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It Takes A Village To Empty The Trash

Do not break bylaws. Study them and take advantage of them. There are ALWAYS ways to work around restrictions like 3 bags every two weeks.

If Aurora instead WANTED to reduce waste, they would permit unlined garbage cans. Then you could just fill a can and put it out without buying a big green plastic bag and putting it into a landfill.

Aurora now demands we put up to 65,000 green garbage bags into landfills every 2 weeks. One big green bag and tie weighs 2 ounces empty. 130,000 ounces is 812 pounds or .4 tons every two weeks… of JUST empty bags.

First, if you rarely produce more than 3 containers OR bags of trash every two weeks, you can just put them out 3 at a time and soon they will all be gone. Storing them in the garage may lead to more mice though.

Second, if you have more than average trash, try compressing it or shredding it BEFORE you put it in a 35 gallon container. That is a box or carton of 5.6 cubic feet. That is 1 foot square and 5.6 feet long, or 2 foot square and 1.4 feet tall. OR, 1.8 feet X 1.8 feet X 1.8 Feet. 22″ X 22″ X 22″.

Stop buying plastic bags and instead invest in 3 wood or metal cans 22 x 22 x 22 inches. 56 cm x 56 x 56. Make one piece of plywood 21 3/4″x 21 3/4″ and place that on top of a full can and stand on it. Now remove it and you have more space to fill. Only when it is absolutely to the top do you place the next empty can on top and repeat. You can make a “compressor” tool with a lever and fulcrum to compress the trash.

Or. buy one on Amazon UK…

Now, the garbage pickup team of a driver and a loader typically will barely slow down as they grab the top of the green bag and swing it on the fly into the truck. When you use containers instead, they must come to a full stop to pick each one up. They will grumble, but they will eventually get used to it.

Fill your blue box after crushing all pop and food cans and and get extra bins because you can put an unlimited number out every week. Used Kleenex is paper. Packaging is all paper, cardboard or plastic so chuck it all in the blue box.

Use a sink garberator. Fill your “green bin” or food waste bin every week with stuff you would not put in a garberator. You can put in paper as well as food scraps. Anything put in a green bin is pretty well camouflaged by coffee grounds.

If you are putting out just 1 or 2 bags or cans, post here and let a neighbour in your same postal code drop a bag.

If you have 4 bags, post here and ask a postal code neighbour if YOU can drop a bag BACK on his boulevard.


What will the Bylaw say in January about bags?…total of three (3) bags or containers. The size of the containers cannot exceed 133 litres (35 gallons or 9,710 cubic inches or 5.6 cubic feet or 6 LCBO boxes worth) and the weight of the containers cannot exceed 50 pounds maximum. No loose material will be accepted and all items must be bagged and tied.
How big a bag is 35 Imperial gallons?33 gallons US is 33″ X 40″ is 27.5 Imperial gallons.
45 gallons US is 40″ X 46″ is 37.5 Imperial gallons
A 5 gallon Jerry can of gas is pretty big, you can put out 7.5 5 Gallon Jerry cans’ worth. Use your own judgement.
Yes, the Germans invented the gas can in WWII, and were nicknamed jerry cans. They may have invented jerry rigged, too.
How much does this cost?Nothing. You may make a voluntary donation to Greenpeace Canada if you feel this service is of value to Aurorans
What do I have to do.If you have exactly 3 bags every 2 weeks, nothing… if you have more or less, then you simply post how many you can take or how many you need to give away.
Is this legal?Who knows? Legal is as legal does. To convict you they need to PROVE you KNEW it was illegal and did it anyway. So, stop asking questions, maybe?
What is the actual cost to Aurora to pick up one more bag?Less than $5, otherwise Amazon and Tesla would be joint venturing electric garbage trucks and doing it.
Will everyone cooperate?No. They will not. Some residents DO NOT have the time, but have $5 to buy bags so our town can be PROFITABLE.
Toronto is going back to picking up garbage using its own employees… should Aurora?Sure, if it costs less. After all, if we had enough money to build and HEAT 2 green houses to grow $10,000 worth of flowers for the streets. That means we have accountants who can figure out how to hire more staff.
Is there something Aurora can do to avoid this fee?Yes, sell 14,000 pet tags a year for $350,000 extra income annually, enough for 70,000 extra bags, or 3 MORE FREE bags for every house in Aurora. Today only $30,000 worth are sold. And yet, 6 more Bylaws officers were hired as dog catchers and they STILL do not sell pet tags to pay for them.

Once you register and receive your User ID and Password, you may login and post what you have and what you need! Others in YOUR postal code or in a nearby code will then contact you. You make a deal and proceed.