Just DREAM and it will happen!

Mandie Crawford – http://roaringwomen.shuttlepod.org/biz_tips/478253


 “I sat down one Tuesday afternoon to meditate. During the meditation, after the period of relaxation and ‘letting go’ I focused my thoughts on speaking as a keynote. I saw, tasted, felt, heard all that was going on at this event. I had already done the physical work – marketing myself as a speaker. That 20 minutes of meditation had a profound effect on what would happen next.

I decided that I had to create my own life instead of waiting for it to ‘happen’ to me. I became invested in my future, in thought and action.

01 Dec 2009 2:13 PM | Mandie Crawford (Administrator) Blog

“Are you asking the universe to provide all that you need? It is there for your taking.

20 Dec 2004 1:55PM Mandie Crawford blog