3/29 Jaclyn Solomon Testifies In Court June 13, 2019

Jaclyn is Helen Clarke’s paralegal from June 1, 2018 when she defended my suit filed May 11, 2018 for slander in an email Helen broadcast to All Councillors, Mayor and Senior Staff at Aurora.

After reading my Plaintiff’s Claim, Jaclyn still did not get an understanding of the cause of action. To this day she will swear she does NOT know what I sued Helen for.

Helen wanted revenge for my slander suit. In a short period she:

  1. Called police 13 times for my arrest
  2. Called 9-1-1 when I served her in the parking lot
  3. On my video and HERS she stated loudly “I will sue you for a lot more than that!BEFORE she had opened it, she knew from my blog
  4. Sued me in Small Claims with the bizarre cause of action “Just for costs.” Solomon actually filed a new CLAIM against me that asked JUST for costs BEFORE my claim was even tried.
  5. Aided Jaclyn to call police claiming I poisoned three of Jaclyn’s dogs when she left them alone.

Jaclyn entertains us all

Here is her testimony in living colour. I have never seen a justice so frustrated with a “friend”

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