The LSRCA’s Arrests Role

Note: LSRCA is “Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority

Land along the East Holland River is owned and protected by the LSRCA. They control everything on all land which falls below the “high water mark” left by Hurricane Hazel. Nothing happens to these lands without approval from the LSRCA.

Now, I would normally not give a crap about anything this agency does. But, its Chairman for two terms, Geoffrey Dawe, testified at my trial that HE was the one who complained to police about me. It was HE who invited police to Town Hall at 11:39 am July 14, 2017 so he could be personally briefed and satisfied I would be arrested that day,

Mayor Dawe ALSO testified that he KNEW I had been trespassed from LSRCA lands which hold Canine Commons. Allan Downey testified without being asked that Canine Commons was built RIGHT ON LSRCA FLOODPLAINS WITHOUT A PERMIT. TWICE.

In 2017, the Court of Appeal for Ontario ruled that a town that trespasses a taxpayer is violating his Charter 2b) rights,

Yet, Mayor Dawe, in July 2019, 2 years LATER, gloated in court that I was trespassed… NOT under a police issue drecognizance… TRESPASSED.

Mayor Dawe swore on the witness stand that Aurora issued me a Trespass Notice for LSRCA lands.

How is that even possible? The land is owned and controlled by the LSRCA. The dig park was built TWICe without any permits. And I am the one breaking some law?

Allan Downey knows he can do whatever he wants on the flood plain. He lets the FILL he dumped for extending the Joint Operations Center out onto the wetlands erode into the river because he failed to honour LSRCA permits requiring him to mediate erosion by planting trees and other plants. Imagine if every landowner abutting LSRCA lands simply dumped dirt up high above the high water mark to get more land.

So that means the LSRCA needs to be considered. I once went in to LSRCA Head Office to register a formal complaint about chainlink and dead fish and they physically ejected me from LSRCA head office. That was Dawe in action. He also had York Region block my email address.

And he just admits it all. He knows he is untouchable I guess, because on the witness stand he came right out and verified my Plaintiff’s Claim… that Aurora conspired with police, York Region, the LSRCA and the women

Conflict of Interest? – Mayor Geoffrey Dawe elected to SECOND chairmanship of LSRCA. So from 2010 to 2018, Aurora did whatever it wanted to do on the floodplain.

Canine Commons is OWNED by the LSRCA. No permit was issued to build it.

Ball diamonds all use massive amounts of illegal chainlink fencing. These fences KILL FISH in flood conditions.

Hundreds of tons of scrap wood were dumped there in late 2013/2014. No permits were issued.

The Joint Operations Center was built on dumped fill. A permit REQUIRED erosion mitigation planting of specific trees and plants. This was never done.

There are back gates at the JOC to allow heavy equipment out onto the wetlands.


In theory…. because Aurora has managed to build illegal structures on the protected lands without even asking the LSRCA for permission.

There was no permit obtained to build Canine Commons off leash dog park.

When it was built, Allan Downey wanted a parking lot for his favoured volunteers at “The Arboretum”. He made the parking lot a part of the dog park project put erected signage in it ONLY for directions to the Arboretum.

The only sign anywhere at Canine Commons. There was NO SIGN showing to the street.

Hundreds of Tons Of Downed Tree Branches DUMPED without permission inside Canine Commons.

The papers were full of news about tens of thousands of trees downed by ice..

How To Tell The Difference Between Wood Chips and Scrap Tree Parts

Above the apple: What you buy as mulch or chips for your garden are proper “wood chips”, Downey call them “bark chips”. Dogs can walk on these safely and not get muddy.

Below the apple: This is coarse debris from a machine that chops up limbs and branches. They are sharp and hurt. Dogs do walk on them because they have no choice.

Mr. Downey saved money on time, gas and fees by dumping tons of it on the LSRCA controlled wetlands inside Canone Commons without a permit, I asked with an FOI.

In 2002, there was no Canine Commons. Just the outline of a couple of farmer’s fields can be seen.

May 17, 2002

December 31, 2004

The first fencing had been erected, and a parking lot for the Arboretum was constructed.

NO signage will let drivers know what they are passing. Even dog owners would drive by without seeing it.

The entire south half is a swamp just a few meters of wetlands away from the Holland River.

August 31, 2009

The dry season, so the south end can be used.

June 14, 2013

December 23, 2013 – Major Ice Storm

IN December 2013, a major ice storm took down trees across southern Ontario. Aurora was hard hit.

In THIS ARTICLE it was cited:

December 23, 2013

Power outages

In Toronto, 219,000 customers are waiting for power to be reconnected. That number is down from the 244,000 reported earlier today.

In York Region, PowerStream reported 20,600 customers without power around noon time. That number is down from 29,000 customers in Markham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Vaughan and areas without power at 9 a.m. Power for most customers is expected to be restored later on Monday (Dec. 24) , says the energy company.

The south end is a mix off weeds and small trees, there are NO WOOD CHIPS in the south end

May 22, 2015 – The First Image of Dumped Tree Branches

Allan Downey had a major problem disposing of hundreds of large, downed trees. He also had a swamp inside the dog park. He solved both problems by using coarse tree shredders to fill trucks with tree parts. The trucks rolled in one after the other for days. Most were spread out across the entire park, but the excess was piled up in windrows central and in the southwest corner. The customary walking paths traversed them all.

October 27, 2016

This is how I came to know the park. We were using the U of T lands called Joker’s Hill to walk the dogs, but a girl was bitten and there was a short clamp down by King and Newmarket Bylaws. The site was OK by July and August, but not he shoulders it was a muddy mess. A dog could NOT be brought in without traversing a muddy parking lot in both directions.

Every dog went home filthy.

Chainlink Fencing is ILLEGAL in LSRCA lands BUT it surrounds EVERY ball diamond built on LSRCA lands.

it is illegal because it is a FLOODplain and in a FLOOD, fish are flooded out of the river proper onto the wetlands where chainlink fencing acts like a FISH NET. As waters recede, fish are caught and killed within the fenced areas.

June 2017 – Fish Killed By Chainlink Fencing Around Canine Commons in A FLOOD

Helen posted a photo in the PRIVATE Facebook group “AURORA DOG PARK”.

If you have a dog and use the park you still cannot find or join the Facebook group. It is not public knowledge or linked on the Aurora web site.

HERE IS A LINK to every mention of “Canine Commons” on

THIS LINK is to MY delegation to Council, March 28, 2017

August 12, 2017 – Last Image Of The Original Canine Commons WITH December 23, 2013 Ice Storm Tree Branches

May 7. 2018

July 2019 – Councillor told that MAINTENANCE of Canine Commons is the responsibility of “THE USER GROUP”, whomever that refers to. There was and IS just a one person volunteer committee and NO ORGANIZED USER GROUP of any kind

August 5, 2021

October 4, 2022

The most recent image

The AODA LAWS of Ontario require any new park to be made ACCESSIBLE.

April 14, 2020 – Plans for a second dog park at Hartwell

THIS (CLICK HERE) LINKS you to the report on


Also included is a small scale dog park so neighbours can have their dogs exercise and interact in a leash free zone. Park will include natural play elements for dogs including tunnel logs/large stones etc. Park maintenance program will be modelled after Canine Commons through an Adopt-a-Park agreement with volunteers. Amenity will not be included in the design if staff are unable to acquire a volunteer group.

But, your pet tag fees will not go to maintain it, and another failed VOLUNTEER group is required.

Amenity will not be included in the design if staff are unable to acquire a volunteer group.

Aurora does not tell dog owners that they are REQUIRED to maintain the off leash dog park, or how to VOLUNTEER for Canine Commons Committee

A Dog Muzzle Inquiry

2023 (CLICK) Pet Tags Fee Schedule


Compare Aurora’s Policy With DOCUPET’s Web Site

Docupet does not handle all fee possibilities as advertised anyway.

Nostalgia, maybe the first talk of a DOG CATCHER in Aurora

February 2018 -ACCESSIBILITY of dog park DEFERRED


How could he budget $35,000 for the only dog park in town and NOT SPEND all of it? Why does he not build a second dog park?



Aurora, it seems, has a cozy relationship with management of the LSRCA.