue a peace bond to Mandie Eddie who has now assaulted me, threatened me in person, and by email, and by blog post comments, and then by the text message “STOP” while I was in court. This is not as simple as it sounds.

My sole defense as I type this is that Mandie now KNOWS that all of YOU know, and so if I am attacked all of you know who it was. All 25 of you. I am in my basement all day so she will need to break in past the cameras and dog. Bring cookies.

Newmarket court says its JP’s are NOT doing peace bond applications during COVID. Staff told me the police are doing them. Which is bull, because a JUSTICE must order one, and ONLY after a hearing.

So, we’ll go to the Prosecutor of my only open charges, Frank Giordano. he will decline, and so we will pivot to David Moull. When he declines we have solid proof that Newmarket courts have a bias.

Mandie has a FREE lawyer. Her boyfriend arranged it based on the argument she once worked for Aurora right up until she was terminated. Even though it is clear from my suit that I sued her as a private citizen, Lloyds of London found a lawyer who successfully argued that if you went back far enough in her resume, Aurora used to employ her so she gets a free lawyer for my countersuit of her. Make sense? No.

Why does this sound exactly like Mayor Morris in 2012? She got a free lawyer too, and just like Mandie if her suit HAD paid off she got to keep all the cash.

Mandie uses masking, cloaking, secret VPN services to mask her visits. Like at 3:54 am today through Cogent in Dallas Texas.

We consider Cogent Communications to be a potentially high​ fraud risk ISP, by which we mean that web traffic from this ISP potentially poses a high​ risk of being fraudulent. Other types of traffic may pose a different risk or no risk. They operate 25,109,385 IP addresses, many of which are running anonymizing VPNs, servers, and public proxies. They manage IP addresses for organisations including KVC Hosting, FreedomTECH Solutions, and PSINet, Inc.. Scamalytics see very high levels of web traffic from this ISP across our global network, some​ of which is, in our view, fraudulent. We apply a risk score of 33/100 to Cogent Communications, meaning that of the web traffic where we have visibility, approximately 33% is suspected to be potentially fraudulent.

Now, I have proof in hard copy of every step Aurora took getting me arrested 7 times.

#1 – July 14, 2017 Mandie cited a fear of me when I asked “When did you legally change your name?” FAILED BUT from this date onwards Crown Greg Elder REFUSED the orders of TWO Super justices to DROP NAMES OF WOMEN AS THEIR CHARGE IS PROVEN FALSE from the bail terms. J Fuerst ordered the Crown November 16, 2019 to DROP Mandie Crawford’s name. Elder refused. So 4 weeks later I had Justice Dawe tell him the same and he again refused. Mandie’s names was RETAINED despite TWO ORDERS.

#2 – May 30, 2018 Mandie trained every dog park commercial dog walker how to feign an even more believable fear of my emails. 3 counts appealed, awaiting decision. Convicted after an extended trial. Appealed March 5, 2021, waiting a published decision.

#3 – August 23, 2018 Mandie suggested to Det. Ward that he use the other 2 women entice me to dissuade a witness during Small Claims libel negtiations. ALL 4 FAILED. She added on one cc s.301 UNCONSTITUTIONAL libel charge. FAILED

#4 – August 31, 2018 Mandie studied my blog with a microscope and gave police 5 alleged breaches. FAILED.

December 2018 Mandie got given a copy of my email and evidence sent to Crown Elizabeth Barnier and Det. John Loughry wrote her up 5 new breaches…. Crown David Moull had a moment of clarity and refused all 5 charges..


#5 April 2019 Mandie’s microscope alleged a breach. FAILED on appeal to J. Rose

#6 December 6 2019 Mandie had her lawyer post a letter to threaten my wife’s pension money when mine ran out. I blogged the letter verbatim. Mandie had her name buried in the fine print. GRGE ELDER had kept her name in my bail terms DESPITE being told to drop it by 2 Superior justices. In fact he removed it December 11, 2019 and PUT IT BACK WITH NO NEW CHARGES by Mandie on the March 4, 2020 arrest. He was caught by Justice Dawe and admonished TWICE in his order to reverse the bail terms. ELDER used a rubber stamped 80 word “Not to mention” term suggested by Mandie.

#7 March 4, 2020 Mandie brought 11 new breaches, 3 weeks old, suggestions to the other 2 women. Each woman then came to police. Crown Elder chose his best 3 charges. One failed on its own, it contained no evidence despite being HAND SELECTED by Crown Elder. The other 2 charges go to trial April 26, 27, 28, 2021. Both Barry Stork, lawyer for police and region, and Charles Painter defending Aurora and Mandie Crawford and a paralegal swore out 4 affidavits with 4 stories for ONE short 5 second event. They all lied to police that I was in courtroom 405 speaking to a paralegal inside the court room where J. Dawe told me to go to speak to all counsel… I cannot catch a break.

So, it’s just a matter of time for Mandie’s arrest #8, I am unpacked and I stand ready to comply

Today is March 9, 2021,

so yesterday marked two full years without my dog. Det James Ward invoked an illegal trespass of Canine Commons dog park so the commercial people can make money.

it was ironic how I spent my day.

I spread Scheibe’s ashes in the first of many places I remember taking her just for her benefit.

Then, I went to court to take out a Peace Bond on the person who has pursued me for 3.5 years since June 3, 2017. That was the day ex-cop, ex-Bylaws manager Mandie Crawford stuck her hand inside my armpit. I alleged assault. Police declined the idea and the revenge began…or did it just continue?

I was told Covid meant justices of the peace were not accepting peace bond applications, so I emailed Det Sgt Heather Bentham asking for an appointment. I doubt I’ll get one.

Because if there’s something I don’t want I just ask for it and, Poof! I don’t get it.

Right, I don’t want the peace bond I asked for because it rules out outright arrest for a few days.

Once my appeal is published I’ll know what to do. For now I pretend to want just a peace bond. When the court agrees she is Daria, I’ll have all I need.

Mandie’s two lawyers have been advised. So if they permit her to continue the email harassment, the harassing comments on my blog and the threatening text message…well, who am I to to argue?

Be patient. I can wait another few weeks and so can she.

My appeal of the first convictions under J. Harpur was Friday March 5, 2021 and I blogged the misleading statements of Crown McCallion.

Torstar has published an article about me and I have commented in a separate post. As soon as Ms Adrian approves, I will take the password off:

Reporter Lisa Queen also blogged it on her PERSONAL FACEBOOK pages


She has the full publishing power of Torstar and she still felt her Facebook friends had to know.

Is that Aurora Town Hall sponsoring her Facebook posts?

Neither Ms Queen, Ms Latchford, Ms Heck or THE Auroran would publish…

  1. That Daria TEXTED me at 3:12 pm, 2 minutes into the afternoon break… it read simply STOP
  2. That TORSTAR’S LINEUP OF Lisa Queen, Alexandra Heck and Bob Aaron ALL accepted written articles from Mxxxx Cxxxxxx. That was her job from 2004 to 2013. She was paid to write press releases for whoever wanted to get free media coverage. Hamilton Spectator.
  3. In Mr Aaron’s alleged self-written post, he stated the matter was heard in Newmarket and that is where he researched all of it. In fact, the matter was in Toronto near his office. This happened because Mxxx Cxxx wrote it and assumed it was a local Newmarket/Aurora matter not a Toronto matter… EVEN THOUGH HER OWN LAWYER litigated it. She forgot to ask her lawyer, Ms Gwendolyn Adrian, where she went to court.
  4. My report of assault June 3, 2017 by the ex-cop, ex-Bylaws Manager Mxxx Cxxx. Officer Gaudet.
  5. My first arrest on 2 charges by Aurora and by Aurora’s ex-cop, ex-Bylaws Manager July 14, 2017.
  6. My vindication November 12, 2017 that both of the first two charges by Aurora were false.
  7. The 5 indictable charges of Mxxxx Cxxxx on August 23, 2018… all false and dropped before J. Fuerst, Sr. Regional Justice on November 16, 2019
  8. The Daria Morgendorffer cat fish (aka “the better mousetrap”) by Aurora’s ex-Bylaws Manager
  9. The overturning of Justice Rose’s conviction and probation. One charge, a 3 year probation order. All dismissed on appeal.
  10. The March 4, 2020 false arrest based on lies by 3 lawyers. Trial is April 26, 27. 28, 2021. DO NOT MISS THIS… you will see 3 lawyers disbarred for lying on the witness stand under oath.
  11. The bail review of J. Dawe which ruled Crown Greg Elder had refused two orders of two Superior Court justices, JJ Dawe and Fuerst, and that he provided an 80 word, rubber stamped term “not to mention” illegally to every justice.
  12. The failed $1 million libel suit of me by the ex-cop, ex-Bylaws Manager PERSONALLY was cited by the court as filed too late and lacking each alleged libellous detail and it was based on emails stolen from Allan Downey and Mayor Allan Alls of Erin. Gwendolyn Adrian still litigates despite being ordered by a judge she could not possibly succeed.
  13. The ex-cop-, ex-Bylaws Manager gets a free lawyer from Aurora’s insurers’ bill for defense, BUT… she keeps ALL HER PERSONAL SUIT WINNINGs against me for herself. The best of both worlds.
  14. The illegal garnishment of TWO of my personal bank accounts, one brand new within 12 hours of opening it. I reported the overnight theft of my sensitive digital data by Gwendolyn Adrian to Toronto police because it was a Toronto crime. Toronto Detective Nicole Ozretic ( ) refused to investigate when I would not give her my bank account number, something she had no need for. She just wanted to give it to ex-cop Mxxxx Cxxxx,because then her lawyer Ms Adrian would have it, and THEN she would claim it was a legal garnishment instead.
  15. The Star refused to cover….Daria Morgendorffer exposed herself to me (all comments below, click each to expand) in comments on a post on my blog. To prove it was the terminated ex-cop, ex-Bylaws Manager, I created a mousetrap. The bait was an “open letter:” to Daria which was a password-protected private post. No one else knew it even existed in the new blog style. No one but lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian had the password and I asked that she keep it to herself. She immediately emailed it to her client, of course, the ex-cop. She opened it immediately and her IP address showed up in my tracker as the only person ever to find and read the post with the password. In my opinion, based on the mousetrap, and based on Daria quoting back words FROM the protected blog… the pseudonym “Daria Morgendorffer” is in my opinion ex-cop, ex-Aurora Bylaws Manager Mxxxx Cxxxxxx who is now living with Director Allan Downey, by his own admission at my trial.
  16. Daria Morgendorffer came back to my blog comments the first time admonishing me for not figuring out who she is )ex-cop[, ex-Bylaws Manager of Aurora) fooling her, and a second time claiming now she is a male. She gave herself the sex change she accused me of declaring. In her police interview she accused me of telling people she had had a sex-change operation. Now here she is giving herself one. She went on to claim that her signoff of “Kisses!” was really “ME (Lepp) kissing HIS (Daria’s) balls” quote/unquote.
  17. Once she was EXPOSED by biting the digital “cheese” Gwendolyn Adrian transferred to my mouse trap, she instantly began to lie that now she was some MAN who had adopted the Daria moniker, the bitchy 1990’s TV cartoon teenage GIRL, as HIS pseudonym. No. Men do not take on teenage girlish TV cartoon identities. But women born in 1971 certainly do so.

14 Stories were rejected by Torstar, Aurora Banner AND The Auroran, ALL by coincidence of course

Daria – A Second Open Letter

$9,000,000 Contingency Lawyer Wanted – to apply email:

In a decision released on August 25, 2017, Bracken v. Fort Erie (Town), 2017 ONCA 668 (“Bracken”), the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the province’s top court, explained how issuing a “Trespass Notice” under the Trespass to Property Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. T.21 may not be an appropriate solution. The difficulty, the Court held, is that such a drastic action by the public body may be an unconstitutional breach of an individual’s freedom of expression.

“…a drastic action by the public body may be an unconstitutional breach of an individual’s freedom of expression.”

Beginning on July 14, 2017, the Town of Aurora and its staff have had me arrested 7 times and 26 charges were written up. My very FIRST bail term was “Do not communicate, directly or indirectly, with ANYONE who works for the Town of Aurora.”

By the last charge (so far, the decade is young) on March 4, 2020, it was house arrest, sell my computers, do not use the internet for anything. Do not use the dog park ever. Do not SPEAK the names of 3 women and one business to your family.

Do not blog about your arrests.

I begged police and the Crown to not trespass me from the only dog park in Aurora, paid for by my taxes for 37 years. I begged my probation officer.

Every single authority agreed with police when they trespassed me from 500 meters from the dog park… Justices, Courts, Crown, Probation…so my dog was killed in the open forest west off Bathurst below Hwy 9 opened by the U. of T.

Joker’s Hill was a popular trail walk for dogs, even though a sign said not to do so. I had no choice, a sporting dog like my GSP needed exercise every day.

March 8, 2019 – Schiebe is killed

She chased something towards a tree, but at the bottom was a sharp, dead branch about 3 inches in diameter at the trunk. It was “end on”, so she could not have seen it, even as it entered her chest in her left front leg pit, went INSIDE her ribcage, and exited at her left rear hip. It ripped everything inside her ribcage, yet she barely bled one drop, the branch was a tapered fit. She did not make a sound until 2 minutes before I asked the vet to end the pain.

This was an avoidable crime.

The stump enters from the right
The sharp end exits left, at the end of her rib cage and abrades against her thigh as she ran to sit beside me, sheepishly. Quietly, She made no sounds of any kind. her face was an apology for being a bother.

Yesterday I got an email from Docupet. They paid me $50 in cash coupons to buy a cat tag owned by a senior. I did that 5 more times for $250 intake on $70 of tags. I had beat the system. I made $180 for ten minutes of work.

There was ONE person in all of Aurora whose JOB it was to sell pet tags, but she was too distracted and she bought Docupet services without Council approvals and then she sat back and did nothing. Until she was terminated, she refused to sell more than 10-15% of the tags Aurora pets require. Of 14,000 pets, she sold just 1,500 tags and issued dog tickets for $36,000 TOTAL.

14,000 tags should have brought in over $300,000 at 10-30 dollars each. But the Bylaws Manager just did not care, and despite being paid $130,000 a year she declined to raise $300,000 for more dog parks. That was 2015. And she did nothing until she was terminated Feb 27, 2018. Then a new Bylaws Manager took over and he TOO felt it was beneath him to sell pet tags.

It’s 2021 as I write, so in 6 years, Aurora lost $1,800,000 at a MINIMUM.

And because I blogged this fact and emailed my councillors, Aurora called police in to Town Hall to tell police to arrest me the first time in 2017, 3 more times in 2018, twice in 2019, finally March 4, 2020.

Each arrest was researched and proposed by that very Bylaws Manager. She simply watched my blog and whenever I expressed an opinion about her, Councillors, Director Downey, the dog park volunteers… she had police arrest me again. She collected screen captures of my words, blew them up on huge screens and pointing out what no one else could see to arrest me.

She had been attacked as a teenager, her aunt was murdered, and perhaps to fight back, she became a cop, a business leader, a visionary, a firefighter, a parking ticket officer in Canmore AB and again in Erin ON. She authored books, published newspaper interviews for money, created a “web radio” station “Roaring Women of Canada”. She published her story in blogs, web pages and whatever news outlet would accept her press releases. She wrote of her own sordid youth in the third person, she told her story as if being interviewed by some other person. She sent that press release about her mental history across Canada to EVERY news outlet where Rogers picked it up for a couple of days… she too had been sexually assaulted and she stood up and spoke out as a “national recognized business leader” that it was time for women to fight back against men.

Her daughter suffered the same type of assault as an adult, and the mother stood by her side throughput, happy to see the man jailed.

Then, by her own admission to police on video August 20, 2018, she then assaulted me June 3, 2017 in Sheppards Bush park. She snuck up from behind me, she shoved her hand into my armpit and she deposited a piece of paper, and she immediately, silently…turned and marched off.

She was in motorcycle leathers as all of my 100+ photos show. No ID badge. No ID presented in a wallet, or in her hand. I asked her name, her number, she said nothing and kept trotting off. I shouted to her in the distance… “Who are you?” and neither she nor the 2 officers flanking her would tell me. So I kept taking photos of her right back to the Town of Aurora booth at the gathering of all dog owners in Aurora. She had put on this event to mend relationships with dog owners, and instead she assaulted me for bringing my two dogs tied to each other.

Canadians collect dogs at a consistent rate coast to coast. A few more up north for dog sleds. One house in 3 has at least one dog. Another one in 3 has a cat or two. Look from your front door to your left and right, one of you or your two neighbours has a dog or cat or both. 22,000+ homes in Aurora house easily well over 7,000 dogs and 7,000 cats.

Each is requireded to buy a DATED, sequential, serial NUMBERED tag each year. You can have 3 dogs per house maximum.

Docupet fails on every count. The UNDATED “tag number” looks like a postal code it is NOT sequential on purpose… so you cannot subtract the first number from the last number to get the dog count.

Docupet KNOWS no two sells every tag so they make it impossible for residents to keno how many MORE they SHOULD have sold.

Docupet web pages state 15% sales is typical across Canada.

Docupet then FAILS TO MAX OUT SALES AT 3 OF ONE PET TYPE. You can tag DOZENS of each as long as you pay the $10 fee.

WHY??? …. Money! As long as Docupet sells tags, they stay in business. So they sell as many tags as you want to buy. They get a cut of every tag. They sell custom tags, accessories, clips, covers. They market the hell out o fall that stiff and make more money than Aurora does.

BUT THEN, they talked Ren’s Pets into PAYING residents $25 CASH to buy each $10 tag. That is a Rebn;s Pets commitment of 14,000 X $25 or $350,000 ANNUALLY. Last year they had a second (PetSmart) pet store pay you ANOTHER $25 for the SAME $10 cat tag. I had $300 in cash in days just for buying 6 $10 tags.

This is a complete failure of tax dollars to be spent wisely. Instead of selling tags at town hall as they had always done for $10, now they sell THROUGH Docupet and get only 75% of that $10.00. The Aurora Bylaws manager finds it IMPOSSIBLE to sell more than 10 or 15% of tags DESPITE owners being PAID to do it. How poor at your job must you be to NOT be able to sell for $10 something which EARNS you $50?

If you cannot advertise that, or if yo fail to go door to door ONCE, why should Aurora pay you $130,000 salary every year.

You can see a list of Aurora employees making $100,000 or more on the Sunshine List site. Why does this high priced talent not MAKE money for Aurora? Why must they only TAKE from Aurora?

And what are the SUPER expensive Directors doing while all this money goes missing? They are turning a blind eye because at times, the Director was dating the manager and so she could do NOTHING at her job all day long and still be paid. Heck, Aurora is paying for a Bay Street lawyer to defend her against my PERSONAL suit for NOTHING she ever did as an employee of Aurora. I sued for what she did AFTER she was terminated.

So, taxpayers of Aurora!.. YOUR money just paid an ex-employee to arrest me 7 times.

But civil service is not really very civil at all, and that manager lost millions of dollars, and still got paid every week and when theor high level romance was discovered, the solution was easy, pay her $80,000 to leave quietly… she can come back to work again for Aurora when the dust settles.

So, volunteers in town parks are paid nothing to maintain the peace of dogs and people, and Aurora Staff can be terminated, paid out to LEAVE and be hired back as a web site creator. She messed up, he messed up, she got $80,000, he KEPT his job and was promoted, she then got her job back at Aurora.

In between employment periods with Aurora, she then sued me for $1,000,00 because, according to her lawyer who filed the suit, it was I who ruined her job prospects in Aurora and in Erin and EVERYWHERE by simply blogging what she failed to do, how much money she lost as a manager.

Her lawyer failed to file her suit within 90 days of alleged acts, and a judge told her the suit was without merits of any kind. She did not withdraw her suit. She persists, she will not drop the lame duck suit so she can charge fees and costs.

So, Det. James WARD caused the death of my dog at the very instant he trespassed me May 30, 2018 from 500 meters of the dog park despite the warnings of Bracken V. Ft Erie (Town) in 2017.

And some wonder why I sued Aurora. They hired her without a competition, without one ad, without one placement agency… it was an “inside hire”. Maybe even by her lover.

Aurora will NOT tell me:

  • How the $130,000 job was advertised in 2015
  • Who else applied.
  • Who was interviewed. By whom.
  • Was a police background check done for a person hired to deal directly with children in intimate environments, change rooms, pools, etc.
  • How did her professional history prepare her to manage 18 people.
  • How much was she paid to quit?

Erin DID tell us at trial she was paid 50% more than the four months she worked in the 6 month contract. They paid her two whole months to quit, after they told her she had completed all the work they had for her.

Despite two paydays at Aurora and Erin wherein she earned probably payouts exceeding $100,000 for not working at ALL… she still sues me claiming she lost the two jobs within 8 months in 2018 ONLY because I emailed about her to her bosses own each town.

I cannot be trusted by Aurora to mail in a tax cheque without harassing staff and yet she is trusted to sue me for $1,000,000 AFTER being rehired by Aurora and being an overachiever in Erin. How can a lawyer keep a straight face while typing up such a suit?

Aurora told me July 14, 3017 I could not send in my tax cheque without being arrested. I haven’t to this day and they have yet to tell me I can pay them and stay out of jail. I owe 2021 interim and ALL of 2020 because when my wife separated, I now have to train to pay bills.

BUT, the courts will prevail. They always do. And one day the $1,000,000 suit will die and she will pay my costs for 3 or 4 years defending myself.

Have a nice day! I’m not.

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